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Clay Shaw’s Centro Mondiale Commerciale and its Israeli connections
Clay Shaw's Centro Mondiale Commerciale and its Israeli connections

Article by Michele Metta

Warning: this article of mine will be, for me, the most difficult. It will also be the most important. It is, first of all, my tribute to the birth centenary of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, and to the anniversary of his assassination. It will sometimes contain personal accents. This in no way means that it will lack of objectivity. Quite the contrary. Please, as never before, read it to the end. Well, let's go.
I never ever doubted that one day I would also narrate what I'm about to say. I was only looking for the right mean, and I think I found it: it's L'Antidiplomatico and in its director - my director - Alessandro Bianchi, that you have to know it - never censures a dot or a comma of what I write.
Because of the content of the previous chapters of my CMC investigation, I can easily imagine some of my readers becoming surprised, if not even dazed, at reading the title. In all of those previous chapters, in fact, I did each time show the presence, in Centro Mondiale Commerciale, of individuals with a clearest fascist connotation. Talking of Israel all of a sudden, might seem a contradiction. I answer that - and I stress unfortunately - it is not. And, before going to the enormous revelation on CMC I am about to give you, I will explain why it's not a contradiction thanks to a very concrete example.
It is an example taken from another issue that I know very well: the History of Chile, a country that in this case, it is not a stock phrase - everyone should visit at least once in their life. When Pinochet came to power there through a coup d'état supported by the US, a girl was kidnapped by the DINA, the regime's torture organization. She was only 23, her name was Diana Frida Arón Svigilsky, and she was born from a Jewish family. She was amazing beautiful. In describing her, the language of poetry rises to your mouth: the face sprinkled by the spring of a conference of freckles; the hair crossed by obsidian; the height soaring like the rush of a hymn; the gait with something of the aerial proceeding of dreams. And just like her father Elias, Diana was a journalist. A journalist on Allende's side. That means, on the side of the legitimate President of Chile that Pinochet killed. Since Diana, because of her sensitivity so special that, among her friends, had given her the joking definition of Aliviol, the most famous Chilean brand of painkillers, immediately understood what her duty was: despite her profound economic prosperity, she instantly supported that socialist whose government priority was that the poor could stop being poor.
This's why the DINA, on November 18, 1974, set up an ambush in which, in order to capture her, they even shot her. An ambush after which they led her forcibly to Villa Grimaldi, the main dictatorship detention center. A place where Diana, as witnesses later told, suffered the tortures of Miguel Krassnoff Martechenko, notorious tormentor. Tortures imparted regardless of the fact that Diana, just for the wounds received at the time of the seizure, was already copiously bleeding. Tortures imparted please, pay attention - while mocking the religion of Diana; shouting at her a chilling infamous: "Not only a Jew, son of a bitch! No! You are even a communist!". Tortures given in spite of Diana's third month and a half pregnancy. Tortures imparted until her heart ceased to work.
And all this, while Diana's parents, begging for the pity of a release, had sent their own rabbi, with the idea, thus, of being able to indirectly obtain compassion from the Hebrew Kissinger, the US Secretary of State and hidden mind of the coup. But the conversation between the rabbi and Manuel Contreras, the head of the DINA, produced only the extreme insult of the latter, who, despite knowing, of course, the true fate of Diana, denying, lying, had exclaimed: "Oh, please, please, come on! These girls! These girls! They go around, looking for adventures, and we have even to listen to you pointing at us your finger!".
They did not understand, those parents, that those like Kissinger, whose power is out of any democratic definition, got that so incredible power because they simply do not consider their own ethnicity at all. Because if he had considered it, Kissinger would never have been the right-hand man of Nixon, a deeply anti-Semitic. If he had considered it, he would not have been maneuvering conspiracies from the White House. He would, vice versa, have been, for example, member of one of the many Jewish Associations that, in the World, demand justice and equity for the Palestinians. If he had considered it, he would have realized that to support someone like Pinochet, a madman surrounding himself with real Nazis like the Italian Stefano Delle Chiaie, is tantamount to twice killing the millions of Jews who were victims of Hitler's gas chambers.
In other words, Diana's parents did not understand that someone like Kissinger is incapable to find inside himself and the others that empathic denominator of commonsense so wonderfully synthesized by JFK during his well-known June 1963 speech where the 35[SUP]th[/SUP] President explained the absolute need to reach peace in the world by saying: "For, in the final analysis, our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this small planet. We all breathe the same air. We all cherish our children's future. And we are all mortal."
Clarified, necessarily, the above, here it is the revelation: inside CMC, from 1967 to 1970, sat Gershon Peres. Huge revelation, as I anticipated, because we are talking about the brother of Shimon Peres, the President, from 2007 to 2014, of the State of Israel. During Shimon Peres' presidency, a white phosphorus attack against the Palestinians was perpetrated, killing hundreds of children.
But, on closer inspection, the CMC is actually impregnated everywhere with the presence of Israeli power. For example, its member Roberto Ascarelli was a prominent representative of the Roman Jewish community. Yet, just as seen in Kissinger, this status did not stop him, as he should have instead stopped, from being a fundamental pivot of the rise of Licio Gelli inside P2. To say it with Sergio Flamigni, someone who has dedicated his life to the study of this fascist lodge, it is thanks to Ascarelli that «Gelli's past as a fascist and a member of the Repubblica Sociale Italiana that have blocked his affiliation until that moment, becomes now rather an element of guarantee for the anticommunist function that he will be called to do». It is thanks to Ascarelli that some CMC Board of Directors meeting will be celebrated at his lawyer's office in Piazza di Spagna 72/A, a place where, at the same time, P2 runs its first fundamental steps. Piazza di Spagna 72/A besides home of another secret lodge, Hod, and headed by the very same Ascarelli. Hod Lodge described, by witnesses listened by the Italian Parliamentarian Commission on P2, as an antechamber, if not a real twin branch of P2. And in fact, before landing in P2, Gelli had been an Hod member. And again, just like Kissinger, his being Jewish had certainly not inducted Ascarelli to find absurd to add his name to that of Gutierez Spadafora: a fascist whose son was married with a daughter of Hjalmar Schacht, one of Hitler's strongest collaborators. Or to add his name to that of Giuseppe Pièche, one of Mussolini's strongest collaborators.
Also keep in mind that connected to Israel is the CMC member Dov Biegun, who worked for the British Intelligence during WWII. Biegun is the national secretary of the National Committee for Labor Israel. It's an institution whose goal is to solder bonds between Israel and the US. It was fundamental in creating and strengthening the State of Israel, through, for example, the purchase of Israeli bonds. A notable role within it, has been taken by conservative Unions radically oriented towards the expansion of the war in Vietnam: that means the opposite of what Kennedy was preparing to do if he had not been killed. JFK, in fact, had already arranged for the withdrawal of US troops from the Asian country. Not to mention the fact that Philip Agee, a former CIA agent, accused the NCLI of connivance with the Central Intelligence Agency. An accusation that fits very well with today's NCLI relationship with Syndicates referred to as fomenters of the attempted fascist coups d'état in Venezuela. Biegun, moreover, was part of the Jewish National Fund. JNF that, through dirty tricks, subtracts land owned by Palestinian citizens transferring them into Israeli hands.
Please, consider that there were two other excellent reasons for which Israeli leaders saw Kennedy as smoke in the eyes. The first was the opposition of this US President to the Israeli nuclear arsenal. The second was that, moreover, JFK was in favor of a fair policy towards the Arabs, as demonstrated by its support towards Mattei's oil policies and towards the end of colonialism. Something which necessarily leads us to the CMC member Alfredo Crocco. Crocco, in fact, had a brother, Luigi, recruited by William Donovan, the head of the OSS, the CIA's forerunner. Luigi Crocco was a very long-standing friend and collaborator of the Jewish scientist Theodore von Kármán. The latter was the president of the AGARD, a special NATO structure whose aim was the direct coordination between scientists with the highest contributions to the Western war machine. AGARD Italian representative was Giuseppe Gabrielli, who is none other than the brother-in-law of Alfredo and Luigi Crocco. Theodore von Kármán also among the fathers of RAND Corporation: a fanatically anti-Communist think-tank, in osmosis with the Pentagon, and responsible for the most senseless US escalation during the Cold War. But above all, Theodore von Kármán president of the Department of Aeronautical Engineering at the Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa, which is the root of Israeli nuclear ballistic development.
But deeply tied to Israeli power is, nevertheless, Louis Bloomfield, the founder of Permindex, the company from which the Italian CMC was born. Bloomfield decided, shortly before his death, to leave his papers to the Archives of Canada. It was where the researcher Maurice Phillips was able to find a document, dated April 1, 1959. It is a letter from Bloomfield to Abraham Friedman, a member of Israel Continental Oil. Letter in which Bloomfield refers to the desire to meet the famous Jewish banker Edmund Rothschild to discuss details about a CMC operation named Capocotta. An operation that was actually a mask devised by the CMC to buy off the holders of the Italian power. And, in fact, involved in Capocotta we find a right-wing General, Giovanni De Lorenzo, and an admiral, Giuseppe Pighini, who was at the top of the Mussolini's Navy under fascism, and then at the top of NATO ComNavSouth, the Headquarter of NATO Naval Forces in Southern Europe. Another Italian Commission of Inquiry - that on Michele Sindona, a member of P2 and Mafia shows us the secret face of Pighini: according to the testimony of Carlo Bordoni, a long and very close friend of Sindona, Pighini, during the Seventies, received millions of dollars from Sindona in order to establish in Italy a far-right military dictatorship.
As I demonstrated in the immediately preceding my two articles for this magazine, it is the very same Sindona deeply connected to CMC. Sindona on which writes Peter Tompkins in his Strategy of Tension, a book that is a sort of concentrate of Tompkins' knowledges about the US abuses of power. Tompkins knows this kind of subject very well, since he had taken part in the activities of the OSS in Italy, so he really deserves a very special attention when he recalls that we can find the origins of Sindona's fortunes in what happened during the Landing in Sicily, in 1943, of the Allied Forces. Landing behind which there is a shamefull agreement with the Mafia. Pact Sindona was involved in, and in which a strong role had the equally member of the OSS Max Corvo. Circumstances - is always Tompkins to point it out - by Corvo admitted in an interview in the eighties to the Italian magazine Il Mondo. Admission as clear as to induce Il Mondo to comment with this very eloquent phrase: "Thanks to the connection between Sicilian mafia, the Italo-American, and the American secret services that had been created 35 years earlier, at the time of the Allied landing in Sicily, the former financier [Sindona] had made alliances that explained the rise of a young man without a penny, to the top of world finance." It means that Sindona had become an OSS trustee. And head of the Italian section of the OSS was James Angleton. News to be joined to that kindly given to me, through his assistant Giulia Corradi, by the already mentioned Sergio Flamigni: once again during the Italian Liberation Campaign, Angleton recruited Licio Gelli.
News thanks which ceases to appear peregrine what discovered by the Italian historian Giuseppe Casarrubea: commingles, just in the shadow of Angleton, between fascism, mafia, and future citizens of Israel, in creating the Israeli army.
And how can we avoid at this point to remember the singular proposals of support Israel made to the Italian terrorist group Brigate Rosse? According to the testimony of Luigi Carli, former magistrate of Genoa, during the session of Italian Inquiry Commission on Moro given on June 19, 2017, those proposal would have resulted in concrete financial aid from the Mossad, the Israeli Intelligence. And for this same reason we cannot avoid to remember the words of Giovanni Galloni, a brave and honest man, former vice-president of the Italian Consiglio Superiore della Magistratura, when, in 2007 as referred by the journalist Saverio Occhiuto - he said:

Then there is my sentence, something that I have always said without ever getting attention, on some confidences that Moro gave me a few months before being captured. He told me that he was worried because he believed that the US and the Israeli espionage had infiltrators in the Br [Brigate Rosse]

Or how can we avoid to remember the infiltration into Brigate Rosse certainly made by the P2 member Edgardo Sogno through those who, very subtly, he baptized Committees of Democratic Resistance. Committees the CMC member Corrado Bonfantini was part of. Bonfantini that, what a coincidence, was a very strong trustee of Sindona.
A series of facts that must necessarily be extended to the exam of the detention and murder of Aldo Moro. Sure, because Giacomo Lauro, who is one of the most reliable former members of a branch of the Italian mafia named 'ndrangheta, during his dense testimony given on January 22, 2010, during the trial for the fascist massacre, connected to the Strategy of Tension, made in Piazza della Loggia, specified that he had managed to become very close to one of the most powerful members of P2 ever: Francesco Cosentino. That's how Lauro was able to know that Cosentino was the true occult mind of the deviated P2 management of the seizure, and then execution, of Moro. Lauro added that, just in carrying out this role, Cosentino constantly felt with another Mason, whose name is Roberto Zamboni, a doctor. Roberto Zamboni who, incidentally, is not only the protector of Franco Freda, the executor of the 1969 Piazza Fontana fascist massacre connected to the Italian Strategy of Tension, but also the doctor cited as Scientific Director of a so-called Press Information Agency under whose aegis a very peculiar document is issued: a document by the P2 member Aldo Semerari, and whose goal was to try to kill morally the very well-known Italian artist Pier Paolo Pasolini, as Pasolini himself repeatedly underlined. What does CMC have to do with it? It has to do with it because behind that document there was a lawyer, Giorgio Zeppieri, that was a CMC member.
On that Zamboni's and Semerari's document there is also a telephone number and an address. When I revised them, I stumbled in a very special publisher: Giovanni Quattrucci, a Mason at the head of a structure with masonic connotations. It's Great Italy, and Francesco Pazienza had quite a lot to do with it. It's the same Pazienza then condemned for another episode of the Italian Strategy of Tension: the Bologna massacre. And then perhaps we must also ask ourselves what was the true origin of both this massacre and that, previous, in San Benedetto Val di Sambro. Because about the latter - of which, coincidentally, Pasolini spoke, including in his posthumous Petrolio - it emerges that, on that train that, for a bomb on-board, exploded in 1974, Aldo Moro was about to have a trip, but at the very last moment - it was the very same daughter of Moro to reveal it, in April 2004 - he was asked to get off, because he ought to sign some important papers. About the attack in Bologna, which took place at a short geographical distance from the other, someone said that it would have been necessary because that in San Benedetto had a message, and this message had not been understood; it was therefore necessary to repeat it by a new explosion. From there, it has been speculated, even in the presence of trials to say the least wobbly, that to act at the Bologna station were the Palestinians, furious at the failure of the so-called Lodo Moro: a secret agreement, signed by Moro, and with the main clause to always close an eye towards Palestinian terrorism. In the light of what I have outlined above, I think it is more than reasonable to ask whether the terms of the question have not been reversed and, to say it very clear, if in this frightful affair there is instead an Israeli contribution, firmly stressing that no dubt exists that the executors are Mambro and Fioravanti.
I conclude please, allow me - with a last personal note: anyone who wants to use what I wrote today to launch from their own vocal cords phrases like "Hitler was right", or "Death to Israelis" and similar, commits a crime, he did not understand what I have here explained, he, more generally, does not understand anything of life, and he is not my friend.
On the contrary, I trust very much that this article may serve as a reflection for the many enlightened Jews who - to return to JFK - inhabit our little planet: to meditate, I mean, if they want their fate in the hands of a Kissinger or in those of a Diana Frida Arón Svigilsky. The question, all in all, is this one.
I did my best to translate this extremely important Metta's article. Whatever help to improve my translation is highly appreciated. Thank you

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