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John Armstrong blasts the mail order rifle "evidence"
The evidence speaks for itself. The thing of value here is the fact Mrs Whitworth said Oswald possessed a removed rifle part in a brown paper wrapper. He said he needed a plunger fixed yet he never said he needed a scope installed. The story that came from Ryder's was that Oswald needed a scope installed, never mentioning anything about fixing a firing pin. If you pay attention the alleged dates suggested the Ryder visit occurred around the same time as the Whitworth visit. So it doesn't make sense that there would be no mention of the different repairs between shops. Armstrong is on to something. The Dial Ryder repair originated on the weekend of the assassination and never originated from any visit by Oswald to the shop. It was Liebeler's job to air the claim as if it had occurred on the same day in order to hide the fact it never occurred. He then disposed of it by discrediting it - which was easy to do since it never happened.

The imperative to cover-up the Dial Ryder event was because it was pure evidence of government corruption that led right back to the doorstep of the even bigger government corruption of FBI fraudulently fabricating the rifle order evidence and Money Order. You're looking at it the wrong way Drew. They covered-up many of those other things you mentioned. They also covered-up the Dial Ryder event for the reasons I described here that are not insignificant.

Think about what they were protecting Drew. They needed to be right on top of both events in order to steer them. In Mrs Whitworth they were defending against identification of a driving Oswald and Harvey & Lee - just like with Ralph Yates. This was dangerous to them so they got on top of it by taking control of it. The Ryder event was extremely dangerous as Armstrong has just shown. It was proof FBI was defrauding the evidence against Oswald and actively framing him.

What Armstrong has done is make the London mock trial lawyers look like boobies since he found something explosive that they missed.

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