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Nixon Secrets, connecting the dots to Kennedy's assassination.
Edwin Kaiser mentioned on the largest Online internet News. [MailOnline].
Renown author, Roger Stone and his best seller "Nixon's Secrets" says;

'I first learned about this from Howard Liebengood,' Stone told MailOnline on Wednesday, referring to the Republicans' minority counsel to the Senate Watergate Committee in the 1970s.

'The president was supposed to be assassinated,' he quotes Liebengood saying in his book. 'The first place he was supposed to be assassinated at was in Key Biscayne, the second place was when he was supposed to give a speech at the time of the Vietnam Veterans Against the War [VVAW] convention in Miami Beach 1972.'

'Veteran CIA assassin Edwin Kaiser was to supply the weapons to assassinate Nixon with.'

Kaiser, an anti-Castro revolutionary, had killed for the CIA before, but Stone claims he and fellow CIA contract killer Frank Sturgis backed out of the mission when they learned who they were expected to kill.

Stone said he obtained Kaiser's papers from his son Scott, who has his own book in the works. 'Edwin Kaiser's Covert Life: And His Little Black Book Linking Cuba, Watergate & the JFK Assassination,' will be published in October.

'I got confirmation from Kaiser's papers,' he told MailOnline.

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Well done. Good press.

Isn't Stone a mafia or Castro did it person?
Roger Stone thinks LBJ did it, I believe.

Good story, Scott. I'm Looking forward to your book.
No, he's an LBJ did it person, I have communicated with him over the phone a number of times. Though we both respect our own opinions as to who the true culprits were. I have expressed my opinion that LBJ's only involvement is covering up the true facts, he has worked closely with Hoover, who in my opinion is the responsible man who really stopped the investigations.

Not only is it my belief the CIA in fact orchestrated the plot, but also carried it out using their own men, and anti-Castro Cubans to not only assassinate Kennedy, but also set up Oswald. [DRE] - (William Pawley).

I have communicated many times with Tony Calatayud who was at one time head of RECE, and my father's associate in the Cubanos Unidos who has said "Frank Sturgis is still on the list for the possible operation and assassination of President John F. Kennedy."

Operation huh? Interesting.

Lots of information my father wrote will soon be released including FOIA documents, it's been six years since I have known about my father's notes, journals, address book, etc. (Digging into my father's life).

Had I not stumbled across it, my mother wouldn't have given it to me until she was ready to go herself. Those are her words. She really didn't want me to discover what my father left behind at this time, but I did, and there's nothing that can be done, now I'm telling my father's story.

Good, bad and ugly.
I know many folks, still alive today who were at one time in the anti-Castro group called RECE, who became members of the Cubanos Unidos, here is some information you may be interested in.

Information in link below submitted by Gaeton Fonzi.
One of several documents I've obtained from the Library of Congress. I go into great detail about Frank recruiting my father to assassinate President Richard Nixon. Nixon's name does not appear in this document, but he does on others regarding his speech at the VVAW Convention Miami Beach 1972. And, the plot to assassinate him.

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I'd be interested to hear from Jim why he thinks the CIA-Nixon story is "crap" -

My immediate reaction to Stone's tale can be summed up in one syllable: "Whuuuhhhhh?"

I ran the story past Jim DiEugenio, an expert in the assassination and all of that there stuff. I asked him to give his reaction, even a one-word reaction. Soon thereafter, the word came forth:


Tracy Riddle Wrote:I'd be interested to hear from Jim why he thinks the CIA-Nixon story is "crap" -

My immediate reaction to Stone's tale can be summed up in one syllable: "Whuuuhhhhh?"

I ran the story past Jim DiEugenio, an expert in the assassination and all of that there stuff. I asked him to give his reaction, even a one-word reaction. Soon thereafter, the word came forth:


Jim, although may be a very good researcher on Kennedy's assassination cannot answer you about the CIA/Nixon story, for starters, he is NOT fully equipped with the right information to give you the correct answer.

I did give Stone quite a few documents that lead into Nixon's assassination attempts that my father was involved in. I go into great detail in my book, and unless Jim has all the documents regarding my father and my father's associates that connects my father to them from the Howard S. Libengood papers, Jim can't answer you.

Box 36

From the Library of Congress
This is for those who are all so very acquainted with that Operation 40 pic. and, those who just know it all and that there kind of stuff. From the left side of the table around to the right are the following names in order.

1. Felix Rodgurez
2. Frank Bender aka Jerry Doller
3. Barry Seal
4. Ignacio Guillermo Novo
5. Eduardo Arocena
6. Manuel Ray
7. Frank Bartes
8. Ramon Barquin
9. Frank Sturgis
10. Virgilio Gonzalez
^^Typo corrections, better late, then never.

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