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Who kills Olof Palme?
Who kills Olof Palme?

The murder of Olof Palme has not been solved. There are many theories proposed. I hereby suggest that Palme was indeed a CIA agent who planned to make Sweden to be a NATO member, therefore was killed preemptively by KGB. Palme was raised in a conservative family . Most importantly, he had studied and stayed in USA for a long time. There was source that CIA had attempted to recruit him as an agent. Palme was not another Wily Brant. He hated communism and had condemned Soviet crush of Prague Uprising. He met Cuban Castro whose rise to power was also supported by the United States. Sweden was not a global power. Palme anti American foreign policy was only a smoke screen. Geopolitically, Sweden is the largest country in Scandavanisn region. If Sweden is added to NATO, Soviet Union's finlandisation strategy will be frustrated. President Ragan planned to plant another Alaska in Europe to take advantage of Gorbachev. However, the Soviet hardliners and the military could not tolerate such step. Preemptive assassination was their choice. German source disclosed that the hit man came from Yugoslavian Secret service. This was high possible because the Serbs have more affinity to Soviet interests. The Swedish leadership including the military knew all these. A Swedish prime minister was killed by Soviet Union because he was an American Spy. This would be shockingly embarrassing. Hence, the case will continue to be hidden by the Swedish government.
We have a long thread on Olof Palme here at DPF.
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