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John D. Norman, from whom Jack Ruby rented a Dallas apartment
This is just a minor curiosity of mine, and it's not super relevant to the big picture of the JFK assassination, but I wanted to post it here to see what others thought.

I have been investigating pedophile networks run by a man named John David Norman: He ran a nationwide pedophile ring in Dallas called the Odyssey Foundation, until he got busted in 1973. The clients of his Dallas ring included "prominent people and some federal employees in Washington", and the list was passed on to the State Department which subsequently destroyed it. Then Norman fled to the Chicago area, where he established a similar ring called the Delta Project, luring boys into prostitution and transporting them around the country. When he was arrested by Chicago police in 1978, police found as many as 100,000 index cards listing the names of Norman's clients across the United States. (Franklin scandal victim Paul Bonacci has mentioned an eerily similar ring in Chicago whose clients included elite pedophiles from Omaha.) In the 1980s Norman briefly made a child pornography magazine in Pennsylvania called Handy Andy, before that got busted and he jumped bail for quite a while. He died a few years ago while institutionalized at a California mental hospital, having clearly shown himself to be an unrepentant pedophile. Also curious is the fact that Norman was linked to two serial killers with very similar MOs: Dean Corll in Houston (who was likely a member of Norman's operation) and John Wayne Gacy in Chicago (who employed Norman's partner Phillip Paske).

Anyway, while doing research into the background of Norman, I came across something in the HSCA volumes concerning Jack Ruby: It says that on November 13, 1962, "Ruby moves from 500 Marsalis to 223 South Ewing St., apartment 207" and that the "Receipt for $40 deposit on 223 South Ewing is signed by John D. Norman". Could just be a weird coincidence with another John D. Norman in Dallas -- in fact, I don't know for sure if John Norman the pedophile ring operator was even in Dallas at this point -- but I found this interesting. Ruby was suspected of being involved in prostitution, even if it didn't get into child prostitution like it did for Norman. After sitting on this John D. Norman connection for a while, I decided to see what other people more well-versed in the JFK case make of this.

Norman was born October 13, 1927, making him 35 at the time. His early criminal record spanned multiple states:

New York Times, Alleged Homosexual Ring Found In a Raid on Apartment in Dallas, 1973/08/16 Wrote:It was learned that Norman has an arrest record in Houston for sexual assaults in 1954 and 1956, but disposition of the cases was not immediately known.

He also has convictions in California in 1963 for such assaults and in 1971 for sending obscene literature through the mail, a Federal charge. He was also committed to a state hospital by the California Department of Mental Hygiene as sex offender.
Interesting George. How many John D. Normans are there in Dallas? Can this be explored? Land title records? Company records? Tax records? Police records? It is quite possible. Criminal birds of a feather often flock together. Mutual convenience.
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