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Walter Bowart's book "Operation Mind Control - The Cryptocracy's Plan to Psychocivlise You"
Dixie, I've copied Bowart's book from the .pdf file and am now going to try to paste it in below for you as plain text. I hope it works okay...

The shadow is a moral problem that challenges the whole ego-personality, for no one can become conscious of the shadow without considerable moral effort. To become conscious of it involves recognizing the dark aspects of the personality as present and real. This act is the essential condition for any kind of self-knowledge.
Carl Jung - Aion (1951). CW 9, Part II: P.14
David wins the award for longest post thus far - but a noble one! Bowert's book [which I read long ago] really set me back - and I was not naive then.] The techniques and technology have certainly advanced over the decades.....not something 'fun' to contemplate - but contemplate we must.
Peter Lemkin Wrote:Anyone know of where one can get the newer limited ed.?!

I got my copy from Walter Bowart himself - which I believe was the only way to get hold of one. They were all personally signed, and Walter claimed to be rather careful about whom he sold them to.

On the one hand, it was a great pleasure to send money to Walter - it felt like making a personal contribution to hugely important research. On the other, it made me very angry at the state of things that this hugely intelligent, resourceful and trail-blazing scholar ended up selling 600-page plus photocopied books which might have been bound in the local corner shop.

Although Walter vetted those who were allowed to pay for the massively updated version of Operation Mind Control, I wouldn't be surprized if the occasional copy turns up on E-Bay...
"It means this War was never political at all, the politics was all theatre, all just to keep the people distracted...."
"Proverbs for Paranoids 4: You hide, They seek."
"They are in Love. Fuck the War."

Gravity's Rainbow, Thomas Pynchon

"Ccollanan Pachacamac ricuy auccacunac yahuarniy hichascancuta."
The last words of the last Inka, Tupac Amaru, led to the gallows by men of god & dogs of war
Jan Klimkowski Wrote:I got my copy from Walter Bowart himself - which I believe was the only way to get hold of one. They were all personally signed, and Walter claimed to be rather careful about whom he sold them to.

On the one hand, it was a great pleasure to send money to Walter - it felt like making a personal contribution to hugely important research. On the other, it made me very angry at the state of things that this hugely intelligent, resourceful and trail-blazing scholar ended up selling 600-page plus photocopied books which might have been bound in the lower corner shop out.

Although Walter vetted those who were allowed to pay for the massively updated version of Operation Mind Control, I wouldn't be surprized if the occasional copy turns up on E-Bay...

Thanks. I'll keep my eyes open, but it must be pricey - despite the fact its not a real bound book. Is Bowert still alive? Anyone in contact with him who might suggest it is time to get a publisher for the new edition - or self-publish, bound and 'on-demand' via the internet - as computer technology now allows. I have a few such limited-ed or non-published MS in my library - but that is not the way to get all the info the planet needs out there! Time grows increasingly short and the situation more dire, I fear.
Have you got a spare month or two to do some scanning Jan?
Would that be kosher?
"The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it." Karl Marx

"He would, wouldn't he?" Mandy Rice-Davies. When asked in court whether she knew that Lord Astor had denied having sex with her.

“I think it would be a good idea” Ghandi, when asked about Western Civilisation.
WOW David! Thanks you so much, for posting thsi book. It is very thoughtful of you to take all the time and effort and i surely do apprecaite it.

You're welcome Dixie, but please let me know when you've saved the post and then I'll delete it fro this thread so as to reduce bandwidth.
The shadow is a moral problem that challenges the whole ego-personality, for no one can become conscious of the shadow without considerable moral effort. To become conscious of it involves recognizing the dark aspects of the personality as present and real. This act is the essential condition for any kind of self-knowledge.
Carl Jung - Aion (1951). CW 9, Part II: P.14
Peter Lemkin Wrote:Thanks. I'll keep my eyes open, but it must be pricey - despite the fact its not a real bound book. Is Bowert still alive? Anyone in contact with him who might suggest it is time to get a publisher for the new edition - or self-publish, bound and 'on-demand' via the internet - as computer technology now allows. I have a few such limited-ed or non-published MS in my library - but that is not the way to get all the info the planet needs out there! Time grows increasingly short and the situation more dire, I fear.

Peter - Walter Bowart sadly died of cancer in December 2007.

I don't know who controls his estate.

Meanwhile, whilst I consider options, here's a long 1997 interview with Walter:


Interview of Walter Bowart: The Secret History of Mind Control

CKLN 88.1 FM Ryerson Polytechnical University Toronto Ontario

International Connection Mind Control Series

Producer/Interviewer: Wayne Morris

Wayne Morris:

Good morning and welcome to International Connection. We are in show
#33 in our series on Mind Control, and today we are going to hear a
presentation, The Secret History of Mind Control, given by Walter
Bowart at the Ritual Trauma Child Abuse and Mind Control Conference in
Atlanta in October, 1997. Walter Bowart is an investigative journalist
and author of one of the original books about mind control in the late
seventies entitled, Operational Mind Control. And now, Walter Bowart:

Introduction by Sylvia Gillotte:

I guess Walter almost needs no introduction because he was really
probably the first person to publicly write about mind control and its
origins and so forth. His book, Operation Mind Control, is available
at his table at the back. Most recently Walter was involved as a
consultant in the making of the movie, Conspiracy Theory, and some of
you may have seen him actually interviewed for an HBO special
promoting the movie. It was the first time I ever got to see what
Walter looked like so I could recognize him when he came. He has the
Freedom of Thought Foundation, which he will tell you about. He is
going to share his information with you, so welcome Walter.

Walter Bowart:

I would like to thank some people. I was going to save it until the
end but I want to get it right up front since a couple of them are
here. I would like to thank Mike Coyle for what he contributed to
this. What you are going to see is a series of out-takes, some are
from videos, and a lot of them are still ... it's a very rough
presentation of what's going to be a documentary. I would like to
thank Mike Coyle who is retired from the field. He had the Mindnet
Journal which was on the internet, and he did a terrific job of
research. He is finding that a lot of the critical things that we are
going to talk about as we get toward the end of this show, are
actually removed from journals ... pages torn out of academic research
journals and things. Somebody doesn't want this information out.

I am going to cover things going back ... Sylvia asked me to do the
history of mind control but I'm going to go farther afield ...
probably than most of you had heard about. It is so far beyond any
technology you are talking about, like electromagnetic spectrum
stuff ... we are into post-quantum physics here, and now we are
working with physicists.

I would also like to thank Blanche Chavoustie who is here for the long
years of friendship and the documentation and research that she has
helped us with and Cheryl Welsh, who I think is not here, who also
contributed boxes and boxes of research, and Doreen Pratt who is
hospitalized and not able to travel ... she is blind, legally blind,
and you will see some of her work in this presentation. And I would
like to thank all the members of the Freedom of Thought Foundation for
their assistance, and friendship and guidance over the 20 years that
we have been doing this.

The big key to the thing is that only the small secrets need to be
kept. You can find just about anything the government is doing by
going into scientific journals and doing research. But the big secrets
are kept by public incredulity and your study and your experience is
in an area which is not secret. All this has been known for a long
time, but people don't want to believe it and there is a great deal of

[Slide] With the evolution of man came the evolution of science, and
here's an example of an early treatment by the foremost practitioners
of "mental health science". This is an etching from 1745. It shows a
ward in Bethlehem Hospital in London. It was pronounced Bethlem, and
it became Bedlam, the famous synonym for the nuthouse.

[Slide] A patient of Bethlem, William Norris, was confined there for
12 years, bound by chains a foot long and to an iron rod at the head
of his bed. He died in 1815. Another patient at Bethlem, who we do not
have a picture of was James Tilley Matthews. He was incarcerated there
for 35 years and escaped only by death, and it is a very interesting
story. In the late 1700's he had gone to France as a spy for the
British Admiralty, posing as an import-export agent. He travelled in
the highest circles of French society. Things went wrong for him when
he fell into the hands of Franz Anton Mesmer, the father of hypnotism.
Mesmer used to play parlour games by having aristocrats stand in tubs
of water while he played DC current over their heads, to what purpose
we don't know.

[Slide] This may be one of the first perpetrators of mind control ...
one of the founders of our country ... Benjamin Franklin. He was the
US ambassador to France at the time, and if you remember, he was the
discoverer of electricity which was DC electricity. He discovered it
when he flew a kite on a wire during an electrical storm, and it was a
shocking experience. Franklin may have used that later for the effects
we now know DC current gives. It will induce amnesia easily. Franklin
was asked by the French government to look into the activities of
Mesmer and his claims of miraculous cures with electricity. They hit
it off real well, but it's not surprising. They were both the brothers
of the same secret society ... the Masons. Franklin filed a lengthy
report favourable to Mesmer to the French government. Another brother
Mason who frequently visited them in Paris was Adam Weishaupt, the
founder of the Illuminati. These coincidences bring a lot of questions
to your mind about what were these guys really doing over there, and
what did they find out?

Mesmer happened to be, believe it or not, the godfather of Amadeus
Mozart. In fact he raised Mozart, and of course Mozart was this
incredible genius musician and his biography will show you more than
one obvious example of someone who behaves as if he were suffering
from Dissociative Identity Disorder. You can conclude that maybe
Mesmer played around to enhance the musical abilities of Mozart at the
cost of other parts of his personality.

[slide] We are back to James Tilley Matthews and after a few years of
influence by Franklin and Mesmer, he beat a path as soon as he could
back to England, reported to the Admiralty the French had developed a
devastating instrument of war, an "airloom" which could weave thoughts
into a man's mind.

[slide] At the top it says "Illustrations of Madness", that's the name
of the book written by John Haslam, the apothecary (in modern terms,
the resident medical officer) to Bethlem Hospital toward the end of
Matthews' stay. In the first decade of the 19th century Haslam wrote
this whole volume called "Illustrations of Madness" just singly on the
Matthews case. It was published in 1810. It was the first book length
case study of a single patient in British psychiatric history.
According to Roy Porter who repackaged Haslam's 1810 book
"Illustrations of Madness" in 1988 ... that's the only way you are
going to find it. There are rare volumes, you have to pay at least $40
for a used copy.

Because of the book, Matthews' fate became a cause celebre everywhere
- in Britain and the United States. It was used against Bethlem
Hospital in general, and Haslam in particular, ironically, when the
institution came under scathing scrutiny by a House of Commons
committee investigating madhouses in 1815. A few years before the
madhouse era, there were only a few people declared insane, but by the
late 1700's and the early 1800's, there were hundreds of thousands of
people now in these madhouses, so-called. While Matthews is
interesting to us for other reasons, he was the cause celebre that
created social reform in the madhouse business.

According to Porter, the significance of his case was way back about
two hundred years ago, he was describing experiences that modern
victims of mind control are now describing, even using some of the
same terms. Today Matthews would be diagnosed as having "delusional
disorder", and I think delusional disorder is a misdiagnosis for a
whole lot of things. Maybe he would be diagnosed as suffering from
schizophrenia or paranoid schizophrenia, which we now know is an
extremely rare disease. When I wrote "Operation Mind Control" back in
1978, there were only 25 MPD cases diagnosed, now there are hundreds
of thousands. Most of the people I was writing about were called
schizophrenic by the doctors ... and they weren't. Of course, they
were D.I.D.

A Dr. George Birkeck of London examined Haslem in those days, and
testified before the King's Bench that after paying James Tilley
Matthews six visits at Bethlem and having attempted "by every mode of
examination which he could devise" to discover the real state of his
mind, he said Matthews was not insane. Matthews was talking about
sudden death squeezing, lobster cracking. He was admitted on January
28, 1797 to Bethlem after he had been behaving oddly for quite a
while, about a year, and among his strange behaviour was writing a
letter to his benefactor, Lord Liverpool, who was in the Admiralty and
was part of this intelligence scam that he was involved in, "I
pronounce your Lordship to be in every sense of the word a most
diabolical traitor after a long life of political and real iniquity
during which your Lordship, by flattering and deceiving and more than
anyone contributing to deceive your King who believing your
hypocritical professions, has to be the detriment of many of the
country's friends, loaded you with honours and emollients. You have
made yourself a principal in schemes of treasons founded upon the most
extensive intrigues which have not not only long since laid this
country at the feet of its most bitter enemies who have assassinated
France, to reap further advantages from those who by such wickedness
might in such general assassinating scandal mount the throne ..." and
so forth, written in the grand prose of that day. And that will get
you locked up, even today that would get you locked up ...

But he is talking about thought-making. Haslam, the doctor who treated
him, said, "In this situation he continued for many years, sometimes
an automaton, moved by the agencies of persons hereafter to be
introduced to the notice of the reader." And of course he talked about
spies, thugs and assassins who were putting voices in his head and
controlling him. Matthews insisted that in some apartment near London
Wall there is a "gang of villains, profoundly skilled in pneumatic
chemistry who assail him by means of an airloom." Of a variety of
tortures he described so colourfully, were "fluid locking, cutting
soul from sense, stone making, thigh talking, kiting involving
magnetic impregnations ... sudden death squeezing, lobster cracking
caused by pressure from the 'magnetic atmosphere surrounding the
persons assailed', apoplexy working with a nutmeg grater, lengthening
the brain, thought-making while one of these villains is sucking at
the brain of the person assailed to distract his existing sentiments,
another of the gang will force into his mind a train of ideas very
different from the real subject of his thoughts in which is squeezed
upon as the desired information by the person sucking." "Laughter-
making, poking, pushing up the quicksilver, bladder filling, tying
down, bomb bursting, gas plucking (the extraction of magnetic fluid
from a person assailed), foot curving, lethargy-making, spark
exploding, knee nailing, burning out, eye screwing, sight stopping,
roof stringing, vital tearing, fibre ripping brain sayings ..." and
other descriptions of physical and psychological tortures caused by
some invisible means which Matthews put into the high tech terms of
his day.

Now, this is very similar to what people are describing today. This is
the way he drew a layout of the way he was assailed and interrogated
by these 17th Century assassins and he said that a pneumatic machine
[slide] this is a sketch he made of it ... was used, this was the high
technology that was doing all this. If you are interested in this, try
to find the book, you may have to do a search for it. But the EM
targeted victims of today are not sounding much different than that.
This guy is pretty colourful and of course the language is very

Matthews ... he was the first. It was 200 years ago. He is the first
single case ever chronicled in the psychiatric literature that we know
of. This is nothing new. Could it be that Franklin and those other
guys came up with something that they really did use, because that's
what Matthews claims. Today we have the category, and I don't like the
term but it is used, "Wavies" -- those are people who are targets of
electromagnetic waves of some kind, or I prefer the term "EM targeted
individuals". Some of these people claim to be alien abductees or
government mind control victims, or satanic abused people. There is
nothing in Matthews' description that these groups of people haven't
also described experiencing.

Then you have to ask, doing what I did for 20 years, hearing all these
stories, you are gathering probably the largest data base ... using a
27 page questionnaire, I am looking for mind control victims and of
course our questionnaire is on mind control - but it kind of gives you
an indication of everything else, including the alien abduction
scenario which is very peculiar, very unusual. We have the largest
data base ... and after you hear this, you say, "could it be that
these delusions, if they are delusions - do we as a species lack such
imagination as to keep coming up with the same thing over and over for
200 years?" Can't we go beyond this? Shouldn't madness be really 'out
there'? But something is happening here. There is a pattern to this,
and you hear people who don't know each other, have had no contact
with this thing at all, who never read a book on it, saying the same
thing. I sit down with some survivors who have experienced trauma
abuse and trauma based programming and compare notes, it will be the
same. And it runs true.

This is later. This is now the early 19th century [slide] -- we've got
the Lavery Electric Phrenometer - it was the high tech of its day,
intended to accurately measure the bumps on your head and so predict
the nature, type and behaviour of individuals who would hold still for
it. And it was taken very seriously for a while, until somebody said,
"hey, there's no data base for this, you know?"

[slide] Early 20th century - "Mental Poisoning", it was a popular book
written by a psychologist in the early days when people were hearing
voices, mental poisoning. And then we got more scientific - this is an
obsolete version of Colin Ross's book - he made a contribution to the
field by doing that research. But here we go in the 1920's or 30's -
everybody was hearing voices, everybody, and all you had to do was
turn on a radio. There was no need for implanted electrodes to control
your behaviour.

[slide] Here's a Nazi rally in pre-war Germany. Students of Marshall
McLuhan will tell you how radio created Nazism, the blitzkreig, and
mass obedience like nothing before it. As one psychoscientist put it,
"the stentorian voices of the mass media are more universally powerful
than the indiscriminate persuasions of any mind altering drug." Most
of the survivors in this room probably don't watch a lot of
television, right? Does anybody want to confess? Okay. (Never owned
one? Yes.)

[slide] Now this is the guy - Freedom of Thought Foundation is going
to have an award - and all of you will have a chance to vote on who is
going to get the first one - it's very expensive to make those little
statues but nobody will pick it up so we can just peel off the brass
plate every year and use the same one. We have a few candidates.
Jolyon West is a candidate, Martin Orne is a candidate, there are two
or three others. But they will all be on the ballot. I have been
working on this brain which is about this big, and it's gold, and it's
fried black and it's broken off and it's got two electrodes on it and
it sits on kind of like a beer can - kind of a nice looking thing.

It's called the Mengele Award after Josef Mengele, this guy here.
That's Joe, and he was one of the mind control men, you know, from the
ubermentsch ... there's nothing like opening a skull and letting your
bare fingers run through someone's brain or freezing human beings to
near the point of death and then finding out through trial and error
that the easiest way to defrost someone is to put them close to
another naked human body. And these are just a few of the brutal
experiments, though some of that was valuable for hypothermia ... all
of the records of what Joe Mengele did in Nazi concentration camps,
and all of the records of his research are now on file at the National
Archives. We should probably get them all - I think some of them are
still classified. But these are the people he is working on - these
are his subjects. Of course Mengele was fascinated by genetics. I
haven't really addressed genetics and most survivors realize that it
is multigenerational, most sons and daughters of Masons realize that
is part of the Masonic belief is that if you program or if you train
or educate or whatever the word is, a person over two or three
generations the knowledge begins to be true ...

We are heading that way and these twins were a part of Mengele's
studies and he did a number of things. Twins appear to be telepathic.
With NLP you can understand how that works, and our workshops
demonstrate what looks like telepathy by mirroring and matching. If
you can sit with somebody and match their breathing pattern and
establish this incredible rapport, you will experience, if you are
sitting there in a state - imagining sitting there on a mountaintop
and the wind is blowing or whatever - you will pick up the wind and
you will pick up all the sensory experience that they are having. You
might not put it together in the right way, you might say "I am
driving in my convertible and the wind is in my hair" or something,
but twins are known to be - and you can't match any better than twins
- they suffered great atrocities at the hand of Mengele and they are
here and they have been interviewed, and that's the last picture that
was taken of Dr. Josef Mengele who was said to have been in Arizona in
1960, there is a persistent rumour. But of course they say he wasn't,
he was in Argentina and he died down there and yet they are not sure
that those are his bones ...

It is also one of the persistent rumours that he was brought over in
Project Paperclip. We know he worked on a farm in Germany for a few
years before the end of WWII. There is the question of the Green
programming, and the two proteges he had that were sent to Harvard and
all that, and I am sure you have heard of this and more, but there is
no proof of it. I keep harping on this - we won't find any
documentation or proof until we repeal the National Security Act. As
you begin to research in this thing, and I have been smashing my head
against the NSA for 20 years. They do whatever they want. Colonel
Fletcher Prouty is a friend of mine. He said "they are over there
now", he lives nearby, you can look out the window. "See the lights
are on. They are xeroxing forged documents." The National Archives are
locked up as far as this stuff goes. Anything that is useful, anything
that is about mind control, and we'll get back to that ...

There are so many doctors - I guess Colin Ross is writing a book about
it - he's following up on some of our research that we did 25 years
ago. He's gotten the papers of Dr. Estabrooks and Estabrooks knew
Milton Erickson, who I think was a great guy myself, but he did work
for the government, and they all knew each other and Ewen Cameron
comes in, it was a Who's Who of everybody who worked in the
psychiatric mental health profession of that particular generation, my
father's generation.

Sociologists as well, it's been going on for fifty years. Guys like
Robert J. Lifton who is thought of very highly, worked with Dr. John
Mack, the alien guy, the UFO guy. They had a partnership - they worked
in a little company that was funded by the CIA MKULTRA project. And in
national mental health, all the universities were used - you know the
story - and Operation Mind Control gives you a big list on all this
stuff. I mean, it's just scratching the surface.

And I hear some of you gasp at some of this stuff. Have you read
Lifton's book, "The Nazi Doctors"? That's a pretty interesting study
of how - it takes up the obedience to authority kind of thing, how
people can be made to do things they wouldn't ordinarily do. Lest you
gasp repeatedly throughout this presentation, let me generalize.
Virtually every psychologist, psychiatrist, sociologist,
cyberneticist, and so on of that generation previous to mine, were
funded either wittingly or unwittingly by the CIA. The CIA through a
number of cutout organizations co-opted the entire mental health
profession and put it to work on mind control. It's a hard thing
finding people that aren't part of the game, you know, part of the bad

A few years after the end of WWII, about the CIA was being founded,
and one of their first concerns in 1947 - the Soviets engineered a
show trial against Roman Catholic Cardinal Minzente who appeared
before a kangaroo court in a trance and confessed to everything he was
accused of which a few years later he couldn't remember. The CIA
looked into this and they said "oh they've got something we don't
have, and we need this". We'd better look into this. It was a
fledgling agency in those days. We're celebrating its 50th anniversary
and I got a big kick out of George Bush standing up next to Richard
Helms, who went to jail and was convicted of lying to Congress, he was
the Director of the CIA, and Nixon was singing this man's praises,
saying what a great patriot he was. If you are a patriot, you lie to
everybody, you lie to your country. That's how far our morals and
ethics have fallen.

[slide] These are some of the things you find on the internet too, you
find a lot of very good stuff, very succinct. And that talks about
Harris Isabell in 1955, part of MKULTRA Bluebird, the hospital in
Lexington, Kentucky and things ... of course Nelson Rockefeller wanted
to become president one day and he was standing at the bedside of lady
liberty when she gave birth to her bastard child, the freak of nature,
part of the invisible Cold War, information - they christened the baby
"Information Warfare", they called it. The father nicknamed it

Brainwash. A previous speaker used the term. It is very non-specific,
and the term "mind control" isn't much better. But "brainwash" was
coined by a CIA propaganda specialist, Ed Hunter, and he advised Allen
Dulles who gave a speech at the UN and that's how the term
"brainwashing" got started. Dulles' brother was John Foster Dulles. He
was the Secretary of State, and Allen called himself the "Secretary of
State for Unfriendly Governments". He was the Director of the CIA.
They talked about the insidious Fu Manchu Communists in Korea and
China who had brainwashed our clean-minded American boys and made them
confess to crimes that they did not commit. According to Dulles the
Chinese had a way of making strong-minded Americans hallucinate that a
US Marine wing had flown a mission over North Korean held territory,
dropping germ bombs. Colonel Charles Schwabel here took most of the
heat. He was one of the men who allowed himself to be filmed to the US
use of germ weapons. The cries of "brainwashing" could not drown out
the later revelations that the Marine Air wing had indeed dropped germ
bombs on the insidious yellow peoples fighting against the U.S. Later
it was revealed that the secret labs at Edgewood Arsenal had developed
a race-specific encephalitis germ which infected only oriental

... Fu Manchu. Which turned out to be nothing more than isolation,
deprivation, alienation ... what this guy was talking about. Very
standard stuff. Nothing romantic about it. Just the same old take a
person, put their hand in a vise, close the vise, say "talk". They'll
talk at some point. That's what brainwashing was. It's like our prison
and educational systems. Simple things. The Chinese didn't use drugs
or anything sophisticated. But they did get these people to confess
readily. So guess what happened? Those of us who served in the
military service - we all were the beneficiaries of that - The Code of
Conduct. You gave your name, rank and serial number and nothing else.
But you wait a certain time and then you can tell them anything
because the only thing you have to worry about is tactical information
which gets obsolete very fast.

I talked to Laird Gunderson and guys that were in Vietnam and they
really stood up to torture. It's an interesting thing to see those men
come back in the fifties, standing at a strange angle, behaving like
these automatons - it's very interesting - just what isolation,
deprivation, alienation can do to somebody. I suffer from it myself,
being a writer, sitting in front of that computer so many hours. I
catch myself in the mirror, staggering around. So the result was The
Code of Conduct.

Out of this came the best psychological study ever done - on 3000 men
who were POW's in Korea. They studied them all with a finetooth comb.
Most interesting, they had three categories: the guys that
collaborated outright with the enemy, the guys who resisted the enemy
to the death, and the guys that just went along with the enemy. The
ones who just went along with the enemy were the same guys that just
went along with our military, they were draftees. The guys that
collaborated with the enemy outright were the people in our own
military who were known as gung-ho. The people that resisted the enemy
were the people that resisted our own military and they wanted us all
to resist the enemy the same way that those guys did. They studed the
"resisters" and they found there was a spectrum of on one hand, there
were the criminals, and then at the other end, there were the ones who
were highly creative. They began to study more and they saw that
criminality is nothing more than misplaced creativity. We have an
actual industry in this country of misplaced creativity.

Slide - Brainwashing in Red China. Edward Hunter, the man who coined
the term "brainwashing" wrote several books about it. Then came the
fictional version of that story by Richard Condon, The Manchurian
Candidate. That caught everybody's attention. I knew Richard when he
was alive. He was a PR flack who dropped out. He was sixty, and this
was his first novel and it was a big hit. It was the story of a guy
who was captured - Laurence Harvey played the assassin in the movie.
He was programmed. They captured him behind enemy lines, take him up
to Manchuria, programmed him, then he came back. He did assassinate
the candidate for president who happened to be a guy he didn't like
anyway, it was his stepfather, so ... the Queen of Diamonds over the
phone triggered the assassination. I asked Condon over the phone - now
that he can't defend himself - some guys are writing that Condon knew
all about this. He loved my book back in 1974 - I think he saw a rough
draft and he wrote great things about it. He said he just read Pavlov
and Salter, and invented the rest because it was a pretty basic
premise. Frank Sinatra was in the film, he was one of the progrmamed
POW's, and he bought a large piece of the film. It's an interesting
movie to watch. When Kennedy was assassinated, he pulled the film out
of circulation and it remained out of circulation for probably 15
years which I thought was interesting. Maybe he knew something about
the assassination of Kennedy that we don't know.

Slide - These are some of the 1940 stills that I found of soldiers
under hypnosis being marched around ... demonstrating before others.
In 1978 I went all over the world with these slides. It was shocking
to people. They didn't know you could be made to do something against
your will and without your knowledge. They didn't know you could do
mind over matter kinds of things with your body, control blisters,
what have you. I learned from Anthony Robbins when I saw 200 people
walk over a bed of coals as long as this room - they were trying to do
the Guinness Book of Records. It was a mesquite fire, the hottest kind
of fire because of the oil which stuck to their feet. 60% got burns,
but 40% didn't. Now you explain that to me ... Andy Wile, the new age
healer, he's an MD - he wouldn't walk in it. He knew what a hot fire
was. We know you can control blisters.

Cathy O'Brien tells an interesting story about being burned between
her breasts with nitrous oxide while in a hypnotic state, and having a
baphomet appear - a demonic star, goat like figure which was used by
Knights Templar and has a whole history - apparently Noriega was very
superstitious and she had a message, she claims, from high ranking
government (George Bush) to give to Noriega. To get his attention, her
handler gave her that cue phrase and that baphomet appears - it would
only come out in that state. Things like that can be done, and have
been repeated in laboratory experiments. But in 1940 they weren't
doing that. I just threw this in as a filler, because what we are
talking about is how to divide your mind.

If Daddy hasn't already done it - I don't know what this guy said - he
said it happens at an early age - it's got to be emotional - true. But
he didn't say it's got to happen before you can speak. Real DID has to
happen before you can talk. So that's a very early age, probably a
year, if not before. All of us that have had - that know a lot of MPD
stories - realize that there are personalities and different
identities anchored to various body parts. I have a great video of the
most wonderful little lady - she's on our website - Patty - and I have
never seen anybody react like this little lady. She herself is the
schoolhouse, and she is full of children, trying to burst out. It's
almost like her eyeballs move sideways, and one comes out and says
"hey, what about me?" - and she can't control this when she gets
started. I was trying to do an interview with her, and I said "let me
anchor your executive personality". She is a volunteer for certain
police things, she has her take-charge personalities, very competent.
I wanted to anchor her in that, so I said "let me touch your knee and
every time you go off in another personality I will touch your knee
and that's your executive, all right?" So I thought I had anchored it
pretty good. Well in the middle of the interview here is this little
kid again, so I touched her knee, and she says "what do you think
you're doing? you're just touching my knee with your finger ... they
used a cattle prod". Then she looked at the camera. My girlfriend was
the camera operator, Pat - both of them were Pat - they got along
great. But she had this great big old studio video camera. And she
says, "you know, we did that before, but there was never a woman
running the camera ... we were making blue money". I didn't know what
blue money was, which is child porn as it turns out.

Slide - The doctor on the right is B.F.Skinner, and this is his
daughter, Debbie Skinner. He was at Harvard, he was respectable, this
was the apex of respectable scientific research. He used to work with
pigeons, chimpanzees - but this is his daughter, Debbie, and the box
they said kept Debbie from being disturbed. She would awaken in her
sleep and they would carry on with their regular lifestyle and Debbie
was protected from traffic outside, it was air conditioned and
everything - Debbie looks pretty happy there. Remember that the
beginning of - you've heard a lot about Pavlov. And the Russians have

always been big fans of the dark side of our science. They love
cybernetics. I'll get to Norbert Weiner in a little while.

They loved a guy named J.B. Watson who was the founder of behaviorism.
He had an illegitimate child, Little Albert, which I was surprised to
learn this was his child, with the nurse who worked for him. Watson
finally got defrocked and he went to work for Madison Avenue. He is
the father of mind control in advertising. The most interesting thing
about Watson ... here's this little baby, Albert, crawling along the
floor, and they want to condition Albert and they had a white bunny
rabbit and they let the bunny rabbit out of the cage. As soon as the
bunny rabbit would emerge Little Albert would say "whoo woo" and go
running for the bunny rabbit, he would get to a certain proximity of
the bunny rabbit and Daddy would drop this big steel bar, clanging
behind Little Albert, make him jump and cry naturally. Watson did this
repeatedly until Little Albert was afraid of anything white, anything
that moved that way, anything furry, all of his life.

This boy, the son of the founder of behaviorism, and Debby Skinner,
the daughter of one of the leading proponents of behaviorism and if
you understand behaviorism, you know it works ... it is a science, and
it is uncanny. Both of these young people committed suicide in their
twenties. What does that say about their parents and their heritage,
this kind of approach to the study of human psychology, I guess it's
called. So, that's Debby and the box. Skinner was the apex of science,
American intellectual establishment, Harvard University.

Slide - This is the nadir of American intellectual establishment --
this is William Jennings Bryant III in L.A. - he is the founder and
director of the American Institute of Hypnosis. Anybody heard of him?
Yeah. He can run three hypnotic subjects at a time with that panel ...
program three people. I was trying to get an interview with him, he
kept dodging me as has Martin Orne - once I got him on the golf course
and almost succeeded but he ran away. Bryant died on the stage in Las
Vegas of a heart attack - according to his widow, within hours of his
passing - it was like magic - the signal was sent - the CIA showed up
at his office and at his private home - and removed every scrap of
paper from his library. There is reason to believe that he was, as is
alleged, the programmer of perhaps Sirhan Sirhan, the assassin of
Robert Kennedy and maybe one of the programmers of Candy Jones who was
the number one pin-up girl during WWII. Slide - Candy Jones. Betty
Grable was number one, and she was number two, something like that.
She wrote her own book called The Control of Candy Jones - some people
would now try to deny that was true ... but indeed it runs true. She
was programmed to commit suicide at a certain time by jumping off a
cliff. She married a guy - I think the only reason she married him was
because he started loosening her programming. His name was Long John
Neville, he was a talk-show host in New York, and he was an amateur
hypnotist. He started working with her - you can reintegrate just like
that (snaps fingers) unless you are continuously restimulated, the
natural tendency is to pull it all together again and reintegrate.
Suddenly she remembered, "gee whiz, I went on all these trips in
southeast Asia", she remembered having her hand in a box with
scorpions stinging her and all kinds of other things. Being basically
a pigeon, a courier for the cryptocracy ... ran out of three letter
words ... secret government. Whatever he did shook loose the thing -
she didn't jump off the cliff.

Another - somebody should write a book about Marilyn Monroe. She was
an abused child. You know how it goes. Daddy is a pedophile, and Daddy
is making movies of abusing the kids in the neighbourhood, and he
ships them through the mail and the postal inspector finds this and
says "ah we're going to arrest these guys" and they give it to some
federal branch of law enforcement because it's a federal crime and
then somehow it gets bumped over to the department of defence and the
department of defence guys - who are probably CIA or NSA or whatever -
they show up and say "ah you're going to jail for a 25 years -
otherwise you work for us." Then they say "now we'll show you how to
program them." So the whole family ends up and the children of those
children end up working for Uncle Cryptocracy for the rest of their
lives. You will hear that story over and over. I hope you hear Brice
Taylor's presentation, that's a story about this. The reason I know
she is real is because I met her when she was with the guy that she
can't see anymore ... but I know who it was. A movie star who was a
handler. That was years before I met her again in a mind control
context. But I think she has totally sanitized her book so that she
doesn't name any names. But it should. Operation Mind Control names
the names because I got permission to use an earlier version and I
changed her name of course so you will have to put two and two
together if you want the real story.

[Slide] It says "How to Hypnotize" - this was in a comic book in the
40's or 50's. It was a big thing. Everybody was hypnotizing everybody.
Little did they know, just accidentally you can really send somebody
on a spin and really have some problems. I hope you don't think I
meant to use the word "spin" deliberately. [Slide] That's Cathy
O'Brien. I am sure many of you know her or heard her story. It's
written in the book "Trance Formations in America". She brought the
term "Presidential Model" to the fore, and she presents a kind of
National Enquirer version of the MKULTRA story, naming names, sexual
preferences, perversions, dimensions and identifying marks of the
genitalia of the high government officials. That's probably her main
defence. She says "okay". Remember Michael Jackson? They had him drop
his drawers because some kids had identified him. Well, she says that
about some of the major presidents and secretaries of defence and what-
have-you which I think is a great thing to do.

[Slide] She calls it Monarch mind control there - that's the picture.
It gives the name of her shrink there, and I called up her shrink and
said "can you put me in touch with this lady?" and she called me and I
used her pseudonym in the book. She then sent me a blow-up of the
picture that she didn't even know was there, because it was on her
passport, she had given it to the reporter, the reporter spilled
coffee on it, but they had a negative of the picture. The reporter
blew the picture up and sent it back to her and she was surprised to
find these two images on it. One is the famous butterfly connoting
that she was a sexual slave, programmed, and the rose is the assassin
program. We find in Operation Mind Control there is a pin for evening
wear - the butterfly pin or the rose pin. Some on a lower level, they
would actually tattoo the women in certain places. Some of the cattle
prods 200,000 volts DC will give you melonin, and give you a nice
little mole. Some of them are burned with moles in a certain shape on
the face, and you meet many survivors that have had every mole taken
off their body just for that reason, because they knew this was
identifying. Any of the perpetrators that know the programming can
access the person, depending on what pin they are wearing or what they
know about the programming.

The history of mind control is the history of male chauvinist secret
organizations at work preying upon women. But there are some other
things. Women are uniquely susceptible to trauma and especially sexual
trauma. The reactions - the difference between men and women in the
MPD thing - this mind control falls into MPD - it's just a naturally
occurring phenomena which would probably happen in nature. If you go
up to a victim at car crash, and they are in the state of what we call
"shock" - and give them your card and say "you'll send me a thousand
bucks tomorrow, come over here and sit down, are you okay?" change the
subject - probably that person will give you a thousand bucks the next
day because they are in a state of shock. If you give an embedded
command in a positive framework - it's just the way people are - we
are all that way. Nothing special about it. So that state is used to
traumatize small children - naturally occurring state - is accessed by
the government. My cousin - he's the reason I got into this - he was
traumatized and we didn't know it. He had a drunken father who used to
beat him and his mother up, that wasn't a big deal, it was no big deal
- but when he joined the service it showed up on the tests - there it
was. This was a person with a high tendency to dissociate - we can use
him. He was trained as a courier, to carry secret messages locked
behind post-hypnotic amnesia blocks. And today he is still having
trouble. He can't sleep very well, so many years later, and he has had
13 years of therapy, he was in hypnosis. It's pretty well in there. He
remembers the atrocities he had to witness at interrogations, which
ended with decapitation and things like that, really hideous stuff,
military stuff, which really hit him.

That little lady was used in ... she was a bomber by the time she was
age 3. She was like a set up person who would hang out with the
assassin and distract somebody while the guy bumped him. Just a little
innocent kid coming into a place like this. Oh a little package, you
know. Puts it down, later the place blows up, that kind of thing. She
has pretty much recovered, doing really well, I am happy to say.

The best literature on mind control and survivors is self-published
literature. The publishing companies won't touch this stuff any more.
The only reason I got Operation Mind Control published in 1978 was
that my agent was an agent. He belonged to Naval Intelligence. He is
now one of the biggest agents in New York, and he paid me a whopping
advance because they wanted to control it, and then, man they printed
a million copies and ate it, and paid me full royalties and you never
found it again. In two weeks it was gone. Now they are paying $650 a
copy - if you've got a used copy of Operation Mind Control, sell it.
Of course now you can get one for free by becoming a member of of the
Freedom of Thought Foundation.

[slide] This was one of the early things of the male chauvinist
society - it was called The Battle for Men's Minds, a book by William
Sargent. Here is Dr. Sidney Gottlieb of the CIA. He was the guy who
gave 147 different drugs to people. John Marks in The Search for the
Manchurian Candidate or the Church Committee Reports cover him pretty
well. He is a scientist, a doctor. And of course we know about Timothy
Leary who is a psychologist, he is the producer of the flower
generation, the psychedelic sixties and the slogan "turn on, tune in,
drop out" - he worked with Henry Luce and the CIA to turn on the
generation known as the Baby Boomers. When I asked Leary if he was
witting or unwitting when he got his LSD from the CIA, he said, "Who
you would work for - the Yankees or the Dodgers? You want me to work
for the KGB?"

[slide] This is a blank slide in memory of Dr. Frank Olson who flew,
jumped, or otherwise exited from the 16th floor of the Pennsylvania
Hotel in New York City back in the 1950's, and Olson's family was paid
$750,000 wrongful death - the federal courts claim act keeps you from
suing the government for wrongful death - but it turned out, after the
autopsy - the family exhumed the body of Olson - his skull was
fractured before he was thrown out the window. He was killed before he
was thrown out the window. They probably just laced him with LSD. He
was an Edgewood Arsenal chemist and he had qualms about dosing people
agains their will and without their knowledge at Edgewood. So they
killed him and threw him out the window and made it look like a
suicide. Now the family is suing under a different law, and maybe they
will get some real money out of this - the culprits should be
prosecuted, but we can't prosecute anybody until we - what are we
going to do? Repeal the National Security Act and then give everybody
amnesty? Man, there's a lot of criminals, a lot of murderers.

[slide] This is Harold Blauer I used to make a joke, on his ass before
the government put him there forever. He was a tennis pro. He was
given an overdose of a mescaline derivative by the CIA. Every minute
of his death is chronicled in cold blood descriptions in their
classified files. You can find it verbatim in Operation Mind Control.
Like Olson's family Blauer's family received a quarter of a million
dollars from Uncle Sam, but they are suing again because he was a
private citizen. He didn't sign up.

Now you get the idea right? If you sign up for the government, you're
going to give your life for the country. The National Security Act
suspends all your civil rights, you get it? After you've given your
life for the country, since they didn't need you to survive, they're
going to use anything you've got - your body parts, your mind, your
soul, anything. That's the way the game is played. Most of the victims
of mind control are government related. May 2nd or 3rd generation. Our
files contain very detailed debriefings, drawings, sketches of high
ranking CIA officials' daughters. Now why would they do this to this
person who is now a very competent secretary, and who has been
harassed and tortured since she was a small child by some incredible
technology that is more advanced ... since she is not one of the DID
kind. This is really incredible.

But of course Walter Reed is a place where they program people and ...
this story. I just got this recently from Blanche I think, "Sing a
Song to Jenny", it's the true account of a secret US raid into China.
In 1978 I am in San Francisco doing a talk show for KPIX TV - normally
they bus in women's clubs and there I was, the bus broke down, and I
am left with nothing but the phone lines which was fortuitous because
a Commander in the Navy called and said, "I was on the Black Pajama
team working behind ... and they sent us to Walter Reed and now we all
have cardboard memories." And this is the story of one guy, not the
same guy I think that I talked to, but this is probably the same story
of mind control soldiers operating behind enemy lines.

The CIA documents ... to create an involuntary assassin. That was in
the seventies, and that was published. That's one of the English
editions of Operation Mind Control. That one is worth $650 on the used
book market. This is The Mind Manipulators by Alan Scheflin, it came
out a year later. Journey Into Madness, Gordon Thomas ... he is Irish
and to me, kind of thinks like an Irishman, 'why mess up a good story
with the truth?' so he takes wild flights of probably untruth ... but
he does cover Ewen Cameron's experiments in Canada very well, and it's
good for that. Of course, as a result of Ewen Cameron's experiments,
they paid off pretty heavy to the families up there. These people
weren't in our government, and Cameron was working under the payroll
of the CIA for a long time, doing the experiments for the CIA. Cameron
was at the same time the President of the American Psychiatric
Association and he was the head shrink for the Nuremburg Trial. You
can see the connection with psychiatry ... that's probably why
psychiatry stopped dead in the water, probably why it doesn't work,
what they are trying to do. And of course, it was useless. We just
spent fifty years and how many millions and billions of dollars, and
we didn't come up with anything.

David Ferrie was a hypnotist, he was a pilot for the CIA and he was
probably the guy who was an on the scene handler for Lee Harvey
Oswald, who was probably just a patsy. He said he was a patsy. They
ran a CSE on his statement and it appeared to be true, and believe it
or not, stress free. So he looks like just a patsy. But David Ferrie
had false eyebrows, a wig ... strange dude.

This is another victim of mind control, he was programmed. He was a
White Russian. George de Mohrenschildt is his name and he was a friend
of Lee Harvey Oswald and Marina Oswald. A friend of mine, Eddie
Epstein, was interviewing him for Time Magazine and they took a break
for lunch and Oswald got a phone call, and simply said "I understand".
Then he took a gun and killed himself. Bang. Just like the Manchurian
Candidate. His family believes that's what happened.

(EDIT JK: I'm sure "Oswald" is a typo in the transcript and Bowart is talking about de Mohrenschildt's "suicide".)

This is Luis Enjarocasetio (sp) an attempted assassin of Ferdinand
Marcos in the Phillipines. He was arrested by the Phillipine National
Bureau of Investigation, the equivalent of the FBI. They called in,
unlike in the USA where nobody believes this could happen, those guys
called in a hypnotist and began to deprogram this guy. They found four
different identities when he was in custody. He had 40 hypnotic
sessions from April 3 to June 25, 1967. He displayed four distinct
personalities. He was put into a trance and given an empty pistol. In
the first personality he would follow whoever was talking with the
pistol, pulling the trigger over and over. In the second personality
he would aim only at the picture of Marcos and pull the trigger over
and over. In the third personality he would end up falling off the
table to the floor and remain motionless. The report said, in the last
state, a "pathetic sight takes place - the subject turns the pistol to
his own temple and squeezes the trigger as many times as his name is

Notice his clothes. He's got this little sweater kind of thing, notice
his haircut, general look. When Sirhan was arrested, the same kind of
thing. The interesting thing is that they both had diaries, they both
left underlinings. They both repeated things and kind of chanted their
program. They both predicted before the crime that they were going to
do this.

Sirhan is arrowed. The other guy is Spanish, some kind of Hispanic
background. They look enough alike to be brothers. Castile believed
that a guy that sounds like Allen Dulles was his father. You find this
in the programming. These sadistic jokes are played. Sirhan as you
know was programmed to kill Robert Kennedy, and did apparently, shot
at him, was in the room anyway. When in custody, he was visited by Dr.
Bernard Diamond, shown here, who was hired by the defence, and Diamond
is an expert in hypnosis and defence. He thought immediately that
Sirhan had been programmed by the way he responded to hypnotic
command. At one point he put him in deep trance, and he found that he
couldn't speak, but he could write answers. Here's the way it went. He
showed him a page of his diary and asked, "is this crazy writing?"
"Yes, Yes, Yes," Sirhan wrote. "Are you crazy?" Diamond asked. "No,
No, No," Sirhan wrote. "Well, why are you writing crazy?" Diamond
asked. "Practice, Practice, Practice," Sirhan wrote. "Practice for
what?" Diamond asked. "Mind control, Mind control, Mind control," is
what Sirhan wrote.

Here's a guy who did a lot of our work, funded by the CIA through the
National Institute of Mental Health. The CIA gave the money to NIMH
who gave the money to Harvard University who gave the money to Jose
Delgado, famous neurologist who back in the 50's and 60's did a lot of
amazing work. He went before Congress I think in 1962 or 1963, and
it's in the Congressional Record, and he called for a "Psychocivilized
Society" in which everybody would have an electrode implanted in their
brain and it would be for the benefit of us all. I know a little kid,
he's 15 years old, he's a cyberpunk, and he can't wait to have that
because he wants to know the baseball scores. He says "why do I have
to remember all this?"

There's a stimoceiver transmitter and receiver in the brain of the
bull at the right place and the bull didn't even really attack. That's
a puny bull if you ask me, and Delgado looks like a real chicken and
he's backing up. He has the cape but he doesn't have the sword and he
has the radio transmitter and then the bull gets to a certain point
and he pushes a button, and the thing goes into reverse. I mean it was
unbelievable, and you can get that. I have seen it even on educational
television shows ... A&E did this, it was called "The Bad Trip to
Edgewood." That's the headquarters at Edgewood Arsenal, Fort Detrick,
Maryland. They started out with monkeys of course. They tried
everything ... they started out with gas and injections and that led
to human experimentation.

See that mouse and the cat ... that's a famous thing from the sixties.
Here's a cat on LSD. This cat is afraid of these mice, and it keeps
leaping away. It's unbelievable to see that, and it's a famous
experiment. They used a lot of LSD. Of course they cornered the
market. I think they went to Sandoz Labs and bought every existing
dose of LSD.

This guy, Bill Jordan, is a medical "volunteer" and he was a Lt-
Colonel --- he was probably the highest ranking volunteer. They
thought they were going to get gas or something, tear gas -- they gave
him 100x the normal dose of LSD and these guys now 40 years later are
still walking around having flashbacks, epileptic seizures. They gave
huge doses -- 7000 men were given LSD in these huge doses between 1955
and 1975.

This guy is Col. James Ketchum who was the Army psychiatrist who ran
it. Ketchum revealed to Bill Kurtis, who was the A&E anchorman, that
they had tested BZ which puts the test subject into a 3 day stupor and
is followed by memory loss. They were interested in anything to induce
amnesia. One of the test subjects did try to sue the government and he
got to the Supreme Court and was turned down because of the Federal
Torts Claims Act. But the dissenting opinion of the judges compared
the Edgewood experiments to the Nazi experiments of WWII. This is on
record. Col. Ketchum didn't take it all that seriously. He said "Most
of the volunteers thought of it as an interesting adventure. Many
volunteered to do it again." While these injections were going on,
other things were being done.

In Lexington, Kentucky (Lexington is a federal "drug rehabilitation" -
I don't think there is such a thing as rehabilitation in the prison
system these days - there is no concept of it. But in those days they
still called it a drug rehabilitation project). They would give them
rewards of heroin if they would take LSD and other things. Here's a
guy in such a stupor, he can't sit down. This guy starts out early on
playing solitaire, pretty soon the cards are all over the table, and
he is just a mess. This guy I think is counting spiders on the wall
that he thinks are there. This guy is breathing some gas that they
measure and then they filled the whole room with BZ or psychotoxic gas
then they would put the guy in this suit and see if the suit protected
him. Of course they started out with animals. This fellow says it made
him violent. It changed his personality and he hasn't had a
relationship with his family for 30 years because of it.

Of course that's what they wanted to do. BZ and some of these other
drugs were known to produce a violent reaction. One of the things they
experimented with was PCP, angel dust, which is now "an underground
recreational illegal drug". This is a group of soldiers walking
through a cloud of BZ and it brings to mind some eerie scenes from a
movie I would recommend that you rent from the video store, called
"Jacob's Ladder". This is a movie that is really about the Buddhist
afterlife, the guy is already dead. He was part of the Army BZ
experiments and he is reliving his life which did take place in
Vietnam. It looks very much like this, they reproduced in the movie
the whole feeling of this kind of monstrous experimentation.

Of course, here is Richard Helms, and here he is lying to the
President's Commission on the assassination of President Kennedy which
was one of his first big lies that was documented. Then he went on to
lie to Congress and that's when he got sentenced to some time for
that. Here's something from Defence Intelligence Agency Report Task
#T72-01-14: "Parapsychology can be harnessed to create conditions
where one can alter and manipulate the minds of others." This is from
Hans Ulrich Dresch, he's a PhD who works in an alcohol rehabilitation
program today, and he was a victim of mind control. He was actually an
American citizen, but he was born over there of military parents and
raised there. He was used in some kind of mind control experiments.
Since he is a psychologist, he talks about all those things - MPD,
hypnosis, drugs, and all the other stuff. This can be found on the
internet and it's probably 40-50 pages long.

This is Alan Frey's early research when he was with G.E. and it's the
"Human Auditory System Response to Elctromagnetic Energy" - in other
words, "we are going to put voices in your head" by remote control
from a distance. And that was in the 60's, and Ross Adey is another
guy who did the research - he was at University of California,
Riverside, and he did a lot of research on modulating microwaves so
you would hear a voice from a distance. There's a guy in New Mexico
who is in Operation Mind Control who will sell you a microwave you can
keep in a paper bag. It's about the size of a radar gun. You can buy
them now over the counter. Q. is that kind of mind control technology
used to discredit the individual, or is it actually used for
programming. I would say both. I would say the number one thing is
programming because if you take all the technology - drugs, hypnosis -
all this electronic stuff - if you take it away the human mind is
still the human mind and it works the same way. Basically you can
explain that by understanding the subconscious. A lot of it happens
over a long period of time. I don't know about 20 years, but I know
about 10 years.

Here's another one. Spontaneous regression. This was way before the
New Age thing of regression, past life regression. The military and
the government were researching this thing. This guy Schneck - this
was from State University of New York College of Medicine - a CIA
project funded it - and they knew damn well what a powerful regression
was. Even if it is just a metaphor.

The father of all this stuff - the greatest mind about hypnosis - and
a guy who also worked for the government - was Milton Erickson. When I
interviewed him he talked very slowly - you could go into trance just
listening to him in a warm room. But I liked him a lot, and of course
he is the main model for what is now known as neurolinguistic
programming. He had polio so he could not interact with people and he
watched how they communicated, and out of that came this beautiful
science which is used in computers. "The use of hypnosis in
intelligence and related military situations" by Seymour Fischer (sp)
1958 - a declassified CIA document. "The use of hypnosis in warfare"
by Alec McQuart, unclassified, it's in the open literature.
"Experimenting with the possible antisocial uses of hypnosis" by
Milton Erickson. He said there is no problem to it, all you have to do
basically is to manipulate context and get an individual to do
something against their will and without their knowledge. It was done
in a laboratory in a government study where a soldier was made to
attack his commanding officer. All they had to say was "this is WWII -
this guy is a Japanese guy - it is kill or be killed". They didn't
know he had a knife in his boot but luckily they had two armed guards
standing there.

This is "Assassination in Hypnosis: political influence" by Joseph
Berndt in 1968, after the Kennedy assassination. "Rewriting the Soul"
by Ian Hacking, Canadian. He's a sociologist so parts of it aren't
correct but it's really interesting to read this different point of
view, and he tells some anecdotes about Colin Ross that are pretty
good. Elaine Pagel's a friend of mine who did the Nag Hammadi texts
and anybody who has had satanic ritual abuse should probably read this
book and understand the origin of satan and understand how deeply
rooted it is in our society, in Judeao Christian Aristotelian
philosphy. This is Mikey's paper, "Mind War". You know Mikey? Yeah,
Michael Aquino. This is his very own handwriting. It is the
headquarters of the Imperial Storm Trooper Force Office of the Chief
of Staff, Mind War Center, Hub 4, and it's the final version of an
article going to the military review, "Parameters", which is a war
course journal psyops community - the head of which is near my home
town in Arizona. He was just then a Major, and he talks about John
Alexander's military review and psyops and stuff, and what gave me the
creeps is #11 - he cites Operation Mind Control as a source. That gave
me a chill. Here he is when he was reviewed for a possible adverse -
they are going to throw him out of the Army for molesting children at
the Presidio - and of course they couldn't prove he did it, but they
couldn't prove he didn't do it - they did a weird thing which they can
only do in military law. They didn't acquit him, but they didn't
convict him. They just said "we are going to gather more evidence" and
of course they are still gathering...
"It means this War was never political at all, the politics was all theatre, all just to keep the people distracted...."
"Proverbs for Paranoids 4: You hide, They seek."
"They are in Love. Fuck the War."

Gravity's Rainbow, Thomas Pynchon

"Ccollanan Pachacamac ricuy auccacunac yahuarniy hichascancuta."
The last words of the last Inka, Tupac Amaru, led to the gallows by men of god & dogs of war
Okay David, I have all the book info saved, so you can delete it anytime now.

Again thamks and I did appreciate it. Have a nice Thanksgiving Day!

Don't know if it is mentioned here above, but while I've LONG had the book, I JUST came across a 1.5 hour interview with Bowart that is very good and informational. Don't know the exact date of it, but it is old. Prouty was still alive. If anyone needs to know how to obtain it, give me a PM.
"Let me issue and control a nation's money and I care not who writes the laws. - Mayer Rothschild
"Civil disobedience is not our problem. Our problem is civil obedience! People are obedient in the face of poverty, starvation, stupidity, war, and cruelty. Our problem is that grand thieves are running the country. That's our problem!" - Howard Zinn
"If there is no struggle there is no progress. Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and never will" - Frederick Douglass

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