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Swine flu scam
Swine flu risk 'was vastly over-rated' by World Health Organisation 25 Jun 2010 Threats of a swine flu pandemic were 'vastly over-rated' by the World Health Organisation, an inquiry has concluded. The Council of Europe last night also accused the UN's health arm of 'grave shortcomings' in the process that led it to declare a pandemic last year. Plummeting confidence in health advice could prove 'disastrous' in the event of a severe future pandemic, parliamentarians at the Strasbourg-based senate said.

Council of Europe calls for WHO flu handling probe 24 Jun 2010 The Council of Europe called Thursday for a probe into the World Health Organisation's handling of the H1N1 swine flu outbreak, which it said led to unjustified scares and waste of public money. A council parliamentary assembly identified "grave shortcomings" about WHO transparency about its position on the flu, "generating concerns about the influence of the pharmaceutical industry on decisions taken," a statement said. The session adopted a text that says there was "overwhelming evidence that the seriousness of the pandemic was vastly overrated by WHO". Paul Flynn, British author of a report endorsed by the assembly, told the session that the WHO's June 11, 2009 declaration of a H1N1 pandemic had enabled the pharmaceutical industry to reap large profits.

...Citizens for Legitimate Government
Yeah Donald Rumsfeld got even richer off that scam. And it was an obvious scam from the start. Surprising that anyone fell for it.

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