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Howard Willens and The American Scholar
Gary Aguilar gives us a nice critique of the latest sortie performed by the geriatric set of surviving Warren Commission counsels. These guys never, ever give up do they?

As they try and march the public into darkness. Willens is a real trip and a half. Because it was he who brought in barely graduated law students to do the biographies of Ruby and Oswald.
No matter how much evidence is waged against that rotten report the status quo enjoys the safety of ignoring it and continuing to offer their own reality. They'll do this until stopped.
Willens is a real case and a half.

He was Katzenbach's guy on the Commission, like Ford was Hoover's.

He actually recruited the lawyers at the start. When it became obvious many of them were leaving early, and some just did not like the job and were barely showing up at all, he recruited law students who were nearly out of law school. Literally. One of them had not graduated yet when Willens approached him.

When more senior counsel left that summer, Willens used these kids to do the jobs others did not want. Like write biographies of Oswald and Ruby. Syliva Meagher once wrote a letter to a colleague saying that the Commission was almost collapsing that summer since so many staffers felt they could not make the case against Oswald that Warren wanted. It was Willens who rallied the troops and brought in this new blood. And that is what rode out the crisis of confidence.

But the joke turned putto be on Willens, because the biographies of Ruby and Oswald are among the worst parts of the report. In fact, today they are laughable.

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