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Bob Dylan song from who knows?
Dang, this reminds me of a song I wrote called "Cherries in the Snow", about the murder of Mary Pinchot Meyer...... the refrain is........

"Mary Meyer, Mary Meyer
 tell me which spook they done hired
 and tell me why they hadsta' fire
 that missin' .38 at Mary Meyer"
(08-04-2020, 02:20 AM)Jim DiEugenio Wrote: Thanks, I took out invading.

BTW, for a huge irony.

In the Christopher Plummer TV version of the play, Fortinbras is played by Donald Sutherland.

Thanks for telling me about this, a joy to watch, one of the best, sadly marred by poor quality recording. Videotaping on location was ambitious but the medium at the time (9/63) was evidently inadequate to the task. Both video & audio suffered. It deserved better.
BTW, this was the highest rated article ever at Kennedys and King.

And it was not even close. It did more than double the second highest, my piece on McCord.

Dylan really touched a nerve.

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