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A statement on JFK Forums, generally, from one of the best know researcher/writers
I will not give their name, but anyone not a total newbee would know this name and recognize it as one of the best and better known. They just sent this to me in an email as a response to why they no longer posted on internet forums.

Quote:I've pretty much given up on the JFK websites. They're fine for newbies, but I can't read any more about the direction of shots, autopsy reports, etc etc. Moreover any so-called "new" research is usually misleading bullshit, in my opinion, but often finds a home on those sites. I think most of them pander to hobbyists. As far as I'm concerned the case is solved, yet most of these sites prolong a false debate that only serves the conspirators' successors.

Something to think about.......
"Let me issue and control a nation's money and I care not who writes the laws. - Mayer Rothschild
"Civil disobedience is not our problem. Our problem is civil obedience! People are obedient in the face of poverty, starvation, stupidity, war, and cruelty. Our problem is that grand thieves are running the country. That's our problem!" - Howard Zinn
"If there is no struggle there is no progress. Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and never will" - Frederick Douglass
Right on both counts, Mr. Lemkin, no great surprise considering the source. As a newbie just shy of a two year anniversary in May, your confidant is spot on in his assessment. Make no qualms about it, upon stumbling across a website dedicated to the jfk assassination via a LinkedIn connection, I was immediately hooked (imagine a fresh face rookie just called up from the farm system to the Major leagues). I'm still in awe of some of you giants (imagine that fresh face rookie again who just so happens to have a locker room stall wedged between say Joe DiMaggio and Hank Aaron). Though I imagine one's motivation to study this case ranges from a myriad of motivations, I entered the research community in hopes that it was built upon a foundation of righting a wrong, where the chief focus would be upon examining all of the evidence rather than repeating the rubber stamping of the Warren Commission, which was very selective at assembling "evidence" at best. An innocent man was murdered. Two other men--in the span of 48hrs--would also be dead as well. So, rather than deny them justice, I thought the emphasis upon all efforts within the research community would be to exact a sense of justice all around those events. JFK was unarmed; Officer Tippitt was out of his normal jurisdiction and desperately looking for someone as if his own life depended upon it; and, the wrongfully accused never even seen it coming--fade to black.

Like any fresh face rookie, coming to the startling realization that this case--though filled with admirable souls as yourself, etc. seeking truth and justice, there is the presence of an undertow steering the debate away from a closer examination of all of the evidence. Sounds like your confidant is simply someone who doesn't suffer fools. All the best to him/her, and may the truth continue to emerge (the wrongfully accused is innocent).
Gettin' deep in here.
"All that is necessary for tyranny to succeed is for good men to do nothing." (unknown)

James Tracy: "There is sometimes an undue amount of paranoia among some conspiracy researchers that can contribute to flawed observations and analysis."

Gary Cornwell (Dept. Chief Counsel HSCA): "A fact merely marks the point at which we have agreed to let investigation cease."

Alan Ford: "Just because you believe it, that doesn't make it so."

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