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Victoria Adams Interview By Mort Sahl 1966
The Education Forum has posted Mort Sahl's 1966 interview with Victoria Adams...Adams goes over her main witnessing in the hour and a half interview...

In the interview Adams confirms that she and Styles bolted from the windows almost immediately after the shots...

Interestingly at the end Adams says she saw Lovelady by the elevators when she got down to the 1st Floor...This is in contradiction to what she told Barry Ernest...

The way to look at this is Adams came directly from the spook Mecca of San Diego with its Navy enclave and ONI home ground when she gave this interview in 1966...It is obvious that Adams was gotten to and she is lying that she saw Lovelady...Probably to please her husband...She couldn't have seen Lovelady because Lovelady had too much ground to cover going around the west side of the Depository and back in...

We know she is lying because if you examine the entire interview Adams says that she believes Oswald shot Kennedy from the 6th Floor but then gives information that details how it was impossible for Oswald to have ran down from the 6th Floor and her not see or hear him...Only the best researchers like myself detect subtle clues like this and what Adams is doing is sending a message in her delivery that she is being forced to lie...If Adams openly says Oswald shot JFK from the 6th Floor but then spends an hour and a half explaining why what she witnessed made that impossible, common sense tells you she is sending a loud and clear message that she is being forced to lie that she saw Lovelady...If you listen closely Adams says she had a two floor jump on Oswald...What she is really saying, without saying it directly, is that Dorothy Garner would have been the one to see Oswald and she never did...Elsie Dorman proved the timing of the negro workers descending to the 4th Floor after witnessing Baker arrive on the 5th Floor in synch with the Lunch Room Encounter and Mrs Garner's witnessing...In this 1966 interview Adams confirms that Elsie Dorman saw the negro workers arrive on the 4th Floor in synch with Truly & Baker's claimed timing...We know Adams is lying about Lovelady because Lovelady himself refused to say he saw the girls...

Adams confirms in this interview that she and Styles bolted from the windows within 8 seconds of the shots...Do the math...She said they ran down the stairs fast...What this tells you is Adams and Styles squeaked out ahead of Truly & Baker on the 1st Floor and never saw Lovelady & Shelley either:
Under Sandy Larsen and James Gordon the government trolls on the Education Forum (that doesn't exclude Pat Speer) are making Sandra Styles' lie that she and Adams went to the passenger elevator the official version and are using it to deny Adams' account...

It is important to establish context here...In 1966 Adams was coerced to lie and say Oswald shot JFK from the 6th Floor and that she saw Lovelady on the 1st Floor...In 2008 Styles lied to the bogus researcher Sean Murphy and told him she and Adams went to the passenger elevator first before going down the NW steps...

Pat Speer is exploiting the fact the research world is being held hostage by the EF moderators in order to avoid addressing the fact Mrs Garner was quite clear that she heard the girls descending the steps when she got to the 4th Floor landing...The Education Forum is probably a government operation so Speer is well aware of Mrs Garner's witnessing and is deliberately with-holding it - which is the equivalent of lying...If Mrs Garner heard the girls running down the rickety stairs then Styles' trip to the passenger elevator is impossible and is therefore a proven lie...If you look at Style's interview with Murphy she doesn't even believe it herself...

The Education Forum has allowed all the government trolls to take control of that thread and force Styles' lie as the truth in order to mire Adams' claim in the EF swamp muck...It is plainly obvious that Adams & Styles got down the stairs to the 1st Floor before Truly & Baker...And Lovelady & Shelley were not there because they had too much distance to cover going around the west side of the Depository...

The trolls on the Education Forum are dishonestly ignoring the fact that Lovelady & Shelley refused to say they saw Adams & Styles on the 1st Floor...The cause of the confusion is quite clear to credible researchers who are looking for the truth... 

I am being disallowed to post on the Education Forum because the moderators there know that once I am fairly allowed to post the above that their idiotic corruption becomes too clear...I'm too damaging to their corrupted agenda...They are organized against the correct evidence...

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