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Hiding Africa's Looted Funds: The Silence of Western Media
Hiding Africa's Looted Funds: The Silence of Western Media

June 17, 2009
By Lord Aikins Adusei (Modern Ghana)
Quite often when you read newspapers, listen to radio and watch television in the West you learn how poor Africans are and how corrupt African leaders are. But you will never watch, read or hear anything in these media outlets about the role being played by Western banking institutions; property development and estate companies; the big corporations; and the western political and business elite in promoting corruption in Africa. When it comes to Africa and the developing world the Western media pretend to be doing a good job only when there is an embarrassing story or a scandal that undermines their credibility as the watchdog of the state.
It is not uncommon to see poverty stricken Africans in poor living conditions being shown in documentaries, movies, and television screens in the West but the same documentaries and movies are always silent on the role play by the institutions in the West. Bribery as we all know involves a giver and a taker but it is always the taker who is reported in media. In many instances as we shall soon see bribes are offered in order to secure contracts, secure official favour or to induce officials in order to influence the out come of a government decision. In other instances people become corrupt because of the existence of favouring conditions as can be seen in most western countries with their banking secrecy laws.
The media in the west tend to ignore the role of western institutions for many reasons. One main reason why they would like to show the poverty level in Africa but refuse to show the role played by the western banking, property, multinational corporations is the fear of loosing revenue through adverts. Many of the media outlets survive through advertisements from the property, banking and multinational corporations so while would they want to incur their wrath? Another reason is that the editors, programme directors and the other bigshots in the media are themselves shareholders of these banks and property companies so why would they want to jeopardise the source of their own wealth? The enthusiasm with which CNN, BBC, ABC, CBS, ITN, SKYNEWS and other television producers portray Africa as poor and least developed; the same cannot be said about the way they report on the role played by the Western banking and other institutions. They fail to tell the world that the looted funds that make Africans poor are indeed sitting in Europe, America, Australia, New Zealand and the offshore Islands controlled by the West. They fail to tell the world that Africa would be a different place if all the stolen monies are returned, but would they ever raise a voice in support of such a laudable idea? Why would the media change the way they report when for centuries they have been the source of all the misinformation and misrepresentation of anything unwestern?
Corruption is rife in Africa because there are banking institutions in Europe especially Switzerland, France, Jersey Island, Britain, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Austria, US and many others who accept money from African leaders without questioning the source of the money. According to the UN around $148 billion are stolen from the continent by the political leaders, the business elite and civil servants every year with collusion and connivance of banking industries in Europe and North America.
Even though it is a common knowledge western banks are acting as safe havens for looted funds from Africa, very little attention is received from the western media to expose them. The media tend to focus their energies on the corrupt leaders with little or no mention at all as to where the monies they have stolen are being kept. There has not been any concrete effort to expose the banks that collude and connive with these corrupt leaders who are impoverishing the people. No effort has been made by the political elite in Europe and America to force the banks to return these stolen monies to the poorest of the poor because they are often the shareholders and beneficiaries of profits made by these banks. They talk about corruption because it is embarrassing to them but they have no agenda to fight it as that would mean no fat dividends for them and no cheap credits for their citizens.
Even the Pope knows that the monies stolen are in Europe and America as is seen below. Within five years of his reign (1993-98) Sani Abacha of Nigeria according to official figures was able to stash four billion dollars and between 12 and 16 billion dollars in unofficial terms. After his death in 1998, investigators in Nigeria, Europe and America stumbled on over 130 bank accounts in abroad where some of the money stolen was kept.
The banks that received Abacha's stolen funds are: Australia and New Zealand Banking Group, ANZ, London Branch; Bank Len, Zurich; Bankers Trust Company, London; Bankers Trust Company, Frankfurt; Bankers Trust Company, New York; Banque Barring Brothers, Geneva; Bank in Liechtenstein A. G. Vaduz; Barclays Bank, New York; Barclays Bank, London; Banque Edouard Constant, General; Banque Nationale De Paris, Geneva; Banque Nationale De Paris, London; Banque Nationale De Paris, Basle; Citibank N. A. London; Citibank N. A. New York; Citibank N. A. Luxembourg; Citibank Zurich; Credit Lyonnais , New York; Credit Suisse , New York; Credit Suisse, General; Credit Suisse, Zurich; Deutche Morgan Grenfell, Jersey; FIBI Bank (Schweiz) A. G. Zurich; First Bank of Boston , London; Goldman Sachs and Company, Zurich; Gothard Bank, Geneva; LGT Liechtenstein Bank, Vaduz; Liechtenstein Landesbank, Vaduz; M. M. Warburg and Company, Luxembourg; M. M. Warburg and Company,Zurich; M. M. Warburg and Company, Hamburg; Merrill Lynch Bank, New York; Merrill Lynch Bank, Geneva; Midland Bank, London; National Westminister Bank, London; Paribus, London; Paribus, Geneva; Royal Bank of Scotland , Leeds; Standard Bank London Limited, London; UBS AG, Zurich; UBS AG, Geneva; Union Bancaire Privee, Geneva; Union Bancaire Privee, London; London Branch; Verwaltungs Und Private Bank A. G., Vaduz; and ANZ, New York; ANZ, Frankfurt. Source: Tell Magazine, October 7, 2002.
On February 2009, a French court had Omar Bongo's 9 bank accounts containing several millions of Euros frozen. In confirming the court's decision lawyer Jean-Philippe Le Bail said, "This concerns Crédit Lyonnais, in which the president of Gabon has two current accounts, two savings accounts and a share account, and BNP, in which he has two checking accounts, a savings account and a share account".
These are the banks whose shady dealings with the political and business elite in Africa continue to impoverish African countries but which for profits sake the media refuse to tell the world about. The banks know these corrupt leaders have stolen the money yet they pretend not to know until there is a scandal before they begin to act as if they are responsible institutions. Most of the above named banks have also been implicated for receiving billions of dollars of looted funds from the lates Mobutu of Zaire; Lansana Conte of Guinea; Eyadema of Togo; and a number of dictators and tyrants such as Omar Bongo of Gabon; Obiang Nguema of Equatorial Guinea; Dos Santos of Angola; Denis Sassou- Nguesso of Congo; Paul Biya of Cameroon; Arap Moi of Kenya; Jerry Rawlings of Ghana; Ibrahim Babadjinda of Nigeria and a number of sitting and ex-presidents in Africa yet western media are silent about where the funds are being kept.
According to a 110 page report prepared by international risk consultancy firm Kroll, Arap Moi and his family have banked £1 billion in 28 countries including Britain but the media in the west will not expose the banks involved.
Apart from the banking sector, the property sector in Europe, America and Australia have also colluded and connived with the political and business elite in Africa to impoverish the people. It has been revealed that several African leaders have bought properties in Europe and America using the monies stolen from their poor countries. It is on record that Mobutu of DRC (Zaire)bought several villas in France, Switzerland, Belgium and many European Countries. Yet again the companies selling the villas have been kept secrete. They will not be exposed by the media. Why would they? According to AFP a French police investigation has established that Bongo and his family own at least 33 luxury properties in France, including a villa located at Rue de la Baume, near the Elysée Palace, in Paris bought in 2007 for 18.8 million Euros. The French President Nicolas Sarkozy has been spotted greeting Bongo in this villa bought with funds looted from Gabon. However, other investigations have uncovered that he and his family have at least 59 properties, several bonds and stocks in France alone. French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner was embarrassed when it was revealed that Bongo's government paid his consultancy firm a staggering 2.64 million Euros for advice on health policy drawn up by Kouchner before he took office. It has recently come to light that Arap Moi of Kenya and his family bought several multimillion pound properties in London, New York, South Africa including 10,000-hectare ranch in Australia and bank accounts containing hundreds of millions of pounds. While majority of Kenyans live in slums and in rural areas, with little roofing on their heads and lacking water and other basic necessities of life, Moi's family live in a £4m home in Surrey and £2m flat in Knightsbridge yet the media will not expose the estate companies involved.
Another area often ignored by the western media is the role play by western companies and corporations in encouraging corruption, bribery and thievery in Africa. It is very common for western companies looking for lucrative contracts to pay bribes and kickbacks to induce officials into awarding them contracts. For example on 17th September 2002, a Canadian firm called Acres International was convicted by a High Court in Lesotho for paying $260,000 bribe to secure an $8 billion dam contract. In 2002 Halliburton a company once controlled by Dick Cheney former US Vice President, Harliburton, was accused of establishing $180m flush fund with the intent of using it to bribe Nigeria officials in order to secure a $10 billion Liquefied Gas Plant contract in Nigeria. Achair Partners a Swiss company and Progresso an Italian company have been accused of bribing Somalia Transition Government officials in order to secure contracts to deposit highly toxic industrial waste in the waters of Somalia. Such corrupt practices by western companies seeking contracts in Africa are one of the reasons why poverty and diseases are rife in the continent.
The catastrophic environmental damage being caused by Oil, mining and timber companies such as Shell, BP, Total, Elf, Texaco, Mittal, Anglo-America Corporation in Nigeria, Ghana, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, Angola, Congo, DR. Congo, South Africa, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Senegal do not make the news in the West. How often do we hear about the huge environmental price Africans are paying to satisfy the west insatiable appetite for energy and technology? Apart from the huge profits being made by these conglomerates which we often hear in the news, do we hear also their complete disregard for environmental rules; the pollution of rivers, lakes, streams, wells, and the environment?
In October 2002, after a three year investigation a UN Panel of Experts implicated Cabot Corporation (Boston), Eagle Wings Resources International, and George Forrest's OM Group (Ohio) for arming rebel groups and collaborating with them to traffic from DR. Congo gold, diamond, timber and most importantly coltan (columbo-tantalite)-a precious ore essential to Sony playstations, laptop computers, and cell phones. Coltan is often spirited out of DRC to U.S., Swiss, Belgian, and German clients by Uganda and Rwanda army officers, rebel groups and through a network of criminal syndicates. In all 85 companies were implicated by the report. Except the wars and the stranded faces of hungry refugees, do these illegal activities by the corporations make the news in the Western media? Definitely not. Even when local journalists and writers document these for broadcast in the western media they refuse because it does not serve their interest in the wider scheme of things. These are the hypocrisy and the double standard of the western media. They want the world to know how poor Africans are but fail to tell the world that Africans are poor because Western banking institutions, property development companies, defence companies and defence contractors, oil, mining and technology corporations are major stakeholders in promoting Africa's poverty and underdevelopment.
Corruption and bribery in Africa and indeed the developing world could be reduce tremendously if the media for once put aside the pick and choose journalism and attach the same importance to show the degree of involvement by western capitalist institutions in Europe, America and Japan and their role in keeping Africans poor.
"The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it." Karl Marx

"He would, wouldn't he?" Mandy Rice-Davies. When asked in court whether she knew that Lord Astor had denied having sex with her.

“I think it would be a good idea” Ghandi, when asked about Western Civilisation.
The looting of Kenya under President Moi

[Image: President_Daniel_arap_Moi.jpg] President Daniel arap Moi, seen here walking through a guard of honnor

The breathtaking extent of corruption perpetrated by the family of the former Kenyan leader Daniel Arap Moi is revealed in a secret report which lays bare a web of shell companies, secret trusts and frontmen used to steal over two billion dollars worth of state money.
The suppressed U.K auditor's report details how Kenyan state finances were laundered across the world to buy properties and companies in London, New York and South Africa and even a 10,000 hectare ranch in Australia.
The countries involved in the corrupt dealings include Australia, Belgium, Brunei, Canada, Finland, Germany, Grand Cayman, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jersey, Liechtenstein, Liberia, Luxembourg, Malawi, Namibia, the Netherlands, Puerto Rico, Russia, Somalia, South Africa, Sudan, Switzerland, the UAE, Uganda, the United Kingdom, the United States and Zaire.
The intricately detailed report, commissioned by President Kibaki after his 2002 election victory but later suppressed, forensically investigates corrupt transactions and holdings by several powerful members of the Kenyan elite.
The sums are comparable in magnitude to the looting of infamous kleptocrats such as Mobutu (Zaire), Marcos (Philippines), Abacha (Nigeria), Suharto (Indonesia) and Fujimori (Peru). The leaked material is extremely politically sensitive. Ex-President Moi has become a key player in political life in Kenya, and is now an essential pillar in President Kibaki's campaign for re-election in December 2007.
Leak KTM report - on-line edition, unproofed KTM report.pdf (file info page) - authoritative original, 4Mb of scanned printed pages Verification status Verified Media contacts See Media Kit Additional media contacts Transparency International, Mars Group Kenya and (Kroll won't comment on the record) Date August 30, 2007 (last updated September 9, 2007)


In December 2002, the 24 year rule of Kenya's President Daniel Arap Moi was ended by the election victory of Mwai Kibaki. Elected on an anti-corruption platform, it was hoped that President Kibaki would end grand corruption in Kenya. In January 2003 Kibaki appointed John Githongo, formerly of Transparency International, as his personal advisor on Anti Corruption and Good Governance.[1] One of the first anti-corruption activities of Mr. Githongo on behalf of President Kibaki was to engage Kroll & Associates (UK), a private investigation and security firm, to trace and report on what was said by Transparency International to be over 3 billion US Dollars stashed abroad, by the former President Moi and his closest associates.[2]
[Image: Kibaki_swearing_in.jpg] [Image: magnify-clip.png]
Mwai Kibaki being sworn in as President of Kenya after his election on an anti-corruption ticket in December 2002; "Corruption will now cease to be a way of life in Kenya. I am calling upon all of you Kenyans to help the government fight corruption, as our first priority". The bible's price tag is visible.[3].

Close to half of Kenya's 35 million citizens live under the UN's poverty level of 1 US dollar a day. If the restitution programme started in 2003 had been completed it would have been possible to get justice for the tens of millions of Kenyans who live in abject poverty - as the political elite live as Dollar Millionaires on the proceeds of corruption.
The leaked document, dated April 2004, is clearly self explanatory - being one of the preliminary reports received by the Government of Kenya (described in the report as the "client"). The persons stated as "Targets" are President Moi's closest associates and relatives.
Contemporaneous media coverage of the time reveals a determination by the Kibaki government to trace and seize the foreign assets of Moi's associates.[4] However at some point in May 2004, the Kibaki government itself suffered a credibility blow when several of the President's closest advisors were implicated in a 777 million US Dollar corruption scandal known as the Anglo Leasing scandal. The fallout of this scandal resulted in the gradual sidelining and eventual exile in the UK (in January 2005) of John Githongo after threats to his life.[5] The anti-corruption czar had lost the support of the Kenyan President. It was at this point that the Government dropped its international asset tracing and recovery efforts. It is believed it was at this point that the Kroll Report on Moi and his associates was suppressed.
On August 28th 2007, about 100 days before the forthcoming Presidential election, President Kibaki's re-election campaign received the formal endorsement of his predecessor, Daniel Moi.[6] Ex-President Moi's influence over Kibaki's regime is obvious and also evidenced by his recent appointment as a Personal Peace Envoy of Kibaki to the Sudan.[7]
None of the assets traced and identified by Kroll have been impounded and Moi and his associates are experiencing a resurgence in political clout. Among these assets are a bank in Belgium, hotels and residences in the USA, UK, South Africa, Namibia and as far away as Australia, a 10% shareholding in Kenya's most successful telecommunications company (a joint venture with Vodafone PLC of the UK) and massive real estate and agricultural investments.
The leak which emanated from within high levels of the Kenyan Government is motivated by the desire to demonstrate that President Kibaki has clear-cut evidence of his predecessor's corruption and complicity in corruption, and has chosen to suppress the evidence and worse still has gone into a political and economic alliance with the Moi group.
A second motivation is the sheer scale of the theft of public funds by Moi and his associates. The figures in the report run into (if added up) the billions of US Dollars - comparable in magnitude to the looting of other infamous kleptocrats such as Mobutu Sese Seko of Zaire, Ferdinand Marcos of the Philippines, Sani Abacha of Nigeria, Suharto of Indonesia and Alberto Fujimori of Peru.
The leaked material is extremely politically sensitive. Ex-President Moi, a corrupt, brutal, discredited former dictator, has somehow again become a key player in political life in Kenya - so much, that he is now an essential pillar in current President Kibaki's re-election campaign. His massive financial resources are expected to be used to buy Kibaki popular support particularly in the populous Rift Valley region, which voted almost to the man against Kibaki in the last election, and in November 2005 during a constitutional referendum. The leaker thinks the re-emergence of President Moi is scandalous and must be stopped.
The leak will certainly interest the Kenyan media, for whom this report represents a grail of sorts. Kenya's large international press corps will also be an interested audience. With a Presidential election only a few months away, the report comes to light at a critical time.

About the report

The leaked report is 106 pages long and contains several sections: executive summary (1-10), source enquiries (11-54), business associates and front men (55-76), and appendix (77-106).[8] The executive summary outlines the most suspicious financial transactions, properties and business links discovered in its investigation. A series of additional enquiries is proposed. The following sections proceed in intricate detail, investigating the background, 'modus operandi', business links, financial transactions, business associates, and property holdings, all around the world, of several powerful members of Kenyan society linked to Daniel arap Moi.
The report is highly verifiable. Kroll UK, Transparency International, John Githongo, and, a Kenyan website that documents grand corruption incidents, are suggested for full or partial corroboration and the document appears consistent with the public record.

The leaked report's author: Kroll Associates UK Limited

Kroll Associates UK Limited is a limited liability company incorporated in England (registered number 2020412) whose registered office is at 10 Fleet Place, London, United Kingdom EC4M 7RB. Its father company Kroll Inc., headquartered in New York, US is a private investigation and security consulting firm founded by Jules B. Kroll in 1972. It provides corporate risk consulting services including financial advisory and investigations, identity fraud solutions, background screening, forensic accounting, bodyguard services, corporate restructuring, and security technology services. The company is now a subsidiary of Marsh & McLennan Companies who aquired it in July 2004.
The US government and the weapons industry is a major permanent contractor of Kroll Inc.[9].
Kroll Inc. was also responsible for security of the World Trade Center site until it was destroyed in the 9/11 terrorist attacks.
In October 2004, the Brazil offices of Kroll Inc. were raided by the police because of alleged spying activities on the government. The company was originally reported to have been hired by the Brazilian investment firm Opportunity to investigate Telecom Italia, with whom it has been battling to gain control of Brazil Telecom, one of Brazil's largest telephone companies. Other notable cases include the corporate restructuring of Enron after its 2001 accounting scandal, the law enforcement monitoring of Los Angeles Police Department in a US federal consent decree mandating major reforms designed to end corruption and abuse.
Kroll UK has also investigated other Kenyan corruption scandals, such as the so-called Anglo-Leasing Scandal.[10]
Andrew Marshal

Andrew R. Marshall is chief risk officer for Business Intelligence and Investigations. He joined Kroll in 2003 and has also been head of the Emerging Markets practice in Europe, Middle East and Africa.
Mr. Marshall spent 15 years in international journalism. He was foreign editor, Washington Bureau chief and Brussels Bureau chief for The Independent newspaper between 1990 and 2000. He also worked on the foreign staff of the Financial Times and for Oxford Analytica.
He is the author, with Mathew Horsman, of After the Nation-State (HarperCollins, 1994) and has contributed to other books. He has widespread broadcasting and radio experience. [11]
His contact details are: +44 207 029 5162,
Secondary media based on the leak and this analysis

[Image: 400px-Guardian_font_page_2007-8-31.jpg] [Image: 400px-Kroll_report_cartoon.jpg]

Mars Group Kenya, a Kenyan anti-corruption site, maintains a comprehensive page about the scandal.
The following lists are in reverse-chronological order (approximate):


(Use username cypherpunks password cypherpunks for
See also

Joshua Kulei

[Image: Joshua_Kulei.jpg] Joshua Kulei, Former "personal assistant" to President Daniel arap Moi, on whom travel restrictions were imposed as a result of a previous corruption scandal, the Goldenberg affair.[12]

Joshua Kulei has represented ex-president Daniel Arap Moi in over 50 companies operating in Kenya across all sectors of the economy. (page 18)
He also used banks in Luxembourg for ex-president Moi’s confidential banking (page 33)
According to the report, Kulei has now relinquished all of his assets held under his name on behalf of the Moi family with the exception of ex-president Moi’s flower business, The Trans-National Bank and NAS. (page 18)
Ownership of businesses

  1. Trade World Kenya - 100% (page 19)
  2. CFC Bank 12.5% (page 19)
  3. CMC Holdings 15-20% (Client material Indicates Kulei also Nominee Director) (page 19)
  4. Hotel intercontinental Nairobi 19% (page 19)
  5. Sian Roses 40% (page 19)
  6. Ngata Flower Farm 50% (page 19)
  7. Bamburi Cement 14% (Client material Indicates Kulei also Nominee Director) (page 19)
  8. KTN (page 19)
  9. National Milling Company (page 19)
  10. Kenya Aerotech Ltd – Shareholder and also Nominee Director (page 19)
  11. Regent Management – Not Known (page 19)
  12. Siginon Freight – 12.5%, Kabarak High School and client material Indicates Kulei also Nominee Director (page 19)
Sits on the Board of Governors for the following schools and universities

  1. Sacho High School (page 21)
  2. Moi High School Kabarak (page 21)
  3. Sunshine Secondary School (page 21)
  4. Moi Educational Centre (page 21)
  5. Kabarak University Council (page 21)
Trustee of

  1. Sunshine Educational Trust (page 21)
Management Board member in

  1. The Moi Africa Institute Kabarnet Gardens, Nairobi (page 21)

In the UK

  1. 19 Eaton Park, Cobham, Surrey KT11 2JF valued at around 4.5 million sterling pounds (page 22)
  2. Flat 11 No. 49, Lowdnes Square, London, valued at 2 million sterling pounds (page 22)
In Kenya:

  1. Courtyard Property Investment Ltd (page 22-23)
  2. Regent Management – real estate holdings believed to be about 200 houses in all (page 23)
  3. Lavington House (page 23)
  4. Karen Residence (page 23)
  5. Nakuru Residence (page 23)
  6. C. Owns several unidentified properties in the United States of America (page 23)
  7. D. Has property interests in South Africa (page 23)
Bank Balances (page 26)

Bank Account Balance Middle East Bank 200739027 Kshs. 25 849 496 Middle East Bank 200739035 Kshs. 19 899 262 Middle East Bank 200739043 Kshs. 29 999 826 Middle East Bank 200739051 Kshs. 29 757 775 Middle East Bank 200739078 Kshs. 19 999 210 I & M Bank Unknown Kshs. 150 million Trans-National Bank Unknown Kshs. 27 million Middle East Bank Savings and Loans Kshs. 45 million Middle East Bank Local House Mortgage Kshs. 1 million Business Associates

  1. Terrer Kulei (page 26-27)
  2. Pankaj Somaia (page 27)
  3. Ketan Somaia (page 27)
  4. Josiah Kiplagat (page 27-28)
  5. Alnoor Kassam (page 28)
  6. Mr. Tum (page 28)

Gideon Moi

[Image: Gideon_Moi_2.jpg] Gideon Moi, son of ex-President Daniel arap Moi and a current (2007) member of the Kenyan parliament.[13]

Ownership of businesses

Client Material indicates ownership of the following:

  1. Giro Bank – Held under Asian nominee businessmen
  2. Taurino Enterprises
  3. As alleged by Msamaha
  4. KTN (Owned Standard Newspapers) - (page 19)
  5. Siginon Freight – 12.5% - (page 19)
  6. Trans-National Bank - (page 19)
  7. Kent ship Maritime (page 30)
  8. Sielei Properties Ltd (page 30)
  9. Giant Holdings Ltd (page 30)
  10. Revak Ltd (page 30)
  11. Sudbury Ltd (page 30)
  12. Sudbury Investments (page 30)
  13. Giant Forex Bureau (page 30)
  14. Westfield International Ltd (page 30)
  15. Chesco Ltd (page 30)
  16. Hampstead Enterprises (page 30)
  17. Metipso Services Ltd (page 30).
  18. Maternity Shop (page 30)
  19. Eagle Airlines (page 30)
  20. Chemusian Company (page 30)
  21. Fresh Produce Ltd (page 30)
  22. Siginon Freight – 12.5% (page 30)
  23. Cartrack Kenya Ltd (page 30)
  24. First American Bank (page 30)
  25. Equatorial Bank (page 30)
  26. The Sasine Group of farms (page 30)
  27. Cable Wireless (page 30)
  28. The Duty Free Company (page 31)
  29. Eveready Company (H. Young) (page 31)
  30. Tobacco Farm in Malawi – 100% (page 31)
  31. Chester House – 50 % (page 31)
  32. Safaricom Kenya (together with Biwott, Charles Field Marsham) – 40% (page 31)
Source Enquiries indicate that Gideon owns the following:

  1. Property ownership—Owned in Italy and Sultanate of Brunei (page 55)
  2. Cut Tobacco Ltd (page 56)
  3. Bank Accounts—Sultanate of Brunei (page 56)
  4. Sandhurst Matrix Inc (page 56)
  5. Saphire—Managed by Mr. Sevak (page 56)
  6. Garlan Investments—Director — Dr. Clemente (page 56)
Preliminary results of global searches conducted under Garian investments and Sandhurst Matrix Inc have not revealed any findings. Further searches are required. (page 56)

In the UK

  1. Allegedly has two properties in London held under a trust set up by Mukesh Gohil (page 31)
  2. In South Africa: Owns a number of properties in South Africa. His frontman is Harbinder Singh Sethi, has 74 properties listed under closed corporations all of which are registered in his name. (page 32)

  1. United Kingdom: By the year 2002, Gideon’s cash in various banks overseas amounted to 550 million sterling pounds (page 32)
  2. Grand Cayman (page 32)
  3. Luxembourg (page 32-33)
  4. Dubai: Allen & Overy holds all of Gideon’s accounts (page 33)
  5. South Africa: Has accounts in South Africa and possibly Malawi. Gideon’s frontman is Harbinder Singh Sethi (page 33)

  1. Eurobank: Currently under liquidation (page 34)
  2. Giro Bank: Allegedly owns Giro Bank under a front of Asian nominees (page 34)
  3. Trust Bank: Under Liquidation (page 35)
  4. Citibank – prime exit point for Gideon’s cash to his off-shore accounts (page 35)
  5. ABN AMRO - to move illegally obtained cash emanating from corrupt deals to safe havens in off-shore accounts (page 35)
  6. First American Bank: Client material suggests Naushad Merali and ex-president Moi control First American Bank (page 35)
  7. SAMUT Trust: All of Gideon’s monies invested in Kenya are held by a trust called SAMUT (page 35-36)
Business Associates

  1. Mukesh Gohil (page 37)
  2. Harbinder Singh Sethi (page 37)
  3. Joshua Orwa Ojode (page 37)
  4. Jared Kamgwana (page 37)
  5. Dr. Kiplagat (page 37-38)
  6. Donald Kipkorir (page 38)
Nicholas Biwott

[Image: Nicholas_Biwott.jpg] Nichalos Biwott, a wealthy Kenyan businessman and politician, previously linked to a number of crimes and corruption scandals though never convicted.[14]

Ownership of Businesses

  1. Kobil Petrol – 100% (page 39)
  2. Barsirim Investment – 100% (page 39)
  3. Kiosinende Farm – 100% (page 39)
  4. Rono Ltd. – 100% (page 40)
  5. HZ Consrtruction and Engineering – 100% (page 40)
  6. HZ Group of Companies – 100% (page 40)
  7. LZ Engineering – 100% (page 40)
  8. Yaya centre (worth Kshs. 3.5 billion) – 100% (page 40)
  9. Premier Group of Companies – 100% (page 40)
  10. Air Kenya Aviation – 100% (page 40)
  11. Pete Aviation and Electronics Ltd – 100% (page 40)
  12. Ziba Management and Services – 100% (page 40)
  13. HZ Group of Companies, Israel – 100% (page 40)
  14. Lima Kenya – 50% (page 40)
  15. Air Kenya – 50% (page 40)
  16. National Milling Corporation – shareholder (page 40)
  17. Safaricom Kenya (together with Gideon Moi, Charles Field Marsham) – 40% (page 40)
  18. Team Simoco (He is majority shareholder) (page 102)
Open research indicates ownership of:

  1. Kenol-Kobil – Biwott controlled 17% of the private oil industry in Kenya (page 40)
  2. Petrol Stations in Uganda operated through Kenol-Kobil and worth Kshs. 7 billion (page 40)
  3. Wesmont – Independent power producer company owned by Biwott and Harbinder Sethi Singh (page 40)
  4. Grand Diani Reef Hotel (page 40-41)
  5. Regional Air (page 41)
  6. H. Young and Company (page 41)
  7. S. R Telecommunications Co. Ltd (page 41)
  8. First American Bank (page 41)
  9. Pan African Bank (no longer in operation) (page 41)
  10. Middle East Bank (page 41)
  11. Trans-National Bank (page 41)
  12. Government of Kenya (page 41)
Open research indicates law firms representing his interests are:

  1. Shapely & Berret Advocates (page 41)
  2. Esmail & Esmail (page 41)
  3. Kapila & Kapila (page 41)
  4. De Gama Rose Advocates (page 41)
  5. Law firm established by daughter Rita Biwott (page 41)

  1. Kenya: bought a house in Riverside Drive from the Irish embassy that was paid for offshore on an undisclosed date (page 42)


  1. Middle East Bank: Biwott purchased Middle East Bank using Akber Esmail as a nominee (pg42)
  2. Trade Bank: Biwott transferred his operations to Trade Bank, then owned by Alnoor Kassam. It’s also alleged that Trade bank was involved in export financing fraud to a #quantum of about Kshs. 700 million, that Trade Bank took over Yaya center from Kassam and that Solomon Muthamia, a forex dealer with the bank was entrusted with laundering the proceeds of Turkwell Gorge on behalf of Biwott and Moi. (page 42-45)
  3. Pan African Bank: Kobil banked with Pan African Bank

  1. Credit Suisse and Citibank (page 46)
  2. Bank Cantonale Vaudoise: Significant amounts of money being moved from Bank Cantonale Vaudoise on behalf of Biwott (page 46-47)

  1. Banque Belgolaise: Reported that Biwott and ex-president Moi are joint owners of Banque Belgolaise, 40% of which is owned by Biwott (page 47)
Business Associates

  1. Gad Zeevi (page 47-48)
  2. Akber Esmail (page 48-49)
  3. Naushad Merali (page 49-50)
  4. Horatius de Gama Rose (page 50)
  5. Mohammed Bawazir (page 50)
  6. Mohammed Aslam (page 51)
  7. Alnoor Kassam (page 51 -53)
  8. Charles Field-Marsham (page 53)
  9. Joseph Schwartzman (page 53-54)
  10. Ben Sassoon (page 54)
  11. Danny Vardi (page 54)
  12. David Bartknowski (page 54)
  13. Biwott was involved in the siphoning of funds from th proceeds of Turkwell Gorge Hydro- Electric Dam Project (page 108)

Philip Moi

[Image: Philip_Moi.jpg] Philip Moi, son of ex-President Daniel arap Moi.

It is understood that Philip has an estimated wealth of approximately $ 770 million and controls more hidden cash than Gideon, even though significant attention has been directed at the latter. (page 55).
Business links

  1. Gateway Properties Inc—1992 documentary evidence (page 55)
  2. Paradise Holdings (page 55)
  3. Sheraton Holdings (page 55)
  4. Hahuru Investors (page 55)
  5. General Commodity Dealers (page 55)
  6. Kiharu Investors (page 55)
  7. Concord Holdings—Connected to Goldenberg (page 55)
  8. Panafcon Engineering (page 55)
  9. Tiger Farm Limited (page 55)
  10. Ecta Kenya Limited (page 55)

He operates accounts in London’s Branch of HSBC and Standard Chartered Plc.
Barclays Bank (page 57)

The details of the account Philip Moi holds at Barclays bank are as follows:
Name of Bank: Barclays Bank Plc.
Address: Barclays Business Centre Hampstead High Street Branch, 28 Hampstead,London NW3 1 QB
Sort Code: 203616
Account Number: 90391158
As this information dates back ten years ago, it is possibly connected to Goldenberg
Credit Suisse Zurich, Switzerland. (page 57)

Rosanna Moi indicated that in October 2002, Philip Moi lost US Dollrs 15 million to an Italian family on a deal that failed to deliver. This money was paid to his family through Philip’s Sandhurst Matrix Inc account held at Credit Suisse, Zurich
Sultanate of Brunei (page 57)

Philip is a close friend of Prince Hamid of Brunei. Moi’s family has invested heavily through Prince Hamid.The precise details of Philip’s investments through these investments are not known. Philip’s wife was planning to spend a vacation of Christmas 2003 in Brunei with their children.
Business Associates

  1. Zara/Rosanna Moi (page 57)
  2. Dr. Clemente (page 58)
  3. Akasha Family (page 59)
  4. Muzahim (page 59)

KTM report country index

What follows is a list of countries (excluding Kenya) involved in the holdings, transactions and other links of Moi's associates, as detailed in the original leaked report, KTM_report.pdf.

  • Target 3's wife lived in Australia (page 15)
  • Biwott's investment with commercial interests in Australia (page 39)
  • Biwott / Ownership of a 10.000 hectare ranch (page 40)
  • Mukesh Gohil / Directorship of two companies (page 65)
  • Mukesh Gohil / Shantilal Brother (Australia) Pty Ltd (page 85)
  • Mukesh Gohil / South Austral Pty Ltd (page 86)

  • Biwott / Moi (joint?) ownership of Banque Belolaise (page 47)
  • Team Simoco / Simens International / Siemens Atea, the Belgian branch (page 104)

  • Philip is a close friend of Prince Hamid of Brunei (page 57)
  • Moi's family has invested heavily through Prince Hamid (page 57)
  • Philip's wife and children were planning to spend Christmas 2003 vacation in Brunei (page 57)

  • Charles Field-Marshal / Biwott's son in law, manager Yaya Center / canadian citizenship and present residence (page 53)

  • Saimon Roadrekearek of Allen & Overy (page 33)
  • Gideon telephone call to Mukesh (page 36)

  • Public sector related fraud / Generators from Finland (page 110)

  • $200 million laundered via Frankfurt (page 8)
  • Solomon Muthamia / Biwott's funds channelled to bank accounts in Germany (page 45)
  • PAB / Aslam / Biwott's money recycles through unidentified German bank (page 46)
  • Team Simoco / Siemens International / Siemens Group (page 104)
  • Proceeds of Turkwell Gorge Hydro-Electric Dam Project / Unidentified banks (page 108)
Grand Cayman

  • Gideon / Ken Boit (page 32)

  • Biwott's investment with commercial interests (page 39)
  • Zeevi's present residence / under investigation (page 48)
  • Danny Vardi / Israeli national, former Israeli Defence Force, an advidor to the Israeli government of natural gaz projects (page 54)
  • David Bartknowski / Israeli national, Gad Zeevi's former CFO (page 54)

  • Philip Moi / property ownership (page 55)
  • Zara/Rosanna Moi / Philip's Italian wife / numerous bank operations (page 57)
  • Zara/Rosanna Moi travelled from Italy to Leichtenstein and Switzerland (page 57)
  • Zara/Rosanna Moi is relatively unknown, so Philip prefers to use her as his 'Italian connection' (page 58)
  • Philip refuses to visit Italy, uses Dr. Cliemente to recover money (page 58)
  • Mrs Moi was visiting Italy to meet Dr. Cliemente to discuss money (page 58)
  • Philip provided cover to Italian families dealing with drugs in Malindi (page 59)

  • Naushad Merali / contract secured to supply Daihatsu 4x4s to government parastatals (page 49)

  • Millions held (page 8)

  • Zara/Rosanna Moi made visits to Leichtenstein (page 57)

  • Muzahim / Philip / counterfeiting (page 59)

  • Kulei / Moi / Gideon / CitiCorp / CitiBank / UBP (page 33)

  • Tobacco farm owned by Gideon (page 31)
  • Gideon's meeting with Habinder Singh Sethi (page 37)

  • President Sam Nujoma (page 13)
  • Meeting with President Nujoma (page 29)

  • Team Simoco / Background / Philips Electronics N.V. (page 102)
Puerto Rico

  • Moi / Biwott / Zeevi's investment in oil refineries (page 48)

  • Zeevi / Chernoy corrupt dealings

  • Muzahim / Philip / counterfeiting (page 59)
South Africa

  • 74 closed corporations under the name of Harbinder Singh Sethi (page 10)
  • Gideon (page 13)
  • Kulei has property interests (page 23)
  • 74 closed corporations under the name of Harbinder Singh Sethi (page 32)
  • Gideon / Harbinder Singh Sethi (page 33)
  • Sethi holds many of Gideon's assets, a ranch (page 37)
  • Sethi flew the Moi's carrying cases of dollars (page 37)
  • Gideon / Kiplagat / sale of $650,000 Durban-based residential property (page 38)
  • Harbinder Singh Sethi / resident in Sandton, Johannesburg (page 65)
  • Harbinder Singh Sethi / property (pages 66-67)
  • Sethi / 'member' of 74 closed corporations (pages 68-71)

  • Muzahim / Philip / counterfeiting (page 59)

  • $200 million laundered via UBP. (page 8)
  • Geneva launder Gabriel Moussa Katri (page 8)
  • $100-$500 million laundered via UBP (page 8)
  • Transfer orchestrated by Mukesh Gohil (page 8)
  • Credit Swiss / Sandhurt Matrix / Dr Clemente / Garian Investments (page 9)
  • Gabriel Moussa Katri's $200 million launder / UBP (page 24, 25)
  • PAB / Aslam / Biwott's money recycles through unidentified Swiss bank (page 46)
  • Zeevi and Biwott's accounts Credit Suisse in Geneva and Citiban in Zurich (page 46)
  • Zeevi / $12 million credit from Credit Suisse (page 46)
  • Biwott / significant amount of money moved from Banque Cantonale Vaudoise (page 46)
  • Philip Moi / lost US$15 million process paid through account held at Credit Suisse, Zurich (page 57)
  • Zara/Rosanna Moi visited Lugano in Ticino, a remote area but with over 100 banks (page 57)
  • 'Not surprising' that Zara should visit Lugano, since major international drug barons favor this destination (page 58)
  • Gabriel Moussa Katri / Banque Patrimoines Prives Geneve BPG SA (pages 89-90)
  • Gabriel Moussa Katri / Discount Bank and Trust Company "The Recanati Bank" (pages 90-91)
  • Gabriel Moussa Katri / Union Bancaire Privee (pages 91-92)
  • Gabriel Moussa Katri / Banque Privee de Rothschild S.A. (pages 92-93)

  • Ownership of petrol stations operated through Kenol-Kobil (page 40)
  • Biwott expelled in 1972 (page 48)
  • Damani Harshad / Article in 'The Monitor' / Ugandan individual (page 79)
United Kingdom

  • Mukesh Gohil / Citibank (page 9)
  • HSBC / Standard Chartered PLC / Barclays (page 10, 56)
  • 6.5 million pounds laundered into Surrey and Knightsbridge (page 10)
  • Sovereign Group Ltd / Sovereign holdings (page 11)
  • Hotels in London (page 13)
  • Kulei and Moi properties in Surrey (page 22)
  • Broadlands Overseas S.A (page 22)
  • Lowdnes Square London (page 22)
  • Kulei stock brokers (page 27)
  • Gideon / Mukesh Gohil properties in London (page 31)
  • 550 million pounds laundered via Citibank (page 32)
  • Mukesh / Gideon holdings in London (page 32)
  • Chales Field-Marsham / code-sharing arrangement with British Airways (page 41)
  • Rayner / resident in the UK (page 44)
  • Solomon Muthamia / Biwott's funds channelled to bank accounts in UK (page 45)
  • Field Marsham / work in an international investment bank in London (page 53)
  • Philip Moi / issue cheques for the purchase of equipment for manufacturing cooking fat (page 56)
  • Philip Moi / used HSBC account to buy equipment for Cut Tobacco Ltd. (page 56)
  • Philip Moi / signed ‚ǧ500000 Barclays Bank cheques for and behalf of Gateway Properties Inc (page 56)
  • Mukesh Gohil / Properties in Middlesex, Bedfordshire and Leicestershire (pages 61-64)
  • Mukesh Gohil / Directorship of 3 companies (pages 64-65)
  • Sethi / former directorships of 3 companies (page 67)
  • Naushad Noorali Merali / Directorships in 2 companies (page 73)
  • Merali / Holdings in several companies (pages 73-74)
  • Rohit Pattni / Two properties in Middlesex and Surrey (pages 75-76)
  • Rohit Pattni / Director of 6 companies (pages 76-78)
  • Vaju Pattni / KP's brother is in London, travels to Birmingham, Manchester (page 79)
  • Vaju Pattni / Property in Sudbury US$1m (page 79)
  • Damani Harshad / Located in Hertfordshire (page 79)
  • Damani Harshad / Director of company (page 80)
  • Hema Damani / Director of company (page 80)
  • Vaju Pattni / Property searches (pages 80-81)
  • Mukesh Gohil / Armada Services Ltd (page 84)
  • Mukesh Gohil / Technology 4 All Ltd (page 84)
  • Mukesh Gohil / Aandatta Ltd (page 85)
  • Harbinder Sethi / BasicStone Ltd (pages 86-87)
  • Harbinder Sethi / Canray Ltd (pages 87-88)
  • Harbinder Sethi / Hollywood Electronics Ltd (pages 88-89)
  • Naushad Merali / W.P.H Kenya Tea Ltd (page 94)
  • Naushad Merali / Overseas International Telecommunications Ltd (pages 94-95)
  • Akber Esmail / Steel Brothers and Company (pages 95-97)
  • Horatius da Gama Rose / Symphony Global Technologies Plc (page 97)
  • Rohit Pattni / Octogen Ltd (pages 97-98)
  • Rohit Pattni / Riverton Securities Ltd (page 98)
  • Rohit Pattni / Deonberry Finance Ltd (pages 98-99)
  • Rohit Pattni / Ashym Properties Ltd (pages 99-100)
  • Rohit Pattni / L Thomas & Company Ltd (page 100)
  • Rohit Pattni / Fairoak Investments Ltd (pages 100-101)
  • Team Simoco / Corporate records listing (pages 103-104)
  • Team Simoco / Team Communications / Company listings (page 104)
  • Proceeds of Turkwell Gorge Hydro-Electric Dam Project / Unidentified banks (page 108)
United States

  • Properties held (page 11)
  • Kulei / Terer Kulei owns several properties in NY (page 23, 26)
  • Alnoor Kassam / Zeevi agreement of sale of Trade Bank in NY (page 51)
  • Field Marsham / work in an international investment bank in NY (page 53)

  • Muzahim / Philip / counterfeiting (page 59)

Index of names, company names and properties

Name Page reference(s) in KTM_report.pdf 42 Villa Via Developments 70 58 Cambridge 68 Aandata Limited 85 Aandatta Limited 65 ABN AMRO 36, 107 Africa Cargo Handling 20 Aga Khan Project 103 AIC Church 20 Air Kenya 40 Air Kenya Aviation Limited 40 Ajay Shah 34, 36, 107 Akasha Family 109 Akbar Esmail 9 Akber Esmail 40, 42, 47, 48, 49, 52, 74, 95 Akes Management 74 Akif Hamid Butt 94, 95 Alec Furrer 28 Alexandre Zeller 47 Allen & Overy, Dubai 33 Allied Network Limited 24 Alnoor Kassam 28, 42, 43, 44, 45, 48, 51, 53 American Life Insurance Company 20 Amin Juma 11, 103 Anhalf Road Apartment 20 Anil Gordhanbai Patel 86 ANZ Grindlays Bank 56 Arbinter-Omnivalor S.A 93 Armada Services Limited 64 Armada Services Ltd 84 Arvindkumar Purshottam 95 ASCE International Group 82 Ashar Kimited 24 Ashok Gohil 24 Ashym Properties Ltd 77, 99 AVIS, Nairobi 27 Bachu Patel 86 Bamburi Cement 19 Banca Privata Edmond de Rothschild Lugano S.A 93 Banque Belgolaise 9, 40, 47, 74 Banque Belgolaise, Belgium 15 Banque Cantonale Vaudoise 9, 46, 47 Banque Cantonel de Vaudoise, Lausanne 15 Banque de Gestion Edmond de Rothschild, Monaco 93 Banque Patrimoines Prives, Bahamas 26 Banque Privee Edmond de Rothschild 26 Banque Privee Edmond de Rothschild Ltd, Luxembourg 93 Banque Privee Edmond de Rothschild Ltd, Nassau, Bahamas 93 Banque Privee Edmond de Rothschild SA 93 Banque Privee Edmond de Rothschild S.A, Hong Kong 93 Banque Privee Edmond de Rothschild S.A, Switzerland 92, 93 Banques Patrimoines Prives Geneve BPG SA 89 Barclays Bank 10, 56 Barclays Bank, London 15, 57 Barclays Bank PLC 76 Barsirim Investment 39 Basic Stone Limited, UK 67 Basic Stone Ltd 86 Benedic Fontanet 89 Benjamin de Rothschild 93 Ben Sassoon 54 Bhupesh Harshadray Rana 96 Bhupesh Rana 75 BIDCO 40 British Airways 41 Broadlands Overseas S.A 22 Cable & Wireless 30 Canray Limited, UK 67 Canray Ltd 87 Canterbury Close no. 1 69 Canterbury Close no. 10 69 Canterbury Close no. 11 69 Canterbury Close no. 12 69 Canterbury Close no. 31 69 Capital Project Transport 20 Cartrack Kenya Limited 30 CBI-UBP International Ltd 92 Central Bank 110 Central Bank of Kenya 34, 42, 43, 44, 45, 51, 52, 107, 108, 109 Centre Trust Ltd, Jersey 92 CFC Bank 19 Chalton Oakes no. 40 69 Chalton Oakes no. 42 69 Charles Field-Marsham 20, 31, 40, 41, 53, 82, 83, 103 Charles Njonjo 20 Chemusian Company 30 Chen 24 Chepkonga 37 Cherengani Farm 20 Chernoy (money launderer from Russia) 48 Chesco Limited 30 Chester House 31, 37 Chrysanthus Okemo 41, 82 Chrysantus Okemo 12 Citibank 9, 33, 36, 107 Citibank, Nairobi 15, 46 Citibank, Zurich 15, 46 Citicorp 14, 33 Citicorp, Luxembourg 10 Claude Brechbuhi 89 Claude Clifford Greaves 89 Claude Nordmann 90 CMC Holdings 19 Commercial Bank of Africa 49, 74 Commissioner of Lands 34, 107 Concord Holdings 55 Continental Investment Bank, Grand Cayman 92 Coteges, Geneva 92 Courtyard Property Investment Limited 22 Coventry Building Society, Economic House, Coventry 80 Credit Suisse, First Boston 53 Credit Suisse, Geneva 15, 46 Credit Suisse, Zurich 8, 15, 57 Cromwell Accountants Limited 85 Crown Agents, UK 27 Cut Tobacco Limited 56 Cyrus Jirongo 30, 31, 34 Da Gama Rose Advocates 41 Da Gama Rose Group of Companies 50 Damani Group 79 Damani Harshad 79 Damji Chhotolal Pattni 98, 99, 100, 101 Damji Pattni 77 Daniel Arap Moi 9, 10, 12, 13, 14, 14, 18, 19, 20, 22, 24, 27, 28, 29, 31, 33, 36, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 47, 48, 49, 50, 53, 74, 82, 106 Daniel Treves 93 Danny Vardi 54 Dan Vardi 83 Darrenwood no. 47 69 Data Centre 52 Date Centre 51 David Alan Aldous 94 David Bartknowski 54 Deepak Kamani 20 De Gama Rose Advocates 11 Delphis Bank (former BCCI) 36 Deonberry Finance Limited 77 Deonberry Finance Ltd 98 Dilip M. Patel 87 Diners Finance 51, 52 Discount Bank & Trust Company 26 Discount Bank & Trust Company “The Recanati Bank” 90 Donald Kipkorir 14, 36 Donal Kipkorir (Dr) 38 Dr. Clemente 9, 15, 56, 58 Dr. Clemente (Garian Investments) 56 Dr. Kiplagat 12, 32, 38 Dr. Kiplgat 37 DT Dobie Car Distributors 20 Duty Free Company, The 31 Eagle Airlines 30 Ecta Kenya Limited 55 Edgar De Piciotto 91 Edgar Pinccotto 25 Edwin Ruhil 91 Eliphaz Riungu 43, 44, 109 Equator Flowers, Eldoret 19 Equatorial Bank 27, 30 Equity Stockbrokers 31 Erf 6536, Loots Park 69 Erf 6542, Loots Park 69 Erf 6544, Loots Park 69 Eric Kotut 43, 43, 44, 51, 109 Esmail & Esmail 11 Esmail & Esmail Advocates 41 Euro Bank 34, 45, 107 Evelyn de Rothschild 93 Eveready Battries 74 Eveready Company 31 Ezekiel Oyugi 27 Fairoak Investments Limited 78 Fairoak Investments Ltd 100 Fairview Hotel 38 Fauzia Shah 94 Fidulex S.A, Switzerland 92 Firestone Africa 20 Firestone East Africa 74 First American Bank 30, 36, 41, 74 First Force Security Company 31 Fontenay no 11 69 Fontenay no 22 69 Fontenay no 38 69 Fontenay no 44 69 Fontenay no 47 69 Fontenay no 64 69 Fontenay no 76 69 Fontenay no 78 69 Francis Michuki 104 Francois Hottinger 93 Francois Moser 90 Francois Rouge 89 Fresh Produce Limited 30 Gabriel Katri Moussa 30 Gabriel Moussa Katri 8, 14, 24, 25, 26, 89 Gad Zeeri 15 Gad Zeevi 43, 44, 45, 46, 48, 51, 52, 53, 54, 108 Gambit Holdings Limited 21 Garian Investments 9, 56 Gateway Properties Inc 55, 56 General Commodity Dealers 55 Gen. Mohammed 110 Geoffrey Kenoi 45 George Saitoti 12, 19, 41, 42, 44, 45, 52, 82 George Tuwey 83 Gerard Modoux 90 Giant Forex Bureau 30 Giant Holdings Limited 30 Gideon Moi 8, 12, 13, 14, 18, 19, 20, 24, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 36, 37, 38, 40, 41, 55, 65, 74, 82 Gideon Ndambuki 44, 110 Giro Bank 31, 34, 107 GK Finance 25 Goldenberg 43, 55, 57, 59, 75, 77, 106, 109 Government of Kenya 20, 82 Grace J. Kipyator 21 Graemes d**e Property Company Limited 80, 81 Grand Diani Reef Hotel 40 Great Rift Transporters Limited 21 Guy Pinccotto 25 Guy Wais 93 Habinder Singh Sethi 37 Hahuru Investments 55 Hampstead Enterprises 30 Harbinder Sethi 86, 89 Harbinder Singh Sethi 10, 14, 32, 33, 40, 65, 66, 67, 68, 71 Harji Laxman Gohil 62 Harshad Manubhai Patel 88 Helmut Maucher 91 Hema Damani 80 Heritage AII Insurance Company 19 Hollywood Electronics Ltd 88 Hollywood Electronics, UK 67 Horatius da Gama Rose 49, 50, 74, 97 Horatius Mirabo da Gama Rose 15 Hotel Intercontinental, Nairobi 19 HSBC 15, 56 HSBC Bank 10, 22 H. Young 31, 53 H. Young & Company 41 HZ Construction 52 HZ Construction and Engineering 46, 48 HZ Construction & Engineering 40, 108 HZ Group 103 HZ Group of Companies 40, 53 HZ Group of Companies, Israel 40 Ian Allan 82 Ian Rayner 44, 110 I&M Bank 26 Incoronata Trading 71 Intercontinental Churchill Hotel, London 14 Intercontinental Hotel, Nairobi 28 Intercontinental Hotels 28 Iqbal Kassam 43, 51, 52 Jacob Frenkel 91 Jacques Andre Reymond 93 Jaihindbala Ganatra 80 James Kanyotu 31, 41, 49, 50, 74 Jared Kangwana 20, 37 Jean-Francois Furer 89 Jean-Francois Gin 89 Jean Pierre Mongon 98 Jean Zwahlen 91 Jeffrey Kinwa, DPF 15 Jeffrey Tessler 25 Jeremiah Kiereini 20 J K Musyimi 12, 82 JK Musymi 41 John Alexander 93 John Matere Keriri 103 John Michael Arkley 98 John Michuki 104 Jonathan Mark Falkner 98 Joseph Assaraf 90 Joseph Kanouf 93 Joseph Schwartzman 53 Joshua Kulei 12, 13, 14, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 30, 31, 33, 49, 51, 77 Joshua Orwa Ojode 37 Josiah Kiplagat 27, 28 Josna Haria 84 J. Thompson & Company 77 Jyotsna Vinod Patel 88 Kabarak Farm 20 Kabarak High School 19, 30 Kabarak University 21 Kamlaben Mohanlal Gohil 63 Kamlesh Hasmukhlal Gohil 86 Kamlesh Pattni 13, 31, 79 Kamsons Limited 20 Kandan Gohil 63 Kangwana 20 KANU 106 Kapila & Kapila 11 Kapila & Kapila Advocates 41 Kapsinende Farm 39 Kassam 15 Kelso Place Asset Management 102 Ken Boit 14, 32 Kencell 74 Kenchic Limited 20 Ken Kiplagat 14 Kenol and Kobil 46 Kenol-Kobil 40 Kenol Petroleum 20 Kent Ship Maritime 30 Kenya Aerotech Ltd 19 Kenya Airways 20 Kenya Commercial Bank 20, 41 Kenya Pipeline 46, 48, 106, 108 Kenya Pipeline Company 18 Kenya Police 103 Kenya Ports Authority 50, 104 Kenya Postal Corporation 40 Kenya Power & Lighting Company 109 Kenya Power & Lighting Company Ltd 106 Kenya Seed Company 12, 28 Keshavji Khimji Kukadia 96 Kestrel Capital 53 Ketan Somaia 27, 36, 110 Kiharu Investors 55 Kilgoris Farm 20 Kilonzo (former police commissioner) 45 Kiran Manilal Kotecha 85 Kobil 20 Kobil Petrol 39 Kogo 14, 36 Korninkliike Philips Electronics N.V, Netherlands 102 KPMG 102 Krishnakant Dhirubhai Patel 87 KTN 19 Kundan Gohil 63 Lazarus Simonorsky 89 LCF Rothschild Ltd, London 93 Leon Recanati 90 Lima Finance 43 Lima Kenya 40 Lima Limited 41, 43 Lima Ltd 53, 82 L Thomas & Company Ltd 77, 100 Luc Argand 93 LZ Engineering 40 Madhu Pattni 76 Maini Thomarn 89 Maisha International Limited 50 Maisha PLC 50 Maitori Gohil 64 Makbul Mohamed Kassamali Jaffer 95 Manjit Sethi 89 Manuel Dami 93 Maria Raj Rani Gulani 80 Mark Bor 12, 41 Mark Bot 82 Matere Kerere 12 Maternity Shop 30 MDI Consultancy 20 Merinda Investments 31 Metipso Services Limited 30 M.H. da Gama Rose 40 Mica Chasren 51 Micah Cheserem 51 Michael Recanati 90 Michael Somen 50 Michel Cicurel 93 Michel Delazun 89 Michel Potsios 89 Middle East Bank 9, 26, 41, 42, 47, 108 Mike Eldon 49, 50 Miles Donnelly 20 Mirabeau Horatius Da Gama Rose 83 Mobil 48 Mohammed Aslam 46, 51, 52 Mohammed Bawazir 50 Mohammed Esmail Chogley 85 Mohanlal Lalji Gohil 63 Moi Africa Institute 21 Moi Educational Centre 21 Moi High School, Kabarak 21 Moi University, Kabarak 20 Moneyline 1605 68 Moody Awori 50 Morris and Company 20 Morton Hyman 90 Moshe ****egman 83 Mr. Deche 12, 41, 82 Mrs. DT Dobie 27 Mr. Sevak 56 Msamaha 20, 22, 31, 33, 37, 47, 53, 65 Mugoya Construction 31 Muhoho Kenyatta 49, 74 Mukesh Gohil 8, 9, 14, 31, 32, 37, 64, 84, 85, 86 Mukesh Keshavlal Gohil 63 Mukesh Mansukhlal Vaya 96 Mukesh Shamji Gohil 63 Mukesh Vaya 75 Mumelo 110 Mumelo, Head of Foreign Exchange – Central Bank of Kenya 43 Mungai 20, 20 Mutula Kilonzo 24 Muzahim 15 Muzahim (car dealer/drug baron) 59 Nairobi Airport Services 18, 20 Nairobi Kisumu Eldoret Oil Pipeline 109 Nalin Hansa Gohil 62 Nandini Rohit Pattni 76 Narendra Ganatra 80 Narendra Gohil 84 Narendra Shamji Gohil 63 Nasir Ali Ibrahim 15, 16 Nathaniel. Tum 12, 28 National Milling Company 19 National Milling Corporation 19, 40 National Westminster Home Loans Ltd 76 Nationwide Building Society, Swindon 64 Naushad Merali 20, 30, 31, 36, 41, 49, 50, 53, 73, 74, 94 Ndegwa Family 49 Ngata Flower Farm 19 NHIF 34, 107 NIC Bank 19 Nicholas Biwott 12, 19, 20, 24, 27, 30, 31, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 65, 74, 82, 83, 102, 103, 108, 109 Nicholas Brunschwig 91 Nick Cochran 102 Niharika Harshad Patel 87 Niral Harshad Patel 88 Nisar Juma 103 Nissar Juma 11 Nordfinanz Bank Zurich 92 Northwold Manor no. 10 70 Northwold Manor no 36 69 Northwold Manor no 47 69 Northwold Manor no 9 69, 70 N.R Pavitt 21 NSSF 34, 107 Nyachae 20 Octogen Ltd 76, 97 Olivier Steimer 47 Olivier Vodoz 91 Oudi Recanati 90 Overseas International Telecommunications Ltd 73, 94 Palu-Zara 70 Pan African Bank 41, 46, 48, 108 Pankaj Rana 75, 96 Pankaj Somaia 27 Panther Investments 109 Paradise Holdings 55 Paraha Investment no. 1 70 Paraha Investment no. 2 70 Paraha Investment no. 3 70 Paraha Investment no. 4 70 Paraha Investment no. 5 70 Parimal Ranchoddas Devani 85 Paul Brooks 82 Paul Muite 15, 16 Penafcon Engineering 55 Penohatek Electrical & Security Systems 71 Pete Aviation & Electronics 83 Pete Aviation & Electronics Limited 40, 53 Philip King 12, 103 Philip Meyer 24 Philip Moi 9, 12, 15, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59 Philip Murgor 20 Philippe Grunbach 90 Philips PMR 102 Philips RCS Ltd 102 Phillip Meyer 24 Phillip Moi 24 Piero Theodore Soteriou 96 Pierre-Alain Blum 91 Pierre Resplinger 91 Pirasia Ltd 93 P.K Jani 20, 30 Postal Corporation of Kenya 20, 31 Pratixa Gohil 62 Premier Group of Companies 40 Premkunwar Gohil 62 President Sam Nujoma (Namibia) 13 Pricewaterhouse Coopers S.A 93 Prince Hamid of Brunei 57 Private Investments Bank Ltd, Nassau Bahamas 89 Pye Telecommunications 102 Rai Plywood, Eldoret 20 Rajan Dadubhai Patel 87 Rakhee Impex Trading 68 Rangers Restaurant 9 Rashid Sajjad 50 Rasiklal Chhotalal Kantaria 96 Rasiklal Kantaria 75 Ravenseft Properties 80, 81 Ravens Hill no. 29 69 Ravens Hill no. 46 69 Ravens Hill no. 47 69 Ravens Hill no. 49 69 Ravens Hill no. 51 70 Regent Management 19, 23, 31 Regional Air 41 Rene Nicolazzi 90 Representatcion B.P. de othschild SA, Montevideo, Uruguay 93 Revak Limited 30 Richard Lendi 90 Richard Thoman 91 Ri-Decent Diamonds (SA) 71 Rift Valley Agencies Limited 21 Rita Biwott 11, 41 Rita Soni 75, 77, 98, 99, 100, 101 Riverglades no. 159 70 Riverglades no. 255 70 Riverglades no. 277 70 Riverton Securities 76 Riverton Securities Ltd 98 Robert Ouko 54 Robert Soteriou 96 Rohit Chhotalal Pattni 75, 76 Rohit Chhotolal Pattni 99, 100, 101 Rohit Kuma Pattni 75 Rohit Pattni 75, 77, 97, 98 Rono Limited 40 Rosanna Moi 57 Rossana Moi 15 Royunga 43 Ryce Motors 49, 74 Sacho High School 21 Safaricom Kenya 20, 31, 40, 53 Safariland Club 31 Sahida Begum 62 Sally Kosgei 12, 82 Sally Kosgey 41 Salmon Roadrodearek, Allen and Overy – Dubai 14 Salmon Roadrodeark 33 Sameer Industries 74 Sameer Investments 74 Sam Nujoma 29 Samuel Gichuru 109 Samuel Karuthi Murage 11, 12, 103 SAMUT Trust 14, 36, 74 SAMUT Trust Kenya 11 Sandhurst Matrix Inc 56, 57 Sandip Vinod Patel 88 Sani Abacha 24, 25 Sanjay Keshavji Vaya 97 Sanjay Vaya 75 Saphire 56 Saraswati Gohil 85, 86 Sasini Group of Farms, The 30 Satinder Singh Sandu 88 Schwartman 31 Sepura 102 Shantilal Brother (Australia) Pty Ltd 65, 85 Shapley Barret Advocates 41 Sharpley & Berret Advocates 11 Sheldon Gordon 91 Shelley Norohha Merville 95 Sheraton Holdings 55 Shrin Esmail (Akber Esmail’s mother) 48 Sian Roses 19, 31 Sielel Properties Limited 30 Siemens Atea 104 Siemens Group 104 Siemens International 104 Siginon Freight 19, 30 Simeon Nyachae 110 Simoco 102 Simoco Digital 102 Sirma 14, 36 Sixbar Trading 299 71 Societe Genevoise d’Investissements 25 Solomon Muthamia 45, 45 South Austral Pty Limited 86 South Austral Pty Ltd 65 Sovereign Group 11, 21 Sovereign Holdings 21 Sovereign Holdings Ltd, UK 11 Special Branch 49 Spirit Wind Investments 68 Spirit Wind Investments 114 68 S. R. Telecommunications Co. Limited 41 Stanbic Bank, Durban 38 Standard Chartered PLC 10, 56 Standard Chartered PLC, London 15 Standard Newspapers 19 Steel Brothers and Company (Overseas Investments Ltd) 95 Steel Brothers (Overseas Investment) Ltd 75 Stoney Athi River 19 Stuart Armitage 49, 74 Sudbury Investments 30 Sudbury Limited 30 Suleiman Muranga 44 Suleiman Murunga 110 Sunshine Educational Trust 21 Sunshine Secondary School 21 Susan Temple 84 Symphony Global Technologies PLC 50, 97 Tana River project 109 Tarachand Devidass Gulani 80 Taurino Enterprises 31 Team Communications International Ltd 104 Team Communications Ltd 104 Team Communications Services Ltd 104 Team Communications (UK) Ltd 104 Team Simico 11 Team Simoco 12, 40, 102, 103 Team Telcom Group Ltd 102 Technology 4 All 84 Technology 4All Limited 64 Telkom Kenya 41 Terer Kulei 26, 27 Terry Davidson 15, 46 Thabazimbi Game Lodge 70 The Akasha Family 59 The Mau Farm 20 The Ndegwa family 19, 20 The Pan Paper House Limited 21 The Rai family 20 The Risk Advisory Group (TRAG) 54 Tiger Farm Limited 55 Toremar Investments 102 70 Torino Enterprises 34 Trade Bank 42, 43, 44, 45, 48, 51, 52, 109 Trade World Kenya 19 Trans National Bank 8, 9, 14, 18, 20, 24, 26, 31, 40, 106 Trevor Salathe 93 Trinity Enterprises 40 Triple Check (UK) Ltd 88 Trust Bank 34, 36, 107 Turkwel Gorge Hydroelectric Dam Project 108 Turkwell Gorge 45 Turkwell Gorge Hydro-Electric Dam Project 42 Turkwell Gorge Project 48 Ubarn International Management (Hamilton) Ltd, Bermuda 92 UBP Asset management 92 UBP Asset Management (Jersey) Ltd 92 UBP (Bahamas) Ltd/ UBP International Trust Ltd (Bahamas) 92 UBP London 92 UBP Switzerland 92 Uhuru Highway Development Real Estate Company 40 Uhuru Kenyatta 74 UK Surplus Stock 80 Unilever 51 Union Bancaire Privee 8, 24, 25, 26, 33 Union Bancaire Privee, Luxembourg 10, 14 Union Bancaire Privee, Zurich 91 Unit 11 Kinglsey Place 70 Unit 18 Kingsley Place 68 Unit 22 Kingsley Place 68 Unit 9 Kingsley Place 70 Vaizman Aharoni 82 Vaju Pattni 79 Vexma Properties 200 70 Via Veneto no 14 70 Via Veneto no 30 70 Via Veneto no 34 70 Via Veneto no 36 70 Via Veneto no 38 69 Vijay Thakore 87 Villa Via no 9 70 Villa Via no 22 69 Villa Via no 24 69 Villa Via no 31 70 Villa Via no 33 70 Villa Via no 37 70 Villa Via no 39 70 Villa Via no 41 70 Villa Via no 46 70 Villa Via no 48 70 Villa Via no 50 70 Wallaby Properties 70 Walter Bium Gentilomo 93 Westfield International Ltd 30 Westmont 40 Wetdan W47 69 Wetdan W55 69 William Sambu 21 Wilson Airport 74 Wilson Boinett 20, 65, 74 W.P.H. Tea Limited 73 W.P.H. Tea Ltd, Surbiton, UK 94 Yana Air Cargo 74 Yaya Centre 40, 45, 53 Zara Moi 57, 58 Zarina Naushad Merali 95 Ziba Management Services 83 Ziba Management Services Limited 54 Zioa Management & Services 40

Notes & References

  1. Githongo's courageous whistleblowing actions have been the subject of much international media attention. See, for instance, John Githongo's page on this wiki, and a profile in the New Statesman from February 2006, available at
  2. See, for instance, 'State Changes Tune on Looted Billions Abroad',, May 19, 2005, written as the investigation was wound down by the Kenyan government. Kroll also played a role in the investigations of the Anglo Leasing investigations, see e.g.'Githongo secret diary',
  3. See
  4. See, e.g., in Time Magazine's article on Githongo...
"The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it." Karl Marx

"He would, wouldn't he?" Mandy Rice-Davies. When asked in court whether she knew that Lord Astor had denied having sex with her.

“I think it would be a good idea” Ghandi, when asked about Western Civilisation.
Switzerland: A parasite feeding on developing world?

June 16, 2009
For more than half a century the Alpine nation of Switzerland has built a reputation as the world´s centre for tax evasion, fraud accounting, money laundering, racketeering, and above all a staunch ally of corrupt third world leaders and a great beneficiary of third world corruption.
By Lord Aikins Adusei (Modern Ghana)
Various categories of persons including Popes, presidents, prime ministers, corrupt dictators, wealthy business men, and drug dealers have all used and benefited from the banking secrecy laws of Switzerland. As a result her economy has been described as an underground economy, a deposit box for dirty money and a "dirt-driven economy".
Over the last couple of years countries such as United States, Germany and France have argued that they have become victims of Swiss illegal financial activities and as result have stepped up their campaign to get Swiss authorities to cooperate in fighting tax evasion and money laundering. The campaign has even brought a row between the German Finance Minister and members of Swiss parliament. These nations claim they are loosing billions of dollars annually through tax evasion and other illegal financial activities. In 2009 an action by the US Justice Department against the Swiss Banking giant UBS earned the United States close to $1 billion. In 2001, the United States learned that the Swiss had protected the bank that handled finances for Osama Bin Laden. One of them, the Bahrain International Bank, had funds transiting through non-published accounts of Clearstream, which has been qualified as a "bank of banks" and was involved in one of Luxembourg's major financial scandals.
Western governments have argued that dirty money in many forms welcomed by the Switzerland allows the proceeds of corruption, drug trafficking, racketeering and terrorism to tag alongside and deny the world´s poor the chance to escape poverty. Swiss banks are reputed to be holding an estimated 35% of the world's private and institutional funds (or 3 trillion Swiss francs)".
However, of all the victims of Swiss banking secrecy laws and her shady banking practices, developing countries and Africa in particular seem to have suffered the most. The global infrastructure of international financial secrecy with headquarters in Switzerland has helped bleed trillions of dollars in illicitly generated money out of Africa and the rest of the developing world. The activities of Swiss banking institutions and real estate companies have plunged third world nations into debts, poverty, misery, malnutrition, diseases, economic meltdown, infrastructure decay and political instabilities through the help they give to corrupt politicians, civil servants, the business elite and corrupt multinational corporations who collude and connive with the corrupt entities to loot and hide the proceeds of their ill-gotton gains.
Many third world countries especially those in Africa lack the infrastructures needed to run successful economies. They lack schools, hospitals, roads, harbours, rail infrastructure, irrigation facilities, electricity, clean water, telecommunication, sanitation facilities because of the loots. Many children are orphaned and malnourished and many do not have access to education and healthcare because money meant for all that are stolen and are sitting in Swiss banks such UBS, Credit Suisse. There has not been a single corrupt politician or dictator in Africa, Latin America and Asia who has not had dealings with this secretive alpine country. While third world countries continue to struggle to provide the basic necessities of life Swiss economy is washed with money could save millions from hunger, starvation and diseases.
Every year since the year 2000 developing countries receive about $100-billion in aid annually from rich countries with about $10-billion going to Africa but these rich countries headed by Switzerland receive about $900- billion from these poor countries ($150-billion from Africa) in the form of tax evasion, embezzlement, fraud accounting debt servicing and corruption. The World Bank´s Stolen Asset Recovery initiative estimates the cross-border flow of proceeds from criminal activities, corruption and tax evasion at between $1 trillion and $1.6 trillion per year, about half of which come from developing and transitional economies.
Global Financial Integrity agrees with World Bank and says, "$900-billion is secreted each year from underdeveloped economies, with an estimated $11.5 trillion currently stashed in havens. More than one quarter of these hubs belong to the UK, while Switzerland washes one-third of global capital flight".
The Africa Union says 25 percent of the GDP of African States is lost to corruption every year amounting to more than $150-billion a year. The negative impact of that has been increasing the cost of goods by as much as 20%, deterring investment, holding back development and preventing the people from escaping poverty. The fact as pointed out by GFI is that most of the money that denies poor countries the chance to escape poverty sits in Swiss Banks.
Over the last couple of years a number of Swiss banks have been accused of accepting money from dictators like Sani Abacha, Mobutu, Lansana Conte, Gnassingbe Eyadema, Arap Moi, Omar Bongo, Obiang Nguema, Blaise Campore, Denis Sassou Nguesso, Eduardo dos Santos, Sadam Hussein, Ferdinand Marcos, Baby Doc Duvalier, Hosni Mubarak, Yoweri Museveni, Augusto Pinochet, Gaddafi and the evil genius Ibrahim Babangida without questioning the source of their wealth. For example Swiss economy was the main recipient and beneficiary of Sani Abacha´s $5-billion embezzlement of Nigeria´s oil money. When it was discovered that Abacha used the crook banks in this country to steal the money, Switzerland wanted to distance herself from the criminal enterprise run by her banks and benefited by her economy and her citizens. But in the end she had no choice but to repatriate over $700-million to the government of Nigeria after five years of foot dragging. The banks in Switzerland that aided, abetted and provided shelter for Abacha´s stolen money were UBS AG, Zurich; UBS AG, Geneva; Union Bancaire Privee, Geneva; Credit Suisse, Zurich ; Bank Len, Zurich; Banque Barring Brothers, Geneva; Goldman Sachs and Company, Zurich; Gothard Bank, Geneva; Citibank Zurich; Banque Nationale De Paris, Basle; FIBI Bank (Schweiz) A. G. Zurich. Only heaven knows how much of Abacha´s loot still remain in these countries.
Again the Arab daily newspapers Asharq Al-Awsat and Al-Hayat reported that former Prime Minister Dr. Iyad Allawi told them in interviews that Saddam Hussein admitted he invested stolen Iraqi money which the Iraqi Governing Council estimated at $40 billion in Switzerland, Japan and Germany, among others, under fictitious company names. Directors of those shell companies would deposit 5% in company bank accounts, and the money was effectively laundered. Swiss and French lawyers did the paperwork.
One million Iraqis died during the oil for food programme while money that could have saved them was accepted by Swiss Banks and their corrupt counterparts in Japan and Germany. Also after 18 years of legal wrangling Switzerland agreed to let the people of Philippines receive the $700m looted by Ferdinand Marcos and kept by her crook banks. Switzerland kept $700m while children were starving to death and hospitals were closing down for lack of medicines and electricity. Furthermore, between August 2001 and 2004, Peru recovered nearly over $180 million stolen by her former spy chief Vladimiro Montesinos from several jurisdictions including Switzerland, Cayman Islands and the United States.
In May 2007, an agreement between the governments of the United States, Switzerland and Kazakhstan allowed for the repatriation of $84 million denied the people for many years. Again it took Switzerland 12 years to return $74m of the $110m stolen by Raul Salinas to the government of Mexico. Switzerland still has in her possession the money looted by the dictator ´Baby Doc´ Duvalier 24 years after he was chased away by the poor people of Haiti.
Additionally, when Mobutu died in 1997 Swiss newspapers reported that the country may be home to at least $5-billion of Mobutu´s stolen assets. The report was also confirmed by CNN World News in September, 1997. The whole world was shocked when Swiss authorities announced that Mobutu´s stolen assets in the country totalled something just under $8m and this was after they had sold his villa for $2-million. The shock sent a chill down the spine of DR. Congo´s president. He has still not recovered and has refused to show any interest in pursuing the money.
In recent years Switzerland has repatriated some of the money her banks criminally accepted at the expense of poor nations and Swiss political leadership is using it to score cheap political point instead of being ashamed of it. Mali has received just $2.5millions out of the estimated $5-billion deposited in that country by Mali´s corrupt political leaders among them former dictator Moussa Traore. Argentina has also received $4.5million from a bribery case.
It is believed that most of the $2 billion stolen by ex- President Arap Moi's family is stashed in Switzerland and her sister countries in the Alpine region. In 2003, investigation by the international risk consultancy firm Kroll on behalf of government of Kenya into allegations of corruption on the part of Arap Moi's government revealed a trail of corrupt practices by Arap Moi, his children, members of his government and their associates with most of their 24 years of ill-gotten hiding in Switzerland, Britain, Luxembourg and the Caribbean. Credit Suisse - Zurich and Citibank- Geneva came up several times as the bank where where most of the loots are being kept. "During the beginning of December 2003, Philip Moi made his move through Zara. She left the country for Italy, from where she visited Leichtenstein and Lugano located inside the Swiss canton of Tieino. It is believed that Tieino, though a remote area, consists of over 100 banks. Zara/Rosanna Moi, Philips Italian wife, estimates Philip's worth to be USD750 million." Source: Kroll Report, 2003.
Switzerland has mounted fierce campaign to portray herself as a clean, responsible country. "A senior Swiss diplomat says Switzerland no longer deserve its reputation as a save haven for the ill-gotten gains of corrupt dictators. Speaking in Geneva Ambassador Paul Seger said the government had returned $1.6 billion (SFr1.9 billion) of stolen funds in recent years" but also admitted that "incidents such as the Marcos, Abacha or Montesinos affairs reinforce the international perception that there are still more assets to be returned". Source:
The fact is that Switzerland has not been able to convince anyone that they still do not hold money for Omar Bongo, Lansana Conte, Obiang Nguemaa, Denis Sassou Nguesso, Eduardo dos Santos, Blaise Campore, Gaddafi, Hosni Mubarak, Arap Moi, Gnassingbe Eyadema, Ibrahim Babaginda, Jerry Rawling all of them corrupt dictators with little to show for the billions of dollars that they received from the sale of oil, gas, gold, diamond, timber and other resources.
During the trial of the disgraced Elf executives, they claimed that they paid Omar Bongo $50 million a year for concession rights in his oil rich but economically impoverished country.The executives claimed the millions of dollars were transferred into Bongo's Swiss bank accounts. But we have not heard any comment from Switzerland regarding that money and now that Bongo is dead there is no doubt that what Democratic Republic of Congo went through will be the fate for Gabon should they make any attempt to retrieve the money. It is a common knowledge that the late Omar Bongo of Gabon, Denis Sassou Nguesso of Congo, Dos Santos of Angola, Obiang Nguema of E. Guinea like their old friends (Abacha, Mobutu and Conte) have billions of dollars stashed in Swiss Banks.
Where Swiss leaders do not get it is that their past and present actions have led millions of people who could have lived to die of poverty, malnutrition, starvation and diseases. Whereas more than 800 million Indians live in poverty and in squalor, with little access to education, health, water and sanitation, the BJP party estimated during the May 2009 election campaign that the nation has lost close to $1.4 trillion most of it stashed in foreign banks notably in Switzerland.
In 2007 Swiss federal prosecutors abandoned an investigation into suspected money laundering involving the former prime minister of Madagascar. As a result a Swiss bank will refund SFr2.8 million ($2.3 million) to Tantely Andrianarivo, a move that has "disappointed and shocked" the Madagascan government, which has demanded the money back" to be used to help millions of people languishing in poverty. Source:
There are a good number of experts who still believe Switzerland deserves her reputation. Richard Murphy, director of Tax Research LLP says: "The idea that Switzerland has a clean economy is a joke; it is a dirt-driven economy". Her economy is dirt-driven because her financial institutions (a vital sector of her economy) have been implicated in a number of corruption scandals involving corrupt third world leaders and their associates. In fact Switzerland can best be described as economic vampire, parasite and predator feeding on the economies of poor third world countries. The Swiss Bankers Association claims that four-fifths of the nation supports banking secrecy laws. This law is the foundation of all the corruption, embezzlement, tax evasions and all the criminal enterprises that we see in the world.
The sad thing about this parasitic behaviour is that it is supported by almost all the citizens of that country. The Swiss Bankers Association claims that four-fifths of the nation supports banking secrecy, revealing a society deeply embedded in a culture of impunity and exploitation, where the licit acts as a shield protecting the illicit in a terribly respectable manner. But Switzerland has had it both ways with her hypocrisy and double standards. Her politicians condemn corruption in Africa and the third world while her banks make fortunes off that corruption. She claims to be a champion of democracy and development but the actions of her banks and companies like SGS, UBS have proven other wise. If there is any justice in the world her banking executives should have been put on trial by the International Criminal Court for crime against humanity because there is no difference between those who use guns to kill and those who kill millions by accepting to hide money that could be used to save them from hunger, starvation, malnutrition, diseases and provide them with medicines, water, shelter, schools and electricity?
The cost of Switzerland's collusion and connivance with the corrupt entities in Africa and the third world fall primarily on the poor people in those poor countries who are denied every opportunity to escape poverty. Many live in squalor with no access to health and sanitation facilities, water, electricity, housing and even food. Over one million people in those poor countries die of malaria, 90% of them from Africa with most of the victims being children. Millions of others also die from starvation, hunger, malnutrition, polio, mizzles, tuberculosis and six killer diseases. The crime of those who die and those who continue to suffer is that they happen to have corrupt incompetent leaders and a counterpart in Europe who is ready to protect their looted funds. As monies meant for development are stolen and stashed in Swiss Banks, the poor are left on their own to fend for themselves with aid agencies being left to pick the pieces with them. Millions have died, millions are starving and many more are suffering as a result of the role played by Swiss banks, real estate agencies and other companies. In this 21st century such suffering cannot go on forever. Switzerland cannot continue to be a willful accomplice in crimes involving the death of millions of children and women.
It is therefore time for Switzerland to act as a responsible member of the global community, tear down her banking secrecy laws and her corrupt financial infrastructures that are responsible for the deaths. It is time for Switzerland to stop her banks from accepting looted funds from Africa and the third world that make so many face starvation, hunger and death. The banks must be called to order and should be tasked to employ due diligence in dealing with their clients especially the dictators and their associates from Africa and the third world. Finally, it is time for Switzerland to turn words of fighting corruption into action and deeds and repatriate all the stolen money to its rightful owners and stop parasiting on poor African and third world countries so they can also have the opportunity to escape poverty like most citizens of Switzerland have.
Thanks to Lord Aikins Adusei and Modern Ghana for covering this issue. Copyright remains with the aforementioned.
"The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it." Karl Marx

"He would, wouldn't he?" Mandy Rice-Davies. When asked in court whether she knew that Lord Astor had denied having sex with her.

“I think it would be a good idea” Ghandi, when asked about Western Civilisation.

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