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San Francisco's ZEBRA kill spree--Was it a Black Op?
Specifically, Zebra refers to a series of about 20 black-on-white attacks that occurred in San Francisco from October 1973 to April 1974, leaving 15 killed and 8 wounded. It turned out the killers were a cult--the "Death Angels"--operating within the Nation of Islam(aka NOI, aka Black Muslims) mosque in San Francisco, involving about eight men. Though only four would go to prison. Their philosophy was bizarre. To get to heaven they had to kill a certain number of whites--women and children counting for more than men--before they could earn their 'wings.' They also seemed to have been led by charismatic leaders who came out from the main NOI headquarters mosque in Chicago.

[Image: Zebra-Murders-300x169.jpg]

What is not well known, however, is that the spree began much earlier, when police started noticing that there were many unsolved crimes with the same MO: one or more well-dressed and groomed black men attacking whites without any apparent motive. Exactly how many victims there were is still disputed.

From the book "Zebra: The True Account of 179 Days of Terror in San Francisco," by Clark Howard:

"...determined to calm the fear and put a stop to the killings, Joseph Alioto held a press conference to lay out what he believed he knew about Zebra. ... he laid out a huge collection of speculative intelligence, claiming that more than eighty killings across the state going back to 1971 could be linked to Zebra, and implying that those responsible for all the crimes might be tied to the Nation of Islam."

"This was October of 1973. The California attorney general's office had already secretly compiled a list of forty-five of those killings which had taken place in the cities of San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, Long Beach, Signal Hill, Santa Barbara, Palo Alto, Pacifica, San Diego, and Los Angeles; and in the counties of San Mateo, Santa Clara, Los Angeles, Contra Costa, Ventura, and Alameda. All the victims were white. All the known suspects in the killings had been associated with the Black Muslim movement. The killings were even then continuing throughout the state."
San Francisco Mayor Joseph L. Alioto's figure of 75 execution-style murders of White persons by Black killers in California since 1971 has been expanded to approximately 400 by adding figures for similar killings with an apparent racial motive in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, and Wisconsin. Police officials who added the unsolved killings in the six Midwestern states to those in California went as far back as 1969.

Some of the other killings thought to be Zebra killings:


Oakland-Berkeley slashers
Two black men had been randomly shooting and attacking whites with machetes in Oakland and Berkeley beginning September 14, 1970 and lasting a year. 14 separate attacks leave 15 victims dead or wounded.



According to this website,

there were at least seven people wounded or killed in the LA area in attacks that fit the Zebra profile, commencing in June of '71 and lasting for one year.



Eight blacks involved in two mass slayings of family members and others, from August to October of 1972, leaving at least nine victims dead.. They called themselves "De Mau Mau."
The killers were not themselves Muslim, but the group was founded by an ex-bodyguard to Malcolm X, Charles 37X Morris.



June 1973 to October 1974
Radical Black Muslims headquartered in Oklahoma City suspected in a series of black-on-white crimes, including at least six unsolved slayings, three shootings, two abductions and a dozen arson fires. One member arrested and convicted.



April 1974 Sacramento shotgun murders

Four young Black Muslims kill two and wound two in separate attacks.

..both (perps)Lang and Pratt "eventually expressed deep remorse to parole commissioners, telling them the killings around the state were coordinated by Muslim elders."
Pratt told the parole board: "It definitely was a racial crime..... This was constantly taught at the time. We had books on it, little pamphlets. This is what I see now as part of the brainwashing effect."

If ever there was a crime that warranted federal involvement, it would have been this interstate crime spree. But in this instance, the FBI was nowhere to be found. Though there is evidence that the feds knew what they were dealing with:
NOI also murdered whites in Oklahoma City and New York City, and an old San Francisco copper who worked the original Zebra detail told me that at the time he saw a secret FBI memo that reported that a parallel campaign was underway on the East Coast.

The investigation by the San Francisco PD was hindered, it is said, because they had no black undercovers that could have infiltrated the mosque of the NOI in that city. But this is somewhat disingenous, as the Black Muslims had been an intensive target of FBI surveillance for many years.
From official FBI COINTELPRO documents: A March 4, 1968 communique
sent out by J. Edgar Hoover ... specifically identified Elijah Muhammed and the Nation of Islam as primary targets of COINTELPRO.
Amidst the urban unrest of JulyAugust 1967, the FBI began "COINTELPROBLACK HATE", which focused on King and the SCLC as well as .... the Nation of Islam.
On May 3, 1974 Alioto flew off to Washington to share his information on the Death Angels with (U.S.)Attorney General Saxbe ...Saxbe was very cool to Alioto. He treated the mayor as he would any other large city mayor but with little interest in the supposed nation-wide murder plot Alioto had discovered.

SF Mayor Alioto:
[Image: 217413.png]

What can explain the lack of interest by the Feds? Fear of being politically incorrect in that racially charged era? Or did they want to see the violence continue to demonize black political movements?

"When people talk about Zebra, it's usually as a serial killing. That may be technically true, but the most accurate description of what Zebra was is terrorism, plain and simple."
--Co-author Earl Sanders in "The Zebra Murders"
The machete attacks as well as the Zebra Murders were operational (FBI-COINTELPRO-CIA-Project CHAOS) criminal counterintelligence actions... to destroy, disrupt and discredit Black Nationalism and polarize the races...
According to the official version, the San Francisco killings were called "Zebra" because the police had dedicated a special radio frequency--the "Z" channel--for the exclusive use of the investigators. Others suspect that the name was really in reference to the black-on-white nature of the crime. But I have to wonder if the name wasn't designed to deflect attention from the media's original name for the unknown murderers: the Zombie killers. The surviving witnesses tell of the odd expression on the face of the attackers:
Berkeley Barb, April 19 - 25, 1974
"Persons who survived the murderous attacks described their assailants as "zombies." "

Victim Robert Stoeckmann:
"He pushed me behind the fence, pulled out his gun and aimed it at my mouth, I was looking at him all the time, and he appeared not overly excited, like he was just doing something on an average stroll."

Victim Art Agnos(future SF mayor)
Agnos felt as if someone had punched him. He whirled around to face his assailant. What he saw was a handsome black man who
was staring blankly at him. The man did not blink. His expression carried no sneer, nothing at all ugly. He appeared to Agnos to be in
some kind of state.

Victim Angela Roselli, "He had this ZOMBIE LOOK…""His face was devoid of emotion; There was no hostility in it, just BLANK, STARING EYES"; "…he looked to be in some kind of state"; "It was like he was in a TRANCE he was looking at me, but he was looking through me."

"(killer Mannny Moore) looking almost as if he were in a trance, got out and walked to the Laundromat entrance(and killing victim Jane Holly)."

"(killer Larry Greene)... he was consciously aware that something was driving him to kill. Some dark, terrible thing deep within him. Some awful thing that seized his mind and took over his body."
Ronnie Flenaugh, suspect in the Oakland/Berkeley attacks: "Ronnie was weaving back and forth, up and down as if he had been drugged. His eyes appeared empty and distant as if in a trance"

Was mind control being exercised on an industrial scale? How else to account for all these motiveless, high risk/low reward crimes by all these young men?

There was one guy, though, who seemed to have foreknowledge of the crimes and tried to warn people. This guy:

[Image: charles_manson.jpg?w=150&h=150]

In his infamous "Helter Skelter" philosophy with which he indoctrinated his followers, Charlie Manson prophesized that blacks would come out of the ghettos and start slaughtering whites and that this would kick off a race war in the U.S., and the blacks would eventually come out on top. Though they then would soon have to turn to Charlie and the family to run things. With the exception of that last part, this was a mirror of what the Black Muslims themselves believed:

As explained by "Zebra" author Clark Howard:

".... the, primary beliefs of the Black Muslims began to be taught with greater zeal. Those beliefs were that the black man was morally and culturally superior, and was destined to rule the earth. The sect condemned Christianity as the chief stratagem of the continued enslavement of nonwhites, and preached that the white race was conceived of devils whose time to reign was coming to an end. It encouraged the reclamation of fallen blacks such as convicts, drug addicts, and so forth, through the study of their true history, through striving for economic independence, and by preparation for the Battle of Armageddon, which they believed would be the final struggle between good and evil, black and white."

Almost certainly, Charlie would have picked up this philosophy from his contacts with black convicts in his lengthy pre-1967 prison career.
Did the Black Muslims inspire Charlie in prison? Could this be one of the motives? The subject of the Black Muslim is brought up several times by Paul Watkins(Family member), Sandra Good(Family member) and Phil Phillips (Charlie's cell mate at McNeil Island Federal Penitentiary).

In Chapter 10 of the Paul Watkins autobiography, My Life with Charles Manson, Manson is quoted as follows: "The heavy dudes, though, are the [Black] Muslims. ...they'll be the ones who bring the shit down. Yeah, it's gonna come down hard... a full-on war."

Curiously, neither of the two standard books about the Family--Vince Bugliosi's Helter Skelter and Ed Sanders' The Family--mentions the NOI link. Instead they say Charlie was influenced by the Book of Revelation, Scientology, the Process Church of the Final Judgement, and the Beatles "White Album." An oversight, or did someone not want the obvious connections to be made?

[Image: helter-skelter-1st-ed-1974.jpg?w=252&h=363]

What is certain is that just about the time Charlie and the gang are brought to trial for the infamous Tate/LaBianca murders, the wave of deadly black-on-white violence commences.


In Sam Greenlee's 1969, James-Bond-in-blackface novel, The Spook Who Sat by the Door, a rogue black CIA agent trains black inner city gang members in guerilla tactics to lead a violent resistance against The Man.

[Image: spook_who_sat_by_the_door-alt-620x826.jpg]
In Spook, the hero, "Freeman" (get it?), the first black CIA agent, organizes black youth gangs in all of America's cities, whom he leads in a bloody, racial revolution.
--The novel's protagonist and hero is a super-square yuppy, Ivy-league trained, black spy, who just happens to have also been the first black CIA Agent. His job as a spy was to monitor community-based radicals from a non-profit CIA storefront in an inner city black Chicago neighborhood. However, the whole time the CIA thought he was spying on community radicals, he was in fact actually assuming the role of a double agent training and helping to foment black revolutionary aims in the inner city.

Officially Sam Greenlee was an employee of the US govt during the tensest part of the Cold War, working for the U.S. Information Agency(USIA), part of the State Department. Between 1957 and 1965, Greenlee held assignments in Iraq, Pakistan, Indonesia, and Greece. It should be noted that CIA agents often used other government agencies as a cover, and the USIA was especially notorious for that. Is Greenlee intimating his real job as a CIA agent, and is he telling us about an actual CIA operation involved in recruiting black radical elements? Were the Zebra killers recruited and trained in this fashion? Certainly many researchers believe that violent black-led groups like the US Organization and the Symbionese Liberation Army were wholly creations of the covert operators.

The book was made into a movie released in 1973, available here:

It appears the film was repressed at the time, and was unavailable until recently. The director and actors involved were also apparently blackballed from the industry for many years.
"The Spook Who Sat by the Door" was mysteriously removed from distribution, and spent decades of obscurity in which the only available video copies were bootlegs.

The FBI, at least, took it seriously:
The author, Sam Greenlee, was told by Aubrey Lewis (19352001), one of the first Black FBI agents recruited to the Bureau in 1962, that The Spook Who Sat by the Door was required reading at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia.

Greenlee pic
[Image: sam-greenlee_t580.jpg?6b5a8256ea9d40d51e...9fde3a3970]

[Image: spook_who_sat_by_the_door1-620x940.jpg]

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