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Congressman Corneilus Gallagher Exposes JFK Conspiracy
A priceless interview of JFK contemporary Democratic New Jersey Congressman Neil Gallagher. Hats off to an honest politician who became a victim of the same corrupted juggernaut that killed Kennedy when he tried to fight it.

Being an insider who witnessed the same government that killed Kennedy real time Gallagher blamed Hoover and the FBI for the Kennedy "sting". However he added if it wasn't Hoover then it was definitely Allen Dulles.

I wonder what Washington Star reporter Jerry O'Leary's source was for his claim to Gallagher that Hoover and FBI gave Ruby the credentials that got him in to the police station to shoot Oswald?

Why is Doyle using this thread to smear ROKC about Prayer Man?

And why do the mods allow it?
Jim DiEugenio Wrote:Why is Doyle using this thread to smear ROKC about Prayer Man?

And why do the mods allow it?

"We'll know our disinformation campaign is complete when everything the American public believes is false." --William J. Casey, D.C.I

"We will lead every revolution against us." --Theodore Herzl
Thanks Lauren.

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