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The Bogus Business Plot: Was the attempt to remove FDR in 1933 all that it seemed?
For a very different take on the conventional view:

Powers & Principalities Episode 14 (Tim Kelly and Joe Atwell)

Published on Aug 26, 2017

The Bogus Business Plot, the FDR myth, the Bankers, the Secret Society



Business Plot

Professor Carroll Quigley and the Article that Said Too Little: Reclaiming History from Omission and Partisan Straw Men by Kevin Cole Kevin Cole: While we can be grateful that someone had the foresight to sit down and record Quigley before he would pass away several years later, I can't help but be disappointed with the missed opportunity to ask tough questions and actually report on them in the article that follows. We now know from listening to the audio tape that the article that followed the interview was selective in its scope and omitted many instances of Carroll Quigley seemingly in fear for his career and/or life if certain facts were disclosed. Throughout the interview, Quigley incessantly signaled for the interviewer to turn off the tape recorder, and to be "discreet" and at one point even stated, "I don't know if you want to put this on tape"… "You have to protect my future…as well as your own."


Part 1: What Isn't a Racket?

With Commentary on the Great Depression, the New Deal, the Roosevelt, Warburg, Morgan and Spencer Families and a Whole Lot More By Josh G

Part 2: Smedley Butler, "The Lying Quaker"

The FDR you never knew
Wall Street and FDR
Who's the Boss, pt. 1
Who's the Boss, pt. 2
"There are three sorts of conspiracy: by the people who complain, by the people who write, by the people who take action. There is nothing to fear from the first group, the two others are more dangerous; but the police have to be part of all three,"

Joseph Fouche

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