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safe house
Worshipi read last evening in a thread about the safe house, where lho was boarding, re Tosh's info, i cannot find it now, i have used the search engine several different ways, but it has not revealed anything about a safe house, if anyone can help, it would be appreciated i have found the photo that tosh had posted at one time, showing the back of the house, and would like to upload it where it belongs thanks, one of the posts dixie made but i cannot find hers either,DIX I HAVE LOST YOU...:popworm: any help would be appreciated thanks..b

A: I went...I was taken over to the "safe house" that was located in Oak Cliff right next to the Country Club on Bar Harbor Drive and that's where we congregated and then from there we went directly, in a car, down to the Plaza and was dropped off.

We got in the car. This new freeway wasn't there at that point like that. And then went a u-turn, went up to that red light, went left down here to Ed McLemore's Sportatorium where Sergio changed clothes. I didn't change clothes and then from the Sportatorium we went to the "safe house" over by Redbird Airport in Oak Cliff, next to the Country Club and that's how we got out of the Plaza that day. We did not continue to even look back over this way. At that point and time we both felt that it was imperative that we get out of the area due to the fact that if we were picked up there we had absolutely no cover story of why we were in the area, and the fact that we had military and CIA contacts and liaison, coordination with them. It would have been a very hard one to explain why two operatives were caught on the south knoll if there was more than one shot fired.

A: Yes, in '62 when I came back into Dallas area, that, through the Dallas
Cubans over on, not Harlendale Street, but there was a "safe" house here in
Dallas, Oak Cliff, two of'em. There was a small two bedroom frame type house
that was located in Oak Cliff not far from the zoo where the old inner urban
track used to go through, I mean there's a highline down through there now,
at that place and then I think it was Zang's Blvd. there used to be "safe"
house there that was run by Hernandez out of Miami that had connections with
Alpha 66 at one point that set up a "safe" house for Dallas Cubans that were
filtrating out of the Miami area. Oswald, from those two "safe" houses, I
went to another "safe" house and that "safe" house was directly behind where
Oswald had rented a room, in the alley, and I carved my initials on the
draining board up there at that time and that was a gun running operation
and Oswald was renting the front house. I saw him there briefly but did not
talk to him.

The DEM house in Manalapan has now been torn down, as have all of the Lee Oswald residences, except the rooming house on Bletchley in Oak Cliff, which the late Detective from the Dallas Police Dept. Jay Harrison alleged was a safe house at the time, and when he FOIA requested a list of all of the roomers when LHO was renting a room there, the redacted document came back as Top Secret and ONLY Oswald�s name was shown, the rest of the names in the rooming house were blacked out. He drove me around the house in 2003, with another author, to show us how large the house was, and that there were at least 15 rooms which you could not see from a bus tour driving by the house. Hopefully some day we shall see this document in the clear, to see who was living there in 1963.

Dawn....The so-called, "Safe House," was not the main Boarding House on Beckley, where LHO was residing....and actually we do know, at least some of the boarders there, at the time. This house was owned by Gladys and Arthur Johnson.

The Safe-House was located behind the main house. However, I am unsure if it was on the same property or if the Johnspn's also owned it too. Most likely a list of those residing there, are the undislosed names. I have saen a photo of that back house! I also believe that Tosh said he had been in that back safe house and had even carved his initials on the kitchen counter. I was thinking he also said he saw LHO in there, but not positive on that part.
There were supposedly at least 4-5 so-called Safe Houses around the area.

The rest of the above article does not actually realte to eash other....IMO anyway. It is like trying to fit different bits of unrelated info together. But then of course, could be that I only assumed that it an attempt to tie it all together.

i have found the photos of the safe house where lho was boarding that tosh had posted at one time, notice the red roof, the back yard shows the steps up to it...thanks for the help phil, best b.

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