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Were the Atlanta youth killings done by KKK?
Ok, this subject is pretty horrific even within the context of everything we discuss. But I've been reading about the murders of young African Americans in Atlanta (supposedly from 1979-1981, but possibly longer). Some have presented their case that Wayne Williams is yet another patsy, and that the KKK was waging war on blacks in the first southern town (first US city?) to have a black mayor.

Furthermore, there are claims that the KKK has direct ties to the power structure--law enforcement & government--is often supported by them financially, and carries out crimes that the power structure can't carry out but secretly condones. The premise is that Atlanta authorities knew exactly who was killing people and protected the perps.

I find these claims to be very credible. Here is the part I find especially compelling:

"Why did the government allow the klan to commit these hideous murderers, month after month? Why did it cover-up the klan's responsibility and why has it protected these murders from prosecution to this day? These are vital questions which only can be answered by looking into the historic and ongoing relationship between the government and the ku klux klan.

The klan and other similar fascist paramilitary organizations are used by the ruling class to repress and terrorize the masses of working people. The klan was founded by the former slave owners after the Civil War to violently restore their rule over the Black Belt South. Over the last century, klan terror has been essential to the efforts of the small minority of wealthy white landowners and capitalists to enforce their rule over the Black majority in the Black Belt South, as well as the white working people.

The klan has traditionally been organized through the police and sheriffs departments. It has, therefore, always been an appendage of the capitalist state apparatus. It is an extra-legal arm of state repression which works together with the legal arms of state repression (the police, the military, the courts, etc.), to terrorize the people. The klan and other fascist para-military groups are used to carry out acts of terror which the government wants to see done but cannot carry out openly. They are the U.S. equivalent of the "death squads" that operate in El Salvador, Guatemala and other countries.

The klan is financed by wealthy capitalists and is armed by the police and military. This has been well-documented by a vast array of facts that have come to light over the years. The newly uncovered police documents on the Atlanta murders shed further light on this arrangement. The documents reveal that during the period that the child murders were taking place, a klan leader on the GBI payroll sold members of the Sanders family a large cache of M-16 military assault rifles and several cases of fragmentation grenades. The sale was carried out with the GBI's knowledge and approval. The Sanders family had in its arsenal, in addition to the M-16's and grenades, bazookas and plastic explosives."

The bottom line to me is that the rich business owners want cheap--ideally free--labor, and that's more the issue than color. They wanted slaves in the US; rich industrialists supported Hitler financially because they knew he'd bust labor unions (and in fact that's the first thing he did); Ronald Reagan is a hero to rich US goose-steppers because he busted the air traffic controllers union. One reason JFK was hated was because of his support of the Steelworker's Union against US Steel.

Does anyone have an opinion about the real Atlanta youth killer(s), and or a good resource on this subject?

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