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H.P. Albarelli has passed away.
Magda Hassan Wrote:Can we please start a new thread about other people's books and publishers as this thread is about Hank Albarelli.

Thanks, Magda.

Hank was a very kind man. I wrote on a forum that I had been looking forward to reading 'A Terrible Mistake' and he kindly sent me an autographed copy. Free. He didn't know me in the slightest.

I look forward to his upcoming book, and only wish he would have had more time here with the rest of us. I was impressed with a number of things in 'A Secret Order.' For example, I wasn't aware of the sort of work John Pic did. His stuff there about Rose Cheramie was excellent. So was the stuff on George Hunter White.

Hank will be missed.
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Richard Booth Wrote:
Magda Hassan Wrote:Can we please start a new thread about other people's books and publishers as this thread is about Hank Albarelli.

Thanks, Magda.

Hank was a very kind man. I wrote on a forum that I had been looking forward to reading 'A Terrible Mistake' and he kindly sent me an autographed copy. Free. He didn't know me in the slightest.

I look forward to his upcoming book, and only wish he would have had more time here with the rest of us. I was impressed with a number of things in 'A Secret Order.' For example, I wasn't aware of the sort of work John Pic did. His stuff there about Rose Cheramie was excellent. So was the stuff on George Hunter White.

Hank will be missed.
That he will be. He will be sadly missed. One of the nicest humans I never did meet but I loved the person in knew through our online contacts. A lovely human being. Kind. Generous. He knew his books were important and he wanted people to read them. He shared them with you and others. He shared his contacts and research with others because he wanted others to also be successful in their works because it was all important no matter who did it. There was no ego involved. He loved his family so much and I loved watching the growing up of his grandkids and the joy they gave him. The wolves. His dog. His travels. His work. He had other books within him and I am sad that they have not made it to us because of his passing. He had so much more to give in life. It is a damned shame life didn't give him more time.
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Coup in Dallas by Albarelli is still on Amazon for a release February 11, 2020. Maybe I'll get to read it, despite the difficulties.

James Lateer
Coup in Dallas now coming on February 25, 2020. I can't wait...

James Lateer
To you people who defend Skyhorse Publishing---thanks for calling me paranoid because I did not believe they would publish Albarelli's "Coup in Dallas". Well, "Coup in Dallas" has just been delayed until May 20, 2020. That makes it a 3 or 4 year delay.

All I can say to you Skyhorse defenders is that I'm not paranoid-- the problem is that, unfortunately, the Skyhorse defenders are Deep State lackeys, apologists and, frankly, defending the indefensible, harmful, destructive, and (if I weren't a polite person), I would say worthless to society, which I won't say because that would be mean, rash and probably get me in hot water--so I'm not saying it.

James Lateer

I will try again--Coup in Dallas has been delayed until May 20, 2020. You people who have called be paranoid because I doubted the integrity of Skyhorse.....give me a break. I'm not paranoid, just stating the obvious...Skyhorse is crooked or so it would seem.

James Lateer
And what does Leslie Sharp say to all this?
This title will be released on May 26, 2020.

(10-01-2020, 06:47 PM)James Lateer Wrote: Coup in Dallas now coming on February 25, 2020. I can't wait...

James Lateer
This title will now be released on May 26, 2020.///one can expect additional delays.....
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My first return post since the forum revamp is sadly an argumentative one, but circumstances warrant it.

James, don’t be stupid. And get over yourself.

Skyhorse are in the phone book. And their contact phone number in New York is openly listed on their website.

Since those of us who find publication delays for an unfinished book written by an author who died seven months ago before he could complete the volume to be nothing surprising, why not call Skyhorse directly and ask them when the book is coming out?

You could even tell them that you’re a published author on the subject and that you’re keen to review and promote the book online. They often send out advance copies for reasons along those lines. They have an entire office and staff set up to take queries, so they’re presumably not going to tell you to go away. This is if you can resist the urge to call them CIA assets who happen to publish hundreds of volumes on JFK and 9/11 but who are too timid to chuck a paperback into the dwindling print market that contains a chapter alleging Otto Skorzeny’s involvement in the JFK hit. Feel free to investigate rather than endlessly watching the Amazon publication date. Skyhorse are at 212-643-6816.

Or you could get in touch with Dick Russell. He’s also online. And I’m assuming he’s read most or all of the book, as he wrote an introduction for it. If you can’t reach him, contact Joan Mellen. She knows him and her email is a public one. She writes back, too.

If you’re so down on the rest of us, you could move things forward by doing any of the above. If you choose not to do it, out of paranoia or laziness, that’s really on you, not us.

Albarelli’s book was only completed by co-author Sharp a handful of months ago btw. When Peter Dale Scott wrote THE ROAD TO 9/11 it spent a year with UCal legal before they finally indexed it and sent it off to the printers. I know Trine Day pumps out multiple volumes with a varying success ratio at keeping the typographical errors out of their work - and I have evidence of that varying success rate on my shelves - but some publishers take longer.

Out of curiosity, since you’re down on Skyhorse, how do you feel their Weisberg reprint series compares to Trine Day’s efforts to promote the work of Judyth Baker? I know of at least one other forum of researchers, some of whom also post here, where the former author receives plaudits and the latter writer elicits groans. So is Kris Millegan a proven CIA asset for foisting Baker’s nonsense on the public, or is he just cynically trying to make some bucks? I haven’t seen many Skyhorse JFK books aggravate researchers as much as Bakers’ books from Trine Day have. Some people might even call that indefensible.

Please call Skyhorse before the May publication date of Albarelli’s book if you remain curious as to what’s going on with it, I’ve spoken briefly to Leslie Sharp, but haven’t spoken to Skyhorse, so you might find out things we don’t know, if you can be bothered to pick up the phone and ask.
Thank you, Mr. Thorne for honoring my post with your thoughtful reply, sincerely.

My book is currently in libraries in 7 countries (literally on every continent). It has been in several more including Azerbaijan. I have dealt first-hand with JFK assassination doubters. I have read 200 books on the JFK murder and/or closely related 60's history. My publisher made it clear to me that he could sell many more books pushing the lone gunman theory, rather than the "conspiracy" theory. Maybe some people have cashed in on that sad fact.

I have talked face-to-face with people who have not read any books on JFK, and I have read around 200. And yet these people are absolutely sure they know better than I who murdered JFK. This is true even with people I know who have PhD's. They know better. IMHO this is a sad situation. Not a single book have they read, but they are the experts. Go figure????

Since you refer to "the rest of us" regarding the JFK research community, I would respond as follows:

1. Your suggestion that I call up Skyhorse (when Skyhorse is willfully withholding the book) would be naive on my part. That would be like calling up the CIA and asking them if they were involved in the JFK assassination. All you have to do is look at the 3 to 4 year delay and the "divorce" between Ganis and Albarelli to know that there are undisclosed forces at work in this situation.

2. Your self-styled "rest of us" includes people who have given the "silent treatment" to the books by Ganis on Skorzeny and by Dr. Jeffrey Caufield on General Walker. Further, the bizarre over-reaction to the J V Baker book has never been explained on this site IMHO. My own book has never been discussed "on the merits" anywhere, (although I just got two favorable reviews on Amazon), so things are still in motion. Thank goodness for that.

3. Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart famously wrote "I can't define pornography, but I know it when I see it". This is also true about JFK assassination books. I can't define what makes a top-flight JFK assassination book, but after reading between 150 and 200 of such books, I think I can recognize a legitimate book which is not a "red herring" book or a book of disinformation.

In 2017, Trump refused to release all the secret JFK files. So this issue is still officially up-in-the-air even after 56 years.

But the larger problem, which is that of some people covering up for the misdeeds of the National Security State is, unfortunately, raging hotter than ever. Maybe in our lifetimes, the dust will settle on all of this stuff and we will be back to dealing with truth, rather than doing frantic CPR on National Security State lies.

James Lateer
Jim, with respect, you once expounded at length about how reading the index of a JFK assassination book was an accurate method of discerning its argument and its quality. Some here, including myself, raised the subject of Bugliosi’s RECLAIMING HISTORY index, which likely covers all sorts of subjects, but for some reason you didn’t bite and AFAIK still value indexes over things like chapters, text, information, accompanying footnotes and all the stuff that gets written before folks start to index things. This was a year or two back. But this is not atypical of your commentary on JFK matters.

Re calling Skyhorse, at the time of writing Skyhorse is indicating that they have a book coming out in 12 weeks on Amazon from Albarelli, and they are publishing it, and people can pre-order it on Amazon. My suggestion that you phone Skyhorse to ask if it’s still coming out possibly isn’t the same as phoning Langley to ask if they killed JFK, simply as Skyhorse says they are going to do the former, and the CIA says they didn’t do the latter. But - and you raised the subject of your own paranoia earlier - if you’re convinced they’re not going to bring the book out, ever, why are you still following the release dates in this thread? A few pages back you said you were looking forward to reading it. Now you say you don’t want to enquire with the publisher as to when you can read it, as this would be naive and similar to some guy phoning the front desk of Langley and asking for a confession. Go figure. This really doesn’t seem like the behaviour of someone who wants to read a book.

Who among JFK researchers - because that’s the field we’re discussing - has given the silent treatment to the Skorzeny and Walker books you cite? Both have been reviewed and discussed. ‘Silent treatment’ is a funny way of disposing of the fact that each book was reviewed here and there, and found to have faults by the reviewers, who then noted those faults in their reviews.

Reading back through your post, which wanders a bit, I’m still struck by the fact that you’ve spent pages hoping for a book to come out, and waiting for a book to come out, but you don’t want to enquire with the publisher of the book as to when it may be coming out, as you’re certain the book is never coming out, and you have no hope that you’ll ever be able to read it. Is Dick Russell part of the cover-up? Someone once gave him a copy, apparently.

Your book, which you’ve argued is among the closest to offer the truth about the JFK assassination, currently isn’t within the top million selling books on Amazon - which is fine, and I’m not asserting that sales equals quality. James DiEugenio’s recent book is at 781,939. Lisa Pease’s well received RFK book is at 206,982. COUP IN DALLAS is doing okay on Amazon with a steady number of pre-orders at 426996. Those numbers are decent but I’m not sure they warrant a worried CIA cover up operation. Ventura’s book on government documents continues to sell better than all of them, and he even went on THE VIEW to talk about it. Sadly the man in the street still doesn’t give a shit and most people still haven’t heard of Gladio, Northwoods, David Atlee Phillips, or possibly even Iran Contra. So I’m not sure if folks were running down corridors at the CIA to have worried meetings with their superiors when Albarelli was passing around book manuscripts for guys like John Newman and Dick Russell to read. There are a bunch of Albarelli videos on YouTube. The viewing audience for those videos ranges from the double digits, to the low hundreds, to at best a few thousand. YouTube has around 2 billion viewers monthly. How was Albarelli’s sales and book - and interviews if he was still alive - going to worry them again?

Speaking of which, since I’m up for a laugh, did the CIA ever make efforts to suppress your own book? I know that Trine Day published it, not Skyhorse, so you clearly dodged a bullet there. But twenty people buying the book and then contacting Amazon about it being a ‘faulty product’ would pretty quickly see it pulled from sale for Amazon to ‘investigate’, rinse and repeat. So I don’t see why they’re letting your volume chug along and accrue sales and be distributed to multiple continents, while they’re apparently so pissed off at Albarelli’s. You could just as easily write an addendum to your book saying that Skorzeny worked with Jack Crichton, and HP Albarelli found documents offering evidence, and then Skyhorse conducted a multi-year operation to bury those documents and hide the truth from the public. As unfortunate as it may be, the public would shrug and no one would give a shit. This is the sad state of affairs for conspiracy research, as you’ve probably noticed.

All that said, if the Ganis and Caulfield books were that revelatory, why didn’t the CIA suppress those, either by mass spamming negative reviews on Amazon, or blowing up the factory printing the book? I’m sure they have the bucks to do either, yet somehow they weren’t bothered. I thought they were on the case stopping JFK books from being printed.

The reality is, the CIA figured out how to ‘suppress’ JFK books in the modern era, some time ago. They deny them mainstream coverage, disparage them if they get airtime anywhere, and choke up the Amazon listings with corporate and self-published conspiracy crap that makes every legitimate volume seem like one out of a thousand, so good luck finding it. Putting agents on the case for a half decade, as you continue to assert, probably isn’t necessary.

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