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DiEugenio Gives Reference To ROKC Troll Farm And Kamp
Jim DiEugenio is at it again on the Education Forum...

He has given ringing endorsement to one of the biggest evidence manglers on the planet in the form of Bart Kamp and has done so by means of praising some of the worst screwed-up hack researchers over on the Education Forum...

Jim wrote:

"Nice work , all three of you, DJ, Pat and Andrej.
I am looking forward to this book when it comes out in paper.
Its the kind of volume I need to spend like 3 days with at Corner Bakery."

Pat Speer, David Josephs, and Andrej Stancak have just made the Prayer Man/Lovelady-Shelley evidence as clear as mud over on the Education Forum and they are getting the full approval of abstract evidence blind man Jim D...Which goes to show that JFK internet research is based on who you know and not what you know...

When I first signed on to the Deep Politics Forum in 2010 it was clearly understood that the DPF stood in opposition to the loose swamp-like research that was tolerated on the Education Forum as well as its rogue moderation...Regular DPF members Josephs and DiEugenio are making a mockery of that previous orientation and strongly backing what DPF was originally formed to counter...Both Kamp and ROKC administrator Greg Parker are banned from the Deep Politics Forum...Both Josephs and DiEugenio are never taken to task for this serious conflict of interest and I myself cannot point it out on the Education Forum because I am vilified there and permanently banned...Those persons have made an inextricable farce out of JFK research...

That EF crew is mangling the fact that the two men seen going up the Elm St extension are clearly Lovelady & Shelley as they testified...Sandy Larsen could join that discussion because he proved that Gloria Calvery is seen on the steps in Darnell and therefore proves the timing that sends Lovelady & Shelley up the extension, however, since the credo of the Education Forum is dishonesty, Larsen stays quiet and betrays his partner Thomas Graves who got banned for standing up for my research...How honest is that?...

And now we have David Josephs hanging on to Armstrong's belt and arguing that Shelley, with his clearly-seen tie in Altgens, is actually Molina...Josephs is stupidly wrong on that but the blind ignoramus Gordon has made it a permanent banning offense to point it out...Molina is next to Shelley with his hands shielding his eyes from the sun...Gordon has made criticism of such idiotic research claims a banning offense...The Education Forum is dedicated to protecting such stupidity with no accountability for the administration...

This muddy farce is all designed to promote Bart Kamp and his book in a popularity club fashion that is the true purpose of the Education Forum...All the stray bullshit that is being posted in the Education Forum Prayer Man thread is designed to support Oswald as Prayer Man even though it has been conclusively proven that Prayer Man is Sarah Stanton...This matters not to Gordon who deals with his moderation incompetency by falsely accusing those who point it out...The EF is still up to its old business only this time with the strong support of several Deep Politics Board members...

It should be made clear by somebody that Victoria Adams & Sandra Styles did NOT see Lovelady & Shelley when they got down to the 1st Floor...All of those offenders are failing to mention the fact that Barry Ernest got to Sandra Styles and she corroborated Adams' insistence that the two girls never saw Lovelady & Shelley on the 1st Floor...

Even though Jim praises Stancak, Josephs, and Speer on their Prayer Man input he fails to explain why he omitted the Prayer Man theory from his recent 'JFK Revisited' documentary...Actions speak louder than words...   

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