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Jim Garrison vs NPR (The Beat Goes on Part 3)
Sticky Wicket is a series on NPR that explores controversial political issues in Louisiana state history. Therefore one segment is devoted to Jim Garrison and JFK.

With Alecia Long and Rosemary James as the main talking heads, it was bound to be a hatchet job, and it was. I could detect not one mention of the ARRB during the show. Which is stunning considering the amount of material the ARRB declassified on New Orleans. There is no discussion of Oswald in New Orleans, and they do not even mention the death of David Ferrie. Alecia Long is becoming the new Hugh Aynesworth.

The following review exposes the rubbish for what it is and tries to educate the reader by showing how much new and important ARRB material was left out:
Alecia Long is fast becoming the new Hugh Aynseworth on the JFK case.

Amazing that she is a history professor but avoids using primary declassified documents.
Alecia Paige Long born April 17, 1966 Tennessee (likely Knoxville)


Ph.D., University of Delaware, 2001
M.A., Ohio University, 1991
B.A., University of Tennessee, 1988
Awards and Honors
Ford Foundation Grant to sponsor the Listening to Louisiana Women oral history project, 2009 2013;
LSU Rainmaker Award, 2009
The Julia Cherry Spruill Publication Prize, 2005, presented by the Southern Association of Women Historians for The Great Southern Babylon: Sex, Race, and Respectability in New Orleans, 1865-1920
Wilbur Owen Sypherd Prize for the outstanding doctoral dissertation in the Humanities, University of Delaware, 2001

Very low profile...
Laine Kaplan-Levenson Brandeis U. Film School, 2005 - 2009

Parents Paul R Levenson, b. 20 March, 1955, New York. d. 6 Sept., 2005 New York
Entertainment Lawyer, represented author Stephen King in three or more lawsuits:
Mother Randi L. Kaplan married Paul R Levenson, N.Y., 1982

$(6$)LEVENSON--Paul. Brave and good. We will miss you. Deepest condolences to Randi, Sara, Lainie and Emily and all of Paul's family. Ruth, Bob, Maggie and Sophie Glass

Profiles, Executive Moves
December, 01, 1996

........Kaplan Gottbetter & Levenson: Paul R. Levenson, 41, joined as a named partner. He was formerly a partner of Cowan Leibowitz & Latman....

Set her straight, Jim. It certainly is of little interest that CIA sponsored David G Baldwin was advising Clay
Shaw a week after Shaw's arrest that Garrison's wife was Baldwin's first cousin and god-daughter, Garrison
was disturbed, and Shaw was urged to incorporate those details in a complaint to the court.

By June, three months later, Jesse Core, a friend of Baldwin who CIA claimed knew Lillian Baxter in Calcutta
in 1953 when Baldwin was investigated there by CIA for a security breach related to Ms. Baxter, wrote a letter to Willard Robertson.:
[Image: GarrisonJessCoreVsShawAndBaldwin.jpg]
Quote: Pg. 20 Sec. 1 Times Picayune New Orleans, LA
Garrison Files FCC Complaint Accusing NBC
2of2 Garrison 06/67 letter to FCC comm. Rosel H. Hyde
(Top of right side column)
…It should be added that the last described endeavor has been accomplished not by members
of the station (WDSU) itself, but by an attorney closely connected with the station who has previously
been known to disperse funds in the New Orleans area in behalf of the Central Intelligence Agency

Why did Jesse Core communicate to Garrison through Willard Robertson?

[Image: GarrisonJesseClient041466.jpg]

Jim and Joan Mellen have written that Baldwin and his brother were a CIA sponsored presence in Garrison's investigation and Joan quotes a source claiming Jesse Core admitted being CIA and his dual role at the Trade Mart "saved on the shoe leather." David Baldwin's wife's step-brother was Stephen B. Lemann, the very NOLA lawyer Garrison was complaining to the FCC Commisioner was paying CIA funds to lawyers representing the people Garrison was arresting.
[Image: CoreBaldwinCalcutta.jpg]

From Joan Mellen's book:
[Image: GarrisonCoreShoeLeather.jpg]
[Image: MellenNotesFarewellpg131Core.]

General Edwin Walker's landlord:

[Image: Walker4011StuartArthurJesseCore.jpg]

My point is the evidence indicates neither you, Ms. Mellen or I have all of the answers, this is complicated, go easy on the young upstart, Laine....
Peter Janney's uncle was Frank Pace, chairman of General Dynamics who enlisted law partners Roswell Gilpatric and Luce's brother-in-law, Maurice "Tex" Moore, in a trade of 16 percent of Gen. Dyn. stock in exchange for Henry Crown and his Material Service Corp. of Chicago, headed by Byfield's Sherman Hotel group's Pat Hoy. The Crown family and partner Conrad Hilton next benefitted from TFX, at the time, the most costly military contract award in the history of the world. Obama was sponsored by the Crowns and Pritzkers. So was Albert Jenner Peter Janney has preferred to write of an imaginary CIA assassination of his surrogate mother, Mary Meyer, but not a word about his Uncle Frank.

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