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National Archives releases some October 2017 documents, withholds others
Press release on 6 month holding period for some documents.

October 2017 document releases. These aren't in ZIP form, but PDF's that are ready to read.
Documents 'formerly withheld in full' begin appearing at the link below, but not consistently, and the October 2017 document releases conclude one page later. All later documents are from the July batch.

The documents withheld for release today seem to be nearly all of the 'formerly withheld in full' documents. There should be many, many more. Stuff like the Angleton HSCA transcript is not here.
It now seems that nearly all [or perhaps all] of the approx. 3100 documents that had previously been withheld in full are still withheld and in April, IMO, they will find some rationale agreed to by Trump to never release them. A quick look at the index file under files withheld up to now in full those that were 'released' are mostly labeled as 'illegible' - with the possible exception of Nosenko tapes amd a few others.

Let the lawsuits begin!

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If you download the Excel version of the table, you can sort the list by whether they were previously withheld in part or in full.

This shows that there are 6685 files in total, and of these, only 477 are marked as previously withheld in full.

And - from what I've seen - many of these are marked as illegible or "not believed relevant". I would love to hear the justification for withholding in full, till now, a memo that it totally illegible like one or two that I've seen this morning. Incredible.

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