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More American history not taught in schools by Joe Perez at Making the World Safe for Hypocrisy

1949: Bombing China, Lying To The World, Destroying Democracy, Silencing Uppity Niggers And Forrestal Goes Flying

[Image: james-forrestal-tombstone.jpg]1949: UNITED STATES. Nazi financier cum U.S. Secretary of "Defense" James Forrestal has close ties with the Harriman family and had long been a partner and president of Dillon, Reed and Company, both leading financiers of the Third Reich. Such a staunch pillar of the American ruling class that he was made a vice-president of Nazi concentration camp operator IG Farben's GAF Corporation, Forrestal had gone a little bit off the rails in 1944 when, as Secretary of the Navy, he proposed, gasp, the racial integration of the U.S. Navy. Later, as "Defense" Secretary, he confirmed everyone's worst fears by pressing for full racial integration of the armed forces, which must have got the Harrimans, the Duponts, the Bushes and all the other master race loonies into a bit of a tizzy.

[Image: james-forrestal.JPG]Forrestal is also in conflict with other functionaries in the Truman regime over military budgets. And, he is the most outspoken opponent in the regime of the creation of the state of Israel, a position which sharply conflicts with ruling class plans for domination of the oilfields of the Middle East using Israel as a military proxy in the region. Forrestal is convinced that he is being followed and that his phone is tapped . No one said he was stupid.

On March 28, 1949, Forrestal is forced out of office and flown on an Air Force plane to Florida. He is taken to Jupiter Island, a high security enclave of the usual gang of suspects including the Harrimans, Mellons, Dillons, Bushes et al, where fellow Nazi financier and terror bombing advocate Robert Lovett and an army psychiatrist gently "tend" to him. After some "care" in Lovett's loving hands, Forrestal is flown back to Washington, locked in Bethesda Naval Hospital and given insulin shock treatments for "mental exhaustion".

Forrestal says that he does not expect to leave Bethesda alive. All of his requests to see his brother, one particular friend and two priests are denied. One priest attempts to visit him on seven separate occasions and is turned away every time. The naval authorities admit only selected government officials, Forrestal's estranged wife and his son who had, by coincidence, been Averill Harriman's aide.

[Image: Bethesda+Naval+Hospita.l+%28Forrestal%29.jpg]After threatening a lawsuit, Henry Forrestal is finally permitted to see his brother who has gained twelve pounds since his admission to Bethesda. He reports that James Forrestal is "acting and talking as sanely and intelligently as any man I’ve ever known" and makes arrangements to remove his brother from Bethesda on May 22. A few hours before his brother is due to remove him from Bethesda, James Forrestal's body is found, his bathrobe cord tied tightly around his neck, after he had apparently plunged from a sixteenth-story kitchen window.

No doubt Forrestal, a devout Catholic, wanted to ensure a successful suicide and tied the cord around his neck, theorizing that if the fall didn't kill him, he'd die of strangulation after he hit the ground. Why a patient who was said to be suicidal would be placed on the sixteenth floor of a hospital with unsecured windows and why he would be allowed to retain so classic a suicide device as the cord of his bathrobe are mysteries which will doubtless remain forever unsolved. A hint, however, comes from Forrestal's doctor, who says that he was ordered by "the people downtown" to put Forrestal on the sixteenth floor while he wanted to put his patient in the bottom floor of a nearby annex. Part of a poem by Sophocles is said to represent Forrestal's "suicide note", a note which is later discovered not to be in Forrestal's handwriting. Funny thing.

A long neglected fact is that Forrestal had an interesting new companion on the night of his death. A Navy corpsman, supposedly named Robert Wayne Harrison, Jr., replaced Forrestal's usual guard who conveniently had gone AWOL (absent without leave). Harrison claimed that Forrestal had sent him out on a "brief errand" and that during this time Forrestal killed himself.

The chief psychiatrist at Bethesda immediately labels Forrestal's death a suicide and the Montgomery County coroner rushes to join the chorus before any investigation has been conducted. Since the death occurred on U.S. Navy property, no police investigation is ever conducted. An official Navy Review Board completes hearings on Forrestal's death on May 31 but waits until things have quietened on October 12 to release a heavily-censored summary consisting of only a few lines. The version of Forrestal's death promulgated by the mass media is, in a nutshell, that Forrestal went a bit loopy and killed himself.

In 1966, The Death of James Forrestal, by Cornell Simpson, is published, raising serious questions about Forrestal's "suicide". Inevitably, the book is almost totally ignored by the mass media. In 2004, after a long battle with the National Naval Medical Center under the Freedom of Information Act, a researcher finally obtains a copy of the long suppressed report of the Navy Review Board. What a surprise, the report does not even conclude that Forrestal committed suicide, merely that he died from falling sixteen stories which is hardly surprising. Neither does it mention the much reported suicide note.

What the report does say is that an eyewitness saw broken glass on the bedding in Forrestal's room. Since he allegedly jumped out of the kitchen window, that testimony flatly contradicts the suicide theory unless he survived a fall of sixteen stories, went back up to his room unseen, lay down on his bed, got glass fragments on the bedding and then jumped out of the kitchen window a second time after carefully tying his bathrobe cord around his neck. And if you believe that, I've got a magic bullet I'd like to sell you.

By the time crime scene photographs are taken, several hours after Forrestal's death, not only the glass but the bedding has magically disappeared, leaving only a bare mattress in Forrestal's room. The report also contains statements from Forrestal's doctors that, contrary to the rumors which were widely spread at the time, he had never attempted suicide.

[Image: uss+forrestal-james.gif]But hey, Forrestal had a good run, helping get old Adolf and the Third Reich going and playing with the big boys before he took his unpowered flight from the 16th floor. By way of compensation, he gets an aircraft carrier named after him. And he gets a very funny tombstone which reads, in essence, that he died in the "great cause of good government". Who says the boys don't have a sense of humor?

For secret assassinations...the contrived accident is the most effective technique. When successfully executed, it causes little excitement and is only casually investigated. The most effective accident.. is a fall of 75 feet or more onto a hard surface. Elevator shafts, stair wells, unscreened windows and bridges will serve. The act may be executed by sudden, vigorous grabbing of the ankles, tipping the subject over the edge.
CIA Assassination Manual
(released under FOI)
[Image: korea-Kim-koo-gu-assassin.jpg]1949: KOREA. Korean politician Kim Koo (Gu) is assassinated, the hit very likely orchestrated by the CIA. Koo's crime: the heretical belief that Korea should be a single nation and not the pseudo nations of North and South Korea created by the U.S.

1949: CHINA. The U.S. bombs China and supplies arms to right wing forces in an attempt to ensure access to Chinese resources and markets by U.S. business interests.

1949: SYRIA. The U.S. backs a military coup which overthrows the democratically-elected government of Syria. The U.S. immediately recognizes the dictatorship and provides it with kill lists of all Syrian politicians who might be able to rally resistance to the U.S.-compliant junta.

1949: ICELAND. Thousands of Icelanders riot in protest at the decision of the Icelandic government to join the U.S.-controlled military alliance, NATO.

[Image: radio-free-europe-cia-propaganda.jpg]1949: EASTERN EUROPE. The CIA creates its most important non-domestic propaganda network, Radio Free Europe. RFE's broadcasts are so filled with blatant lies, propaganda and misinformation that it is, oh sweet irony, a crime to publish transcripts of them in the land of the free lest the American public should become aware of the ludicrous lies being told by their government.
Why in God's name do we want to control the Earth? We want to rule Russia and we cannot rule Alabama. We who hate "niggers" and "darkies " propose to control a world full of colored people. We are daily being pushed into a third world war on the assumption that we are sole possessors of Truth and Right and are able to pound our ideas into the world's head by brute force. What hinders us from beginning to reason now before we fight? We are afraid.
W.E.B. DuBois
Statement to the U. S. Senate, 1949
[Image: Paul-Robeson-bursting-through-the-front-...e-web1.jpg]1949: UNITED STATES. Internationally lionized black singer/actor and America's most uppity and dangerous dissident, Paul Robeson, continues to upset the powers that be. Scores of his concerts in the United States are canceled after J. Edna Hoover's FBI intimidates local concert promoters. Stymied in the U.S., Robeson tours Europe and speaks his mind about peace and freedom.

The State Department of the world's greatest democracy revokes Robeson's U.S. passport "because of his recognized status as spokesman for large sections of Negro Americans (and) view of his frank admission that he has been for years active politically on behalf of independence of the colonial people in Africa." We can't be havin' no uppity niggers acting as spokesman for black people or speaking out in support of freedom, can we now? That'd be downright un-American.

1949-52: GERMANY. John J. McCloy, Rockefeller lawyer, former adviser to Italian Fascist dictator Benito Mussolini, collaborator with the Bush/Harriman interests in financing the rise of Adolf Hitler and overseer of the U.S. non-bombing of American-owned Nazi armaments factories during World War Two, is named U.S. Military Governor and High Commissioner of occupied West Germany. McCloy's sterling dedication to Fascism and Nazism had earned him a seat in Adolf Hitler's personal box at the 1936 Olympic games in Berlin, at the personal invitation of Nazi chieftains Rudolf Hess and Hermann Goering.

1949-1953: ALBANIA. The U.S. and Britain try unsuccessfully to overthrow the government of Albania by infiltrating hundreds of terrorists into the country. The goal is to install a pro-American government composed largely of monarchists and those Albanians who had collaborated with Italian Fascists and Nazis during World War Two.

1949-1961: BURMA. The CIA arms and trains 12,000 right wing Taiwanese troops in Burma to invade the People's Republic of China.

[Image: ingrid-bergman.jpg]1949: UNITED STATES. Swedish actress Ingrid Bergman, a huge movie star in the United States and around the world, becomes pregnant without benefit of clergy and is denounced on the floor of the Senate by Edwin C. Johnson, a righteous Democrat from Colorado, who refers to her as "a horrible example of womanhood and a powerful influence for evil." A vote in the Senate effectively declares her persona non grata and she is forced to leave the land of the free.

1949-unknown: UNITED STATES. The FBI's leading cross-dresser and Mafia associate, J. Edna Hoover, who is not denounced from the floor of the Senate, launches another of his countless crime waves against Americans, this time to subvert American society by influencing the appointment of teachers in the United States. At Yale, the FBI feeds derogatory information to the provost to discourage the appointment of educators who are not "right thinking". Others, already hired, like Professor Henry Margenau, are simply intimidated into submission. Contrary to Hoover's lies at the time, the FBI maintains a "liaison officer" at Yale and has well-placed informants and stooges in more than fifty colleges and universities in the U.S. including the presidents of Yale and Princeton and the dean of students at Harvard.

At the University of Colorado, Professor Howard Higman makes the grave mistake of mocking J. Edna personally, scoffing at Hoover's ludicrous, ghost-written, commie-under-the-bed scare tome, Masters of Deceit, and telling students that he disapproves "of the rise in the United States of a political police." A freedom-loving citizen squeals to the FBI that Higman has committed blasphemy and Hoover launches a nationwide flood of letters and stories denouncing the heretic Higman. In 1991, Higman will obtain his partially-censored FBI file which, by then, has grown to 6,000 pages and includes not only reports of FBI spying on Higman himself but also on his children.

Access to FBI files decades later will reveal that the FBI maintained files on thousands of teachers throughout the U.S.

[Image: peekskill-robeson-riot-car.jpg]1949: UNITED STATES. Freedom loving mobs riot in Peekskill, New York, when black singer Paul Robeson stages a concert in support of the Civil Rights Congress. Amongst other attractions, the Peekskill area boasts its very own chapter of the Ku Klux Klan. The mob attacks concertgoers with baseball bats and rocks, seriously injuring thirteen before police decide to intervene.

The concert is canceled and, when twenty thousand people attend a rescheduled concert, they are forced to run a miles-long gauntlet of local and imported goons throwing rocks through the windshields of cars and buses. Over a hundred and forty people are injured and many vehicles seriously damaged as police stand by and watch.

Following the riots, a delegation of more than three hundred people attempts to meet with New York governor Thomas Dewey who absurdly blames the violence on the bogeyman-du-jour, communism, and refuses to meet with them. Twenty-seven plantiffs file a civil suit against Westchester County and two veterans groups. Inevitably, the charges will be dismissed three years later.

1949-ongoing: JAPAN. Japan's leading gangster, Kodama Yoshio, who had worked in Japanese-occupied China during the war looting, pillaging, selling opium and supervising the collection and shipment to Japan of industrial metals such as tungsten, titanium and platinum is released from prison courtesy of the United States of America even though he has been designated a Class A war criminal. He immediately goes to work for Nazi shyster Allen Dulles' CIA. He later becomes the chief agent in Japan for the Lockheed Aircraft Company, bribing and blackmailing politicians to buy the Lockheed F-104 fighter and the L-1011 airbus.

[Image: restrictive+covenant+blacks+chicago+1949.jpg]1949: UNITED STATES. A mob at times numbering as many as ten thousand riots in a predominantly Catholic section of Chicago after a Jewish man hosts a reception on South Peoria Street and invites eight black people. Blacks, Jews and eventually University of Chicago students all become victims of mob violence. The Catholic Interracial Council notes the large percentage of Catholics in the mobs. The parish priest, Msgr. Daniel F. Byrnes, is among the leading racists and has promised parishioners that the Holy Roman church will buy up properties rather than let blacks, who are not, it would seem , God's children, move into the parish. During the riots, police refuse to quell the violence because it would involve taking action against their own neighbors. In the aftermath of the riots, parishioners form the “Garfield Boulevard Improvement Association” with the purpose of keeping blacks out of the parish.

1949-1957: UNITED STATES.It seems that in the world's most deceptive democracy you are free to hold any political belief you want provided it is one approved by the powers that be, although no one seems to notice any irony in this. The wartime Smith Act is dragged out to sabotage democracy in the United States by persecuting, oppressing, silencing and jailing those who hold dissident political and economic beliefs.

[Image: how+and+what+to+tell+a+communist-propaganda.gif]The first victims are Eugene Dennis and ten other members of the Communist Party U.S.A, including a decorated war hero, who are charged under the Smith Act that "they conspired... to organize as the Communist Party and willfully to advocate and teach the principles of Marxism-Leninism," and were accused of conspiring to "publish and circulate... books, articles, magazines, and newspapers advocating the principles of Marxism-Leninism." Imagine!

During nine months of farcical proceedings with rampant judicial bias, the admission of questionable evidence and the prosecution's reliance on dubious "informants" as witnesses, all of the defense lawyers are cited for contempt and given jail sentences. Inevitably, all eleven defendants are sentenced to incarceration in the American gulag. That great champion of freedom, the U.S. Supreme Court, upholds the sentences with two justices dissenting. Justice Hugo Black writes that the government's indictment is "a virulent form of prior censorship of speech and press" and a violation of the First Amendment. No shit.

Hugo Black notwithstanding, the U.S. government goes on to persecute another hundred and fifty or so Americans under the Smith Act over the next eight years including Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, a founding member of the American Civil Liberties Union. Prosecutions under the Smith Act cease in 1957 following a slightly more courageous decision by the Supreme Court but the Smith Act remains on the books just in case you're thinking of getting uppity and starting a non-authorized political movement.

[Image: Hanford-reservation-nuclear-radioactive-leak.jpg]1949: UNITED STATES. Beginning in 1944, the U.S. government and its private contractors release massive amounts of various radioactive substances into the air, ground and water at its 560 square mile plutonium production facility at Hanford, Washington. As much as 75,000 square miles of Washington State is affected by the radioactivity. In December 1949, the U.S. Air Force deliberately releases large amounts of radioactivity into the air from the Hanford plant in an experiment called "Green Run." Tens of thousands of Washington state residents as well as Hanford workers are exposed to radiation with largely unknown effects on their health. The U.S. government will keep all of the radiation releases secret, and various spokesmen will repeatedly lie about them, for more than four decades until a partial disclosure of the truth is forced by a lawsuit under the Freedom of Information Act in 1986.
"The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it." Karl Marx

"He would, wouldn't he?" Mandy Rice-Davies. When asked in court whether she knew that Lord Astor had denied having sex with her.

“I think it would be a good idea” Ghandi, when asked about Western Civilisation.

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