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DiEugenio Betrays Conspiracy Research
Jim DiEugenio just made a post in the Education Forum Prayer Man thread praising well-known Conspiracy Denier Jeremy Bojczuk...He gave praise to Bojzcuk even though the post DiEugenio praised from Bojzcuk denied the many cases of films and cameras being seized from witnesses in Dealey Plaza...DiEugenio has teamed up with the Parker crew and is openly denying Gordon Arnold's film being taken from him along with many others...

Jim adds insult to injury by praising notorious disinformation nut Bart Kamp in the same post, adding that Bart Kamp is coming out with a new book that should help confirm Oswald is Prayer Man via Hosty's notes...Again, Jim is committing an in-your-face over the Prayer Man issue that he himself already admitted was Sarah Stanton...Jim avoids mentioning my research that shows Hosty actually admitted Oswald was in the 2nd Floor Lunch Room to Nigel Turner...

Jim's betrayal of good Conspiracy research here used to be a violation of this website's rules...However I'm sure it will be tolerated and my pointing it out (in compliance with the DPF site rules and purpose of the site) will be disliked...

Jim is all-in for ROKC and their notorious nutty claims...That, of course, is no problem because he is a member of the clique to whom the rules don't apply...5 stars for Benedict Arnold...
Jeremy Bojzcuk is snuggling up to Sandy Larsen in the Education Forum thread...Jeremy is praising Larsen saying that the Conspiracy evolved real time and Oswald's being set-up was plastic and could be adjusted as it evolved...Jeremy is enjoying new status ever since Jim DiEugenio praised him...

What you are seeing here is the dubious moderators James Gordon, Mark Knight, and Kathy Beckett allowing unholy alliances between the worst ROKC deniers and the Prayer Man hijackers to form an impenetrable insider's group on the JFK internet...Don't forget that this unholy alliance is lubricated by Jim DiEugenio who avoids all the substantial technical arguments of evidence, bides his time, and then shows up at the right moment to give praise to the ROKC nuts as if they were credible researchers...

This present new low on the JFK internet is directly in relation to my having my throat cut by that stupid son of a bitch Gordon and not being allowed to participate in the discussion by censurious edict...All these phonies on the JFK internet are big backers of lip service against suppression of Free Speech and censorship - except when it comes to me and then they not only tolerate it, but depend on it and make sure that no comment is ever made on my correct evidence...On the Kennedy internet it is OK to murder someone intellectually with ignoring, even if it is being done to destroy correct evidence that the murderers don't want to admit...This is how the contest happens between Leslie Sharp and Alex Wilson instead of Bart Kamp and Brian Doyle...These asymmetrical alliances happen because of the forcing of denial and not by the honest objective seeking of good evidence...And when the evidence obviously comes in hugely in my favor the moron Education Forum mod Kathy Beckett comes in and brags that the moderation there need not recognize correct evidence...You'll see clique member Beckett chatting with some of the worst violators off to the side...Kennedy research isn't about what you know more than who...That farce is brought full circle and the rules say anything goes for the clique and no good evidence won't get you banned...Under that British crook Gordon the EF is actually deluding itself that it is getting away with it...Jim DiEugenio is a disgrace...He shames himself in front of Jim Garrison and the other victims he pretends to defend...His sycophants watch him going off the reservation with his backing of the ROKC trolls and say nothing...

The only reason the Conspiracy-denier Bojzcuk is teaming up with Sandy Larsen and saying the framing of Oswald evolved as the event happened is because he is trying to force his Prayer Man bullshit and help work it around the real evidence that conflicts with it...When common sense tells you that the known conspiracy would never have allowed Oswald to float outside where the frame-up would be spoiled you have Larsen and Bojzcuk exploiting the Greg Parker make-it-up-as-you-go-along school of research and then you have that dishonest scoundrel Jim DiEugenio coming in and giving well-timed approval to the trolls...This sick dysfunction, that permeates the JFK internet by means of dishonest moderators and a controlling clique, is how you get Sarah Stanton staring back at you in Davidson with the entire unbanned JFK internet ignoring it and conducting a farce of false debate...Promoting false evidence is OK with them even if it is clearly against the posted rules, as long as it is done by the sacred cows...And defending the site rules and important correct evidence will never be good enough - even if it leads to a solving of the conspiracy...The narcotic of power and control is too strong a drug for these people who put themselves and their control before even a solving of the case...


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