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Tony Summers Updated

How Anthony Summers lost his groove--and it looks like permanently.

This touches on Blatburst/Roy a bit but its a different topic.

BTW, the 2014 AARC Conference was a real disappointment. Just ask Alan Dale.
Summers is merely showing his true colors. His Garrison bashing goes way back and Summer's attempts to tie Garrison to the Mob is also very old news. (It was in fact discussed in correspondence between myself and Summers and Garrison in 1986- I NEVER trusted Summers after that and never read anything by him again). So none of this comes as a surprise to me. Garrison was onto him decades ago, calling him "one of the CIA's more accommodating prostitutes". The agents have the same MO, write one decent book to be accepted into the critical community, then show their real views. Like for example, Epstein. Inquest was a great book. But look who he turned out to be.

There was even more I could have talked about here with him.

His secretary snookered me into giving him Anna Marie Kuhns Walko's contact information. He wanted to get hold of some Nixon/Hunt files Anna had come to own due to the death of a friend. This was when he was writing his (very disappointing and boring) Nixon book. So the secretary disguised herself as a magazine writer in order to try and dupe Anna into giving him the files because he did not want to pay for them. Anna and Carol Hewitt saw through this, and Carol wrote about it in The Fourth Decade saying that Big Fish like Summers like to take advantage of Little Fish like Anna and her deceased friend. Which, btw, is pretty much what he did for his Vanity Fair article in 1994. There he sent out letters to the research community soliciting information. Summers really has not done any real research on the case since he wrote his book. Which he has now edited so much, its not really that good anymore.

From Paul Hoch, i garnered that it was really Summers who was the chief consultant on that stupid and loaded Trial of Lee Harvey Oswald in England. Bugliosi tries to insinuate it was Hoch, but Hoch told me he only did a little bit of work on it. He thought Summers did more. I mean, with Hoch and Summers, what did you expect? (See Reclaiming Parkland, Chapter 3) That chapter needed to be written since clowns like Von Pein and Reitzes actually give value to this ridiculous and fake proceeding.

Third, when I wrote about the famous David Leigh story with Bradlee in Probe, he called me and asked me where I got that. I told him it was through him at a conference in Chicago. He said it in front of 300 people. He apparently forgot about it. But he was upset since he thought Bradlee might see it. And he had an interview upcoming with him on his Nixon book.

How naive can one be if one thinks that Bradlee was going to tell you something important about the JFK case or Watergate: a dyed in the wool Boston Brahmin?

But that's the Summers who is so uninteresting about how the power structure of the USA actually works. Probably because he (and his wife) are a part of it.

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