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The Plot to Kill John Glenn
Nice to have you here Tom.

Tom is a good poster, and all around good guy we should welcome him.
John Glenn appeared as himself (natch) on an episode of Frasier. He alludes to UFOs and that he was ordered to keep quiet about it by "the bosses". Very strange. I can't image that a comedy show producer could have induced him to say that stuff if he didn't want to. Just sayin'. It's played for laughs but I wonder. He seems pretty earnest. Glenn's statement starts at 1:53.
You've probably seen the clip on YouTube of
Buzz Aldrin clocking a guy who was pestering
him with questions about whether he actually walked on the Moon.

I was invited to interview Aldrin when he

was signing his book RETURN TO EARTH at a Riverside, California, shopping
mall when I worked on the Riverside Press-Enterprise
in 1973. I went there, but Aldrin wouldn't give

me the interview. The publicist couldn't
explain it. I stood around for a while and left.
Jim DiEugenio Wrote:Nice to have you here Tom.

Tom is a good poster, and all around good guy we should welcome him.

Hi There Jim,

I responded to this, when you first posted - my reply seems to have vanished...

One more time...

Thanks for the compliment, Jim!

I'm not certain I deserve it, but I will accept it. [blush]

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