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The Hesters
I intend to use this thread to discuss the Hesters.
Bob Ringler Wrote:I intend to use this thread to discuss the Hesters.

You seem to have come to this Forum with an 'agenda'....and I for one don't like the 'smell of it'. It is not collegial, but combative; not constructive, but destructive, IMHO. That someone so new to a Forum would not take the time to learn the lay of the 'land' and the personalities long here speaks volumes. You start multiple threads - only small variations on a theme. I suggest you change your ways or seek the 'highway'... I speak only for myself. :alberteinstein:

...and now you, as a newbee here, arrogantly save this space for your pontifications on the Hesters...without putting one jot of fact or fiction about them...?! I'll say no more.....and let you hang yourself on your own pitard.
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Who are the Hesters?
Mark Stapleton Wrote:Who are the Hesters?

The Hesters can be seen sitting below. The standing woman is Marilyn Sitzman

[Image: 17674959.gif]

Before me, the undersigned authority, on this the 22nd day of November A.D. 1963 personally appeared Charles Hester, Address 2616 Keyhole, Irving Age 28 , Phone No. None
Deposes and says:
My wife, Beatrice and I were sitting on the grass on the slope on Elm Street where the park is located. When President Kennedy's car got almost down to the underpass, I heard two shots ring out. Thye [sic] sounded like they came from immediately behind us and over our heads. We did see the shooting. I immediately turned and looked at the Texas Book Depository building and did not see anyone. The shots sounded like the [sic] definitely came from in or around the building. I grabbed my wife because I didn't know where the next shot was coming from and dragged her up next to the concrete imbankment [sic] and threw her down on the ground and got on the ground with her. Then there was utter confusion. The Police rushed toward the railroad tracks and I finally found an officer to go to the Texas Book Depository Building. The officer I contacted was Officer Wiseman of the Dallas Sheriff's Department.

/s/ Charles Hester
Subscribed and sworn to before me on this the 22nd day of Nov A. D. 1963
/s/ Aleen Davis Notary Public, Dallas County, Texas
JFK Assassination Forum
Interesting. Weren't they connected to Zapruder in some way, business? I'll have to check. Can't recall off the top of my head.
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Magda Hassan Wrote:Interesting. Weren't they connected to Zapruder in some way, business? I'll have to check. Can't recall off the top of my head.

Beatrice Hester worked for Zapruder at the Jennifer Junior factory.
JFK Assassination Forum
Anyone else notice a rather unsettling similarity between Charles Hester in the Zapruder pre-assassination scene, and the police sketch image by Lois Gibson of the 'fake' secret service man Malcolm Summers saw?

.jpg   ManOnGrassyKnoll4.JPG.jpg (Size: 7.01 KB / Downloads: 10)

.jpg   17674959.jpg (Size: 12.32 KB / Downloads: 9)

Add the hat, and the overcoat we see in various images on the back of the bench - presto.

For months I've been troubled by the fact that the Hesters anchor the east side of the park/north pergola, and Zapruder/Sitzman anchor the west...with no one between them!!! raises the possibility that there was an active sweeping out of spectators between them. Friends or even acquaintances would tend to hang together. Both pairs frame the kill ground too perfectly, and the Hester's behavior is way too bizarre in both the film/photographic record and testimony record. (I think Charles Hester was the only one I saw sitting down as the president approached, as his wife stood, a few feet away to the west, I believe draping a white overcoat in front of her.)

In the frames that surfaced of both Sitzman and Beatrice Hester near the TSBD after the assassination, without Charles Hester, is, well, strange, after what just happend.

When I get a chance, I'll tote up the things that are troubling.

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