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The Cold War was won by MI6
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Russian insiders belatedly admit: The Cold War was won by MI-6, the real James Bonds, and the victory was total

Traitor Gorbachev to power led the Rothschilds in Russia

13/11/2015 - RedBlogger
Gorbachev was and remains conscious, ideological enemy of the Soviet multinational people. He was always trying to inflict maximum damage to all the peoples of the USSR. Not for it whether Medvedev has awarded the Order of Gorbachev? ...
[Image: gorbachev-rozha.jpg]

Drug dealer Gorbachev, Stavropol business and some dozen high-ranking bodies

The activities of Gorbachev and his coming into power writes in his article "General of the liquidator of the USSR Mikhail Gorbachev" , Professor, Doctor of Political Sciences Panarin Igor:
"The main role in the collapse of the Soviet Union played Stavropol Jude M. Gorbachev, cast to power in the Soviet Union with the help of external forces . During the 6 years of his leadership of the USSR, the external debt increased by 5.5 times , while the gold reserves decreased by 11 times . USSR went to the one-sided military and political concessions. M. Gorbachev inflicted maximum damage to his homeland in the country's history. No country in the world has never had such a leader. Therefore we need a Public Tribunal on Judah, to identify the reasons that contributed to his rise to power and destructive anti-state activities ... "
[Image: gorbi-i-tetcher1-e1447356365652.jpeg]
"When We received information about the death of the nearest Soviet leader (it was about YV Andropov.), Then we think about a possible rise to power with the help of our human, through which we can realize our intentions. It was my assessment experts (and I have always formed a very skilled group of experts on the Soviet Union and to the extent necessary to promote further emigration from the Soviet Union the right people). This man was M. Gorbachev , which was characterized by experts as a careless person, suggestible and very ambitious. He had a good relationship with the majority of the Soviet political elite, and therefore his coming to power with our help was possible ... " Margaret Thatcher
[Image: gorbi-i-tetcher-e1447356490569.jpg]
An analysis of the events that took place during the visit ofGorbachev to England in December 1984, shows that it there waiting . Gorbachev headed little significant delegation of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. It included the chairman of the Commission for Energy of the Supreme Soviet Yevgeny Velikhov, head of the information department of the Central Committee of the CPSU, Leonid Zamyatin, Alexander Yakovlev, a year earlier became Director of the Institute of World Economy and International Relations of the USSR Academy of Sciences.
The central theme of his visit to London, Gorbachev diddisarmament . However, no authority to make statements on behalf of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR on this occasion Gorbachev had.Nevertheless, Gorbachev was adopted by British Prime MinisterMargaret Thatcher in a particular country residence in Chekkerse. It is only intended for those foreign representatives, "which the Prime Minister had intended to carry out a particularly important and at the same confidential conversation." This was Leonid Zamyatin wrote in his book "Maggie and Gorby" . Yakovlev has cited an interview with "Kommersant" is explained by the fact that the success of the meeting with Thatcher, Gorbachev was predetermined trip to Canada in May 1983 and his meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau,where he was also waiting .
As the secretary of the Central Committee of the CPSU, Gorbachev insisted on his visit to Canada, although there was no need to state.The then General Secretary Yuri Andropov was against this visit, but then agreed. Alexander Yakovlev was ambassador to Canada in those years.
During the meeting with the "Iron Lady", as they called Margaret Thatcher , it was incredible. Here's how to describe this episode in his memoirs "Pensieve" participant of the meeting Yakovlev: "Negotiations were overture character as long as one meeting in a narrow format (I was at it) Mikhail Sergeyevich not pulled on the table of the General Staff map with all the vultures secrecy, testified that the card is genuine. At her direction rocket attacks on the UK ... Premersha considered British cities, to which came the boom were depicted, but is not yet a rocket. Long pause Gorbachev interrupted: "Madam Prime Minister, it is necessary to put an end to all this, and as soon as possible." "Yes," - said a few confused Thatcher. "
Do not deny this fact itself Gorbachev in his memoirs , "The Life and reform" :
"I laid out to the Prime Minister of Great Britain a large map, which in thousandths were deposited all stockpiles of nuclear weapons. And each of these cells here, I said, is enough to destroy all life on Earth. Thus, accumulation of nuclear stockpiles to destroy all life can be 1000 times! "
[Image: YAkovlev1-e1447356776803.jpg]27/02/1986 The head of the propaganda department of the CPSU Central Committee, member of the Presidential Council of Alexander Yakovlev at a press conference for Soviet and foreign journalists. Press Room XXVII Congress of the CPSU. Dmitry Donskoy / RIA Novosti[Image: yakovlev-gnida-e1447358319711.jpg]
Incredibly, Yakovlev and Gorbachev told about the fact of disclosing top-secret information of national importance, as everyday things.The question is: on what basis, and who gave Gorbachev top-secret materials? Why he did not hesitate to bring them to London?
The fact of negotiations with Gorbachev Thatcher based on top-secret maps of the General Staff seems, at first glance, incredible. First of all, because such "revelations" could cost Mikhail Sergeyevich not only space, but also the "head". At a time when the General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee Konstantin Chernenko (after Andropov's death in February 1984), Gorbachev's positions have become quite shaky.
It is only nominally acted as the "second" of the Secretary, which he had received under Andropov. Moreover, according to secret instructions General Secretary Chernenko, General Prosecutor's Office and Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR were tested on some "Stavropol episodes" in Gorbachev's activities.
But the multi-step MI6 on coming to power in the USSR, Gorbachev took only seven years and was worth only some dozen high-ranking bodies. Value for trifles, when much was at stake - the USSR (Empire), a unipolar world with one hand, and some tens of millions of dollars on the other hand to JUDAH and Stavropol bastardGorbachev ?
Of course, this was originally a complex operation - Communication with London was carried out through the channels of his wife Raisa - karaimki from an ancient family slave Khazar Khanate. She has made ​​a number of emergency Layoffs KGB employees, who tried to identify and document its relationship with London at the time.
Interestingly, April 24, 2001 in the newspaper "Zavtra" Alexander Zinoviev expelled from Russia and lived in the West for more than twenty years, categorically point to premeditated implementation of Gorbachev as head of the Soviet Union:
"It was the arrival of Gorbachev to the supreme power and restructuring were the decisive event which plunged our country into a state of crisis and collapse ... It was the result of external intervention. It was a grand sabotage operation on the part of the West .
More in 1984, people who are actively working on the destruction of our country, said to me: "Wait a year, and on the Russian throne will sit our people" .
And on the Russian throne, put his own man. Without the West, Gorbachev would never have made his way to the post ... "
And now M. Gorbachev associated with London a close and friendly relations. And the fact that he was celebrating his birthday in London, did not cause any doubt where his customers, and in the interests of whom he has worked and continues to work, taking part in undermining the national security of Russia and by announcing Peresroyke-2.
In London, at the Royal Albert Hall, a concert dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the former president of the USSR , Nobel Peace Prize winner Mikhail Gorbachev. No Russian officials were not in the room.It Was Russia's ambassador, but only as a silent guest - he did not say a word of greeting.
[Image: gorbi-i-zhena1-e1447357159838.jpg]
[Image: gorbi-i-zhena-e1447357235896.jpg]
There is a version that Gorbachev and his wife had been recruited by the CIA as early as 1966 during their trip to France. It is implying that infamous Zbigniew Brzezinski, who is one of the leading positions in the United States . It should be noted, as indicated by IN Panarin that he Brzezinski has long been embeddedMI6 in the American establishment, and held, and holds to this day, work in the interest of the City of London .
[Image: Gorbi-bush-e1447357369698.jpg]
At the very least, anti-Soviet activity Gorbachev began immediately after coming to power, indicating its preliminary "training". Chet Gorbachevs general surprise frequently traveled the world. Even as the first secretary of one of the biggest edges Russia, Stavropol, and a member of the CPSU Central Committee in September 1971 the couple Gorbachevs visits to Italy , supposedly at the invitation of the Italian Communists. Following the visit Gorbachevs for Italy , probably, their psychological portraits were made. They were refined during a trip Gorbachev led the party delegation in 1972 in Belgium .Probably he was not deprived of Mikhail Sergeyevich and attention when traveling in Germany (1975) and in France (1976).
[Image: Gorbi2.jpg]
But the rich harvest of information Western experts can gather in September 1977 during a visit by the couple Gorbachevs France .There they came to rest at the invitation of the French Communists.Then special laboratory in the western psychologists, psychiatrists, anthropologists and other experts in human souls on the basis of this information, trying to identify the nature of Gorbachev and their vulnerabilities.
[Image: tetcher-gorbachev-e1447357715156.jpg]
[Image: tetcher-gorbachev1-e1447358113414.jpg]
[Image: gorbi-tetcher-e1447357671366.jpg]
Today, M. Gorbachev is not a poor man, to put it mildly, having not only the fees for his memoirs in the form of bribes from the owners ofLondon , it has a property in Europe and beyond. This is a topic for another conversation.
There is speculation that Gorbachev with London can bind and commercial interest for the promotion of drugs . The fact is that as soon as he became General Secretary, he ruined the case for the so-called Stavropol drug trafficking in which he was involved (investigation team was disbanded). So narcotic communication Gorbachev quite possible, apparently.
Well, then, that the British Empire was always organized drug trafficking in the world, it has long been for anybody not a secret. Like the fact that there is a version that Princess Diana was killed byagents of MI6 was because she was going to tell you after 2 weeks at a press conference on drug trafficking of the British Empire as the main source of the royal house of income (Diana demanded to increase its share and relatives tried to blackmail her for this and nailed -.. Red )..
It is possible that Gorbachev took the hook MI6 is not only using its connected-wife, his insatiable greed, suggestibility and morbid ambition, do not have the gift of Gorbachev from the time of work in the Stavropol region was nicknamed "Bear-suitcase" , but also, apparently, MI6 was known about the drug trafficking business in the Stavropol. After Margaret Thatcher had a chubby folder with compromising on the former Stavropol kombaynёra prepared for it by a resident of the Foreign Intelligence of the KGB in London and at the same time an agent of British intelligence MI-6 (1974), Colonel Oleg Antonovich Gordievsky . That's the O. Gordievsky, who was sentenced to death in the Soviet Union, fled to London, and later Baroness Margaret Thatcher , already a former Prime Minister of Great Britain, awarded him the Order of St Michael and St George in the London club "Carlton" ...
Apparently, in the case on drug trafficking was involved, andShevardnadze , who was also tied to London . It is noteworthy that it was Shevardnadze fled to London after the resignation from the post of Minister of Foreign Affairs of the USSR. So what emerges is an interesting chain: English royal house - M. Gorbachev - Eduard Shevardnadze .
[Image: gorbi-i-shevarnad-e1447357974799.jpg]

A little history of the Stavropol drug trafficking

Financial sins of the Soviet economic elite , whose affairs were the subject of attention of the KGB, became more and more apparent.However, "business executives" covered senior party officials. In 1982, the "committee" seriously took up the Krasnodar and Astrakhan secretaries. But few know that the third in the list was the former secretary of the Stavropol Regional Committee of the CPSU Mikhail Gorbachev .
Another mystery: head of the KGB of Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev , I think, knew something about the past, Stavropol Gorbachev and tried to stop him. And therefore no coincidence that shortly after Gorbachev came to power, dealt a blow to Azerbaijan's security officer. In October 1987, Heydar Aliyev, as a sign of protest against the policy pursued by Politburo of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and personally the Secretary General Michael Gorbachev , resigned from his post. So we could know such as the last Soviet General Secretary "competent authorities"? With so frightened of Mikhail Sergeyevich?
South direction with a certain amount of time has been a concern of law enforcement bodies of the USSR. From the Republic of Afghanistan , where the contingent of Soviet troops carried out "international mission", together with the coffins of dead soldiers began to arrive and "heavy" drugs. Special danger analysts KGB and Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR saw that the transit and distribution of narcotic substances "fronting" as a high-ranking officers of law enforcement agencies, and individual members of the party apparatus.
Attempts to calculate the geography of transit flows Soviet drug taken by Minister of Internal Affairs of the USSR Vasily Fedorchuk, his deputy Vasily Lezhepekov Human Resources and Chairman of the KGB of the USSR Viktor Chebrikov. By order of the USSR Council of Ministers, they lowered the head of psychophysiological laboratory of Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR Mikhail Vinogradov task to develop a method to identify the hidden law enforcement officers, who either used drugs or been in contact with substances for illicit drugs.
Testing ground for the method chosen the Republic of Tajikistan , Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan, a special team has participated in the annual routine inspection personnel of the internal affairs bodies. In the end, it turned out that the police of these republics, ranging from generals and ordinary finishing in 60 cases out of 100 personally used drugs. But most importantly, for what was planned and what the operation and did not know the immediate supervisor Mikhail Vinogradov research information was the confirmation that all the drugs flows from Central Asia and the Caucasus with the beginningconverged in the Stavropol region .
[Image: andropov-gorbi-e1447358535933.jpg]
And now it became clear why even in 1978, Mikhail Gorbachev"pushed" the first secretary of the Stavropol Territory on a minor post of Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee on the "disastrous" to agriculture. Removed from the blow? Perhaps, on the contrary, under repressive tripped rink "committee"? After all, the KGB at the timeallowed "outdoor advertising" for him .
Gorbachev saved by a miracle. However, you can say so, that it was of a man-made wonder of the nature. Strange rapid death of the two general secretaries , Andropov and Chernenko, who are supposed to be cherish doctors Fourth USSR Ministry of Health control, still haunt many experts and historians. Whatever it was, but after coming to power , Gorbachev immediately routed group of experts Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR involved in the scandalous "Stavropol drug trafficking", by sending someone down, who retired.
But Southern accent in activities of the General Secretary only intensified. It is no coincidence Gorbachev pulled the GeorgianShevardnadze , putting it in key areas - foreign policy, appointing hitherto did not have anything to do diplomatic work Shevardnadze as Minister of Foreign Affairs of the USSR. Shevardnadze from the rear covered Gorbachev, together they then quietly and not without benefit to themselves handed foreign policy positions of a great country.
They have gone too far, they could expose the true oath secret services.
[Image: gorbi-bush-e1447358729565.jpg]
In July 1991, Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev and his US counterpart George W. Bush signed in Moscow Treaty on Strategic Offensive Arms (START-1). For the first time the two largest nuclear powers in the world have agreed on equal terms to reduce their nuclear arsenals. Noteworthy bar. The famous meeting in Malta in December 1989. General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev and US President George Bush (senior) announced after the meeting that their countries are no longer enemies.
And on the eve of the historic visit to the Sea a terrible storm. Nature itself seemed something interferes, trying to prevent some terrible tragedy. But what? Knowledgeable people have told how, during the negotiations on the deck of a Soviet ship appeared woozy American journalist, who in perfect Russian told his colleagues:
"Guys, your country, the end ..."
There is an assumption that once Rajiv Gandhi met with Gorbachev and outlined a strategic plan for turning the Soviet Union to the East and strengthen the ties of the USSR, India, Gorbachev reported their owners about this dangerous initiative. His owners decided on the complete destruction of the Gandhi family .
Carrying Gorbachev as General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee was in fact the first operation for the implementation of the Soviet counter-revolution. Gorbachev simply bought: except scored and plundered its loans administration on 80 billion . Dollars, still remember a funny story, when Kohl suggested the USSR 160 billion marks. For the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Germany.Gorbachev agreed to a 16 billion ... It is hard to believe that the rest of the money has not been paid to him.
Besides all this, he created an incredibly positive image in the Western media . There are also reports that during the Malta meetingGorbachev "gave" $ 300 million. , Shevardnadze - 75 million .Numerous universities and foundations gave Gorbachev awards, prizes, diplomas, honorary degree. The more Gorbachev sold out the country, the more he was praised. Even the Nobel Prize received. For peace
In 1990, "in recognition of the leading role in the peace process, which is characterized by an important part of the life of the international community," Mikhail Gorbachev was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Mikhail Gorbachev became the second, and so far the last representative of Russia, who was awarded this prize. The first Nobel Peace Prize winner Andrei Sakharov began in 1975. That Gorbachev returned Sakharov from political exile.

Of P. S. The noteworthy that the RIA-NEWS has always paid much attention to Gorbachev Judah, and also wrote the article , Mikhail Gorbachev - the man who changed the course of history with numerous photos. Food for Thought ... source- 1

"We'll know our disinformation campaign is complete when everything the American public believes is false." --William J. Casey, D.C.I

"We will lead every revolution against us." --Theodore Herzl

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