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Was Charlie Manson sheep-dipped?
On Greece, it would've been the General's coup d'etat, of 1967 (The Greek military junta) I think Magda.
The shadow is a moral problem that challenges the whole ego-personality, for no one can become conscious of the shadow without considerable moral effort. To become conscious of it involves recognizing the dark aspects of the personality as present and real. This act is the essential condition for any kind of self-knowledge.
Carl Jung - Aion (1951). CW 9, Part II: P.14
David Guyatt Wrote:On Greece, it would've been the General's coup d'etat, of 1967 (The Greek military junta) I think Magda.

Go to the url I pasted. I edited out some of what she said about Greece. She made reference to what was happening with Papandreau just before the flower children began moving into California. She said she'd been following all that for about two years when she noticed that the new generation coming to California was not materialistic. I think she equated them with something she'd been seeing in the news that was happening in Greece and knew that non-materialism would be viewed as anti-patriotic, anti-capitalistic, and would be destroyed.

She predicted what would happen with the peace movement based on what happened in Greece shortly before.

I looked up the book she mentioned called Children of Change, and it was written by the director of publications at Kaiser Aluminum and Chemicals--Don Fabun. I'm not sure that's who she was referring to, however.
"History records that the Money Changers have used every form of abuse, intrigue, deceit and violent means possible to maintain their control over governments by controlling money and its issuance." --James Madison
Here's the Ed Butler she talked about:
Quote: ...Edward S. Butler was born in 1934 to an upper class New Orleans family. He went into the Army Management School from 1957-59 at Fort Belvoir, Virginia. When he returned home he took a position as an account executive with Brown, Friedman and Company, an advertising firm. But, according to New Orleans authority Arthur Carpenter, his service in the military affected all his later adult life. Butler wrote that at the time of his service he became interested "in psycho-politics and particularly Soviet applications." As Carpenter notes, in June of 1960, Butler wrote an article in Public Relations Journal, which became a declaration for his later career as a propagandist. There he wrote about the Communist threat to America and how a spirit of crisis had to be created to resist it; how America had to use propaganda to counter the Soviets' skill in that field; how public relations experts like himself had to be recruited in this endeavor; and finally how private funds had to be enlisted to finance this war and his efforts. He also proposed that this effort would serve as a complement to the State Department, USIA, CIA, free institutions abroad, and the various legislative committees dealing with trade information, foreign aid and the like. In short, a private adjunct to America's foreign policy apparatus. The article turned out to be his vocational outline.

Some of the people Butler recruited in New Orleans to help finance his propaganda efforts were Clay Shaw and Lloyd Cobb of the International Trade Mart and Alton Ochsner, the extremely conservative physician and philanthropist. By 1961 he had become involved in two associations that were meant to fight this propaganda war: the Free Voice of Latin America and the American Institute for Freedom Project. The former had its office in Shaw's International Trade Mart and through the latter Butler engaged both Ochsner and Guy Banister, who was Oswald's handler in New Orleans in the summer of 1963. But according to an investigation by Jim Garrison, Butler was so imperious and abrasive within the former group that he was forced out in 1961.

At that time, Butler began to organize its successor organization, the Information Council of the Americas, or INCA. This was to be, in essence, a propaganda mill that had as its targets Central and South America, and the Caribbean. It would create broadcasts, called Truth Tapes, which would be recycled through those areas and, domestically, stage rallies and fund raisers to both energize its base and collect funds to redouble its efforts. By this time, as Carpenter and others point out, Butler was now in communication with people like Charles Cabell, Deputy Director of the CIA, and Ed Lansdale, the legendary psy-ops master within the Agency who was shifting his focus from Vietnam to Cuba. These contacts helped him get access to Cuban refugees who he featured on these tapes. Declassified documents reveal the Agency helped distribute the tapes to about 50 stations in South America by 1963. There is some evidence that the CIA furnished Butler with films of Cuban exile training camps and that he was in contact with E. Howard Hunt --- under one of his aliases --- who supervised these exiles in New Orleans. Some of the local elite who joined or helped INCA would later figure in the Oswald story e.g. Eustis Reily of Reily Coffee Company, where Oswald worked; Edgar Stern who owned the local NBC station WDSU where Oswald was to appear; and Alberto Fowler, a friend of Shaw's; plus future Warren Commissioner Hale Boggs who helped INCA get tax-exempt status. Butler also began to befriend ground level operators in the CIA's anti-Castro effort like David Ferrie, Oswald's friend in New Orleans; Sergio Arcacha Smith, one of Hunt's prime agents in New Orleans; and Gordon Novel, who worked with Banister, Smith and apparently, David Phillips, on an aborted telethon for the exiles....
Quote:...Along with founder Ed Butler, the most important member of INCA was famed physician Dr. Alton Ochsner. Ochsner, 38 years Butler's senior formed a partnership with his younger colleague which would last twenty years. Ed Butler, who didn't have a great knowledge of Latin American affairs, benefited substantially from the association with the celebrated doctor. Alton Ochsner had an internationalist outlook---especially when it pertained to the field of medicine. Ochsner felt medicine transcended national boundaries, and had trained many physician exchange students from Latin America since the 1920s. His prominence as an international physician led him to be elected to leadership of both the International Trade Mart and International House in the 1960s. Both business groups promoted Latin American trade for New Orleans, and had been founded immediately after World War II. Ochsner also was elected to the presidency of the Cordell Hull Foundation which administered a program of Inter-American university study.

Ochsner fit the mode of the wealthy educated elite. He was elderly and encouraged other New Orleans prominent and wealthy citizens to join INCA. Ochsner's persuasiveness helped Ed Butler recruit United Fruit's Joseph W. Montgomery, Delta Steamship Line's John W. Clark, International Trade Mart's William Zetzmann and William B. Reily of Reily Coffee Company. The local Catholic hierarchy also joined with Archbishop Phillip M. Hannan and Dean of Loyola University Law School AE Papale becoming members. INCA also received endorsements from Mayor deLesseps Morrison and Congressman Hale Boggs....

So basically, Mae was saying that the JFK, RFK and King hits as well as the Sharon Tate et al murders were planned and carried out by the same propaganda machine that already was grooming Manson to take the fall in order to bring down the hippie peace movement. She was also saying that the same fascists groomed the sons and daughters of the military intelligence personnel to move into California to take over the folk music industry and turn it into hard rock to sell drugs and create havoc.
"History records that the Money Changers have used every form of abuse, intrigue, deceit and violent means possible to maintain their control over governments by controlling money and its issuance." --James Madison
Linda - thanks. I read Mae Brussell's articles many years ago, and she speaks much truth.

Here's my take on some of it:

Quote:Mae Brussell wrote:

I've mentioned on two different programs that in my neighborhood a man moved in from Texas. I think he gets tired of me talking about this, so this is the last time I'll mention him. He was dressed as a hippie, but he wasn't a hippie. He brought his children into this community. He lived a block from my house. He wrote a book for Henry Kaiser called Children of Change. (I'm repeating for somebody who hasn't heard the show.) A non-hippie from Texas, he lived here for about one or two years, walking down the coast, going the music scene. And he wrote, just prior to the Sharon Tate murders, that, "...the hippies would have made it..." —this is what Henry Kaiser published— "...would have made it if, number one: they had a sense of humor. And number two: they weren't so violent....

They did have a sense of humor and there was no violence at all. This same particular man referred to his wife and hippie-women as witches. And she wasn't a witch. She was a very establishment Texas girl who is the wife of this man that was dressed as a hippie.

He is now at the Navy post-graduate school; He's Navy. He had to be Navy Intelligence. How did he get into the Navy post-graduate school if his undergraduate school was being a hippie on Big Sur road, walking back and forth on the highway?

This is the character I mentioned in posts #10 & 11 earlier in this thread, the "CIA guy" that Sadie Mae Glutz "fucked", but who Mae believed was more likely to be ONI. The original research was directly Mae Brussell's.

Quote:Mae Brussell wrote:

I have a file that started in '67, and every article from all the magazines or books that I could get follows up who overthrew Greece: the Litton Industry, the fascists in this country put those edicts in there. Now if they put them in there and it worked they could put them down on us.

Here, I believe Mae is primarily referring to Gladio - the Nazi/NATO deep black, deeply reactionary, structures.

Quote:When Greece joined NATO in 1952, the country's special forces, the LOK (Lochoi Oreinōn Katadromōn, i.e. "Mountain Raiding Companies") were integrated into the European stay-behind network. The CIA and LOK reconfirmed on March 25, 1955 their mutual co-operation in a secret document signed by US General Trascott for the CIA, and Konstantinos Dovas, chief of staff of the Greek military. In addition to preparing for a Soviet invasion, the CIA instructed LOK to prevent a leftist coup. Former CIA agent Philip Agee, who was sharply criticized in the US for having revealed sensitive information, insisted that "paramilitary groups, directed by CIA officers, operated in the sixties throughout Europe [and he stressed that] perhaps no activity of the CIA could be as clearly linked to the possibility of internal subversion."[58]

The LOK was involved in the Greek military coup d'État on April 21, 1967,[59][not in citation given] which took place one month before the scheduled national elections for which opinion polls predicted an overwhelming victory of the centrist Center Union of George and Andreas Papandreou. Under the command of paratrooper Lieutenant Colonel Costas Aslanides, the LOK took control of the Greek Defence Ministry while Brigadier General Stylianos Pattakos gained control over communication centers, the parliament, the royal palace, and according to detailed lists, arrested over 10,000 people. Phillips Talbot, the US ambassador in Athens, disapproved of the military coup which established the "Regime of the Colonels" (1967-1974), complaining that it represented "a rape of democracy" - to which Jack Maury, the CIA chief of station in Athens, answered: "How can you rape a whore?"

For clarity, "European stay behind network" = Gladio.

Quote:Mae Brussell wrote:

You read in the paper yesterday, maybe, how much of the Pentagon Papers is not being published and why it's being withheld. The large part of it is the covert relationship to Vietnam, the agents in disguise in Laos, or in Vietnam; our hidden war. The Manson thing is a hidden war.

Here Mae is referring to the Phoenix Program, which was - in part - where MK-ULTRA shrinks got to do whatever They liked, with no questions asked.

That "mind control technology", that supposed ability to create Manchurian Candidates, was in fact deeply flawed. But, as Narut indavertently revealed, They were experimenting with psychopathic murderers & military killers in the quest for programmable assassins. Automatic killers.

See my comments in the thread below about the Symbionese Liberation Army, who were the direct result of Phoenix technology being used by a Phoenix veteran in American prisons. This led to the truly surreal position of the MK-ULTRA (& probable Phoenix) shrinks testifying in court that Patty Hearst was indeed a created, multiple personality, Manchurian Candidate.

Mae Brussell is also entirely correct in suggesting that if any member of the Manson Family was a genuine Manchurian Candidate, then it wasn't Charlie.

It was Charles "Tex" Watson.

Watson links to The Process Church of the Final Judgement, and a bunch of Brits.
"It means this War was never political at all, the politics was all theatre, all just to keep the people distracted...."
"Proverbs for Paranoids 4: You hide, They seek."
"They are in Love. Fuck the War."

Gravity's Rainbow, Thomas Pynchon

"Ccollanan Pachacamac ricuy auccacunac yahuarniy hichascancuta."
The last words of the last Inka, Tupac Amaru, led to the gallows by men of god & dogs of war
With regard to Gladio in general, there is a very interesting PhD manuscript by Daniele Ganser available at the link below. NB it's a near 3Mb pdf file:

On the Greek coup d'etat, Ganser writes:

Quote:As Papandreou challenged the KYP, Norbert Anshutz, US Deputy Chief of
Mission of the US embassy, came to see him and advised him to rescind his
orders to the KYP. Andreas Papandreou refused and ordered the US official to
leave his office, whereupon Anshutz angrily warned that 'there would be consequences'.
27 The military coup d'etat came on the night of April 20/21, 1967, one
month before the scheduled elections for which opinion polls, including those of
the CIA, predicted an overwhelming victory of the left-leaning Centre Union of
George and Andreas Papandreou. The secret army Hellenic Raiding Force started
the coup which was based on the Prometheus plan, a NATO-designed scheme to be
put into action in the event of a Communist insurgency. In the event of opposition,
Prometheus was unequivocal: 'Smash, without hesitation, any probable enemy
resistance.'28 Around midnight the Hellenic Raiding force took control over the
Greek Defence Ministry which in admiration for the United States had been
baptised Pentagon. They met little to no resistance and under the command of
Lieutenant Colonel Costas Aslanides, a trained paratrooper, the building was
secured. After the coup leaders controlled the Pentagon, phase two of the plan
started and in the dark of night tanks with flashlights rolled into the capital and
under the command of Brigadier General Sylianos Pattakos rounded up the
parliament, the royal palace, the radio and the communication centres. Pattakos
directed his column along the same route into the city taken by the Germans
when they had conquered Athens in April 1941. Occasionally the tanks stopped,
the officers looked around for signs of opposition. But there was none Athens
was asleep.
Also 78-year-old George Papandreou was asleep that night in his modest,
whitewashed villa in Kastri, just outside the capital. The procedure, as in every
military coup, was frightfully simple. Armed men knocked at his door, Papandreou
was arrested and driven away in one of two military vehicles that had surrounded
the house. At the same time eight men burst into the house of Andreas Papandreou,
seven with fixed bayonets, one with a machine gun. A commotion followed, and
Andreas escaped to the roof, but a soldier found his 14-year-old son, and, holding
a gun to the boy's head, forced the younger Papandreou to give up. In the space
of some five hours, over 10,000 people were arrested by military squads according
to detailed files and planning, and were taken to 'reception centres'.
Colonel Yannis Ladas, the 47-year-old Director of the Greek military police,
a year later in an interview took pride in the precision and speed with which the
NATO plan had been implemented. 'Within twenty minutes every politician,
every man and anarchist who was listed could be rounded up... it was a very
simple, diabolic plan.'29 The Greek population waking up in the morning found
first of all that their phones were not working and soon thereafter that the military
had taken over control. At 6 a.m. Colonel George Papadopoulos declared through
the media that he had taken over power in order to secure democracy, freedom
and happiness. Eleven articles of the constitution were suspended. People could
now be arrested on the spot and without warrant, to be brought before military
courts. Demonstrations and strikes were outlawed and bank deposits were frozen.
The new ruler George Papadopoulos had operated as KYP's liaison officer with
the CIA ever since 1952 and within the KYP was known to be the trusted man of
CIA chief of station Maury. Yet not all officials of the United States agreed with the
brutal procedure of the CIA. US Senator Lee Metcalf, days after the coup, criticised
the administration of President Johnson sharply when on Capitol Hill he
denounced the Greek junta as 'a military regime of collaborators and Nazi
sympathisers... [who are] receiving American aid' .30 And the US ambassador in
Athens, Phillips Talbot, complained to Maury one week after the brutal change of
power that the US coup represented 'a rape of democracy'. Maury answered:
'How can you rape a whore?'31
Due to the direct involvement of the Hellenic Raiding Force the Greek military
coup has been labelled 'a Gladio coup'. Only in one other country, namely in
Turkey, the secret anti-Communist armies were equally involved in coup d'etats.
In Italy the Gladio network carried out a 'silent coup' in June 1964 when CIA's
trusted General De Lorenzo in operation 'Piano Solo' entered Rome with tanks,
armoured personnel carriers, jeeps and grenade launchers while NATO forces
staged a large military manoeuvre in the area which led the Socialists to silently
abandon their ministerial posts. US historian Bernard Cook has rightly
stressed that 'Plan Solo resembles the subsequent Prometheus Plan utilised
by Colonel George Papadopoulos in 1967 to impose a military government on
Greece. With its intent to destabilise Italy to prevent the advance of the Left, the
plan was no more than "a carbon copy of Gladio".'32 And military expert Collin
agrees that 'What De Lorenzo had in mind was a plan similar in its mechanical
aspects to the one successfully executed a few years later by Colonel Papadopoulos
of Greece.'33
The Greek junta consolidated its power through a regime of imprisonment and
torture, the like of which had not been seen in Western Europe since the end of
the Second World War. Most of those who had been arrested in the first hours after
the coup were later moved to police and army cells. Communists, Socialists,
artists, academics, journalists, students, politically active women, priests, including
their friends and families, were tortured. Their toe and fingernails were torn out.
Their feet were beaten with sticks, until the skin came off and the bones were
broken. Sharp objects were shoved into vaginas. Filthy rags, often soaked in
urine, and sometimes excrement, were pushed down their throats to throttle them,
tubes were inserted into their anus and water driven in under very high pressure,
and electro shocks were applied to their head.34 'We are all democrats here'
Inspector Basil Lambro, the chief of the secret police in Athens, was fond of
stressing. 'Everybody who comes here talks. You're not spoiling our record.' The
sadist torturer made it clear to his victims: 'We are the government, you are nothing.
The government isn't alone. Behind the government are the Americans.' If in
the mood Basil also offered his analysis of world politics: 'The whole world is in
two parts, the Russians and the Americans. We are the Americans. Be grateful
we've only tortured you a little. In Russia, they'd kill you.'35
The Italian right and their secret soldiers were impressed with how efficiently
the Greeks together with the CIA had defeated the left.
"It means this War was never political at all, the politics was all theatre, all just to keep the people distracted...."
"Proverbs for Paranoids 4: You hide, They seek."
"They are in Love. Fuck the War."

Gravity's Rainbow, Thomas Pynchon

"Ccollanan Pachacamac ricuy auccacunac yahuarniy hichascancuta."
The last words of the last Inka, Tupac Amaru, led to the gallows by men of god & dogs of war
I view Mae Brussell as something of a soothsayer.

She was a meticulous researcher. But she was also blessed with the gift of reading the entrails, of knowing where the skeletons lie.

In January 1984, she published:

Quote:The Nazi Connection to the John F. Kennedy Assassination

It was not until around 1990 that information about the NATO/Gehlen stay behind networks of Operation Gladio started to leak into the public domain.

If Mae's paper above is read in the light of what we now know about Gladio, its prescience is extraordinary.

From Daniele Ganser's PhD manuscript on Gladio:

Quote:'The setting up of Stay-Behind organisations of the NATO countries started
already shortly after the end of the Second World War', the official German
governmental report on the stay-behind confirmed in 1990.2 After the defeat of
Germany in 1945 the chaotic post-war conditions were ideal for the United States
to set up a stay-behind. As occupying power the US armies controlled the territory
together with the French, British and the Soviet forces in their respective zones.
Above all the supply of thoroughly anti-Communist men trained in guerrilla warfare
and experienced with arms and explosives was abundant. And thus the United
States secretly recruited former Nazis for the German stay-behind network. In the
midst of the Gladio revelations in 1990 the private TV channel RTL shocked the
German public by revealing in a special Gladio report that former members of
Hitler's dreaded SS, who under Hitler had hunted the Communists, had been part
of Germany's Gladio network.
The US Army General's Staff Top Secret March 28, 1949 Overall Strategic
Concepts highlighted that Germany 'has an excellent potential of trained men for
both underground and Secret Army Reserves [stay-behind units]. Effective resistance
can and should be organized.'3 On the orders of the Pentagon in Washington the
newly created US Counter Intelligence Corps (CIC) tracked down German Nazis
and brought them to the Numberg trials, while the CIC also secretly recruited
selected right-wing extremists for the anti-Communist army. This practice of the
Pentagon was revealed only in 1986 when the US Department of Justice in a
large press conference - which had maybe drawn the biggest crowd of journalists
in Washington since the Watergate days - admitted that the CIC had recruited a
high-ranking Nazi in the post-war years. Specifically a 600-page long study,
compiled by Allan Ryan for the US Justice Department, confirmed that SS and
Gestapo officer Klaus Barbie had been recruited by the CIC in 1947, had thereafter
been hidden from the war crimes investigators and had then been spirited out of
Europe to Argentina through a clandestine 'ratline' in 1951.
Barbie was saved not because the United States secret service officers were
impressed with his moral record, but because he was most useful in the setting up
of the German stay-behind network. 'Among those who were recruited and
did some recruiting for the scheme in the first years', the British press reported
during the Gladio revelations, 'were an ex-SS Obersturmfuhrer, Hans Otto, and
other smaller fish. But the prize catch was Klaus Barbie who functioned as a
recruiter for ex-Nazis and members of the fascist Bund Deutscher Jugend
(BDJ).'4 Barbie, during the war known as the 'Butcher of Lyon', had during his
stay in the French town from 1943 to 1944 been responsible for the murder of at
least 4,000 resistance workers and Jews, as well as the deportation of another
15,000 to concentration death camps. Barbie was condemned to death in absentia by
a French court soon after the war for crimes against humanity as witnesses
described him as a sadistic torturer, who terrified men, women and children with
his whip and Alsatian dog.
The US Justice Department, during its 1986 press conference did not reveal
the use of Barbie for the stay-behind and wrongly stressed that next to Barbie
'no other case was found where a suspected Nazi war criminal was placed in the
ratline, or where the ratline was used to evacuate a person wanted by either the United
States government or any of its post-war allies'.5 This claim was false as the
most prominent Nazi reunited by the CIC was not the Butcher of Lyon Klaus
Barbie but Hitler's General Reinhard Gehlen. General Gehlen had started his
secret service career under Hitler when in April 1942 he became chief of Fremde
Heere Ost (FHO, Foreign Armies Fast) with the task to combat the Soviet Union.
'Gehlen derived much of his information from his role in one of the most terrible
atrocities of the war: the torture, interrogation, and murder by starvation of some
4 million Soviet prisoners of war', US historian Christopher Simpson found in
his detailed account of the US recruitment of Nazis.6 Gehlen was well aware of
the fact that his war crimes had earned him the merit to appear on the blacklist of
the Soviet secret service NKVD. When he realised that Germany was losing the war
he therefore made sure that the Russians would not get him by delivering himself
to the US CIC on May 20, 1945.
General Gehlen was right in assuming that the data which he had collected
during his torture operations on the Soviet Union and its Communists was of
great interest to the United States. Together with a small group of senior Nazi
officers he had therefore at the end of the war carefully microfilmed the extensive
FHO data on the USSR, had packed the films in watertight steel drums and had
secretly buried these in meadows in the Austrian Alps. After several weeks of
CIC internment Gehlen got into contact with US General Edwin Luther Siber to
whom he revealed his secret. The US General was so impressed that he promoted
Gehlen's career in the years to come. He introduced Gehlen to senior US intelligence
officials, including General Walter Bedell Smith, then the highest US Army
intelligence officer in Europe, and later Director of the CIA from 1950 to 1953.
Siber also introduced Gehlen to General William Donovan, chief of the US wartime
secret service Office of Strategic Services (OSS), and Allen Dulles of the OSS,
later chief of the CIA, as well as Frank Wisner of the OSS, later chief of CIA's
OPC which set up the European stay-behind network.7
With Gehlen's help the US dug up the FHO microfilms in Austria and in
August 1945 Siber shipped Gehlen with his data to Washington for debriefing.
President Truman was impressed and named Gehlen, together with a large number
of Gehlen's Nazi network, chief of the first post-war German secret service, tellingly
named Organisation Gehlen (ORG). 'In the end Gehlen', historian Simpson
concludes, 'and several hundred other senior German officers succeeded in making
deals with Britain or the United States... General Gehlen, however, proved to be
the most important of them all.'8 With US financial and material help ORG
headquarters were first erected in Oberursel near Frankfurt, and then moved to
the former Waffen SS training facility Pullach near Munich, still today site of the
headquarters of the German secret service Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND).
Clandestinely CIA and ORG signed cooperation contacts and CIA senior officer
James Criitchfield was deployed to Germany. Called 'Herr Marshall' by the Germans,
Critchfield monitored Gehlen's service and made sure that at all times the names
of Gehlen's top 150 officers were given to him. For each of them the CIA created
a file. So that the German secret service was firmly in US hands.
Erhard Dabringhaus who had worked with the US CIC in Germany from 1948
to 1949 recalled in a documentary on Gladio that he himself had taken part in the
recruitment of Nazis, an activity which he strongly resented. 'In 1948 I was a special
agent with CIC, that's our counterintelligence corps in occupied Germany',
retired Dabringhaus explained. 'I was stationed in Augsberg, and since I spoke
fluent German I was assigned to handle a network of German informants, among
them was Klaus Barbie, and Klaus Barbie was, ehm... later on I discovered that
he was wanted for murder by the French', Dabringhaus explained in front of the
camera, 'and that I reported to my superiors, and they told me to keep nice and
quiet, "He's still valuable, when he's no longer valuable we will turn him over to
the French." I thought that I was gonna get a promotion when I told 'em about
Barbie, and they told me to keep quiet!'9
Former US CIC officer Dabringhaus, who now lives in Florida in the United
States, explained how several German Nazis on US orders had set up the staybehind
arms caches in Germany. 'Colonel Gunther Bernau was an agent, an
informant working for the military intelligence in Stuttgart. We [of the US CIC] had
provided him a home, a safe-house in Ludwisburg, and there I met him three
times a week and he brought us information about Communists and whatever we
wanted to hear he told us.' The aim of the United States was to fight Communism, no
matter the means, Dabringhaus related, although he himself was little impressed
with Bernau: 'He was certainly a very strong Nazi. I sat in his office one day and
opened his album of pictures from the war, and in the middle of the album it
showed a nice picture of Adolf Hitler. Several other high-ranking SS officers
came to visit him in his safe house that we provided, and he told me that if for any
reason he needs help by one telephone call he could contact 200 former SS leaders
from Hamburg to Munich.'
Bernau, according to Dabringhaus, was centrally involved in setting up the
German stay-behind army: 'I remember him taking me to one particular spot
which we uncovered and dug it out and there were rifles, small arms, grenades,
all nicely wrapped in cosmolene and he said "We have thousands of these all over
the country." And that sort of made me a little suspicious and I reported this and they
said, "Well, we know this. They are all working for us in case the Communists come
across the Iron Curtain.'" Senior US officials, according to the need-to-know
principle, did not explain the details of the secret stay-behind army to CIC officer
Dabringhaus, but the latter had learned enough to understand that it was a top-secret
project involving a large number of Nazis: 'A former General, SS General, Paul
Hauser, was a frequent visitor at Bernau's house, and they worked together hand
in gloves about certain programmes which we didn't know anything about, and I
wasn't even asked to find out more about it. Somebody above me must have been
running this network already at that time.'10
When the Gladio scandal erupted in 1990 an unnamed former NATO intelligence
official explained that the covert action branch of the CIA under Frank Wisner in
order to set up the German secret army had 'incorporated lock, stock and barrel
the espionage outfit run by Hitler's spy chief Reinhard Gehlen. This is well
known, because Gehlen was the spiritual father of Stay Behind in Germany and
his role was known to the West German leader, Konrad Adenauer, from the
outset.' According to the unnamed NATO officer, US President Truman and
German Chancellor Adenauer had signed a secret protocol with the US on West
Germany's entry into NATO in May 1955 in which it was agreed that the West
German authorities would refrain from active legal pursuit of known right-wing
extremists. What is not so well known is that other top German politicians
were privy to the existence of secret resistance plans. One of these was the then
German State Secretary and former high-ranking Nazi, Hans Globke.'11
In Germany one of the Nazi-dominated US networks named 'Bund Deutscher
Jugend' (BDJ) and its stay-behind 'Technischer Dienst' (TD) were discovered in
1952. Klaus Barbie had played a leading role in setting up the German staybehind
BDJ-TD.12 But the secret was not kept for long. The New York Times
reported on October 10, 1952 under the somewhat misleading headline 'German
Saboteurs betray US Trust. Wide Investigation Follows Confirmation of Financing
Guerrillas' War Training', that 'Authoritative officials here privately confirmed
today that the United States had sponsored and helped finance the secret training
of young Germans, including many former soldiers, to become guerrilla fighters
in the event of a war with the Soviet Union.' The US newspaper reported that the
'disclosure yesterday in the State Parliament of Hesse and the banner headline
publicity today in the German press have caused the United States Department
and the Army considerable embarrassment', above all because 'it was discovered
that the projected guerrilla group had engaged in political activities. Their
leaders...drew up blacklists of persons who were to be "liquidized", if they were
deemed unreliable in a war against the Russians.' Therefore 'Several joint
German-United States meetings were held' because many acting 'Socialists,
including government officials, were on the list, as well as Communists'.
This early discovery of a part of the German stay-behind caused a major scandal
on both sides of the Atlantic and Newsweek in the United States reported on
October 20, 1952 that the CIA had organised a group of 'stay-behinds' in Germany.
Interestingly enough the German news magazine Der Spiegel on October 29,
1952 correctly reported that stay-behind networks existed next to Germany also
in numerous countries of Western Europe: 'The BDJ affair has caused considerable
worries in the different headquarters of the American secret service in Europe.
Because the "Technischer Dienst" in Germany is but one branch of a partisan
network supported by the United States and spreading over the whole of Europe.'
Specifically, as the Spiegel reported, 'This network is most strongly developed in
France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxemburg, Italy and the Iberian peninsula. In
France this organisation was created already in 1948, with the support of the
leader of the Socialists, [Minister of the Interior] Jules Moch.'
What had happened and who had blown the cover? On September 9, 1952
former SS officer Hans Otto had walked after his own personal decision into the
headquarters of the criminal police in the city of Frankfurt in the German state of
Hesse and according to the German governmental records' declared to belong to
a political resistance group, the task of which was to carry out sabotage activities
and blow up bridges in case of a Soviet invasion'. According to Otto, who felt
alienated with the terrorist preparations, 'about 100 members of the organisation
had been instructed at a specific school in politics, trained to use American, Russian
and German arms, and drilled in military tactics. Members of the organisation
were mostly former officers of the Air Force, the Army or the Waffen-SS.' The
official German transcripts record that 'Although officially neo-fascist tendencies
were not required, most members of the organisation featured them. The financial
means to run the organisation had been provided by an American citizen with the
name of Sterling Garwood.' Next to waiting for the Soviet invasion the German
secret army also had domestic subversion tasks: 'As for domestic politics the
tactics of the organisation were aimed at the KPD [Communist Party of Germany]
and SPD [Socialist Party of Germany].'13
The 'organisation' that Otto was talking about was part of the German
stay-behind network, but with all probability did not represent the entire German
network even at the time. The branch was misleadingly labelled BDJ, short for
'German Youth Federation', although the average age of its members was around 42.
Already before Otto's testimony the BDJ had been well known for its extreme
anti-Communism. But what remained unknown was that the BDJ had fronted for
the so-called Technischer Dienst (TD, Technical Service), which was in the topsecret
paramilitary German stay-behind, staffed with former Nazis, paid by the US,
and equipped with weapons and explosives. According to the German statistics
BDJ membership, which spread across the whole of Western Germany, officially
amounted to 17,000 people, whereas according to the German governmental
investigation TD membership counted only around 2,000 people.14
Otto's testimony in 1952 lead to a large-scale police investigation. Near
Waldmichelbach, a small romantic village in the Odenwald forest district of Hesse,
the stay-behind training centre was discovered. The Waldmichelbach centre had
only become operational in June 1951, and before that date, members of the German
stay-behind had been directly trained on the US Army base Grafenwohr in
Germany.15 Called 'Wamiba' by insiders after its location, the training centre
consisted in essence of a house with an underground shooting area and a bunker
close by, all located inconspicuously in a side valley, half a kilometre away from
the country road. Villagers remembered, 'that the Americans used to carry out
shooting exercises or something like that over there'.16
Otto testified to the German authorities that the contact of the BDJ-TD with
the CIA was to a large degree handled by the mysterious American whom he
called Mr Garwood. Garwood, probably of the CIA, regularly instructed the TD
members in the Odenwald and repeatedly insisted that the whole stay-behind was
a top-secret organisation, and that nobody may say anything to anybody at any time.
This, it seems, was taken very seriously. For when at one time it was suspected that
a TD member of another German state, Bavaria, 'had filled out a questionnaire
with another resistance organisation', the assassination of that member was
seriously contemplated within the TD, as Otto highlighted with a certain disgust.17
'I do not have the impression that Mr. Garwood had any objections to such methods',
Otto testified to the German authorities. 'He taught us for instance, how to kill
a person without leaving a trace, by simply making him unconscious with
chloroform, put him in his car, and use a pipe to guide the exhausts of the car into
the cabin. He taught us how with certain interrogation techniques, violence could
be used without leaving a trace.' Otto was also instructed in torture techniques:
'One has for instance to blindfold the eyes of the person to be interrogated. Then
a piece of meat must be grilled close to the scene while a piece of ice is being
pressed on selected body parts of the person to be interrogated. The coldness of
the ice, combined with the smell of burnt meat, leaves the interrogated in the
belief, that he is being treated with burning metal.'18
Otto explained that Garwood provided the money and most of the equipment.
Some 130 men were trained in the Wamiba centre, almost all former German
Nazis, in interrogation techniques, shooting, use of explosives, setting up of
traps, wireless communication and assassination methods. Most interestingly TD
member Otto also elaborated on that rarely discussed, but very existential and
central, stay-behind question concerning the willingness of secret soldiers to indeed
stay-behind in case of a Soviet invasion.


After the organisation was discovered, immediate arrests and confiscations
followed on September 18, 1952', Prime Minister Zinn told his parliament. 'But
on October 1, the High National Prosecutor [Oberbundesanwalt] ordered that the
suspects be released, as the organisation had been created on the orders of United
States agencies', whereupon a roar went through the parliament with many
parliamentarians, according to the original transcripts, shouting 'Hear! Hear!', or
'Incredible!' As the parliamentarians calmed down Zinn continued: 'According
to the testimony of a senior member of the TD, liquidations were also planned',
whereupon an even greater roar went through parliament, with members shouting
'Hear! Hear! That's how far we have come already again!' Zinn continued:
'A training centre was set up in Waldmichelbach in Odenwald' and 'The members of
the organisation were mostly former officers of the Air Force, the Army and the
SS.' Again the parliament was in agitation, for all present had lived through the
Second World War and now shouted: 'Listen to this! Incredible!'
Zinn explained that the agents were between 35 and 50 and 'The organisation
received very generous funding, confiscated documents suggest that it received
about 50,000 DM a month'. Whereupon a parliamentarian shouted: 'Where did the
money come from!?' Zinn related that 'The money came from faked orders of an
allegedly US agency to the TD' and went on to explain that 'The same organisation
had a domestic task... According to the testimony of a leading member selected
"unreliable" people should be eliminated in case X', which sent a new storm of
criticism through the parliament with voices shouting 'Killed, that means!
Incredible!' Zinn was well aware of the storm he caused and solemnly continued
that 'interestingly there were 15 sheets of paper on Communists, but 80 pages on
leading Social Democrats... SPD Interior Minister Heinrich Zinnkann of Hesse
was suspected of Communist connections', which next to criticism was commented
with laughter in parliament. 'According to testimonies, much secret material had
been destroyed, some material has been collected by a US official, now therefore
also inaccessible. The money and the weapons were provided by an American, who
supervised the training' leaving parliamentarians once again shouting 'Hear! Hear!'
Zinn had not yet finished: 'What is very important, is to realise, that such secret
organisations outside all German control are the starting base for illegal domestic
activities, this is sad experience our people has had to make already three decades
ago, and these features were manifest also with this organisation', a fierce criticism
which was applauded by parliament with voices shouting 'Correct! That's right!'
'Mr. Reeber of the United States this morning', Zinn continued, 'agreed with me,
that such organisations are the starting point for domestic terror... expressed his
most sincere regret and condemned the organisation sharply... He promised not
only his full support to clarify the entire affair completely and uproot all rests of
the organisation, but also to prevent the phenomena from reoccurring.'28
Of course the German Gladio was not dissolved, as the discoveries in 1990
showed. Traces were destroyed whenever possible. Former US High Commissioner
McCloy in October 1952 insisted that the United States were not rearming
the Nazis and that 'during all those years, that I have spent in Germany, our aims
and efforts have been directed towards the aim of strengthening all democratic
forces in Germany, and to fight both the Communists, as well as Neo- and Pro
Nazis'. McCloy emphasised that 'It is therefore unthinkable, that a responsible
American would have supported such activities, as they have been reported by
Prime Minister Zinn. This fact must be expressed clearly, for the sake of truth and
Despite these assurances the parliament of Hesse decided to have the phenomena
fully investigated by the Interior Minister of Hesse who in a solid democratic
performance in 1953 presented an impressive three-volume long report.30
Four decades later former CIA officer Thomas Polgar, who retired in 1981
after a 30-year long CIA career, well remembered the German Gladio scandal for
he had been stationed in Germany in the early 1950s and in the early 1970s had
come back to the country to replace Ray Cline as the Chief of the German CIA
station. 'The "Bund Deutscher Jugend" was a right-wing political organisation
loosely affiliated with one of the political parties in the state of Hesse in Germany
and it was deemed that these people have the motivation and the willingness to
service part of the underground should the Soviet army indeed overrun all or part
of West Germany', Polgar related in the 1990s. 'When the story broke there
was a considerable flap, and it was deemed desirable that [US] General Truscott
should personally explain to the people involved what had happened and we
explained the situation first to Konrad Adenauer of Germany.' This, as seen above
did not solve the problem and Polgar remembers that 'then we explained it to
General Matthew Ridgeway, who was then the commander-in-chief of NATO,
and finally, and most importantly, we explained it to Prime Minister Georg Zinn
of Hesse, who himself was on that list, and Truscott explained to the Hessian Prime
Minister that this was an unauthorised activity, to be sure only a paper exercise,
but of which he was unaware and it certainly shouldn't be interpreted as in any
way casting aspersions on our confidence in Prime Minister Zinn'.31
That clandestine German stay-behind cells existed not only in the state of
Hesse, but also in other parts of Germany was confirmed by Dieter von Glahn
after the Gladio revelations in 1990. 'Our mission and our organisation were
identical with what is now known about Gladio', Glahn explained.32 An ambiguous
figure of the militant German anti-Communist scene Glahn had fled from a Soviet
prisoner-of-war camp during the Second World War and after the war had joined
the stay-behind secret army as a BDJ-TD member in the northern German state of
Bremen. 'At the time of the Korean war', Glahn explained in his autobiography
in 1994, 'the Americans were very worried, that something similar could also
happen in Germany'. Thus 'the Americans decided to recruit and set up a reliable
German unit for day X, the invasion of the Red Army. The unit was to be trained
with American arms, equipped from arms caches, and designed to go under
ground immediately in case of an attack.' Glahn related that 'the BDJ was but the
cover, something like the official arm of an anti-Communist organisation. The
unofficial arm Technischer Dienst, or "Organisation Peters", as it was also called
after its leader, was the real combat core' and existed in numerous parts of Germany.
'The TD thus became an important part of the US-German anti-Soviet defence.
The Americans were mainly interested in former members of the German army'
including himself. 'As my anti-Communist attitudes were well known, I was
recruited. Officially I now was leader of the BDJ in the city of Oldenburg/Ostfriesland.
Unofficially I was the leader of the TD for the entire area Oldenburg
and Bremen-Ostfriesland [northern Germany].'33
Glahn proudly related in his memoirs that the German 'FBI', the Bundesamt
fur Verfassungsschutz (BfV), knew of the secret stay-behind armies and covered
them. T worked very closely together.,. with Neubert of the BfV', Glahn recalled the
anti-Communist battle which united them. At 'nights we regularly hung up posters,
and covered the posters of the Communists... and exposed some Oldenburger
businessmen, who collaborated with the Communists. In this there were often
violent clashes.' It was at 'that time I founded many subgroups of the BDJ in my
area' with support of the CIA who trained in Waldmichelbach and the US base
Grafenwohr. T myself have taken part in such trainings several times. Members
received a brownish US combat dress, were only allowed to communicate by first
name, came from all over Germany, but were forbidden to tell the others where
they lived. Practically we were completely isolated from the world there for four
weeks.' Gladiators received 'extensive training for day X. At that time secret
American arms caches were erected in all parts of Western Germany. In my area
only my deputy and I knew the exact location of the arms cache... our cache was
well buried in a little forest.'34
Not only the German stay-behind network, but also the German secret service
ORG and its staff survived the 1952 discovery of parts of the German Gladio
almost without a scratch due to the protection of the powerful CIA. General
Reinhard Gehlen remained in charge and in 1956 the 'Organisation Gehlen'
changed its label to 'Bundesnachrichtendienst' (BND). When CIA Director Allan
Dulles was once asked whether he did not feel ashamed to cooperate with Nazi
Gehlen the former replied: 'I don't know if he is a rascal. There are few archbishops
in espionage... Besides, one needn't ask him to one's club.'35 When even the
German government, under Conservative chancellor Kurt Georg Kiesinger and
Socialist vice-chancellor and Foreign Minister Willy Brandt, started to distrust
its compromised secret service BND the latter was investigated in detail for the
first time in its history.
The ensuing 'Mercker Report' allegedly was 'a horror document for the
BND, which is kept under lock and key until today', the German press reported
still in 1995. 'Its shattering conclusion on the BND: " A corrupt organisation".'
36 Reinhard Gehlen, sharply attacked by the governmental investigation,
was not even allowed to read the report. And the Germann Socialists who with
Willy Brandt, for the first time after the war, had entered the government were
so embarrassed by the top Nazi within the executive that upon receiving the
Mercker report they sacked Gehlen after a remarkably long career of more than
20 years at the head of the German secret service on worker's day May 1, 1968.
In order not to upset the While House Gehlen was replaced by Gerhard Wessel
who had served as West Germany's military attache in Washington after 1945
and ever since cultivated close links with the CIA and the US national security
It is unknown whether the classified Mercker report also contained data on the
stay-behind activities of the ORG and the BND, but evidence which surfaced
during the 1990 Gladio investigations suggests that it does. The short report of
the German government on the BND and its stay-behind of December 1990,
claims that a legal basis for the German stay-behind had been created in December
1968, thus only a few months after the Mercker report had been completed:
'In December 1968 the Chief of the Chancellors Ministry had explicitly stated in
article 16 of the "General Directives for the BND" that preparations for a defence
situation shall be taken.' Presumably the government at the time had decided to
continue to run the stay-behind but wanted to back the operation with a legal
basis: 'That directive reads: "The BND carries out the necessary preparations and
planning for the defence case, in general questions upon agreement with the chief
of Chancellor's Ministry."'37 German journalist and Gladio author Leo Muller
wondered in 1990 'how much anti-democratic secret organisations substance was
also contained in the later stay-behinds of the German secret service, which were
discovered in October 1990?'38
Whether the removal of Gehlen and the introduction of the new law reduced
the dominant role of the CIA in the German stay-behind remains doubtful.
Former German Gladio member Glahn in his book makes it a point that ultimately
the CIA was in charge: 'I intentionally write of "secret services" in the plural,
because we were later united with the secret service Organisation Gehlen on the
orders of the Americans.' Glahn relates that although Gehlen was the key player in
the German stay-behind, overall command rested with the US: 'This organisation
had been named after its founder, General Gehlen... He set up an excellent secret
service centre in Pullach close to Munich', Glahn relates and stressed that "The
Technische Dienst TD was in constant contact with the residents of the Gehlen
Organisation. The military task, however, for day X, remained firmly in the
hands of the Americans.'39 When the cover of the German secret army was
blown in 1952 Gehlen and others had been offered an exile in the United States in
order to protect them from further German investigations. 'I was offered to be
flown to the United States, as other members of the TD, which were involved
in a criminal trial. I have discussed this with my wife at length... but decided
that I did not want to be an emigre. My place was here in Germany.'40
"It means this War was never political at all, the politics was all theatre, all just to keep the people distracted...."
"Proverbs for Paranoids 4: You hide, They seek."
"They are in Love. Fuck the War."

Gravity's Rainbow, Thomas Pynchon

"Ccollanan Pachacamac ricuy auccacunac yahuarniy hichascancuta."
The last words of the last Inka, Tupac Amaru, led to the gallows by men of god & dogs of war
Myra Bronstein Wrote:[quote=Magda Hassan]
Fascinating point you make about the Rolling Stones! Jagger was a product of the London School of Economics and a crass ruthless businessman first and foremost. When the true artistic spirit of the band, Brian Jones, became too much of a bother he was done away with. The satanic elements went way beyond imagery.

Well well. After 40 years of cover-ups the British police are finally investigating this blatant murder that had many witnesses.
Magda Hassan Wrote:
Quote:I have a file that started in '67, and every article from all the magazines or books that I could get follows up who overthrew Greece: the Litton Industry, the fascists in this country put those edicts in there. Now if they put them in there and it worked they could put them down on us.
Can some one clarify for me what Mae is referring to here? Greece - Litton industry? Edicts?

Litton Industries of California played a part in the generals' coup in Greece. They were a defense contractor. Still are.

TIME Magazine 1967: Litton Takes Charge in Greece,00.html

The first thing the junta did was issue a set of edicts:

Without getting too historical, I think what Mae is saying here is that the Flower Children of Golden Gate Park 1967 had a military crackdown to look forward to, but of course were blissfully unaware of their impending doom.

Papendreou was a UC Berkeley prof btw. Of economics. His son Nick was head of the World Bank for a while.

Regarding the "acid of control" Manson spoke of to Leary at Folsom, someone mentioned psilocybin. Wasson was accompanied on his first trip to Mexico by a CIA man undercover. They were playing with psilocybin and everything else back in those days. Wasson married a Russian woman and quit as vice president of JP Morgan to follow his mushroom dream.

Andrija Puharich was a Yugoslav who went to work for US Army chemical and germ warfare research after WWII. He discusses some aspects of the state of research in the 50s in his remarkable book The Sacred Mushroom. He also has Wasson and Aldous Huxley flitting through making strange cameo appearances.

The other author in the Sacred Mushrom Triad is John Allegro, the only agnostic on the Dead Sea Scrolls commission of translators. The scrolls were discovered in 1947 when so many other strange events occurred. Allegro used to appear in LIFE and LOOK with very odd new theories about Essenes, ventriloquism and everything else, but his book The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross got him in hot water with the authorites but earned him a lasting place in the then-burgeoning psychedlic subculture. He had no intelligence role as far as I'm aware, other than being the subject of Vatican intelligence reports I suppose.

Bishop Pike, Episcopalian archbishop of California, was the first tv evangelist in the world on a local Bay Area station. He came from intelligence during the war, Anglo-American it seems, maybe just American. He was keenly interested in Allegro's work on the scrolls and was an important and controversial figure in the 1960s. Especially on the subculture in the Bay Area, but globally as well.

Oops, I think I got too historical anyway, and off-topic to boot. Yes, I think Manson was "sheep-dipped." I think he was in league with the Process Church. I think there was bad blood with the Scientology Hollywood Celebrities Center that led to two murdered girls found nearby.

Following up on the idea Operation Chaos was supposed to increase racial tension in California, there are serious unsolved aspects to the Zebra Killer in Northern California. It was supposed to be a few lone rogue Black Muslims in San Francisco murdering whites as an initiation ritual. That was the cover story anyway. Came slightly later, 73 or 74.

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One hour audio on Manson HERE.

With researcher and broadcaster, Mae Brussell. Originally aired in October 1971 on her radio program, Dialogue: Assassination, this show reveals Manson as a patsy and analyzes the so-called Manson murders as a premeditated political massacre...
"Let me issue and control a nation's money and I care not who writes the laws. - Mayer Rothschild
"Civil disobedience is not our problem. Our problem is civil obedience! People are obedient in the face of poverty, starvation, stupidity, war, and cruelty. Our problem is that grand thieves are running the country. That's our problem!" - Howard Zinn
"If there is no struggle there is no progress. Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and never will" - Frederick Douglass
Peter Lemkin Wrote:One hour audio on Manson HERE.

With researcher and broadcaster, Mae Brussell. Originally aired in October 1971 on her radio program, Dialogue: Assassination, this show reveals Manson as a patsy and analyzes the so-called Manson murders as a premeditated political massacre...

Thank you Peter. God Mae Brussell was so brilliant.

Though I've only listened to half of this show. I tried the link provided and it didn't play. Then I tried the link someone provided at the KPFA site ( and it didn't seem to buffer correctly--kept starting and stopping--so I gave up on that one. The problem may be my ISP. So I'm still trying to come up with a way to hear the whole thing.

What I did hear was excellent. She was comparing the regime's termination of the US progressive peace and love era with the US led coup in Greece.

Dang, she did all this with newspaper clippings. Wonder what she would have done with the internet. Of course we can't know 'cause she died quite young of, you know, "cancer." The activist disease.

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