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Case Distorted: Posner, Garrison, and the NY Times
A fine article from Probe by the always acute Bill Davy.

This is about the collusion between Posner and the NY Times. sAt about the time this was published, DA Harry Connick was getting hammered for incinerating reams and reams of Garrison's files once he took over the DA's office. Since this made both Garrison and Oliver Stone look good, the NY Times enlisted Posner to do some clean up work for them. Problem is, they never fact check anything that slams Garrison or promotes the WR. So Bill Davy did, and man what a mess:

Furhter, Connick lied his head off to Posner about a conversation he and Stone had while Oliver was filming JFK. Further, Connick went on to be the worst DA New Orleans had in generations, and in fact he was actually called out by the Supreme Court for violating the rights of the accused. Only Posner and the Times could cover up for someone as bad as Connick.

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