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Desperate Measures in the Congo
I hope everyone reads this fine new article at Kennedys and King by Michael LeFlem.

This has been one of the most ignored areas of Kennedy's foreign policy which was subverted. To me, it is really one of the most outrageous things that the Dulles/Eisenhower/Nixon regime did. And some have said it was done before JFK was inaugurated because they knew that he would reverse the policy there.

This article incorporates the new material on the subject in John Newman's second volume of his series. What was done to Lumumba, and Congo, was an utter and complete disgrace.
Quite an in-depth interesting read. Two thumbs up.

Sadly, with their power-play dwindling down to a few days of an inevitable Kennedy Administration coming into power to shape/influence foreign-policy, the war-hawks and their misguided disciples struck quick and decisively, snuffing out any semblance of a democratic form of government For, Of and By the people in the Congo. Talk about an ironic twist (Who would ever believe the US could stand for anything less than that).

What a treacherous tug of war amid those who sought to control the grand chess board, rather than promote self-determination amid budding democracies in other regions of the world. We sorely miss you, John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Same goes for your lil' brother Bobby too (we can only wonder amid too many What Ifs how much better mankind's existence on this blue & green planet would be).

We do know for certain we were moving in the right direction ---->
Alan, see the Lumumba presidency was important because that was a democratic election and it was a constitutional government.

For America to plot to overthrow that government, I mean, as Jonathan Kwitny said, it was quite a negative achievement for the USA to be involved in the first overthrow of a democratically elected government in sub Sahara Africa. Clearly, the Russians looked better.
Well said, Mr. DiEugenio, @ the irony of the Russians looking better than the "home team".

If anything, considering all the average citizen had read and heard during the Cold War period about the BIG BAD RED MENACE, no one would have ever believed for a second that it would be the US rather than their superpower rivals who'd actually overthrow a democratically elected government.

Sadly, once policy headed down that slippery slope all bets were off, and the dominoes would begin to fall...first, in the Southern Hemisphere, and, gulp, much closer to home in Dealey Plaza too. Who was it that said power corrupts...

At least the warmongering hawks were perceptive enough to know to keep the incoming administration in the dark for as long as they could. But, inevitably, push came to shove (see Bay of Pigs and the Cuban Missile Crisis), and these madmen wouldn't relinquish their nefarious grip on foreign-policy. Poor JFK, seated at the same table surrounded by sinister snakes sharpening their knives under the table.

Somewhere in the hereafter Thomas Jefferson is beside himself @ the nation he helped found actually overthrowing a democratically elected government. WTFudge.

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