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Was LHO intereviewed in Moscow?
From "The Martin Luther King Congressional Cover-up" by John Avery Emison (Emison was interviewed on BOR #880 this year.), page 106:

"Priscilla (Johnson) was required to testify under oath in the investigation of the assassination of President Kennedy [to the HSCA]. Her testimony was classified and remains sealed until 2029. Because Oswald is dead, her word is all there is to confirm what she and Oswald discussed in Moscow four years before Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas and even that such an interview actually took place." [my emphasis]

I find this stunning. HSCA files are restricted until 2029??? I thought ALL JFK-related files were supposed to be released in 2017 including theirs. Of course we all know what happened then, but I had no idea that there was material specifically excluded by statute until then.

Or am I missing something here?

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