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Today is the 53rd Anniversary of the “Oswald” Set-up
Dawn Meredith Wrote:
Lauren Johnson Wrote:
Quote:Scott Kaiser's timeline is exactly what the Warren Commission expected us to believe, but the Official Story is always worth keeping in mind, regardless of how false or misleading it may be.

I assumed Scott put that up as an April Fools joke based on the timing and because it was taken from the WC.

Let's hope so but why would he waste all that time on a joke? That was a lot of typing and (terrible) sourcing.
The 4/1 edition of the local Austin Chronicle announced that the Obama's will live here after the WH. Not sure if THAT is a joke. Must be as it was not announced anywhere else.

I'd heard they were staying in D.C. until their daughters were done with school, so it was probably a joke.

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