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Jim Garrison vs Fred Litwin: The Beat Goes on Part 2
I just love these writers who do utterly no research and just recycle old BS stories. I mean its like the ARRB did not exist.

This guy instead recycles the likes of Aynseworth and Phelan, who have been exposed by the ARRB as intel related.

And then he completely ignores what the ARRB turned up in New Orleans. Its like we are back in 1967 with Fred Litwin, the Canadian version of David Horowitz, Mr. Left to Mr. Right.
This guy is even worse than I thought he was.

He has a whole series of videos on You Tube as him being the David Horowitz of Canada, a culture warrior. He says there is noting in the declassified documents of the ARRB that indicates conspiracy.

Which makes him either a BSer or a charlatan.

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