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The Hierarchy of The Entire JFK Assassination Cabal
It just appears to me that there are a few different classes of researchers, broken down by their success or lack thereof in identifying real people who could be indicted, if they were still alive, represented from each of the 5 levels in the Assassination Cabal. Each researcher seems to focus on only 1-2 of these levels, and despite that there some who have yet to identify real suspects at ANY of these levels:

Tier I: The Einsatzgruppen: The shooters, the ground level Stormtroopers, the Mobile Killing Teams which included William Harvey, Felix Rodirguez, Roy Hargraves, Emmett Johnson friend of Ray S. Cline, Gerry Hemming friendly with ROBERT MORRIS and Frank Sturgis the friend of ....umm CHARLES WILLOUGHBY

Tier II: The Waffen SS: The international military strategists, The Armed Services Committee of the Shickshinny Knights of Malta which inlcuded Philip J. Corso, Admiral Sir Barry Dolan, Brig Gen Bonner Fellers, Lt. Gen. Pedro A. del Valle (A Draper/Pioneer Fund fan) and ummm.... CHARLES WILLOUGHBY the friend of ROBERT MORRIS

Tier III: The Gestapo: The members of the American Security Council which included ROBERT MORRIS, James Angleton, Ray S. Cline and umm... CHARLES WILLOUGHBY and The Dallas John Birch Society including ROBERT MORRIS, Edwin Walker and umm... CHARLES WILLOUGHBY

Tier IV: The Philosophical Justification Sponsors: The Thule Society, the Erich Ludendorff Society, The Pioneer Fund and The Cliveden Set and the members of the the anti-Communist Liaison, Committee of Correspondence like ...umm CHARLES WILLOUGHBY, Hargis, McClendon, Hunter and Sturgis the close fiend of ....umm CHARLES WILLOUGHBY and the members of the Intl Assoc. for the Advancement of Eugenics and Ethnology and certainly the death of JFK advanced Eugenics and Ethnology, too.

Tier V: The International Architects and the Planners: The Grand Poobahs of The Order of St. John of Jerusalem, OSJ
and the Sovereign Military Order of the Knights of Malta, SMOM and the British Order of Saint James of Lazarus OSJL which included all the Eugenicists, the Members of The Cliveden Set, and the Rhodes-Milner groups (the Hunt Brothers and H.L. Hunt from Dallas were included and Jesse Helms whose campaign manager was Thomas F. Ellis of The Pioneer Fund, and Roger Pearson of the Pioneer Fund and Ray S. Cline from WACL and the business partner of H.L. Hunt from Dallas ...umm CHARLES WILLOUGHBY and Lord Malcolm Douglas-Hamilton from SMOM)

And saying that it is not important of know who actually shot JFK is a real cop-out I think, that way you can blame everyone and anyone you want to up and down the hierarchy chain... That is like saying it is not important to know who put up the front money, or who did the cover-up or who stood to profit, or who really hated JFK or who picked the scapegoats... etc. or who wanted to advance Eugenics and Ethnlogy or to slow down integration or to speed up the Viet Nam War or to protect and defend the Mother Church from elinination due to the spread of Communism, or to recover lost Banana Plantations for United Fruit, or to install a Republican President. ALL of those things were IMPORTANT, VERY IMPORTANT.

If you notice, the 2 names which show up at all 5 Tier Levels are ROBERT MORRIS and ummm... CHARLES WILLOUGHBY plus Wickliffe Draper or his Pioneer Fund, his IAAEE, his Liberty Lobby, his Birch Society, his Congress of Freedom, his IHR, etc. which is probably how Bill Turner and Mae Brussell came up with those names. I know it is how I did it. Those 3 guys were everywhere one was retried ONI and the other 2 were retired ARMY Intel. The CIA members were just their little biatches.

And the Guns and Gore researchers or the philosophical justification researchers usually have NO SUSPECTS, so they get to point their finger at EVERYONE too. Wish it were that easy. And I agree with Stan Wilbourne that in the grand scale of things, the CIA members rogue or active who participated were just mid-level pissants, too. Allen Dulles as prevalent as he was, was just the whipping boy and gopher for William Nelson Sullivan, OSJ of Sullivan and Cromwell and William J. Donovan, OSJ and Wickliffe Draper, too.

My measure for success is how may Tiers did you cover.... COLD top to bottom? And how many indictments could you get TODAY if they were still alive? Tough questions no easy answers.

And there is yet another accumulating body of knowledge regarding the very likely possibility that there were 2 separate and totally distinct teams of assassins poised and ready to fire, and one team did not know anything else about the other one. Plus the sponsorship and the sponsors
of each team were not even aware of each other either. And that also leads to contributing to all the Tower of Babel arguments which can go on ad nauseum. And there could have been two teams both of which knew about the other one.

Take a look at the story of Luis Castillo, who was yet another programmed assassin who had undergone conditioning and ManCand training. If I can find the story of the final denouement of this little venture I will post it later. Suffice it to say that it sounds like Castillo was part of Mystery Team Two probably near the final destination of JFK that day at yet another World Trade Mart and his team was mostly the backup role team described by E.H. Hunt and it was primarily a rogue CIA-driven team transported from Miami according to the Marita Lorenz and the Rose Mercades Cheramie descriptions. The William Harvey, David Atlee Phillips, E.H. Hunt and Frank Sturgis team that missed their opportunity in Miami.

Castillo's handler was giving him the count down to the firing line when he told Castillo to pack up the rifle and skee-daddle because as he stated it: "Let's go pack everything up and let's get out of here, the deal is off. They got him already." The other team which was No-Mystery Team One was the Army-intel driven team run by Robert Morris, Edwin Lansdale, Charles Willoughby and the Wickliffe Draper/Anastase Vonsiatky Master/Blaster Team in Dealey Plaza which used Robert Emmett Johnson, Robert F. Baird, Roy Hargraves and maybe even Gerry Patrick Hemming.

This is based on the presumption that Army Intel NEVER had ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE CIA or the OSS since World War II in fact. And also based on the fact that the Five Tiers above had internal unity, consistency and links between the tiers and X-Ref-Files or X-Ref-Men linking from one tier to the next one and back to the previous one.

Then AFTER the Killing Fields had been cleared, the finger pointing and scapegoating began in earnest. Certainly it is quite possible that one team knew about the other team and just changed the positioning of the triangulation of fire so they got to shoot first, after Mayor Earle Cabell arranged to change the parade route for his brother Charles Cabell allowing the primary team a better chance of hitting JFK. Some details need to be ironed out but since the Cuban led teams missed in Chicago, Tampa and even Miami, the Willoughby and Morris camp on their home turf in Dallas wanted the first clear shots at their pompous Caeser. And the volatile Cubans were left holding the bag down the road a piece, thankfully, so they could not mess up yet another chance.

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