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This post reminds me of that movie; "One flew over the Cuckoo's Nest"
It's safe to say, this is the forum for me!
Scott Kaiser Wrote:It's safe to say, this is the forum for me!

Is it safe, Scott? Is it safe ?
Mark A. O'Blazney Wrote:
Scott Kaiser Wrote:It's safe to say, this is the forum for me!

Is it safe, Scott? Is it safe ?

Good question, however, I think, if I want to keep my sanity, I'll continue to post here instead of trying to figure out some secret formula for Kennedy's assassination elsewhere. There's nothing secret about the CIA recruiting men for doing the job. BTW... Weren't there some folks who tried to prove Sturgis was an employee of the company, but the company denied ever employing Sturgis?

Well, we know that Frank made contact with the CIA in Santiago de Cuba when Frank had infiltrated Fidel Castro's M-26-7 group, and, we know that Jose Perdomo was Frank's handler, and we know that Eugenio Marinez, Virgilio Gonzalez, James McCord and Barnard Barker were all CIA, so you mean to tell me that Hunt would hire someone who wasn't company material? You mean to tell me the company would have us believe that Sturgis was the only one who wasn't CIA at the time of the arrests at Watergate? Guess what, I've got news for you.

According to [Eugenio Martinez,] he said he no longer associated himself with Frank after Watergate, I suppose he didn't like Frank much and that Frank was in-fact an employee of the CIA. He said, "keeping someones payroll records and status confidential is not uncommon." I suppose it all depends on whose information the company chooses to release.
We know that five out of the six burglars were from the Bay of Pigs, and now, we know who the sixth person was in Watergate.

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