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War with Russia on the Verge of Breaking Out
And hasn't the the anti Trump fervor being tied to the anti Russia fervor a stroke of genius in this cause? The Democrat leadership has pretty much never been the less hawkish party except in some detached rhetoric But now we seem to find ourselves in a situation where the broader voting membership of the Democratic party is perhaps more hostile towards the Russians than the Republican membership You have likely discussed this elsewhere, but you rarely hear the idea even mentioned in the mainstream So much fear in being seen pro Trump that WW 3 may be a better option than be tainted with anything less than absolute anti Trump zealotry I hope there are others here that think Trump is just a puppet, as perhaps all our Presidents have been in subservience to the deep state since JFK, Thus believing that your principled stand on the supreme puppet has meaningful implications is to believe in a charade
Matt and Others:

Since the repeal of the Smith-Mundt Act, the CIA and Intel now has the legal authority to issue propaganda inside the United States.

The above analysis seems to reflect the confusion of many (if not most) people because of this situation. You mention Trump as a puppet of the National Security State (Deep State). But then you say (my interpretation) that the Democrats may be trying to out-do Trump on that issue, etc. etc.

My overall interpretation of your detailed and involved posting on this Russia-Republican-Democrat issue is: it's hard to make sense out of a flow of news that is entirely dis-information from the CIA. So everybody is mentally going around in circles, because they can't see and recognize the source of the confused information.

When anybody turns on the TV news now in 2018, they should only ask "what is the CIA saying now?" That will save people from trying to figure out what the Republicans and Democrats are saying. THEY AREN'T SAYING ANYTHING. The CIA is saying stuff and that's all. That's the beginning and end of the story until something big changes. And there's no sign that it will anytime soon.

James Lateer
Suddenly diplomacy is treason. The media and most of the people have lost their minds. In their hatred of Trump they are doing all to incite world war three. THERE WAS NO RUSSIAN HACK. Seth Rich sent the emails to Assange. I wish Trump would pardon Assange and that he would just tell us once and for all and make this insanity go away. Of course those at CNN etc would say he is lying but it's worth a try.
I even see JFK assassination researchers spouting this nonsense on facebook- they should know better.
All the people tend to forget how easy it is for the media to just lie and push their stupid or fake news all day long, for 24 hours uninterrupted.Diplomacy is made by compromises, meeting halfway , someone making the 1st step etc. You can't ignore or threat the President of Russia or any other country. Trump will never be like Kennedy, but the actual political moment is looking pretty close as the beginning of the 60s: Russia - USA, spies, racism problems in US, Russia taking back Crimea.People should be patient, read the real news, to understand what is at stake, the connecting global events. The USA and Russia are actually sister countries with 2 distinct ways of doing politics and they always did it together. One cannot exist without the other. (I still think Hillary would have been a much more dangerous President).
Brilliant piece by Tucker Carlson on the hysteria. It's still odd to see the most intelligent perspective on all this come from a guy on Fox.
Anthony Thorne Wrote:Brilliant piece by Tucker Carlson on the hysteria. It's still odd to see the most intelligent perspective on all this come from a guy on Fox.

One thing to note: of all the nation states he TC lists, there is one notably absent. ISRAEL.
"We'll know our disinformation campaign is complete when everything the American public believes is false." --William J. Casey, D.C.I

"We will lead every revolution against us." --Theodore Herzl
Sad to say, but the following is true in my opinion:

1. Studies find that more people report having been involved in bullying as a bully than as a victim of bullying.

2. The majority of people who post on JFK assassination book reviews are in favor of maintaining the cover-up or obscuring the facts rather than finding the truth.

3. When it comes to the Deep State, there seem to be more people on this website who are covering the butt of the Deep State than being opposed to the Deep State.

For full disclosure, this site maybe should be renamed "Deep Politics Fans and Foes".
Then everyone could be clearly labeled as a fan or foe which would avoid confusion.

I don't see how any well-informed person could be in favor of the National Security State picking our President, rather than the voters doing same. But most people are so inclined. As Trump would twitter "BAD NEWS".

James Lateer
James Lateer Wrote:I don't see how any well-informed person could be in favor of the National Security State picking our President, rather than the voters doing same.
James Lateer

James, I'm just curious, but were you okay with the FBI installing Trump in the White House?
To respond both to Mr. Varnell and others who are interested, I welcome such questions to clarify what I am saying (if I have not been clear enough).

It should be noted that I was not a Trump supporter nor did I vote for him. In fact, I canvassed for Hilary. But my point wasn't to boost either party. (I probably liked Bernie better than anybody).

My feeling about the Deep State and the current situation is a little different than a purely partisan analysis.

I remember vividly 1974 and Watergate. The burglary was first in the papers well before the 1972 election. But "deep throat" and all the others waited and allowed Nixon to defeat McGovern. THEN they put the Watergate Burglary in the newspaper headlines for at least one solid year.

I can remember looking at newspapers on the newstands and wondering WHY THE HELL IS THAT IN THE HEADLINES EVERY DAY? Well, we all soon found out.

In short, the FBI/CIA stood back and used Nixon to defeat McGovern. THEN they started in on Nixon. Just about a month before Nixon resigned, the FBI JUST HAPPENED to find a crime of which Agnew was guilty. The public didn't even question that timing. The public will buy every sort of ridiculous coincidence and not bat an eye, no matter HOW RIDICULOUS.

So now, in 2016, the Deep State had the same plan. They used Trump to defeat Hilary (because of the Supreme Court, mostly and all the other court appointments). Now that Hilary was out of the way, they immediately appointed an investigator to get a crime against Trump and his CAMPAIGN. (Because it is Trump's campaign, that will include, among others, Mr. Pence).

What should be obvious to any informed person is that the Deep State DIDN'T WANT EITHER HILARY OR TRUMP! Why is it so hard for people to figure that out? Amazingly, even the talking heads in the media like Hannity, etc. are selling the idea that it's only a binary choice. They think the Deep State had to pick between Hilary or Trump.


In 1974, the Deep State was basically able to pick somebody out of the phone book and make him President. The Deep State, in their heads, aren't limited to the choice between two candidates. They are so incredibly rotten that they abrogate to themselves the right to pick out their candidate as ONE PERSON DRAW FROM WHEREVER THEY WANT TO LOOK, drawn, basically, from the entire U.S. population.

That gives you a measure of how sociopathic they are. It also puts a relative proportion to their self-importance compared to the importance of the citizens (in their minds). You have to choose between two candidates. They get to choose from a million candidates. Besides, you shop at Wal-Mart and YOU SMELL BAD!

If you want to read about how vile was the creation of the National Security State, read The Will To Win: The Biography of Ferdinand Eberstadt by Robert C Perez. It is unbelievably bad.

And of course the National Security State is not the top level of the problem. It was created by international bankers and its actions today are the work of puppeteers behind the scenes. I just saw last night on the news the Rosenstein and his friends were very recent speakers at the Aspen Security Forum. He is on camera acting like a rock star. And behind him are posters for Lockheed-Martin and Microsoft.

When Gerry Ford replaced Nixon, Ford reversed some major decisions which had been made by Nixon. I don't remember all the details, but it was things like arms control, Anti-Ballistic Missile research, a new bomber for the Air-Force, the militarization of space and other items dear to the military industrial complex.

Don't forget that Trump accused the Deep State of lying about WMD in Iraq. From everything I've seen, Trump is anathema to the National Security State. Unlike the days of Watergate, we now have the internet and 24 hour TV news. So we have seen up close all the gory details of how Peter Strzok, Brennan, Andrew McCabe, Comey, Mueller and all the others have openly plotted to cancel out the decision made by 100 million voters. THEY JUST DON'T GIVE A CRAP ABOUT YOU AND ME WHICH SHOULD BE OBVIOUS to even any moron in the entire country.

And that applies to everybody, no matter how you voted. They want a Bush family member or the equivalent. Where were all you readers when the Bush Administration began their incredible crime spree? Were you all asleep when Bush faked the 2000 election, faked the evidence about WMD in Iraq, faked the bank regulations and crashed the economy. DID YOU LIKE ALL THAT?

Well, if you trust the National Security State to overturn the 2016 election, don't think you will be happy as pie from the result. If the National Security State, Strzok and Mueller get their choice, the one thing that you can depend on is this---IT WILL BE BAD FOR EVERYBODY EXCEPT THE NATIONAL SECURITY STATE. For them, it will be paradise.

James Lateer
James, I don't view The Deep State as either monolithic or hegemonic.

It's faction ridden.

There is a faction that wants to create theocracy. Trump is their leader. In my book the Dominionists are the enemy of mankind.

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