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Jim DiEugenio spanks The Post
Incredible that Spielberg and Hanks get away with this baloney, but Oiiver Stone gets raked over the coals each time he does a historical feature.

This movie about the Pentagon Papers is really so misguided that it makes me puke. What is worse is that no one has called them out on this. That is how inside the Establishment they are.

Anyway, please read and spread if you can.
"The Post" is interesting only in that it portrays the management heirarchy of The Washington Post back in the Pentagon Papers and Watergate era. In the 11-2x-63 LBJ phone calls the call between LBJ and Kathryn Graham was the only call that was apparently erased. Further, in the following week LBJ called Kathryn Graham and said he was like one of his barnyard animals who would jump the fence just to get at Kathryn Graham. The Post directors clearly missed out on some colorful material that they could have included. The directors might have done some "time traveling" on a broader basis to bring in the personalites of both LBJ and Nixon. Nixon was portrayed as a villian but was not featured nearly enough.

At the end in the credits, they should have told the audience that McNamara and Kathryn Graham eventually got married in the 2000's.

Jim Lateer
First, appreciate the interesting & informative link you shared, Mr. DiEugenio, thanks! Social-media material ready for launch...

Also, rather interesting that the former Secretary of Defense and Lady KG tied-the-knot before she left this realm (RIP).

It's encouraging that someone is daring enough to hold these rubber-stamping media giants accountable--thanks for doing your part. There was a time when I was naive enough to absolutely love Tom Hanks, but sadly--given his blind allegiance to the establishment's "truth" over the years-- the honeymoon is far over. I'll take Forrest Gump & a box of chocolates any day over Tom "If you tell a lie BIG enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it" Hanks. Amazing what some people will do for thirty pieces of silver.

*Quote attributed to Nazi Joseph Goebbels
Mr. Lateer:

Can you show me the source for your statement that Kay Graham and McNamara got married in the new millennium?

From what I know, McNamara was married twice, neither time to Graham.

Thanks Alan. I agree about Hanks. He has become an establishment cheerleader with few scruples.
Hope you will get a definitive answer one way or another, Mr. DiEugenio, regarding the possibility of a marriage union between McNamara and Graham (strange bedfellows to say the least), but something seasoned, top-shelf JFK researcher Mr. Scully (Tom) would know with certainty I'm sure. Back later this week to determine if Mr. Lateer may confirm their union some time in the new millennium before she left this realm (RIP).
Upon checking Wikipedia, McNamara only "dated" Kathyn Graham in 2001 but married another woman in 2004. Graham and McNamara were apparently "tight" on a 30 plus year basis, but never married. That would make McNamara 85 years old when he dated Graham and 88 years old when he married a Mrs. Byfield. Still a pretty active love life for an 85-year old.

Jim Lateer
Anyway, I hope we can bet back on track now that that matter is settled.

This film is reductive, and extremely slanted in its view of the Pentagon Papers case. And it also makes things up which are even more agenda driven.

To make Bradlee and Graham the champions of this case performs a huge disservice to the men who actually almost did go to jail over it: namely Ellsberg and Russo. At the hands of nutty Nixon and Mitchell.

And to say that Graham did not know what was going on in Vietnam I mean that is just loony. LBJ sent her there, and she championed his escalations of the war all the way to 1968!

So its just a very disturbing pastiche is you really know the facts of the case.
Appreciate the clarification, Mr. Lateer, on Mr. DiEugenio's perceptive/keen question.

Now, back to the topic at hand, the history that is recorded is not always--if ever--the actual history as it unfolds. Mr. DiEugenio's assessment here is spot on. Time and time again, since the erosion of the Free Press, the general public is being served self-serving history benefiting the entrenched establishment's version of "truth".

Hanks, Speilberg, etc. are proving more and more that their bottom line is more important than the plain simple truth. What we find here is self-serving individuals of this ilk couldn't even fathom the courage of genuine courageous heroes like Daniel Ellsberg, Russo, etc. The First Amendment has taken a crushing blow from those who control what the general public may consume (not exactly how best to honour the Founding Fathers and their enlightened vision).

Individuals like Jefferson (Tom); Henry (Patrick); etc., and many of you reading along here would be considered "enemies of the state" in today's "democratic" climate. George Orwell tried to sound the alarm ---->

Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.
BTW, in the first draft of the script, Ellsberg was in the film for about four minutes and the NY TImes was not in it at all.
Jim DiEugenio Wrote:BTW, in the first draft of the script, Ellsberg was in the film for about four minutes and the NY TImes was not in it at all.

Amazing how courage & truth (Mr. Ellsberg) is relegated to a minor role, while distortion of the truth by bottom-feeder/leeches frothing at the mouth for thirty pieces of silver tell the "truth".

Thanks for doing your part to set the record straight, Mr. DiEugenio, hear!, hear! ---->

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