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On the Boeing Uninterruptible Auto Pilot
On the possible technology used to fly planes on 9/11. And a lot more.

"We'll know our disinformation campaign is complete when everything the American public believes is false." --William J. Casey, D.C.I

"We will lead every revolution against us." --Theodore Herzl
Boeing, and Lockheed Martin, are much more heavily wired into the 9/11 plot than most researchers realise. Kenneth Duberstein, former White House Chief of Staff, took part in early Continuity of Government exercises with Rumsfeld, Cheney, Richard Clarke and James Woolsey. Duberstein gets a mention in James Mann's Atlantic article THE ARMAGEDDON PLAN. He became a director of Boeing during 1997, a key year in pre-9/11 planning.

Norman Augustine, former Acting Secretary of the Army, became President of Lockheed Martin in the mid-90's. He later sponsored and served on the Commission for the Hart-Rudman report, preparing the US government and intelligence agencies for a future 'Homeland Security' apparatus in case a future event like 9/11 - Augustine used those very words in an interview after the event - took place. They delivered their final report in January 2001. Thomas Donnelly, the guy who wrote PNAC's Rebuilding America's Defences document, later became a director at Lockheed. Lockheed is named in Hartung's PROPHETS OF WAR as having their own private security and intelligence agencies and being deep into corrupt activity years before 9/11. James Woolsey - on many of the pre-9/11 government commissions, Missile Commission hearings, anthrax drills with Judith Miller - promoted Lockheed with his Shea Gardner company. Woolsey pops up after the Oklahoma bombing trying to link the event to Saddam Hussein. Before leaving the CIA, Woolsey is instrumental in getting the intelligence community's secure, private intranet up and running - Intelink - to facilitate future, private communications among key players. It has tiered levels of secrecy - (some of the levels listed online have names like Intelink-U, Intelink-S, Intelink-TS, Intelink-P and Intelink-C). MITRE technologists were hired to build Intelink, and a week or so before Zelikow's group started its work in 1997 - in the same building - MITRE CEO Victor DeMarines gave a talk to the gathered military and intelligence brass at that year's Harvard Seminar on Intelligence, Command and Control. Victor DeMarine's presentation was on Intelink, and gave him a chance to remind everyone, just before Zelikow's group began its work, what a great, private, secure communications network his company had built. A week later, when Zelikow's Catastrophic Terrorism Study Group commenced its many months of discussions and activities, DeMarines was included on the short list of key personnel as a member.

Lockheed Martin's Norman Augustine was also briefly floated as a possible CIA head successor to Woolsey when Woolsey left that job.

Darleen Druyun, a Boeing executive, is named in Kevin Ryan's 9/11 book as a key figure in hiring the folk who ran the Pentagon reconstruction project some years before 9/11. She later went to prison on fraud charges. Rumsfeld held a press conference assuring reporters that she was a lone wolf figure who wasn't criminally connected to anyone else, thank you very much.

David Ivry, a high-ranking Israeli defence figure, was involved in the USS Liberty attack, befriended Dick Cheney during the Iran Contra years and their joint assistance with Operation Opera, later met with Rumsfeld, Woolsey and Wolfowitz during the latter's Missile Commission hearings throughout the same months that Ikle was working with Zelikow and Carter on their Catastrophic Terrorism study group, and became an Ambassador to the US a year or two prior to 9/11. He attended meetings with neocons and White House staff and Israeli leaders through the first half of 2001. Dick Cheney mentions Ivry in his autobiography IN THESE TIMES, and thanks Ivry for helping him 'get rid of Saddam'. Once the Iraq war started, Ivry left his career of government service to become Vice President of Boeing International. Re the above, Ikle is listed in the meetings minutes of Rumsfeld's Missile Commission, meaning that he left his work with Zelikow for a day to check in with Rumsfeld. The day of that meeting, Rumsfeld and his group meet with a couple of Air Force Generals, Lt. Gen Lester Lyles and Lt. Gen. Patrick Hughes. Hughes is a former Phoenix Program participant from Vietnam, and will later manage the Defence Intelligence Agency's investigation into Iraqi WMD's. Lyles will be made a Commander at Wright Patterson Air Force Base and will be in charge on 9/11 when the '9/11 Mystery Plane' - the E4B seen in the sky after the Pentagon attack - takes off from Wright Patterson. The day after Ikle, Rumsfeld (and possibly also Woolsey, Wolfowitz) chat with these two, Rumsfeld meets with Frank Wisner Jr, the younger of the spook Wisner clan - Wisner's father is named in Ganser's book as the 'father of Gladio'. What's Wisner Jr doing in the thick of all this? The week before Zelikow's Terrorism Study Group got rolling, Enron announced Wisner Jr had joined the board. That Vijay Prashad article has been linked here before, but nobody spotted the importance of Wisner Jr joining when he did.

What does Enron have to do with the Catastrophic Terrorism Study Group? In his book PREVENTIVE DEFENSE, Ashton Carter discussed the group and gave special thanks to Herbert Winokur for 'supporting the group's work' through Winokur's funding program at Harvard. Winokur is the former director of Enron. 9/11 would ultimately detonate the SEC investigation into Enron when WTC7 dropped at free fall speed, one of the bigger of the big coincidences that day. So Wisner Jr joined Enron just before the Enron-funded study into Catastrophic Terrorism got rolling, then made a point of checking in with Rumsfeld's team - as did Ikle, who was also on Zelikow's group.

Here's Wisner Jr, a few years earlier, in the thick of overtures to the Blind Sheik, prior to the first WTC bombing. Wisner was US Ambassador to Egypt at the time.

Also on Zelikow's terrorism study group, the CIA's 'resident expert' on anthrax, a former NATO head, and an academic, Frederick Schauer, who was infamous for writing an article in support of ethnic stereotyping. Schauer would later attack 9/11 conspiracy theorists in the very first lines of his academic article FACTS AND THE FIRST AMENDMENT, linked below. Something on your mind, Professor?

The concurrent work of Rumsfeld's Missile Commission - rushing around town meeting with CIA personnel (including Tenet), weapons industry specialists, generals, rightwing militarists, air force personnel and so on - with Zelikow's group think-tanking at Harvard, and Ikle / Wisner Jr leaving one group to meet with the other, becomes clearer when you view the former group as building the connective tissue of a plot, and the latter as putting together the future public story that the plot would require. (As everyone should recall, Zelikow's speciality was the creation of 'public myths'). Once Rumsfeld's group finished their work, Zelikow's team could finish theirs, just a few weeks later.

In my research last year I found several other figures who worked with the two companies prior to 9/11, had suspicious roles on the day, then received promotions or started their own weapons / security companies afterwards. Lockheed and Boeing both made billions from weapons contracts once the War on Terror got up and running. The forthcoming windfall was known, and used as a big fat carrot to get amenable military and government figures on board. "Why hasn't anyone talked?" They haven't talked because a half-billion dollars for their new security company was more attractive than a one off payment from Entertainment Weekly for the big story. There's a Catherine Austin Fitts article floating around, published not long after 9/11, where she gently outlines much of the above few paragraphs and suggests readers follow the money if they want to get their hands on some names. After digging up a lot of names, I had a startling moment one day when I found several suspicious folk - most of who are never written about re 9/11 - all sitting on one particular private company's board, Ivry sitting alongside Fred Ikle and Richard Perle, Jacob Rothschild and a few others. I'd probably need to throw up a lot more data for everyone to get the connections, but they're there.

Rothschild, Perle, Ikle and several other names - Zelikow and Ashton Carter also among them - sit together at the Harvard Kennedy School's research wing, the Belfer Center. Right after the 1979 Jerusalem Conference on International Terrorism, a key Israeli military figure decided to relocate to the US and spend time at Harvard. While at Harvard (through 1980, as Reagan's transition team and future policy wonks grouped together) the same guy gave a talk at the Belfer Center. Robert Blackwill, political counsellor in Tel Aviv during the 1979 conference, and listed as working alongside Paul Bremer in the 70's, later also took up a role at Harvard. In the late 80's, Zelikow will be assigned to work under Blackwill when Blackwill was serving on Bush Sr's National Security Council. Blackwill and Zelikow will later teach courses together at Kennedy School of Government at Harvard. A few months back, Jon Gold asked online if anyone could figure out how Zelikow might have had contact with high-ranking Saudi figures through the 90's. Jon should have looked more closely at Zelikow's former boss and faculty co-lecturer Blackwill. Blackwill's Wikipedia page notes that from 1987 to 2001, Blackwill was the Faculty Chair at the Kennedy School for

Quote:'executive training programs for business and government leaders from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the Palestinian Authority, Israel and Kazakhstan, and military General Officers from Russia and the People's Republic of China'

indicating that if a Saudi, Kuwait or Israeli military figure was visiting the USA to attend the spook-infested confines of the Kennedy School of Government in the years before 9/11, they'd likely be talking to Bob.

Regarding Fred Ikle, he has quite the bio. Foreign policy analyst, member of PNAC, huge anti communist, opponent of detente, Assigned to Defence Policy Board under Rumsfeld, member of Frank Gaffney's Center for Security Policy and the (1970's) Committee on the Present Danger. In the 70's, on a nuclear deterrence govt position, Wolfowitz served under him, as did Richard Perle and Richard Armitage. Ikle was a fervent exponent of increased missile spending and deployment. He contributes the opening chapter to the 1989 volume below, extolling the virtues of psychological warfare against the American public if various strategic goals require it. When Zelikow's 1997 group got up and running, Ikle was also listed as a member. Ikle had written a book decades earlier, THE SOCIAL IMPACT OF BOMB DESTRUCTION, where he pondered how societies can be changed by a destructive event. In the book NATIONAL SECURITY IN THE 1980's - FROM WEAKNESS TO STRENGTH, Ikle is recorded as having given a talk at a late 1979 US-based militarists conference - held at Belmont House in Maryland, just a few weeks after the 1979 Jerusalem Conference on International Terrorism (attended by US brass, Bush Sr, Safari Club members etc) where he viewed a required future military buildup as being difficult to achieve without a 'dramatic external event'. Kenneth Adelman, Donald Rumsfeld's personal assistant during the Ford administration, attended the same conference. He later co-wrote a book with Lockheed head Norm Augustine. William R Van Cleave, also at the Maryland gathering, was later part of the Institute that produced the Clean Break document supported by Wolfowitz in the 90's.

Ikle's discussion of psychological warfare, below, first chapter.
AT I hope you write a book someday.
"We'll know our disinformation campaign is complete when everything the American public believes is false." --William J. Casey, D.C.I

"We will lead every revolution against us." --Theodore Herzl
Lauren, I've debated it. I have a couple of film books to write first, The above is a late night summary of a couple of hundred pages of research I compiled. In Hartung's book, the head of Lockheed a year or two before the George W Bush administration was overheard talking enthusiastically to other bigwigs at a conference about how 'his guy' was preparing their entire foreign policy brief re weapons purchases - the Rebuilding America's Defences document.

HarvardWatch put together a long, unhappy document detailing Winokur and Enron's activities at Harvard. Robert Belfer, of the Belfer Center, was also an Enron board member.

Prior to the Catastrophic Terrorism Study Group, some of the same personnel at the John F. Kennedy School at Harvard, Zelikow included, were concerned with maintaining public trust in government. They put out a book, WHY PEOPLE DON'T TRUST GOVERNMENT, edited by Zelikow and Joseph Nye, Jr., to discuss how public faith in the benevolence and good intentions of the government could be maintained. The opening line of the book reads

Quote:The idea for this book began with the bombing of the Alfred P. Murray Federal Building in Oklahoma City in April 1995.

The 'key Israeli military figure' who 'decided to relocate to the US and spend time at Harvard' is Shlomo Gazit, the former head of Israel's military intelligence service. He was there for about a year, spent time giving talks at the Belfer Center, then returned to Israel just before Reagan took office.
Lauren Johnson Wrote:AT I hope you write a book someday.

I second that!
"The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it." Karl Marx

"He would, wouldn't he?" Mandy Rice-Davies. When asked in court whether she knew that Lord Astor had denied having sex with her.

“I think it would be a good idea” Ghandi, when asked about Western Civilisation.
Just a couple of extra links.

Major General Shlomo Gazit, mentioned above, attended the Jerusalem Conference on International Terrorism in July 1979. Other high profile figures from Israeli military intelligence also attended - Chaim Herzog, Meir Amit, Aharon Yariv, to name a few. Shlomo Gazit had earlier reformed Israel's spy and intelligence unit, known as Unit 8200. A long list of worldwide hawks and intelligence figures attended the same conference. The conference was briefly discussed by Nafeez Ahmed in his WAR ON TRUTH volume, with quotes from Philip Paull's 1982 thesis on the event. Brian Bogart's 2006 article below, discussing the same thesis, gives a longer attendee list and mentions numerous names. Scroll down to footnote 15 in Bogart's piece for the long list of security figures from the UK, the US and other regions. Several figures were later examined by Edward Herman in his OOP book THE TERRORISM INDUSTRY.

Immediately after the conference, Gazit moved to Boston. Gazit became a visiting fellow at Harvard's Centre for International Affairs. In October 1979, the Harvard Crimson reported Gazit's explanation for the move.

Quote:Major General Shlomo Gazit says he left his post as head of Israeli Military Intelligence to come to Harvard because "I felt tired and felt in urgent need for recharging my batteries."

During his time in Boston, Gazit gave a Visitor's Seminar at the Belfer Center (April 2nd, 1980), discussing 'Security Considerations' surrounding Middle East negotiations. The Belfer Center notes that the Visitor Seminars are limited to 20-30 individuals, "providing a forum suitable for in-depth discussions with the visiting experts". A week earlier, Gary Samore had given a talk on regional threats to Saudi Arabian oil supplies. Twelve days after Gazit's talk, future Zelikow co-author Joseph Nye gave a Harvard talk discussing "Energy as a Security Problem." Future Rumsfeld Missile Commissioner Barry Blechman is also an attendee, engaging in 'informal discussions' through the period. Security considerations, energy and oil are a recurring theme.

Gazit returns to Israel near the end of 1980. In 1986, Gazit co-founded Transtech Control Ltd., a company which makes control and monitoring software for airports. Transtech, with Gazit as Vice President, will later sign a multi-billion dollar contract with Lockheed Martin for guidance control systems.

Intelink, mentioned earlier, was approved in November 1993, and declared operational in December 1994. James Woolsey would leave the CIA that same month. Victor DeMarines, the MITRE CEO who talked about Intelink just prior to Zelikow's work, and who then worked with Zelikow on the Catastrophic Terrorism Study Group - was also a financial supporter of Ashton Carter's Preventive Defence Project, the parent body that oversaw projects like Zelikow's. From page xii of Ashton Carter's 2001 book KEEPING THE EDGE: MANAGING DEFENSE FOR THE FUTURE

Quote:The Project also received critical and generous support from The Simons Foundation, the Herbert S. Winokur, Jr. Public Policy Fund, and the MITRE Corporation. …The project also received key inputs and inspiration from David Baxt, Vance Coffman, Stephen Hadley, John Hamre, and Philip A. Odeen.

John Hamre, who helped give 'key inputs and inspiration', had taken over management of the Pentagon renovation project in early 1997. Hamre's renovation would ultimately focus on the wing of the Pentagon that was hit on the morning of 9/11.

In Philip Shenon's correspondence with Zelikow about the 9/11 Commission, Zelikow is very guarded in his comments about the Catastrophic Terrorism Study Group, but notes that he met with some Clinton era officials, including Hamre. Hamre had been made Deputy Secretary of Defence just a few months before Zelikow's Study group started. Hamre's successor, Rudy De Leon, was Deputy Secretary of Defence from March 2000 till March 2001, while Pentagon renovations were still ongoing. In July 2001, a few months before the 9/11 attacks, De Leon left his government position to become a senior Vice President at Boeing.

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