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JFK Records Act
When I was pondering the latest headlines about the possible future repeal of the Affordable Care Act, I wondered how on earth we came to have a JFK Records Act generated by a Republican President who used to be Director of the CIA (GHWB) and passed through into legislation by a Democrat (Clinton). If a mostly Republican legislature is going to pass into a law something which sees healthcare withdrawn from millions of people, why bother with the JFK Records Act?

I know that the Oliver Stone movie generated a lot of interest in more disclosure, but it's not like the 1992 election was going to be won or lost on the JFK records.

I just don't get the whole idea. Why would the powers that be even entertain it? If it was intended to be a "see, we weren't hiding anything after all", then they failed at that since the ARRB took the research a great deal further.
From what I recall, GHWB was not a fan of the legislation, but it had bipartisan support in what was then a Democratic Congress. Declassifying documents is also a pretty cheap and easy way to mollify public anger.
They don't need to do anything. The media has successfully hidden anything that would make any difference...
Albert Doyle Wrote:They don't need to do anything. The media has successfully hidden anything that would make any difference...

Maybe that's it? They knew they could rely on the MSM to cover up anything of note?

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