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Mili Cranor Demolishes the latest Pseudo Science on JFK
These people never give up. I really think that at every anniversary, someone in the Shadow Government goes to some young scientist and says we can help you advance your career if you do a favor for us.

The guy says yes, and does not realize how bad the circumstances are until after. In other words he has to deceive and rely on previous hacks. The new idiot, Nalli actually tries to say a brain can weigh 2100 grams. Among other things. Cranor taught him a lesson.
Amazing what some people will do for thirty shiny pieces of silver.

Hopefully Nalli was able to enjoy a few minutes of his 15 minutes of shame, err, fame, before Mili Cranor--once again--set the record straight.

What next from the smoke & mirrors Deep State's bag of tricks, Nalli finds JFK's missing brain, and upon subsequently weighing it it supports his dubious scientific "evidence"? Even though John Deere stands behind their product, even they are smart enough not to stand behind a manure spreader.
She made a fool out of him did she not.

Incredible how the Shadow Governmnet find these useful idiots.
Did she ever! Way to go, Mili Cranor!

Honest Abe Lincoln would have been soooo very proud of her, Mr. DiEugenio ---->

"You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time" -- Abraham Lincoln

in spite of their ever pressing need to ramrod their "proof", The Shadow Government is only fooling themselves with their "evidence" (What next? in the year 2020 their scientific "proof" that only lone gunmen are able to harness magical powers over firearms & bullets, especially those with the initials LHO).

Two thumbs up to Mili Cranor, and all the other sharp critical-thinkers weighing in on this case. Waaaaay past time for some truth and honesty in this case to prevail against the ever increasing stench of five decades old manure spread.

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