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JFK and Colombian Death Squads (!!)
This is a new one on me. On a Telesur episode of "The Empire Files", the generally excellent Abby Martin casually observed in passing that JFK was responsible for death squads in Colombia. (I seem to have lost the episode; looking for it) Checking the internet I found this old HuffPo page from 2014. Our old friend Noam the C is quoted as follows: Chomsky cites Colombia's former Minister of Foreign Affairs Alfredo Vasquez Carrizosa who explained that during the Kennedy Administration, Washington 'took great pains to transform our regular armies into counterinsurgency brigades, accepting the new strategy of the death squads.'" I'm pretty sure this is the source of Martin's, uh, information. I never heard of this one before. Is there anything JFK didn't do? Of course, Noamie is careful to say "Washington," not "JFK" himself, but the inference is crystal clear. I imagine one of these days, JFK will be found to have been involved in the holocaust and the Haymarket bombing.......
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The Chomsky quote that you found is from his 2016 book "Who Rules the World?".

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The most relevant literature regarding what happened since September 11, 2001 is George Orwell's "1984".
Death squads in Colombia in 1961?

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