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Eisenhower's Money Plates
Some very interesting material here:

Money Plates *UPDATE*

19 Jun 1945, Manhattan, New York City, New York State, USA --- Original caption: New York: General of the Army and Supreme Commander, Dwight D. Eisenhower sat for this portrait during a press conference at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel here June 19, during his triumphal tour of the city. --- Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS
General of the Army and Supreme Commander, Dwight D. Eisenhower at a press conference at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel during his triumphal tour of NYC. Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS

**Correction!** When I'd originally published this post, I had referenced Major Jordan's Diaries with regard to US Treasury American Dollar plates, which was wrong on my part. The diaries made public reference to *the same* Joint Chiefs of Staff shenanigans which I detail here; though my source is the 1947 Congressional testimony on Occupation Currency Transactions, not George Racey Jordan's writing. My apologies!**

I've written a good deal about the help which the FDR administration offered to the British war effort, and the support which the Soviets received from both American and British quarters. This post focuses on one particular type of support: allowing Stalin to debase the Allied Military Mark', thereby looting both the US War Department and Occupied Germany.

Henry Morgenthau Jr. (FDR's treasury secretary), Cordell Hull (FDR's secretary of state), John J. McCloy (head of US Joint Chiefs of Staff) and their British counterparts master-minded the delivery of Allied Mark' plates to the Soviets in 1944, allowing the Soviets to finance their colonization of Germany via US War Department funds (to the tune of $340,000,000) and to loot an untold amount from Germany via inflated Allied Marks', which the American-controlled occupied government was *in effect* obligated to exchange for dollars during the months immediately following the conclusion of WWII. Of course, everybody wanted dollars, nobody wanted Allied Marks'.

According to congressional testimony, British military command first devised the currency plan and were very keen that any German currency used by the Soviets be indistinguishable from that printed by the Americans. The Soviets insisted that they would only agree to use a single currency in the German territory if they were given their own set of printing plates. The Brits brought their plan to McCloy's attention through an Anglo-American arrangement called the Combined Chiefs of Staff', which consisted of the US Chiefs of Staff, including War Secretary McCloy and their British counterparts. This Combined Chiefs of Staff' included one Maj. Warde M Cameron and one Lt. J. D. Rockefeller 3rd (Navy) in its Secretariat. Remember those names.

McCloy arranged for the appropriate rubber-stamping from US State and Treasury Departments; Morgenthau's men then commissioned duplicate currency plates. Russian military officers took possession of these plates in Washington D.C. and escorted them back to Moscow. There was never any discussion of currency management' between Allied military leaders and the Soviets, the Russians were simply given the keys to the larder.

Eisenhower oversaw this sneaky, British-devised plan to aid Stalin, which needless to say, the FDR administration and their British allies carried out without telling Congress and in the utmost secrecy. Naturally, the Soviets did what was in their own best interests: they began printing truckloads of 1000 mark notes, which only the Americans took any responsibility for backing' with dollars. Nobody knows how much money the Soviets printed, only that they did so in an unaccountable way.

There's no reason to think that the Soviets limited their spending spree to their sector, in fact it's more likely that they invested in politically useful assets in what would become Western Germany', which may partially explain Germany's weird political environment. Also, readers shouldn't assume that a bunch of Soviet peasants wound up controlling these assets: the looting probably occurred through Soviet partisans already established in Germany, who held the assets in their name but for the benefit of the USSR.

allied mark dash
An Allied Military Mark. Note the dash prior to the serial number: American authorities included this dash after the Soviets mistakenly used it in their mark printing. US/UK authorities went to great lengths to make sure the currency they printed matched that of Stalin's. Image courtesy of the Holocaust Museum in D.C.

Although the Soviets were given first crack at distressed German assets after WWII, they weren't the only ones exploiting the situation. The chairman of the congressional inquiry, Sen. Styles Bridges of New Hampshire, brought up complaints from United Jewish Charities, an organization with close ties to Zionist groups in Hartford, Connecticut, which had made the odd choice of sending US dollars to cash-rich-goods-poor Germany in 1946. UJC agents in Germany were annoyed to find that the Allied Marks they were forced to use in Germany had so little purchasing power in comparison to the US dollars which their controllers sent over.

Eisenhower and his subordinate generals had been warned by lower-ranking officers about the huge costs being incurred by the War Department because of their appeasement of Stalin, but Eisenhower consciously chose to look the other way until men in the War Department refused to eat the costs any more and eventually alerted Congress, which shone sunlight on the whole festering business.

So what did American military brass do when they were caught aiding the Soviets? They blamed the $340,000,000 loss on GIs, who, despite being "the best soldier the Lord ever produced", sold too many of their watches to desperate locals while at the same time too many US officers won "craps" games and wanted to send their windfalls home. Taken together these activities, watches and craps, strained the War Department's currency conversion capabilities. (I'm not kidding this is what military reps claimed before congress!)

To meet this currency-induced budget shortfall, military brass decided 1) to pay their obligations overseas with the inflated Allied Marks instead of dollars and 2) not to pay German prisoners of war who had worked in US factories or on US farms during the war even though their American employers had paid in these men's wages plus administrative costs' to the US government for disbursement on the prisoners' release.

Therefore, through their sneaky cooperation with the FDR administration and Stalin, US military elites not only were supporting a murderous regime, but slave labor via stealing from American and German citizens. Once caught, The Brass blamed the consequences of their behavior on American GIs. This was a perfect storm of ethically bankrupt behavior implemented by Dwight David Eisenhower.

prisoner of war camp US
This is a picture of a US-based prisoner of war camp for German and Italian soldiers. These are some of the men from whom Eisenhower, and his British friends, stole Geneva-Convention-Guaranteed wages to fund Stalin, who was killing other German soldiers by the millions after WWII (with British help). Thank you,

I got the information in this post from a copy of the 1947 US Congressional Hearings on Occupation Currency Transactions. It seems that debasing the US currency in favor of the Soviets was an official wartime policy of the FDR administration. Readers may want to refresh their memory about foreign currency and its usefulness to the Soviet regime in the lead-up to WWII.

This very ugly piece of history may go some way explaining why Richard Condon was so eager to flatter Eisenhower in his likely CIA-sponsored book, The Manchurian Candidate. Eisenhower was deeply in bed with the corrupt, traitorous FDR administration and their creepy British co-conspirators, who had colonized Britain's intelligence community on Churchill's rise to power.

I'd like to look at some of the characters involved in this mess, because they draw in interesting connections with other celebrities I've written about in the past.

henry morgenthau jr
Henry Morgenthau Jr., FDR's Treasury Secretary.

Henry Morgenthau Jr. is a stain on American history; I've written a bit about him with regard to Julia Child and the British Security Coordination's illegal efforts to undermine their political opponents in Washington D.C.

CIA front TIME magazine plugs War Secretary John Jay McCloy.
CIA front TIME magazine plugs War Secretary John Jay McCloy.

John McCloy is another creep who is famous for running the World Bank, the Council on Foreign Relations and being chairman of Chase Manhattan Bank. McCloy was one of those perennial presidential advisers' who burrow behind the scenes in American politics. You can read about McCloy's post-war propaganda work in Who Funds Anti Communism?, Ernst Henri's insincere exposé of the political aims of American charities.

Cordell Hull life magazine
The other half to Clare Boothe Luce's CIA organ, TIME/Life', plugs Cordell Hull.

Cordell Hull, a long-time FDR crony, is now remembered as a father of the United Nations.

I mentioned two names from the Secretariat of the Combined Chiefs of Staff too: J. D. Rockefeller and Warde M. Cameron.

J. D. Rockefeller, 3rd.

John Davison Rockefeller 3rd was heir to the Rockefeller banking/oil empire, which included Chase Manhattan Bank the bank which was so good to John McCloy. The Rockefellers also founded Standard Oil, the American concern which gained so much from St. John Philby's patronage, and which did so much to help the British war effort in the 1940s. Naturally, someone in J.D.'s position would have been very interested in knowing how McCloy chose to implement the occupation currency' scheme and how the War Department inserted itself into international banking. Little wonder then that Rockefeller found himself at the most important Combined Chiefs of Staff' meetings.

The Rockefeller family has always enjoyed a close connection with the CIA. For readers interested in the CIA's MK ULTRA riot program, through which the agency sought to map political hot-buttons of riot-prone inner city youths, here is J. D.'s background in social work:

In 1932, he [J.D. Rockefeller 3rd] became chairman of the Delinquency Committee of the Boys Bureau of New York City. Six years later the Committee published its recommendations for handling youthful offenders in Youth in the Toils.

Nothing like a life of robber-baron-luxury to prepare one for dealing with "youthful offenders".

The controversial issue which I'm going to present in this post surrounds Warde Mitchell Cameron, a man who wore many hats. From his 1991 Deseret News obituary:

He [Warde Mitchell Cameron] was an attorney with the Federal Public Housing Authority, legal adviser for the Administration of Foreign Service and executive assistant to the assistant secretary of state for occupied areas.

He was the State Department's assistant legal adviser for diplomatic and consular affairs from 1960 to 1964. He negotiated the first consular treaty with Russia in the early 1960s and was appointed in 1964 by President Kennedy as consul general to The Netherlands. He was vice chairman and alternate U.S. representative in 1961 to the United Nations Conference on Diplomatic Intercourse and Immunities, Vienna, Austria, and chairman of the U.N. delegation to the U.N. Conference on Consular Relations in 1963.

Mr. Cameron was treasurer and general manager of the Federal Credit Union in the State Department and a member of the Foreign Service Board of Examiners in the State Department from 1957 to 1964.

He was a lieutenant colonel and received the Legion of Merit in the U.S. Army, was given the title of honorary officer of the British Empire by King George VI.

That's an impressive list, however I think his most interesting appointment was the one the obituary glosses over: "executive assistant to the assistant secretary of state for occupied areas". From the congressional hearing I referenced earlier, Cameron was a confidant for the US Joint Chiefs of Staffs during their deliberations over what to do with occupied Germany.

There was another Cameron who worked for the Joint Chiefs of Staff during this time, one Marjorie Cameron, who was run as a honey-trap by the JCS to discredit the president's political opponents in Washington D.C. Later she became handler/wife to jet propulsion expert and Aleister Crowley devotee Jack Parsons.

marjorie cameron
Marjorie Cameron, when she was turning tricks for the JCS. Thanks,

Now, two surnames do not make a family relation, and I could find no publicly available genealogical evidence connecting the two. However, there are two intriguing facts which do connect Marjorie with Warde.

First of all, Warde was a "high priest in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints" and Marjorie was from Mormon-ground zero: central Iowa. She was an odd-ball with a penchant for casual sex (developed by the age of 15!) in a provincial backwater named Belle Plaine'. You'll be hard pressed to find Belle Plaine on a map it's the star next to Cedar Rapids' on the map below. (The star in the bottom right hand corner is where Joseph Smith began his branch of the Mormon movement, the start of the Mormon Trail'. The star next to Omaha' is Council Bluffs, where the Mormon Trail really got rolling. The migration ended in Salt Lake City, Utah.)

Council Bluffs Nauvoo Belle Plains IA
Click to enlarge.

Despite having spent her whole life in this small town, Marjorie enjoyed exceptional preference when she decided to join the Navy during WWII. According to Richard Metzger in his Book of Lies: The Disinformation Guide to Magick and the Occult:

In 1943, in the midst of World War II, the 21-year old [Marjorie] Cameron joined the Navy turning down several college scholarships. She was sent along with 3000 other women to boot camp in Cedar Falls, IA. Soon she was selected for a high-level job in Washington D.C. where she applied her artistic skills drawing maps for the war efforts. She was then sent to the Joint Chiefs of Staff…

Her appointment to the JCS was just one instance of Marjorie's remarkably preferential treatment at the hands of the US military, which included forgiving Marjorie for going AWOL, something which would usually result in a court-martial for which she was court-martialed, but given an honorable discharge anyway, as well as a new job. For a comprehensive description of Marjorie's bizarre military career, see my post Wormwood Star.

The second Mormon connection with Marjorie Cameron comes from her family history. Marjorie Cameron's mother is often described as a religious fanatic, but we're never told which religion; while her maternal Aunt was a hard-line Catholic convert. Marjorie's first named lover in Spencer Kansa's book Wormwood Star is identified as Jewish.

Belle Plaine has a Mormon community, though I've no way of establishing when it was founded. However, Marjorie's father's ancestors, The Camerons, came to the United States at the right time to participate in the tail-end of the Mormon Migration' (1846-68), and biographer Spencer Kansa tells us that some of Marjorie's Cameron' relations also traveled onward to Nebraska, the next stop on the Mormon Trail' after Iowa. According to Mormon Migration' resources at Brigham Young University, the largest influx of Scots-Irish Mormons surnamed Cameron' came over at the same time as Scots-Irish Marjorie's ancestors; Mormon Camerons also tended to settle in Canada just like the third branch of Marjorie's family.

mormon trail
Map of the Mormon Trail'. Click to enlarge.

Now the possibility of Marjorie Cameron and Warde Cameron being coreligionists might be of no consequence, but Mormonism is exceptional in the sphere of American-derived religions, because while they are aggressive proselytizers, they are also very clannish and hold supremacist views views which contributed to the frequent conflicts they had with their neighbors and that necessitated the Mormon Migration' in the first place. These supremacist views persist to this day: one of my friends in D.C. took temporary work as a porter during the public opening of a new Mormon resource center in the capital. During this event a few of the center's rooms were open to the public, Mormon and non-Mormon alike. After the event, my friend was instructed to burn all furniture that had come into contact with non-Mormon people.

The Mormon Temple in Washington D.C.

Regular a.nolen readers will remember that the Mormons are heavily represented in the CIA, so much so that they are referred to as the Mormon Mafia' though I suspect there are a number of ethnic/religious cabals at the agency. The Mormons may be among the least powerful, because their cabal can be named with impunity. The ugliness doesn't end there however, the large Mormon banking concern, Zions Bank, has recently been exposed for money laundering; I'm told that a lot of this laundering concerns drug money through the Dallas Federal Reserve bank.

So by looking into the ugly dealings of the FDR administration and their support of Stalin's regime, we can begin to get an idea about how we ended up with the weird political constellations we have in the United States today, and why the intelligence community' is so fantastically out of touch with the ethics of the American public.

posted on June 14, 2015
“The most difficult subjects can be explained to the most slow-witted man if he has not formed any idea of them already; but the simplest thing cannot be made clear to the most intelligent man if he is firmly persuaded that he knows already, without a shadow of doubt, what is laid before him.”
― Leo Tolstoy,
This of coarse has nothing to do with the information of this post, but, thought I'd share a letter by Mamie Eisenhower addressed to my grandmother.

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