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Organized Abduction, Torture, Exploitation and Murder of Women and Children on Canada's West Coast
Memorandum on Eyewitness Evidence of the Organized Abduction, Torture, Exploitation and Murder of Women and Children on Canada's West Coast

[Image: dead.jpg] Update: Related video, "Unrepentant"
From the Files of the Community Task Force on the Disappeared - Downtown Eastside of Vancouver


1. An organized system of abduction, exploitation, torture and murder of large numbers of women and children appears to exist on Canada's west coast, and is operated and protected in part by sectors of the RCMP, the Vancouver Police Department (VPD), the judiciary, and members of the British Columbia government and federal government of Canada, including the Canadian military.
2. This system is highly funded and linked to criminal organizations including the Hell's Angels, the Hong Kong Triad, and unnamed individual "free lance" mobsters from Vancouver and the USA. It is funded in part by a massive drug trade, with which it is intimately connected.
3. This system is decades-old and has been supplied for many years with women and children from aboriginal reserves and residential schools, with the paid collusion of lawyers, clergy and officials of the Roman Catholic, Anglican and United Church of Canada, along with state-funded aboriginal leaders and officials of the Department of Indian Affairs.
4. This system is international in scope, Vancouver being one spoke in a wheel of pedophilia, sex slavery, human organ black markets, "snuff" films and violent child pornography that has outlets throughout the Pacific Rim world, particularly in China and Thailand.
5. This system relies upon a network of complicity extending to the highest levels of power in Canada and other nations, involving coroners, judges, doctors, clergy, politicians and social workers, as well as the media. It also relies upon a network of "body dumping grounds" and mass graves, located in remote rural areas or on aboriginal reserves and both church and Crown land, where human remains are regularly disposed of by RCMP officers.
6. This system is kept in place because of a practice and philosophy of tolerance and protection by the established police, judicial, military, church and governmental institutions in Canada and elsewhere. The crimes committed by individual officers of the police, churches, court and government against women and children caught in this system are known and tolerated by these institutions.
Eyewitness Accounts

Eyewitness #1: Caucasian woman, age forty nine, domiciled in Vancouver at 2618 West 8th Avenue, ph: 778-386-7024. Given name of witness is Annie PARKER, who claims to have personal knowledge of the allegations made herein. Statement video-recorded on 16 February 2006, in Vancouver.
1. The witness states that during the spring of 2000, she was severely assaulted by an officer of the RCMP, Bruce MICHAELSON, in her Vancouver home after requesting RCMP assistance to deal with harassment from her ex-husband. MICHAELSON tortured the witness and compelled her to join what she terms "the hooker game", where she learned the facts alleged herein.
2. The alleged "hooker game" is a protected system run by Vancouver police and RCMP officers in which prostitutes are arrested, drugged, raped and sometimes filmed as part of violent pornographic and "snuff" movies, in which they are tortured and killed on film. The women killed in this manner are then disposed of at special body dumping sites monitored by the police.
3. The witness claims that there are two levels of the "hooker game": the simplest level involves the arrest, drugging and raping of prostitutes, then releasing them. The witness estimates that at least one-quarter of all Vancouver policemen take part in this level of the "hooker game", and that the rest of the police force as well as the Mayor and Chief of Police are aware of it. The higher level of the game involves the use of prostitutes in snuff and pornographic films, and in torturing and murdering them. While unaware of the details of the more extreme level of the game, most police know of its existence but do not betray it or its practitioners for fear that their involvement in the lower level of the game will be exposed.
4. The witness claims that the drug most commonly used on victims of the "hooker game" is SCOPALAMINE, a hypnotic barbituate often termed a "rape drug", in which the victim is "zombified", obeying any command, and then is unable to remember the events for some time. However, memory can return, and the fear of this occurring has prompted MICHAELSON and other participants in the more extreme game to murder the victims and dispose of their bodies. MICHAELSON is the key actor in this body disposal system, according to the witness.
5. Soon after the assault of the witness by MICHAELSON in the spring of 2000, she was taken by MICHAELSON to one of the locations of the "hooker game": a "clubhouse" for policemen in either the penthouse of the Century Plaza Hotel or in the basement of the Hotel Georgia in downtown Vancouver. Witness claims that this clubhouse hosts a "pornographic film studio where woman are raped and tortured on film". MICHAELSON is described by the witness as "a pimp and drug dealer for all the Vancouver cops and their friends ... a lot of the dealing goes on at the clubhouse."
6. Witness states that MICHAELSON works out of a North Vancouver RCMP detachment and is on the city drug squad, having access to large volumes of illicit drugs that he sells to policemen and others.
7. At one of the clubhouses described in Point No. 5, the witness was introduced by MICHAELSON to Willy PICTON and Steven PICTON, who ran and continue to run a pornography and snuff film business from Port Coquitlam (alias "Piggy's Palace"). The witness was subsequently taken by Steven PICTON to the Port Coquitlam site (alias "Piggy's Palace") on several occasions to engage in sex and drugs. At this site, she witnessed young girls being drugged and raped, including on film, after being brought to the site by RCMP officers. Witness describes seeing three RCMP officers, including MICHAELSON, at Piggy's Palace, engaged in drugs and in raping women. Witness states that "ten of the twelve recently murdered women were last seen in the company of RCMP guys."
8. At Piggy's Palace the witness also met Jean-Guy BOUDRAIS or BEAUDRAIS, whom witness claims is the serial killer responsible for the murder of many of the women in the downtown eastside of Vancouver over the past ten years. Witness states that BOUDRAIS is a close associate of MICHAELSON, obtains women and drugs from him, and relies on MICHAELSON to dispose of his victims after he has raped, tortured and killed them. Witness says that BOUDRAIS works for a computer programming company tied to the Canadian military or the federal government, and gives seminars in Ontario and Montreal, where he is domiciled. Witness claims that BOUDRAIS, like MICHAELSON, is a Freemason.
9. Witness claims that Steven PICTON is the ringleader of the snuff film operation that formerly operated out of Piggy's Palace, and which has now moved to an undisclosed location in Coquitlam. One of PICTON's associates operates a front for snuff films out of a company named "Goodbye Girls" at 999 West Broadway in Vancouver. Witness claims that snuff film victims' bodies are weighted with cement blocks and dumped in Beaver Lake in Stanley Park.
10. Witness claims that a snuff film network in Vancouver involves MICHAELSON, a CBC cameraman named Gerry DUNNE associated with Pogo Productions, a film maker named Dave COLLINS who owns Lions Gate Studios, an underworld enforcer named LARRY, a porn film star named Tom TASSE, and the PICTON brothers. TASSE worked in a snuff film studio in the basement of a North Vancouver home a few blocks from MICHAELSON's RCMP office. Snuff films sell for up to $250,000 and have eager buyers in Asian countries and the USA.
11. Witness was told by MICHAELSON that he acts as the main supplier of women and drugs for this snuff film network and for the "hooker game" with the assistance of three "dirty cops": a local policeman named Bob KRISKO, and two RCMP officers named DAVE and STEVEN. Both of the latter cops are associated with the Missing Women's Task Force and use this position to prey on and rape/murder street women in Vancouver.
12. Witness claims that both DAVE and STEVEN are also associated with BOUDRAIS and have raped and murdered women with him, including Brianne VOTH, age 19, who was abducted, raped and drowned in 2004 in Coquitlam by BOUDRAIS and STEVEN, in association with a prostitute named Stella MALLOWAY.
13. Witness was told by MICHAELSON that either DAVE or STEVEN own a cabin that serves as a body dumping site for women killed by them, BOUDRAIS and others. The cabin is located ten minutes' drive west of Horseshoe Bay on the Sea to Sky Highway, in a hunting camp off a dirt road. Bodies are dumped in a metal cistern at this site.
14. Witness states that MICHAELSON introduced her to BOUDRAIS in 2002 and BOUDRAIS abducted her and drove her to this body dumping site. When witness began screaming and claimed that others knew she was with him, BOUDRAIS returned her to Vancouver after raping her. While threatening witness not to talk, BOUDRAIS told her that he and DAVE and STEVEN murder on average four to six women every year.
15. After this attack by BOUDRAIS, witness began to seek outside help, including by contacting the FBI (see Point No.16 below), and as a consequence was nearly killed by MICHAELSON in retaliation. On January 9 of either 2003 or 2004, MICHAELSON broke into the Kitsilano apartment of the witness and broke her ribs, jaw and arm with a baseball bat. MICHAELSON then tied her up, put her in trunk of his car and drove her to the policemen's "clubhouse" in the Hotel Georgia basement. MICHAELSON then said to the witness, "Now I'll show you what we do to hookers", and proceeded to torture her with dental instruments, including on her genitalia, branding her cult-style with an insignia. MICHAELSON then told the witness "We own you now", and put her to work as a prostitute and lure to attract other women into the game.
16. The witness went to Vancouver General Hospital for treatment after her torture, and was treated at the Oak street clinic by a Dr. Jean McLENNAN or McLAREN. A report of her injuries was filed by this doctor with the Vancouver Police Deaprtment that same week.
17. The "hooker game" receives judicial protection from at least one judge, a justice GROBBERMAN, who prior to being a judge served in the provincial Attorney-General's office under the very man, Ernie QUANTZ, who organized a judicial cover-up on behalf of several prominent pedophiles during the 1980's. The witness claims seeing other judges and Prime Minister Paul MARTIN at the policemen's clubhouse in downtown Vancouver during the same evening that MICHAELSON and the PICTON brothers were present, and while drugs and prostitutes were being used. Also in attendance that evening were members of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) and Canadian military officers.
18. After she was attacked by BOUDRAIS, the witness phoned the FBI and asked for an investigation of BOUDRAIS, which occurred in 2005. The FBI investigators were misdirected by MICHAELSON to a false witness who shared the same first name as the witness, and as a result the FBI claimed that there was no evidence against BOUDRAIS. VPD detective Rabinovitch who assisted the FBI also claimed that BOUDRAIS could not be found even though he was circulating openly in Vancouver at the same time. One of the FBI investigators told the witness, however, that BOUDRAIS's description matched those of the Green River Killer, a serial rapist and murderer in the USA who is still at large.
19. Witness claims that MICHAELSON provides security for foreign diplomats in Vancouver and film industry stars, including Eddie MURPHY, to whom MICHAELSON introduced the witness in 2002. Witness claims that MURPHY raped and sadistically assaulted her, slicing her skin with a knife and leaving permanent scars on her shoulder and neck. (see videotaped interview) Witness states that MURPHY was also responsible for the death of two women during the years 2002-3 in Vancouver : a 21 year old Asian porn actress and a prostitute, both of whom were provided to MURPHY by MICHAELSON, and whose bodies were disposed of by the latter after MURPHY had tortured and raped them, and then overdosed them on drugs.
20. Witness states that she reported the attack on her by MURPHY to a Detective SCOTT with the VPD, along with the claim of MURPHY's murder of the two women, but when MICHAELSON learned of the complaint he tortured the witness with a knife, carving her neck and face, (see videotaped interview) and threatened to kill her if she pressed charges against MURPHY. Witness then withdrew her complaint. Detective SCOTT subsequently confirmed to the witness that MURPHY was responsible for the murders but they had not enough evidence to prosecute him.
21. Witness believes that MICHAELSON and his associates are "hunting prostitutes of intelligence" and are engaged "in a kind of ethnic cleansing ... they target Indians and girls as young as twelve or thirteen." She believes there is a connection between MICHAELSON's network and the disappearances of aboriginal women along the Highway of Tears in northern British Columbia.
22. Witness states that she is kept under constant electronic surveillance by MICHAELSON and his associates, and that her apartment keys have been copied by them to allow their regular access. This is "standard procedure when it comes to women they have hooked into the game", according to the witness.
23. All of the facts described herein by the witness were related by her in person to Linda Malcolm, a police woman with the VPD in January of 2006, as part of the Missing Women's Task Force. No action has been forthcoming.
Further background on Eyewitness #1:

Annie PARKER states that she was raised in North Bay, Ontario and was used in a child pedophile ring in that city by her father, LEN PARKER, who was a prominent Freemason and newspaper editor who was associated with the NORAD military base in the same city. Annie PARKER says her father raped and tortured her throughout her childhood, and was involved in "mind control research" at the aforementioned NORAD base. He often spoke to her about the so-called "Marionette Syndrome", whereby a subject is rendered into a mentally docile puppet as the result of extreme torture and trauma. He told the witness that these experiments were being done on children at the NORAD base by American researchers, and that the local pedophile ring existed to provide test subjects to these researchers, as well as child prostitutes to judges and politicians.
The witness also claims that, in 1961, when she was four years old, she and an aboriginal girl named Rosemary, who was six, were abducted and jailed in a farmhouse owned by Freemasons where they were serially raped. Rosemary had been abducted from the local Indian reserve. During the rapes, Rosemary tried to help the witness escape from the barn and was caught and killed, and then her skull was displayed in the local Freemason Hall. The witness feels forever indebted to Rosemary for saving her life, and is committed to helping children like her.
Eyewitness #2: Caucasian woman, mid fifties, normally domiciled in Powell River, B.C. but presently living in hiding in Alberta. Given name is Dagmar STEPHENS. As a former nurse, human resources social worker and child apprehension court worker in the Powell River and Zeballos area, the witness claims to have personal knowledge of the allegations made herein. Statement made during the week of 2-7 February, 2006, by telephone.

1. Witness states that she was recently forced out of the coastal community of Powell River, B.C. and had her life threatened because of her firsthand knowledge of the role of local RCMP, church officials and doctors in the murder of local women and children, and in the importation of illegal drugs and armaments from overseas.
2. Witness is a former social and court worker who worked in the aboriginal community and among youth between 1982 and 2004. She was a member of the Powell River United Church until forced from its congregation by ministers Dave NEWELL and Cameron REID after she claimed that local church members were importing drugs and engaging in pedophilia. (Note: REID was one of the two church officials who handed Rev. Kevin ANNETT his summary dismissal notice in 1995 after ANNETT began to uncover church crimes among native people in Port Alberni)
3. Witness has firsthand knowledge that Dr. Harvey HENDERSON of the Zeballos health clinic is deliberately addicting aboriginal people to a lethal drug named Oxycotin, a synthetic heroin that induces suicidal behavior. He is doing so at the behest of officials of the state-funded Nuu-Chah-Nulth Tribal Council (NTC) in Port Alberni, BC, in order for the land of his murdered patients to be bought up cheaply by NTC officers. HENDERSON has himself bought much native land on the Ahousat reserve on Flores Island, which he services as a doctor and where he freely distributes the Oxycotin drug. In 2005, all of the suicides among the Ahousats occurred while HENDERSON was working there. HENDERSON lives in Sayward, BC, north of Campbell River.
4. In 2004, witness observed the unloading of drugs and armaments off a black seaplane in the Okeover Inlet near Powell River, under the oversight of Bob PAQUIN, former officer in Quebec secret police and convicted pedophile, Tracy ELKINS, former officer in the South African army, and Colin McCORMACK and Roland LEWIS, local businessmen and associates of the Mayor, coroner and RCMP. Witness claims that these men operate local drug importation with RCMP protection, and deal drugs to local youth and aboriginals. All three are local Freemasons and members of Catholic Knights of Malta, along with Stu ALFGARD, local coroner and pedophile.
5. Witness claims that a similar drug drop off point is at Bliss Landing seaport and helicopter pad, north of Powell River, where Americans regularly fly in drugs.
6. Witness began to run afoul of this group when, in 1986, her local youth group resolved to confront drug use in Powell River schools, and found immediate resistance to their efforts from the school administration, churches, and social services. Witness then asked parents and local police to support them, which they did; an undercover squad of police began to monitor the activities of aforementioned suspects. But within one year, during 1988, all seven of these undercover policemen died, including head cop Bruce DENNISTON, and their deaths were all ruled as being caused by cancer by coroner and pedophile/drug importer ALFGARD.
7. Witness claims that in 2002, a local Anglican minister named KAREN died suddenly after speaking out publicly about the role of the local Masonic Lodge in suspected drug dealing and pedophilia. Her fellow activist in this exposure, Foursquare Baptist church pastor Gord FRALIC, quickly moved out of town after KAREN's death and relocated to Kelowna.
8. Witness is presently residing in Alberta in fear of her life, after being directly threatened and attacked by Tracy ELKINS, former South African army officer and principal drug dealer in Powell River area. Witness states that ELKINS assaulted her and drugged her son after witness continued to investigate local drug importing networks. Witness claims that BC politicians and Powell River residents Gordon WILSON and Judy TYABJI were made aware of all of these facts and declined to support her or the anti-drug educational work of her youth group.
Eyewitness #3: Aboriginal man in his mid forties, resident and maintenance worker employed at the Musqueam Indian Reserve off 51st Avenue on the west side of Vancouver, adjacent to the University of British Columbia. Given name of witness is Leslie GUERIN; domiciled at 3908 KeKait Place, Vancouver, cell phone No.: 778-772-5640. Initial statement made on videotape during the period 9 May - June 6, 2005, with additional statements made during period of 3 December - 18 January, 2006, in Vancouver.

1. Witness is a member of the Musqueam First Nation in Vancouver who has worked as a maintenance worker and labourer on the Musqueam Reserve since 1990. He is a confidant and associate of many Musqueam officials and politicians. In this position, witness claims to have firsthand and personal knowledge of the allegations he makes herein.
2. Summary of allegations of witness: The Musqueam Reserve has operated as a mass grave and body dumping site since at least 1989. It is also a center of illegal drug and armaments importing through the adjoining Celtic Shipyards, and is connected to native-run pedophile rings that extend to northern B.C. and southern Alberta. The Musqueam band council leaders, especially the GUERIN, SPARROW and GRANT-JOHN families, are involved in these criminal activities in conjunction with officials of the RCMP, the First Nations Summit and the federal government of Canada. The government provides political and judicial protection for these crimes since the pedophile and body disposal activities by the PICTON brothers and others take place at the behest and in the interest of the government of Canada. The government and police also side with and protect the SPARROW and GUERIN families in their efforts to attack and undermine other families at Musqueam in order to seize their land and other effects, even when these methods result in deaths. One of these methods of terrorizing other Musqueams utilized by the SPARROW-GUERIN-JOHN clique is to seize their children and transport them off the reserve, including into pedophile rings connected with the provincial government's Ministry of Children and Families. This clique conducts criminal activities on the Musqueam reserve, including drug dealing, strong-arming of dissidents or critics, illegally selling salmon and other fish as well as cigarettes and alcohol, wrongfully evicting band members from their homes and disentitling them of their land and DIA payments.
3. Witness claims that the Musqueam Reserve has functioned as a body-dumping and mass burial site since at least 1989, when he personally observed Willie PICTON deposit and bury large garbage bags in a pit directly opposite the Musqueam First Nation office on the reserve. (See his statement, Exhibit A).Witness claims that he subsequently disinterred the contents of these bags and found numerous bones that upon examination proved to be human, including parts of pelvis, skull and femur. Witness retains samples of these remains in his possession while other samples, including an adult female humerus, are held at Simon Fraser University.
4. Corollary evidence of this allegation was provided by the witness in the form of a letter (Exhibit B) by Musqueam Housing Officer A. Glenn GUERIN dated 29 October 2004, which states that Dave PICTON, brother of Willie, was employed by the Musqueam band under contract for three of four months during 1989 or 1990, to provide land fill for a street extension.
5. Witness states that the activities of Willie and Dave PICTON on the Musqueam reserve were fully known and approved by all the band councilors at Musqueam, including Wendy SPARROW, aka Wendy GRANT-JOHN, federal Department of Indian Affairs official and wife of accused pedophile-drug dealer Chief Ed JOHN, who is domiciled at the Musqueam reserve and owns adjoining Celtic Shipyards.
6. Witness reported the activities of the PICTON brothers at Musqueam in 2002 to the Vancouver police (VPD), after the " Piggy Palace " story was reported in local media. But Ed and Leona SPARROW stopped the subsequent police investigation of the remains deposited at Musqueam by the PICTONs after arranging a cover-up with VPD Constable Scott ROLLINS (Badge #2028) and officer Jodine KELLER. Leona SPARROW was also seen attending parties at the PICTON's "Pig Farm" in company of RCMP.
7. The following media were contacted by the witness and informed of the remains deposited by the PICTONs at Musqueam, but declined from investigating: Mike CLARKE, City TV, Kelly RYAN, CBC radio, Gerald BELLETT, Vancouver Sun, and Karen Urguhart, The Province. Also notified by witness was William MACDONALD, Office of the Police Complaints Commissioner in Vancouver.
8. After more than two years, on November 3, 2004, witness and fellow Musqueam band member Jim KEW made a formal complaint to the VPD Complaints Commissioner about the refusal of police to investigate either the burial site at Musqueam or the apparent role of the PICTONs in burying the remains. (Exhibit C) No response has been received from the VPD at any level.
9. Witness reports seeing Uzi guns and other automatic weapons being unloaded from containers at Celtic Shipyards, 3150 Celtic Avenue, in the summer of 1988, under the supervision of SPARROW relatives Joe BECKER and Wayne GUERIN. BECKER spoke to witness at the time and referred to the importing of drugs through the same shipyard in vessels using false bow fronts. Witness worked as a security guard at Celtic Shipyards between 1995 and 2001, and observed similar unloading of guns and drugs during these years.
10. Witness claims that same Joe BECKER works as an enforcer for Musqueam band officials, including the GUERIN and SPARROW families, along with Walter Dunstan CAMPBELL, whom witness says was arrested with the body of a dead woman in his car trunk, but was quickly released. CAMPBELL also operates protection system for child porn film operation at Carrall and Hastings streets, which in 2004-5 operated behind the front of a bank..
11. Witness claims that other Musqueam officials involved in this child porn film operation include Robert GUERIN, Andrew CHARLES, Frank and Jason MALLOWAY (see Point No. 12 in Testimony #1, re: Stella MALLOWAY), a non-native drug dealer named "DA SILVA", and Chief Ed JOHN. CHARLES, JOHN and CAMPBELL, along with Ed SPARROW, were responsible for the gang rape and beating of Marlon LOUIE, a band member, during 2003 after LOUIE had discovered a "hit list" of the Musqueam "goon squad" headed by Joe BECKER and Walter Dunstan CAMPBELL.
12. BECKER and CAMPBELL head this enforcement "goon squad" on Musqueam reserve that includes former Canucks hockey player Gino OJICK, who owns Musqueam Golf Course Cafe. Witness claims that OJICK attempted to kill him with poison in 2002 after witness went to the VPD with allegation about PICTON brothers' activities at Musqueam.
13. Witness claims that the main security officer for the Musqueam reserve, ex-Edmonton policeman David LAVALLEE, is part of this enforcement/goon squad. LAVALLEE left the Edmonton police under a cloud of suspicion concerning his involvement in the rape and disappearance of local women and children.
14. Witness claims that the members of this enforcement/goon squad are responsible for the deaths of numerous Musqueam band members, often through staging fake car accidents or executing people with drug overdoses. These deaths occur in order to seize the homes and land of the murdered persons, and secure the power of the SPARROW-GUERIN clique. One such murder occurred in 2000 when a young native woman named GANARJEE was evicted for not being able to pay her property taxes, which had been wrongfully increased by the GUERIN-SPARROW clique. She then became homeless on Hastings street, was addicted to drugs by CAMPBELL, and then "overdosed" and died. The SPARROW family then received her home and property.
15. Witness claims that GANARJEE's property was seized by lawyer Marvin STORROW of Blake, Cassells and Graydon law firm in Vancouver, who works closely with the SPARROW clique and their relative Chief Ed JOHN. (Note: STORROW represented JOHN in a 2002 BC Supreme Court lawsuit that silenced JOHN's critics and imposed a gag order on any media reporting of the accusations of criminal actions by JOHN. )STORROW has a long history of involvement with the Musqueam band and the SPARROW family (see Exhibit D) and has strong ties with the federal Liberal party. Leona SPARROW who is associated with the PICTONs and concealed their activity at Musqueam (see Point No. 6) has worked for STORROW's law firm.
16. Other lawyers and firms associated with the SPARROW clique and their activities include Lou HARVEY and Smithe-Radcliffe law firm. HARVEY is an old associate of STORROW and has helped to steal and illegally transfer Musqueam land into the control of Squamish politicians working for the federal government.
17. Witness claims that the SPARROW clique evade federal laws limiting the commercial sale of salmon by aboriginal people, and completely monopolize an illegal blackmarket in fish operating out of the Musqueam reserve. Wendy GRANT-JOHN (a former SPARROW) operates her own fish store, Longhouse Seafoods in the Dunbar region of Vancouver, which illegally sells sockeye and other salmon. The enforcement/goon squad silence band criticism of these acts.
18. Similarly, in a written statement dated December 26, 2005, the witness claims "For the record, all the elders whom have died, it's Wendy's family (who) lives in each and every home that comes from another unexpected death ... they (the SPARROW clique) have a group of people monitoring each band member and so they wait for a window of opportunity to strike. They pick targets in the community and slowly tear them apart - dilibritly destroy lives."
19. The witness has drawn three separate maps of the Musqueam reserve that identify the location of two major body dumping and burial sites (Exhibit E, 1-3).
Witness #4: Retired aboriginal man in his late fifties, a band councilor and member of the Musqueam band and a friend of Witness #3. Given name is Arthur STOGAN sr, he is a direct descendent of the hereditary chiefs of the Musqueam people. Resides on the reserve, phone 604-263-6295.His lifelong residence at Musqueam and involvement as a band councilor gives him a personal knowledge of the facts he alleges herein. Initial statement made on videotape during the period 9 May - June 6, 2005, with additional statements made during period of 3 December - 18 January, 2006, in Vancouver.

1. Witness affirms all that witness #3 alleges in his statement, adding that he and his extended family are being targeted by the SPARROW clique for their opposition to the crimes described. In particular, witness claims that his grandchildren have been deliberately seized by Ministry of Children and Family (MCF) officials and sent into foster homes operated by known pedophiles in order to silence the witness and force him into conformity. (See Exhibit F) (Note: MCF was run by SPARROW relative and Musqueam enforcer Ed JOHN during 2000-2001 when he served in the provincial government after being appointed, though unelected, to the cabinet of Premier Ujjal DOSANJH)..
2. Witness claims that after the death of his father, Vincent STOGAN, the hereditary chief of the Musqueam, in 2000, attacks against he and his family were made by the SPARROW clique on the reserve, especially after the witness began to speak out against that clique's corrupt and nepotistic practices. These attacks culminated in February of 2004, when all fourteen of the witnesses' grandchildren were seized by Xyolhemeylh, the Child Protection Society of the Sto"lo First Nation near Chilliwack. Witness was denied any visiting rights, even though one of his grand daughters was placed in the home of a convicted pedophile by Xyolhemeylh worker Loretta ROSZA, who also falsified reports and made false claims about the children. ROSZA is associated with Wendy GRANT-JOHN (SPARROW) through the Sumas First Nation. Both the Chilliwack and Mission detachments of the RCMP refused to investigate complaints by the witness regarding these actions. (Exhibit F)
3. Witness states that another reason for this attack on he and his family is his discovery of evidence that the present SPARROW clique and their relatives cooperated with the federal government in destroying traditional records and histories of the Musqueam and Coast Salish people during the 1970's, as part of the effort to ethnically cleanse west coast aboriginal people and steal their land. A letter from the Department of Indian Affairs dated September 22, 1972 states that individual records of native people in B.C. were to be destroyed under the scrutiny of Chief Clarence Joe, a SPARROW relative. (see Exhibit G)These records included evidence of original land ownership and genealogy..
4. Witness states that there is a direct link between criminal and pedophile networks involving aboriginal politicians in both Musqueam and Cowichan nations because of traditional kinship ties across Georgia Straight. Witness claims that Joe BECKER, Delbert GUERIN and Andrew CHARLES are linked to Cowichan chiefs who are heavily involved in the drug trade, illegal fishing and pedophile rings operating out of Nanaimo, centred around the HARRIS family of the Chemainus First Nation.
5. In December of 2005, the witness compiled these allegations into a letter to Amnesty International, and sent with this letter forensic samples of the alleged human remains unearthed by Witness #3 at the Musqueam burial site visited by the PICTONs. This letter and package were returned to the witness unopened. Both witness and Witness #3 live in daily fear for their lives.
Witness #5: An aboriginal man, age fifty five, who is traditional hereditary chief of the Chemainus Nation in Oyster Bay, BC, on Vancouver Island. Given name is Steven SAMPSON jr., he resides on his traditional family land near Shell Beach. He has lived all of his life in proximity with the people described in his statement, and as a traditional chief and a former activist in the American Indian Movement and the Red Power Movement, he has direct and personal knowledge of the facts alleged herein. Statement made during the period 3-19 June, 2005, in Shell Beach.

1. Witness claims that the present leadership of the Chemainus First Nation is deeply involved in illegal activity, and are responsible for murders on the local reserves. This leadership revolves around George HARRIS and George, Ed and Peter SEYMOUR, whom witness claim operate the local drug and child trafficking and child porn networks in conjunction with Nanaimo criminal Willie CURRIE. CURRIE operates a local equivalent of the PICTON "Pig Farm" in a house on Jingle Pot Road in Nanaimo, where he has raped and murdered numerous young girls, including Lisa Marie DEYONG in 2004.
2. Witness states that George HARRIS is closely connected to the GUERIN-SPARROW clique in Musqueam, and engages in illegal fishing and drug importation practices with them across Georgia Straight. The parents of HARRIS, Irene and Lawrence HARRIS, were Catholic church-sponsored "watchmen" who transported children into the Kuper Island Residential School during the 1940's and 50's, and who were descended from collaborating puppet "chiefs" set up by Catholic missionaries in the 19th century.
3. Witness claims that the HARRIS clique have tried to force him and his family off their land for years, through physical intimidation, murder, poisoning their water, and attempting to kill off the SAMPSON blood line through involuntary sterilizations inflicted on both of the witness' sons, Troy and Steve, at Royal Jubilee Hospital in Victoria, BC.
Witness #6: Aboriginal woman in her mid-fifties, given name is Bernice WILLIAMS (native name SKUNDAAL), of Haida and Nuu-Chah-Nulth ancestry. Member of the Downtown Eastside Womens' Centre in Vancouver, and an activist since the 1970's with native and womens' groups across B.C. Statement made on April 3 and April 28, 2006, in Vancouver, B.C.

1. Witness claims that a senior Vancouver police officer named Dave DICKSON is responsible for the rape and murder of numerous aboriginal women in the downtown eastside. DICKSON holds a senior position of responsibility in the Missing Womens' Task Force and is very prominent in the downtown eastside of Vancouver, serving on community liaison boards.
2. Witness claims that she has been attacked on several occasions by policemen and women associated with DICKSON because of her investigation into the missing women. In February, 2006, witness was attacked without warning by five policemen in an alley of the two hundred block east Hastings, was struck in the head, pepper-sprayed and handcuffed, and was being forced into a police van for a "midnight ride", during which she expected to be killed. Witness screamed for help and a local resident saw the attack, and raised a furor, at which point the police let the witness go. A similar attack and near-murder was inflicted on witness' co-worker, Carol MARTIN.
3. Witness confirms the statements of Witness #1, Annie PARKER, concerning the identity of Bruce MICHAELSON and other police connected to the disappearance, torture, rape and murder of women in Vancouver.
4. Witness claims that the disappearance of Vancouver aboriginal women as part of the aforementioned "Hooker Game" is directly connected to the murder of women in northern B.C. along the so-called "Highway of Tears", and is being actively covered-up by government, judges and police in B.C.
5. Witness claims that she and her associates at the Downtown Eastside Womens' Centre (DEWC) face continual harassment by the police and by former DEWC senior staff, some of whom actively resisted their efforts to expose the murderers of aboriginal women in Vancouver. Witness claims that these staff and others are aware of the identity of these murderers and are working with city police and others to conceal their identity.
6. Witness claims that the disappearance of women in the downtown eastside is related to the drug trade which is heavily controlled by the Vancouver police, the RCMP, and their underworld associates. Drugs are imported from overseas, especially from Asia, in magnetic containers attached to the outer hulls of deep-sea vessels moored at Ballentyne Pier on Vancouver's waterfront. The unloaded drugs are supervised by police and loaded into ambulances driven by Vancouver paramedics.
7. Witness also claims that many of the disappeared women were Indian residential school survivors, and were killed because of their knowledge of the involvement of church and government officials in the deaths of children in the residential schools. Witness mentions at least one murdered woman, Ms. Obotsway, who was threatening to "tell all" about such murders just before she disappeared in the summer of 1998, after she attended a session of the UN affiliated Tribunal into residential schools organized by Kevin ANNETT.
Witness #7: Aboriginal woman, now deceased, age seventy three at time of her demise. Given name was Harriett NAHANEE, native name Tsebeoilt, of the Squamish native band in North Vancouver. Witness died in Vancouver prison in February 2007 after being arrested soon after mounting a legal challenge against the government-funded Squamish band council for their alleged illegality in selling off land without permission for 2010 Olympic "Sea to Sky" highway. Interviews were conducted over a four year period during 1995-6, and then again 2001-2003.

1. Witness claimed that she witnessed the murder of a fellow student while incarcerated at the United Church residential school in Port Alberni, BC, December 24, 1946. Victim's name was Maisie Shaw, age 14, murdered by Principal Alfred Caldwell. (Vancouver Sun, December 18, 1995) Witness claimed that many children at the Alberni school were used in pedophile rings involving senior church and police officials, and that this ring continues to the present day and in Vancouver, is based out of the elite Vancouver Club at 915 West Hastings.
2. Witness claimed to have witnessed the transportation of two children from her home Squamish Indian reserve to the backdoor of the Vancouver Club on an evening in February, 1999. A white stretch limosine picked up two local native children, ages eight and nine years old, wearing heavy makeup, and was followed by NAHANEE and aboriginal reporter Noel LITTLE to the rear of the Vancouver Club.. Witness departed, but the site was monitored by LITTLE until approx. 3 am, when both children appeared form the back door carport entrance of the Club. They appeared hurt and disoriented. LITTLE attempted to speak to and interview the children. He was quickly grabbed from behind by unkown assailants, knocked unconscious, and his tape recorder was stolen. The children vanished and were never seen again.
3. Witness claimed that several Squamish band council chiefs and staff members are actively involved in providing children from their reserve to the Vancouver Club pedophile ring, and receive judicial protection from Supreme Court judges ESSON and MACEACHERN. Witness claimed that native lawyer Renate AUGER had the Vancouver Club infiltrated in the fall of 1993, and obtained photographs of ESSON engaged sexually with a young boy under ten years old. AUGER was subsequently disbarred and her life was threatened, she fled the province and the photos disappeared.
4. Witness claimed that in the fall of 1998, after speaking at the U.N. Tribunal into residential schools, she was approached by a man named James CRAVEN and offered money if she would publicly denounce her ally, Kevin ANNETT, and join a government-sponsored "black ops" smear campaign against ANNETT. CRAVEN told witness that he had received FBI training in surveillance and had worked with undercover groups monitoring the Vancouver Club. CRAVEN confirmed to witness the pedophile activity at the Club and spoke of his knowledge of the involvement of United Church lawyer and national church official Jon JESSIMAN in the Club pedophile ring. (JESSIMAN led the campaign to expel and defrock Kevin ANNETT from the United Church after ANNETT uncovered the link between the Alberni residential school sex ring and the Vancouver Club, while a minister in Port Alberni. CRAVEN continues to incite people against ANNETT with classic smear tactics and misinformation).

I, Jeremiah Jourdain, of 360 Columbia Street in Vancouver, B.C., do solemnly declare and swear that these statements and the facts alleged herein were shared with me by each of the persons named as witnesses in this memorandum, and were recorded by me on video camera on the dates given.
Jeremiah Jourdain
March 1, 2009
Vancouver, B.C.
email: (Signed in the original and on deposit with a lawyer outside Canada and with International Human Rights monitoring groups.)
"The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it." Karl Marx

"He would, wouldn't he?" Mandy Rice-Davies. When asked in court whether she knew that Lord Astor had denied having sex with her.

“I think it would be a good idea” Ghandi, when asked about Western Civilisation.
That's why we trust the police!
The Disappeared of Canada: How and Why the Killings Have Never Stopped [Image: pdf_button.png] [Image: printButton.png] [Image: emailButton.png] Written by Kevin D. Annett Tuesday, 12 January 2010 "Ten of the last dozen women to be taken to the killing site at Piggy's Palace were accompanied by Mounties or regular cops. You think it was just Willie Picton who was killing them?" Marion, sex trade worker, east side of downtown Vancouver, 10 May 2006.
In October of 1992, when I was still a United Church clergyman, I was approached by a colleague at my first Presbytery meeting in Nanaimo. The topic of child abuse came up, and after a few moments, the other man, a retired minister, smiled and gave me a sort of insider's look. He lowered his voice and said to me, "It's easy to get a child in this town."
I must have looked shocked, for his smile faded.
"What do you mean?" I said.
"Nothing" he replied. "Some people are, you know, interested in that sort of thing."
It all felt like an offer, masked but real, like a sort of masonic handshake: something known to insiders only.
The same man had worked in the United Church 's Alberni Indian residential school for years, and piloted one of the "mission boats" that visited coastal Indian villages. One of my native parishioners later accused him of raping her as a child, but the RCMP threatened her not to press charges.
Later, after I was fired from the church for asking too many questions, I learned of the well-protected child trafficking network that linked the coastal residential schools with wealthy men and clubs in Vancouver. Just how many children disappeared into those clubs and never emerged is unknown; but they are among the more than 50,000 residential school children who cannot be accounted for.
"No crime ever disappears; it just adapts", a journalist once told me. And in British Columbia, the crime of abducting people is rampant, on the rise, and very lucrative, since it is part of a deadly international network in human trafficking.
George Brown is a retired aboriginal RCMP officer who was part of a community-based "Missing Persons' Task Force" in Vancouver. His group documented hundreds of missing people until their work began to identify the complicity of local police, politicians and businessmen in the disappearances. At that point, George's group disbanded.
"We didn't want to get killed." George told me during a videotaped interview in the summer of 2005.
"I was called up by a senior officer in the force and told, George, the number of disappeared women is nine, and it's going to stay at nine. Stop sticking your nose where it doesn't belong or you may lose it.' The fact is I personally know two fellow Mounties who were linked with Picton and making money by bringing girls out to his place. None of the girls ever came back. Everybody knows about it."
I asked George who "everybody" was. The world-weary man shook his head sadly.
"The Mayor. The Chief of Police. All the senior press people. Hell, you can't get into those positions without making a deal with the drug lords who run this town. The days of organized crime as a separate thing are over. It's all business run and legit now. It's organized corporate crime now the drug importers from Asia and the real estate developers and the off shore investors, they're all part of the same gang. The cops all work for them. And body snatching pays well."
George Brown's group documented a link between the disappeared women of the downtown eastside and the trans-pacific organ trafficking network based in China. According to sources within the network, at least a dozen women and men are abducted and murdered every month in Vancouver, their bodies disposed of in protected grave sites on the north shore, and their organs shipped overseas.
Most of the disappeared are homeless men, transient youth or sex trade workers.
A year after I interviewed George Brown, I was given more confirmation of his groups' claims. I received a message to meet a woman named Annie Parker at Oppenheimer Park in Vancouver's downtown eastside. Annie was a short, timid woman with haunted eyes and scars along her neck and arms.
"I got these by threatening to go to the press with what I knew" she said matter of factly, pointing to the scars.
"Who did it to you?" I asked.
She told me the man's name, a senior RCMP officer, and then said, "Who doesn't matter. They're all doing it. It's called the hooker game'. The Vancouver cops will pick up girls off the street, drug them with scopolamine and film them as they fuck them, in a cop club downtown on Georgia street . Then sometimes they kill the girls and film that too, and sell it for $25,000 as a snuff film."
I asked her what happens to the bodies.
"That was one of Steve Picton's specialties. I met all the Pictons. Steve runs a snuff film operation in Coquitlam and then he dumps the bodies at a hunting camp about ten miles up from Horseshoe Bay, near the Sea to Sky highway. There's a special grave site there with sealed containers in a metal cistern. I was taken there, I seen it. It's watched over by the Mounties."
Les Guerin is an aboriginal man who lives and works as a maintenance man on the Musequam Indian reserve near the University of B.C. He claims that the reserve holds at least two body dumping sites from which he personally has excavated human remains, and had them forensically examined.
"As far back as 1989 I saw a man who I later identified as Willie Picton drive onto the Musqueam reserve and bury several large bags. Later when I saw his face on the news, I dug up the bags and had them examined at a lab at SFU. The report says they contain human and pig bones remains, including the humerus, pelvis and skull pieces of a young woman in her twenties.
"The weird thing is I told the Vancouver Police, the press, everybody about this, and nothing was ever done. I sent the police the forensic report, me and my buddy Jim Kew, I told the CBC and even the lawyers for the families of Picton's victims. Nothing. The cops roped off the site in 2006 and that was that."
A signed letter from Musqueam Band Housing Officer Glenn Guerin dated 29 October 2004 indicates that Dave Picton was employed by the Museum Indian band for a three month contract during 1990 to provide land fill for local street construction.
Frustrated by the lack of police response, in December of 2005, Les Guerin mailed the bone fragments he obtained from the Picton deposit, along with the forensic report, to Amnesty International's head office in London, England. The package was returned unopened the following month.
Next month, the eyes of the world will be on British Columbia and its Olympics. But will those eyes perceive the missing men, women and children whose remains lie scattered in hidden graves and the authorities who put them there? Will the visiting world media record the truth of those who continue to disappear?
Most important, will the killings be stopped?
That depends on us.
Rev. Kevin Annett is a community minister, educator and award-winning film maker who lives and works in Vancouver's downtown east side. He is a member of the revived Community Task Force into Missing Persons. For more information on this Group, and for a copy of their recent report on which this article is based, contact Kevin at: or 1-888-265-1007 (messages). Also visit Kevin Annett's website at
"The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it." Karl Marx

"He would, wouldn't he?" Mandy Rice-Davies. When asked in court whether she knew that Lord Astor had denied having sex with her.

“I think it would be a good idea” Ghandi, when asked about Western Civilisation.

1:48:56 - 3 years ago
WE HAVE 20,000+ VIEWS ON GOOGLE VIDEO **WINNER: BEST INTERNATIONAL DOCUMENTARY - 2006 LOS ANGELES INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL. **WINNER: BEST DIRECTOR for an INTERNATIONAL DOCUMENTARY - 2006 NEW YORK INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL. (excerpt) "...This documentary reveals Canada's darkest secret - the deliberate extermination of indigenous (Native American) peoples and the theft of their land under the guise of religion. This never before told history as seen through the eyes of this former minister (Kevin Annett) who blew the whistle on his own church, after he learned of thousands of murders in its Indian Residential Schools..."
"The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it." Karl Marx

"He would, wouldn't he?" Mandy Rice-Davies. When asked in court whether she knew that Lord Astor had denied having sex with her.

“I think it would be a good idea” Ghandi, when asked about Western Civilisation.
Child Trafficking in Beautiful British Columbia - By Kevin Annett

In April of 1994, two lawyers, Renate Auger and Jack Cram, are dragged from a Vancouver courtroom, assaulted, and eventually disbarred after naming two Supreme Court judges as participants in a child prostitution ring based in the elite Vancouver Club at 915 West Hastings street .

A 1998 report by UNESCO on International Child Trafficking names Vancouver as one of three major centers for child prostitution in the world, along with Bangkok and Rotterdam.

In the early hours of October 14, 2000, an aboriginal reporter named Noel watches as two children no older than eight are loaded into a stretch limousine on the Squamish Indian reserve and driven to the back door of the Vancouver Club. Noel waits for hours, and when the children emerge, he tries to speak to them, but is assaulted from behind and his tape recorder disappears.

In the fall of 2001, an investigator named Rob Nicholson publishes a book entitled "Stolen Innocence", in which he documents extensive child trafficking and pornography by social workers, lawyers and policemen connected to the Ministry of Children and Families (MCF). Nicholson proves that the MCF continually places foster children in homes of known and even convicted pedophiles.

On March 12, 2006, a woman named Annie Parker tells the author that she had been abducted by Vancouver policemen and used in something called "The Hooker Game", in which both women and children are drugged and filmed while being sexually assaulted and sometimes even killed.

A war of terror on the innocent is going on as you read this, not far from your home, under the trendy façade of Vancouver's happy image. Yet it is a war hidden from most people, and nowhere to be seen in the consciousness and agendas of "progressive" minded people in Vancouver.

Carol Martin is an aboriginal woman who works as a crisis counselor at the Downtown Eastside Women's Centre in Vancouver . To her, the abduction and trafficking in children is just an extension of what her people have been suffering for centuries.

"More of our children are being taken from us every day, and put in white foster homes where the abuse is just as bad as it ever was in residential schools. Every day we hear cases of the government placing little kids in homes of pedophiles and abusers. Nothing's ever done about it. And even our own kids are being criminalized by the system at a young age, to give cops the excuse they need later to pick them up and abuse them. That's all got a name: genocide."

Rudy James is a Tlingit native elder from Alaska who helped preside at the first independent Tribunal into Indian residential schools, held in Vancouver in June of 1998. At this event, Rudy heard first-hand testimonies from survivors of child trafficking in B.C.

"I was shocked when I heard how widespread the child trafficking is in many of the northern Indian villages" Rudy described shortly after the Tribunal.

"We had two separate groups of Indians tell us that their chiefs and councilmen at two villages near Bella Bella and Powell River were actively trafficking local children to wealthy Americans and Canadian military personnel. This was happening apparently with the full knowledge of the local RCMP detachment in both towns, and in one case, even clergymen from the United Church were involved."

The word on the street is even more explicit. Marion is a middle aged sex trade worker who is a veteran of "the stroll" along east Hastings street , where disappearances are a common occurrence. For years, she has watched as children are procured according to a well-organized and protected system involving wealthy predators.

"The going rate for a young child is $1500 these days. Foreign tourists will ask for a young virgin, of either sex, and the younger the age, the more they're willing to pay. It's watched over by the Vancouver cops, who get a cut. But it's run by an international network; Vancouver 's just one spoke in the wheel. I hear it's got a direct tie to Thailand and the child sex trade there."

Don't expect any police or legal intervention to stem or even investigate such child abuse and trafficking in B.C. According to Rob Nicholson, the Attorney General's office is itself implicated in this organized pedophilia.

"In the case of two convicted pedophiles, a Dr. Gossage and a Mr. Benest, a school Principal, the B.C. Attorney General's office through a special prosecutor, Peter Leask, protected these child rapists and ensured that compliant judges imposed a media ban to protect their identities and reputations. Leask had also served as the attorney for Gossage. Such direct collusion between pedophiles and the government has gone unchallenged." (August 2002)

According to a retired RCMP special investigator in Vancouver who requests anonymity, child pornography and trafficking is continually on the rise because of judicial toleration of violence against children, as indicated by constantly minimal prison sentences for convicted child sex offenders. To quote the RCMP official,

"The unofficial policy and official practice is to look the other way when children are raped. It's just not considered much of a crime to violate a child. That climate encourages pedophiles to act with impunity."

With the approach of the Olympics and the influx of wealthy tourists into Vancouver, the trafficking in children will only increase. According to Carol Martin,

"We're not only going to see 5000 people made homeless by the Olympics, but a lot more women and kids disappear. Whenever the tourists show up, our people go missing."

What is to be done?

In a culture like ours, where people are commodities and children are traditionally seen to be originally sinful, child abuse cannot help but be endemic. But what is less obvious is the fact that pedophilia in Canada is actually being organized and protected by the very institutions of state and church that pose as protectors of children.

The Catholic, Anglican and United Church of Canada, for instance, have been legally absolved by the government of any wrongdoing for the torture and death of more than 50,000 children in their Indian residential schools: a travesty of justice that nevertheless has proceeded without protest or comment from most Canadians.

Such mass indifference to a crime against humanity in our midst is more than telling. For one wonders how child prostitution, trafficking and murder can ever be eradicated from our midst when the foxes are still in charge of the chicken coop; and while the right of adults and institutions to violate and destroy innocence continues to go unchallenged and unpunished.

A Cowichan native on Vancouver Island whom I've known for years once told me that, before the coming of the whites, his people had a simple way to deal with anyone who harmed a child in their village.

"A group of warriors assigned to the job would take the offender out into the forest, and you'd never see him again. For us, our children were sacred, and we had a zero toleration for whatever might harm them: because we knew that if the next generation was crippled, our people had no future."

Perhaps it's time for such simple tribal wisdom to prevail in "Beautiful British Columbia", where men with money and power continue to run amok over the lives of the innocent.

"The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it." Karl Marx

"He would, wouldn't he?" Mandy Rice-Davies. When asked in court whether she knew that Lord Astor had denied having sex with her.

“I think it would be a good idea” Ghandi, when asked about Western Civilisation.
[B]This Article appeared in the December issue of The Agora

by Kevin D. Annett

Kevin Annett is a local community minister, write and award-winning film maker. His website is .

Undercover operatives attached to the RCMP's "E" Division in Vancouver have colluded with at least two staff members at Vancouver Co-op radio, and a local sex trade worker and her male accomplice, to publicly defame and frame me on a false charge, as part of a government "badjacketing" campaign to discredit my uncovering of RCMP connections to the Pickton serial killers.
[Image: RCMP%20E%20DIV.jpg]
I have made this accusation this past week in a petition to the International Criminal Court and the London-based International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State.

The full facts of this "badjacketing" campaign were made known to me during October, months after my banning without notice from the premises and airwaves of Vancouver Co-op Radio, after broadcasting there for over nine years. The campaign was disclosed to me by the sex trade worker who engaged in the smear on July 20, and from a source within the RCMP.

The sex trade worker, whom I'll call "Candy", has given me a notarized affidavit dated November 3, 2010, in which she describes how she was approached by men she recognized as undercover Mounties and offered $200 to engage in sex with an unknown man made up to impersonate me, on the premises of Co-op radio early on July 20.

"Candy" states that a white male let her and her accomplice into the station around midnight, where she smoked drugs and had "mild" sex with him for nearly four hours, in front of closed circuit TV cameras in the central studio. Unexplainably, Portland Hotel security did not intervene until almost 4 am. She says the impersonator looked like me but had a heavy accent, and was told that no-one would interfere with them for hours, and that she would not get into trouble.

The station staff subsequently used this video to ban me from Co-op radio, without ever allowing me to view the video or confront my accusers. Clearly, if I was allowed to view it, I would instantly recognize "Candy" and the frame up would be obvious.

I believe the reason for this frame up is related to my recent disclosure over the state-funded Co-op radio airwaves of evidence that Mounties assisted the Pickton's in their snuff film practices, including by delivering mostly native women to "Piggy's Palace".

The Vancouver Sun alluded to this connection in an article on August 20, barely ten days after my banning, where it described the refusal of the Vancouver Police to investigate the Pickton's for over two years, after receiving solid evidence of their torture and murder of women.

The actions of the RCMP, co-op radio staff and others in silencing me and publicly assassinating my character amounts to a criminal conspiracy, since it is part of a wider effort to obstruct justice and block the investigations of the Tribunal with which I am associated, whose mandate is to bring to justice those responsible for the past and ongoing genocide of aboriginals in Canada: including the RCMP.

My petition will be addressed in London this April, and possibly earlier in European Human Rights courts. At that time, Co-op radio staff and Board members, local RCMP officers, and their superiors in Ottawa, will all be legally summoned to these forums to answer charges.

Co-op radio staff and their lawyers are scrambling these days to cover their actions and avoid serious prosecution, mostly by imposing censorship and tyranny at the station. Station members and programmers, sadly, seem oblivious to the criminal corruption in their own ranks.

Canada continues to be exposed as a rogue nation and a practitioner of crimes against humanity. But when will Canadians wake up to this fact, and act according to their new understanding?
"The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it." Karl Marx

"He would, wouldn't he?" Mandy Rice-Davies. When asked in court whether she knew that Lord Astor had denied having sex with her.

“I think it would be a good idea” Ghandi, when asked about Western Civilisation.



[Image: Hiwaymap.jpg]

Highway 16 aka "Highway of Tears"

[/B] [B][B][B]Highway 16 west has been dubbed the Highway of Tears, after at least five First Nations women vanished or were found murdered there, between 1994-1995.
In recent years, more women of Aboriginal ancestry have disappeared, or have been found murdered in this area.


Highway 16 aka "Highway of Tears" starts in the Rocky Mountains on the eastern border of BC, and extends right across the province to the western border. Starting close to Valemont in the east, it cuts through McBride, Prince George, Vanderhoof, Fraser Lake, Burns Lake, Houston, Smithers, New Hazelton, Terrace and Prince Rupert in the west. From Prince Rupert, the ferry brings you down the inner channel to connect to Port Hardy and Port McNeill on Vancouver Island.

[/B][/B] [B][B][Image: feather.gif] [B]

[Image: WilsonRamona.jpg]
Ramona Wilson
[/B][/B][/B] [B][B][B]
RAMONA WILSON , aged 15, was hitchhiking to her friends home in Smithers, BC, on June 11, 1994. Ramona's body was found a year later near the Smithers Airport.
[/B][/B][/B][B][B][B]Every year on Ramona's birthday, the Wilson family gathers at the site for a memorial, a heartbreaking ritual that she said will continue until the case is solved
[/B][/B][/B][B][B][B][Image: feather.gif]

[Image: DerrickLana.jpg]
Lana Derrick

[/B][/B][/B][B][B][B] LANA DERRICK, , aged 19, disappeared Oct. 7, 1995, at a service station in Thornhill while home from school for the weekend. Lana was enrolled in forestry studies at Northwest Community College.

[/B][/B][/B][B][B][B][Image: feather.gif]

[Image: NikalDelphine.jpg]
Delphine Nikal
DELPHINE NIKAL , aged 16. Disappeared from Smithers, BC on June 13, 1995, hitchhiking east on Highway 16 from Smithers to her home in Telkwa.

[/B][/B][/B][/B][B][B][B][Image: feather.gif]

[Image: NikalCecilia.jpg]
[/B][/B][/B] [B][B][B]Cecilia Nikal[/B][/B][/B][B][B][B]

CECILIA ANNE NIKAL, a cousin of Delphine Nikal, has been missing since 1989.
[/B][/B][/B][B][B][B][Image: feather.gif]
[Image: ThiaraRoxanne.jpg]
Roxanne Thiara

ROXANNE THIARA , aged 15 disappeared from Prince George, went missing in Nov, 1994.
Her body was discovered dumped near Burns Lake on December 9, 1994.

[/B][/B][/B][/B][B][B][B][Image: feather.gif]

[Image: GermainAlishia.jpg]
Alishia Demarah Germaine
ALISHIA DEMARAH GERMAINE, aka Leah Germaine or Leah Cunningham, 16, attended a Christmas dinner hosted by the RCMP at the Native Friendship Centre on George Street on December 9, 1994. She left around 8:00 pm and was seen at the then - Holiday Inn, also on George Street and J.C. Funland. At 11:45 the same night, police were called to Haldi Road School on Leslie Road. Three people cutting through the school yard came across the body of a young woman. It was Leah Germaine. An autopsy revealed she was the victim of multiple stab wounds.
The 16 year old was a drug-user and was known to work the city streets as a prostitute. Subsequent stories reported she was trying to straigten out her life, get off the streets and finish her education. She never got the chance. A composite drawing was done by someone, a possible witness, who may have seen Germaine on the night she was killed. The effort met with success. However, after interviewing the person in the drawing, police were still no closer to finding Germaine's killer.
Still later in December, police were on the search for the owner of a dark blue pick up truck with a home made canopy of the back that was parked on Fifth Avenue downtown, near the Post Office the night Germaine was killed. Some of Germaine's remains and personal effects had been found near that location. However, police were quick to add the owner of the truck was not a suspect, but may simply have seen something of importance.
Early on in the investigation, there were some suspicions Germaine's murder and those of Roxanee Thiara, Cindy Burke in Dawson Creek and Delphine Nikal and Ramona Wilson, both of Smithers were connnected. All the victims were between the ages of 15 and 20. A team of investigators, including two FBI trained behavioural profilers came to the area for a week in 1995. However, that theory has since been dispelled by these investigators
Some still believe that the murders of so many young native women in the area IS the work of a serial killer(s). UNSOLVED
[/B][/B][/B] [B][B][B]
[Image: feather.gif]
[Image: BraemDeenaLyn.JPG]
Deena Lynn Braem

DEENA LYNN BRAEM, aged 16, of Quesnel, BC, was last seen alive onSeptember 25, 1999, at approx 4:00 am and was later reported as a missing person to the Quesnel Det of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).
Deena, sadly enough was only two days away from turning 17 years old, when she was last seen. Early in the investigation, it was felt Deena's disappearance was the result of foul play.
On December 10, 1999, human remains were located near Pinnacles park, located a short distance west from the City of Quesnel, B.C. The subsequent autopsy proved that indeed the remains were those of Deena Braem and confirmed she had been murdered.
The investigation determined that the day before Deena's disappearance she attended school on Friday(September 24, 1999), at Correlieu Secondary in Quesnel, where she was just beginning her final year of public school. Further, she had secured the approval of her parents to remain in Quesnel, with friends for the weekend. The purpose was to celebrate her pending 17th birthday. Deena Braem and close friends eventually attended a outdoor party in the Quesnel area, which is commonly known as the four by four track. Deena and friends arrived at the party, at approx 8:30 - 9:30 pm and remained there for sometime. The evening was spent socializing among friends and acquaintances. Deena had been drinking alcohol, but according to friends was not drunk when they had decided to leave the party. Deena and a close friend obtained a ride from the party site, back into the City of Quesnel and were dropped off at a residence on English Avenue, at approx 2:30 am on September 25, 1999. Deena and her girlfriend stayed at the home for only a short time, when on Deena's urging they departed.
It is unknown why, but at some point through the evening, Deena had decided she wanted to go home instead of staying in town with friends. The two girls walked the short distance from the English Avenue residence, to the intersection of North Fraser Drive and Edkins Street. It was from this area and further up North Fraser Drive to the intersection of Fuller, Deena and her friend attempted to garner a ride to Bouchie Lake, by hitchhiking. Bouchie Lake, is a rural area which is approx 10 km west of the City of Quesnel, and was the area that Deena lived with her Mom and Dad. Due to the wet cold weather, Deena's girlfriend elected to return to the home they had departed and Deena continued to hitchhike.
The investigation developed numerous witnesses, both who knew Deena Braem and those who did not, which placed her in close proximity on North Fraser Drive, with two males in their teens, to possibly their early twenties. These two males have yet to come forward.At a news conference in November 2001, held at the Quesnel Detachment, police pinpointed two important issues facing the investigation. The first being the two teenagers who were seen near Deena on the morning she went missing.
The RCMP obviously would like to speak with both, as it is believed they could very well have information important to the investigation. Secondly, during January 2000, investigators located an item or items along Baker Drive, near Baker Creek Road, Quesnel BC, which appears to have significant value to the investigation. The RCMP are asking anyone who may have found a backpack, school binder, thermos, candle, a magnetic learners licence sign or clothing within the area described to contact the police. The "areas" of significance being Baker Drive, Pinnacles Road and North Fraser Drive, including all side roads leading from these main arteries. The family of Deena Braem, the community and the RCMP are asking any person information to please come forward. There is no doubt in the investigators minds that there are persons which have the information required, which would then bring this to a successful conclusion. Further, people may have information which they feel is inconsequential but are being asked regardless of their opinion of the relevance, to contact the police. Do not hesitate to contact Corporal Brissard, the Quesnel Detachment or any Detachment of the RCMP, your local municipal police force or Crime Stoppers.
[/B][/B][/B][B][B][B][Image: feather.gif]

[Image: SaricAielah.jpg]
Aielah Saric-Auger

[/B][/B][/B][B][B][B][B]AIELAH SARIC-AUGER, aged 14 disappeared on Feb. 2, 2006. She was last seen near a bar in Prince George.
Remains discovered on Highway 16 East, on Friday, Feb. 10, 2006 were identified as hers. She had been murdered.
Anyone with information is asked to contact the RCMP.


[/B][/B][/B][B][B][Image: feather.gif]

[Image: ChipmanTamara.jpg]
Tamara Chipman
, aged 22 was last seen hitchhiking eastbound on Hwy16 near Prince Rupert's industrial park around 4:30 p.m. Sept. 21, 2005.
She wasn't reported missing by her family until Nov. 10 as they thought she might have been visiting relatives in the Lower Mainland.
RCMP began their investigation Nov. 15, using officers from Terrace, Prince Rupert and Kitimat.
Chipman's aunt, Lorna Brown, appealed to the public to keep an eye out for the missing woman at a Nov. 23 press conference held at the RCMP detachment here.
"I would just like to plead with anybody who has seen Tamara or has seen anyone who's seen her. Lord I pray she's found and I pray that anybody who comes across her since September 21 that they would contact RCMP," said Brown.
"This is a girl who's loved by her father, stepmother and family. She's loved by all her family. If anybody has information, please contact local RCMP."
Brown said her niece, who is very close to her father and stepmother, might not contact her family for a couple days, but it's unusual for her to be gone for weeks. She noted that Chipman, who doesn't have a job, was the primary caregiver to her two-year-old son Jaden, who is now in the care of his father, Rob Parker. Parker, 42, and an ex-boyfriend of Chipman's said he was one of the last people to talk to her in Terrace on Sept. 17 or 18. She called him despite there being a no-contact court order in place between them.
"That's the last time I ever heard her voice," he said.
Parker said he had heard about her being seen hitchhiking from Prince Rupert back to here, but said he never heard from her and no one he knows has seen her here. "I don't believe she ever got here," he said, adding that maybe she's become lost like other women along Hwy 16. "I believe it's something else. The trail is in Rupert."
Parker has agreed to take a lie detector test at the Terrace RCMP detachment so police can "focus their investigation in the right direction." "I have way too much to lose and I'd never think of killing an ex spouse," he said.
"We want her home for Christmas," he said. "All we want to know is if she's [okay]."
Ten RCMP officers are working on the investigation.
Tamara's family has done an extensive search of the highway themselves, as well.
Officers are also talking with the major crimes unit in Prince George which continues to investigate the disappearance of numerous women along Hwy 16 over the past decade. Stubbs said police believe Chipman had been in Prince Rupert visiting friends and partying from Sept. 19 to 21, prior to her disappearance. Chipman's bank account has not been used and she's not had contact with anyone since Sept. 21, Stubbs said. The smallest piece of information could further the investigation and help police find Chipman, Prince Rupert RCMP inspector Ray Noble said. He urged people with any information to come forward even if they didn't think what they knew was important so that police could follow up on all avenues of investigation. He appealed to anyone who partied in Prince Rupert bars and may have seen Chipman to come forward.
Chipman is described as an aboriginal female, about 5'10" tall and weighing 130 pounds. She has brown eyes and very short brown hair but was known to wear various blonde, brunette and red wigs. Police said it's unclear what clothes she was wearing at the time of her disappearance.
Stubbs wouldn't comment on specifically who the police have spoken with, but said they've talked to many people. "Clearly we don't disclose our full investigation to the media so clearly we're holding back information from parts of our investigation for obvious reasons," he said. "What it comes down to is we can't taint public opinion."
If charges are laid in the case and the trial goes to a jury, considering the jury is taken from the public and the public is exposed to information via the media that incriminated somebody, people could be jaded about a suspect and the trial can collapse as a result, he said. Stubbs said police are conducting a search but wouldn't say how or where they're searching.
"We definitely have been receiving tips and they definitely range in detail and quality," he added.
He said police procedure on missing persons varies depending on the circumstances, but contrary to popular belief, police do not have to wait 24 hours before acting on a missing persons report. Terrace RCMP have sent out information about Chipman's disappearance all around B.C. and Alberta. Stubbs declined to comment on whether police had any physical evidence about Chipman. He believes people still hitchhike because it's a cheap mode of transportation.
"We never advise anyone to hitchhike, male or female, anyone no matter how old you are," he said.
Anyone who may have seen Tamara Chipman hitchhiking Sept. 21, or has seen her since, is asked to call the Terrace RCMP detachment at 638-7400, the Prince Rupert RCMP detachment at (250) 627-0700 or Crimestoppers at 635-8477 or 627-8477.
[/B][/B][/B] [B][B] [Image: feather.gif]

[Image: GeorgeMary.jpg]
Mary Madeline George

[/B][/B][B][B]MARY MADELINE GEORGE, was last seen on July 24th, 2005 at approximately 6:00 pm. Mary was going to walk from Ospika Blvd to the Spruceland Mall Walk In Clinic. Mary suffers from a slight amnesia and depression. Mary GEORGE is described as First Nations female, 5'3" tall, 140 lbs with black hair and brown eyes.
Anyone that has information on Mary's whereabouts is asked to contact the RCMP at 561-3300.
[/B][/B][B][B][Image: feather.gif]

[Image: unknown.jpg]
Crystal Lee Okimaw

[/B][/B][B][B][B] CRYSTAL LEE OKIMAW, aged 24, disappeared from a women's shelter in Prince George, in February, 2006. Police suspect foul play.
If you have any information regarding Crystal's whereabouts, please contact RCMP.

[/B][/B][/B][B][B][Image: feather.gif]

[Image: unknown.jpg]
Melanie Dawn Brown

MELANIE DAWN BROWN, aged 31, of Prince George, BC was was found deceased in a basement suite located in the 400 block of Olgivie Street at approximately 4:00 pm on December 8th , 2004. An autopsy confirmed the cause of Melanie's death was to be homicide.
Police are not releasing the exact cause of death at this time.
Anyone that has information into the homicide investigation of Melanie BROWN is asked to call Cpl. Lynch - North District Major Crimes Unit at 561-3161, or they may call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222- TIPS (8477). Crime Stoppers only needs your information - not your name.
[/B][/B] [B][B][B]UNSOLVED
[/B][/B][/B][B][B][Image: feather.gif]

[Image: CunninghamCorrina.jpg]

Corrine Cunningham

[/B][/B][/B][B][B][B]CORRINE CUNNINGHAM, aged 19 of the Katzie Reserve near Pitt Meadows, BC, disappeared on November 24th, 2005 at approximately 3 pm when she left "New Transitions" in the Industrial Park, Pitt Meadows, British Columbia.
Corrina is extremely friendly, naive and has a tendency to befriend older men. Corrina is artistically inclined and has been known to sit and draw on the side of the road.
Corrine has a developmental disability with the mental capacity of a 12-year-old. Corrina was last seen wearing a blue hooded sweatshirt, black baseball cap and black corduroy pants, carrying a black and grey backpack. She may have other clothing with her. She has an eyebrow ring above her right eye. Corrina is approximately 5'1", 175lbs, with shoulder length wavy dark brown hair.
Corrina may be riding her new black BMX bicycle. Anyone who may have seen or knows the whereabouts of Corrina or the location of her BMX bicycle are asked to contact the Ridge Meadows RCMP Detachment immediately at 604 - 465-2402.
[/B][/B][/B][B][B][Image: feather.gif]

[Image: unknown.jpg]
Helena Jack

[/B][/B][B][B]HELENA JACK, aged 71, of Burns Lake, BC, was murdered on July 29th, 2004.

Ms. Jack was a well known resident of Burns Lake, and member of the Cheslatta Carrier Nation.

Police believe Vincent Sam followed her into the garage on the night of the assault. Sam was arrested in August, 2004, shortly after Burns Lake Fire and Rescue discovered the severely beaten body of Helena Jack in a burnt-out garage beside a cabin on the 600-block of highway 16.

According to the Burns Lake RCMP, the investigation, led by Prince George Major Crime Unit, found evidence in the garage directing their search to a local motel room.

They believe their suspect tried to wash his body of evidence linking him to the crime, before returning to his residence later that night. Investigators found DNA in the hotel room that matched DNA found at the crime scene. It belonged to Vincent Sam. Sam was charged with Helena Jack's murder on Sept. 4th 2004, and was convicted of first degree murder in her death. He was sentenced to life in prison.
[/B][/B][B][B][Image: feather.gif]

[Image: unknown.jpg]
Belinda Ann Cameron

[/B][/B][B][B]BELINDA ANN CAMERON, aged 42 of Esquimalt, B C, disappeared in early May, 2005. Belinda, also known as Belinda Ann Engen. Belinda is described as a Native female, 5'8", 170 lbs. with black hair. She suffers from schizophrenia and needs daily medication to keep the condition in check. Belinda is believed to be involved in the sex trade and drug use. Belinda has not picked up her welfare cheques, and has missed several appointments, leading us to believe she has met with foul play.
If you have any information on this crime or any other crime please call Greater Victoria Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477)

[/B][/B][/B][B][B][B][Image: feather.gif]

[Image: ShorsonDorcasGail.jpg]
Dorcas Gail Shorson

[/B][/B][/B][B][B][B][B]DORCAS GAIL SHORSON, aged 24, of Surrey BC was last seen April 2, 2005 when she left the family home on Larner Road.
Shorson is described as aboriginal, five feet five inches tall, 131 pounds with red hair and brown eyes. She was wearing jeans and a blue coat when last seen.
Police say the missing woman is likely a sex-trade worker in Vancouver or Surrey and is taking drugs.
"We're worried about her because she is in a line of work that is very risky," said Surrey RCMP Cpl. Diane Blain.
"We are hoping that people will have eyes and ears for her out there and that they can call us to say that she is safe."

UNSOLVED [/B][/B][/B][/B][B][B][B]

[Image: feather.gif]

[Image: PaulLisa.jpg]
Lisa Paul

[/B][/B][/B][/B][B][B][B][B]LISA PAUL , aged 17 of Vancouver, BC, disappeared from her home on August 4, 2005. Lisa is known to frequent the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver and her family and police are concerned for her safety. She is described as First Nations, 5' 8", 135 lbs., with long brown hair and brown eyes.
[/B][/B][/B][/B][B][B][B][Image: feather.gif]

[Image: lornaullmerbilly.jpg]
Lorna Ulmer-Billy

[/B][/B][/B][B][B][B] LORNA ULMER-BILLY, aged 15, of Surrey BC was murdered by her on again/off again boyfriend in June, 2005.

Lorna, on the honour roll at Surrey's Enver Creek Secondary during Grade 9 in 2004, died in hospital of what police called "extremely serious injuries." Her parents had met Widman a few times and initially had concerns about him, her uncle said. Lorna was "a loving, caring person," her father, Brent Billy, said outside court.

The girl had run away from her Surrey home, where she lived with her mother and stepfather, a number of times in 2005, police said. Twice, Surrey RCMP put out bulletins seeking public help in finding her.

"[Lorna] has run away in the past to Squamish and Vancouver," Const. Marc Searle said in a June 2005 appeal for assistance. She was described as native, five-foot-four and 124 pounds. The age of consent is 14, so there's nothing legally wrong with a 21-year-old man having a relationship with a 15-year-old girl. But such relationships can be "problematic," said Surrey RCMP Cpl. Roger Morrow. "There's always the scenario we think of where a girl is being drawn away, and some may use the term 'lured,' from their family and their school by older, more mature men," Morrow said. "There is the potential, when you don't have the guidance of your parents, of going astray."

Widman had been renting a suite for a year in a large home in the 1300-block Charter Hill Drive. His landlord, Julie Bates, lived upstairs. Widman's grandmother said he was a talented artist. "He was always pleasant to me, and he was always glad to see me," said his grandmother, who did not want to be named. "I'd always get a big hug."

Brian Kenneth Widman, a 21-year-old Coquitlam man, has been charged with Lorna's murder. Case is still before the courts.
[/B][/B][/B][B][B][B][Image: feather.gif]

[Image: LiskTawynaMegan.jpg]
Tawyna Megan Lisk
TAWYNA MEGAN LISK, aged 16, was last seen on on Sunday,July 18th, 2004. when she called a friend from Vernon and stated she was going to Calgary Alberta .
Tawyna is described as:
Ht: 170 cm (5' 7")
Wt: 73 kg (162 lbs)

Reddish Brown hair, shoulder length Brown eyes

As there is some indication that Tawnya may have gone to the Calgary area and that her mode of transportation is unknown, it is suspected she may have hitch-hiked. Steps are underway with Ministry of Children and Family's in both BC and Alberta to establish her whereabouts.
If anyone has any information in regards to Tawnya's whereabouts, please contact Kamloops City Detachment RCMP at 250-828-3000.

[/B][/B][/B][B][B][B][B] UNSOLVED
[/B][/B][/B][/B][B][B][B][B][Image: feather.gif]
[Image: StrachanSarah.jpg]
Sarah Strachan

SARAH STRACHAN, 16- Missing from Coquitlam, BC. Sarah Strachan was last seen on Saturday, February 7th, 2004.
She is described as a Native female, 5'6" tall, 100 lbs., with black hair and brown eyes. She was wearing black pants, a blue t-shirt and a black hoodie.
Sarah may have disappeared with her friend, fourteen-year-old Leah Nestegard. She is a Caucasian female, 5'5" tall, 148 lbs., with blond hair and hazel eyes. She was wearing black pants, a grey ski jacket and blue running shoes. Anyone with information is asked to phone Coquitlam RCMP.

[/B][/B][/B][/B][B][B][B][B][Image: feather.gif]

[Image: unknown.jpg]
Christina Wallace

, a 72 year old native woman missing from Vancouver, BC. Police are asking for the public's assistance in locating Christina Wallace, who was last seen in the area near Victoria Drive and East 47th Avenue, in Vancouver, on May 31st, 2004. Ms. Wallace is a 72-year-old Native Indian woman described as, 5'7 in height and 130lbs. She has brown eyes and long hair that is "salt and pepper" grey in colour. She was wearing a white blouse, blue dress pants and a yellow and purple scarf. Ms. Wallace does suffer a bit of dementia and may be confused. Police are asking for anyone who may know the whereabouts of Christina Wallace to call 911.
[/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][B][B][B][B][B][Image: feather.gif]

[Image: unknown.jpg]
Ada Brown

, aged 39 of Prince George, BC, died three weeks after suffering a serious head injury during a beating.
Her family reports that she sought medical attention on three different occasions, following the beating and was turned away.
"When she died, and we went to the funeral home, my sister and I didn't recognize her. It was obvious she had been badly beaten several times yet the authorities had ruled she died of 'natural causes.' It is a sad thing when you realize your baby sister was marginalized in life and in death." states her sister, Terri Brown.
UNSOLVED[/B][/B][/B][/B][/B] [B][B][B][B][B]
[Image: feather.gif]

[Image: HallSavannah.jpg]
Savannaha Hall

[/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][B][B][B][B][B] SAVANNAHA HALL, aged 3 of BC, died as a result of violence on her by her foster parents. Savanna was placed into care in 1999 and placed in a foster home in Prince George, BC. She died in January 2001 after her foster parents took her to hospital in a coma. Her foster parents brought her to hospital after finding her struggling to breathe in her crib.
An autopsy couldn't determine her cause of death, but noted she had advanced hypothermia, excessive brain swelling and unexplained bruises. A coroner's report did not call for an inquest, despite at least two corSavannah's foster mother is suing the Ministry for Children and Family Development, alleging it didn't provide the proper support for the little girl.
In its statement of defence, the government alleged the longtime foster mother provided "substandard" care to some children. Documents also indicate that Savannah was tied up with a leather harness in her crib to control night temper tantrums.
Both a preliminary coroner's report and an internal government probe concluded she had been neglected and abused, and three doctors found her bruising was "consistent with abuse."
Two coroners lobbied internally for an inquest, but the final report did not call for one or make recommendations.
But behind the scenes a battle was waged for more than two years to hold an inquest into the January 2001 death of the foster child, according to an internal government memorandum obtained by The Vancouver Sun.
"Still believe this case should go to inquest," Beth Larcombe, the coroner who investigated the case, wrote in a 2003 e-mail to three officials in the Solicitor-General's Ministry.
Larcombe, who declined to be interviewed for this story and expressed surprise that The Sun had the memo, wrote it to provide her superiors with a detailed chronology of events in the case.
The four-page memo, which has never been published, also suggests serious misgivings within the government about the death of Savannah, who was rushed to hospital after her foster mother found her struggling to breathe in her crib.
"All agreed that some of Savannah's injuries are not consistent with accidental injuries," wrote Larcombe about a September, 2002 meeting that included senior members of the coroners service, the RCMP and the Ministry of Children and Family Development. "Especially the bruise on the bottom of her right foot and some facial contusions. Concerns still exist," wrote Larcombe, now with the regional coroners office in Vancouver.
The memo indicates the fight to have a full-blown investigation into the death of Savannah, whose foster parents were tying her up in a leather harness at night, even got the attention of Liberal MLAs Rich Coleman, now forests and range minister, and Pat Bell, now agriculture and lands minister.
The memo suggests Bell, then a Prince George MLA, sent Savannah's autopsy report to Coleman, who was then B.C.'s solicitor-general, and made some sort of request to the coroners service.
The memo did not specify what Bell's request was, but it prompted a Sept. 6, 2001 e-mail exchange between chief coroner Terry Smith, deputy chief coroner Norm Leibel, and deputy solicitor-general Tony Heemskerk, after which the politicians were advised "this is a RCMP investigation."
Coleman noted in an interview that the Crown determined there were no grounds for a charge.
Karen Johnston, a spokeswoman for current Solicitor-General John Les, said: "I'm also given to understand that police did investigate and the Crown said there was insufficient evidence to proceed with charges."
Larcombe was not the only person within the coroners service demanding an inquest.
Former investigator Kathleen Stephany, who investigated Savannah's death, also wanted a probe into the Prince George foster home, which the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) now alleges had a long history of children complaining of abuse.
NDP MLA Adrian Dix, who has the foster care system under scrutiny, Monday called for an inquest.
So has Savannah's mother, Corinna Hall. "My daughter needs to rest. This should have been done a long time ago," she said.
Savannah's story has raised troubling questions about B.C.'s beleaguered child-welfare system, at a time when the government is scrambling to answer why reviews were not completed into the deaths of 713 children after the Liberals abolished the children's commission in 2002.

[/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][B][B][B][B][Image: feather.gif]

[Image: AcornChelsey.jpg]
Chelsey Acorn

[/B][/B][/B][/B][B][B][B][B] CHELSEY ACORN, aged 14 of Abbottsford BC, disappeared late in the afternoon on June 10th 2005. It is believed that Chelsea had run away and could be in the Surrey area. There has been some information that she was seen at Seven Oaks Mall in Abbotsford.
Chelsea is 5ft 3 inches tall and 115 lbs with brown hair and brown eyes.

In April, 2007, campers discovered Chelsey Acorn's body in a shallow grave near Hope, B.C. Chelsea Acorn, 14, was reported missing in June 2005, after she failed to return to her group home in Abbotsford, B.C. (CBC) Acorn's mother, Lisa, is from the Island but now lives in Alberta.

Chelsey Acorn had been under the care of the B.C. Ministry of Children and Family Development for a couple of years. She had a reputation as a nice but troubled teen with a habit of running away. Acorn was reported missing in June 2005, after she failed to return to her group home in the Fraser Valley city of Abbotsford. Her death is still unsolved. The RCMP say they have no suspect in the killing and no motive.

Anyone who has seen or knows her whereabouts is asked to call Abbotsford Police at 604-859-5225 or their local police department.

[/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][B][B][B][B][B][Image: feather.gif]

[Image: unknown.jpg]
Charlene Kerr

[/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][B][B][B][B][B] CHARLENE KERR , 29, of Vancouver, BC. discovered in a pool of blood in a Gastown Hotel. She was a drug addicted prostitu
te and is believed to have been killed during a robbery in 1990. UNSOLVED
[/B][/B][/B][/B][/B] [B][B][B][B][B]
[Image: feather.gif]

[Image: unknown.jpg]
Colleen Shook

[/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][B][B][B][B][B] COLLEEN SHOOK , of Burnaby, BC, stabbed to death while getting off a bus in 1975. UNSOLVED

[/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][B][B][B][B][B][Image: feather.gif]

[Image: StewartDianneMary.jpg]
Dianne Stewart

[/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][B][B][B][B][B]DIANNE MARY STEWART , aged 42 disappeared after leaving a house party on the Penticton Indian Reserve on December 31, 1996.
Despite a massive search Stewart was not located. On May 7, 1997 a member of the band searching for horses located some human remains. An autopsy confirmed the remains were those of Stewart and that she had been murdered.


[/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][B][B][B][B][B][Image: feather.gif]

[Image: unknown.jpg]
Mary Jane Jimmie
MARY JANE JIMMIE, was found murdered on the banks of the Fraser River on or about June 26, 1987.


[/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][B][B][B][B][B][Image: feather.gif]

[Image: CusworthJennifer.jpg]
Jennifer Cusworth

JENNIFER CUSWORTH, aged 19 of Kelowna, BC, was murdered after leaving a party at a Kelowna home on October 16, 1993. Her body was found on Swamp Road.>
On the tenth anniversary of her murder, a native healing ceremony was held on Swamp Road where her body was found. More Info[B] UNSOLVED

[/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][B][B][B][B][B][Image: feather.gif]

[Image: unknown.jpg]
Ann Ruby Threlfell

[/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][B][B][B][B][B] ANN RUBY THRELFELL , 24, of Vancouver, BC, strangled to death, Jan. 12, 1980. UNSOLVED

[/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][B][B][B][B][B][Image: feather.gif]

[Image: Littlechief.jpg]
Verna Littlechief
VERNA LITTLECHIEF aka Bernie Roberts , Date of Birth: July 2,1944
Date Last Seen: 1978 ( aged 34 ), Reported Missing: March 4,2002

Verna is a native female, 5'2" tall, with black, shoulder length hair. She was involved in the sex trade in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside and has a history of alcohol abuse. Her family reported her missing last March to the RCMP in Saskatchewan as a result of the extensive media attention surrounding the missing women investigation. UNSOLVED

[/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][B][B][B][B][B][Image: feather.gif]

[Image: unknown.jpg]
Belinda Ann Cameron

[/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][B][B][B][B][B][B]BELINDA ANN CAMERON, aged 42 of Esquimalt, B C, disappeared in early May, 2005. Belinda, also known as Belinda Ann Engen.
Belinda is described as a Native female, 5'8", 170 lbs. with black hair. She suffers from schizophrenia and needs daily medication to keep the condition in check. Belinda is believed to be involved in the sex trade and drug use.
Belinda has not picked up her welfare cheques, and has missed several appointments, leading us to believe she has met with foul play.
If you have any information on this crime or any other crime please call Greater Victoria Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477)

[/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][B][B][B][B][B][Image: feather.gif]

[Image: ChoiniereMichelle.jpg]
Michelle Caroline Choiniere

[/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][B][B][B][B][B][B]MICHELLE CAROLINE CHOINIERE, aged 24, of Surrey, BC, was last seen in the Guildford area, sometime between Sept. 19 and Sept. 26. Michelle is described as aboriginal, five feet nine inches tall and 131 pounds with green eyes, long reddish-brown hair, and a scar on her left knee. She was last seen wearing blue jeans and a white shirt. She is known to be involved in the sex trade.
Although known to be a transient, Michelle's absence is out of character. There are medical concerns related to substance abuse.

Sadly Michelle's aunt Monica reports that her remains were located in the lower mainland in December, 2007. The family have had a Memorial for her on Jan. 7, 2008 in River Inlet.

No further information about the cause of Michelle's death or if charges are pending.

Police ask anyone who might know where these missing people are to call 604-599-0502 or CrimeStoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS.

[/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][B][B][B][B][B][B][Image: feather.gif]

[Image: unknown.jpg]
Wendy Poole

[/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][B][B][B][B][B][B] WENDY POOLE ,26, of Vancouver, found beaten to death Jan. 26, 1989 on the second floor of a Downtown Eastside housing coop. She was the mother of one and was pregnant with her second child. A man arrested in connection with her death was later acquitted. UNSOLVED

A coalition of first nations and local community groups and individuals from Vancouver's downtown eastside campaigned with the help of Green Party Commissioner Roslyn Cassells to name a local mini-park after slain aboriginal woman Wendy Poole. Wendy, whose murder remains unsolved, is one of the many young women on the downtown eastside killed, but not forgotten. This is the first of Vancouver's almost 200 parks to be named after an aboriginal person. Most parks are named after rich white guys. Wendy was not famous, not rich, and not white. Wendy Poole had a gentle nature and a radiant smile. Her friends and family loved her and will never forget her, and our community will honour the passing of this individual, whose life and death was not so different from many others in the downtown eastside. In the highest of honour, we will remember Wendy Poole.

[/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][B][B][B][B][B][B][Image: feather.gif]

[Image: OppenheimCherish.jpg]
Cherish Oppenheim

CHERISH BILLY OPPENHEIM , aged 16 of Merritt BC was murdered on October 13, 2001.
Her body was found after the man's arrest in Kelowna on Oct. 22, 2001 on an unrelated matter.
Police called the case suspicious because Oppenheim, 16, had never run away and had no family problems.
Neary said police found Oppenheim's body 22 kilometres south of Merritt in a wooded area. Oppenheim, a good student in Grade 11, was last seen at a convenience store in the early hours of Oct. 13 in this southern Interior community. Police and volunteers searched the area and distributed thousands of flyers across the province.
RCMP got an anonymous phone tip saying the teen had been seen getting into a car about 2:15 a.m. on the morning she disappeared.
Thelma Oppenheim, Cherish's sister, said Cherish had a curfew of 1 a.m. and was at the local 7-11 store just before heading home.
Cherish's older sister, Ashley, saw her there and walked her home.
"Her hand was touching the door handle like she was going in and then her older sister left," Thelma Oppenheim said. She said Cherish was seen later at the 7-11.
Police found the body after arresting Dezwaan on an unrelated matter, said Cpl. Sean Neary.
In one incident, he's accused of confining, sexually assaulting and robbing a Kelowna prostitute. He was also charged with threatening the new boyfriend of his former girlfriend, who testified Dezwaan threatened to "rip his head off". The former girlfriend broke into tears while being aggressively questioned by Dezwaan's lawyer. That emotional outbreak then triggered a similar reaction by Dezwaan, forcing the judge to order a recess.
Afterwards, Dezwaan was found not guilty on the threatening charge, but he was convicted on two counts of breaching a court order. He was handed a 30-day jail sentence and fined $400. Dezwaan has also been charged with first-degree murder in the death of Cherish Oppenheim.
[/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B] [B][B][B][B][B][B] UPDATE[/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][B][B][B][B][B][B]

He reversed his innocent plea to guilty of first degree murder and now faces a life sentence, with no chance of parole for fifteen years. Dezwaan apologized to her family in court, claiming alcohol abuse.
The court heard Dezwaan claim he and the teenager drank together and had sex that she agreed to, but the prosecution countered with evidence Cherish Oppenheim had been forced to have sex and was brutally beaten to death.
When he was charged with murdering the teenager, Dezwaan was in custody for breaching bail conditions related to a sex crime, shortly before he killed her.
Two months before he murdered Cherish Billy Oppenheim, he was released by Kelowna Provincial Court on Aug. 15, 2001, on $7,500 bail. But he breached court ordered conditions and police arrested him on those counts on October 19th, just a few days after the girl went missing and was found dead.
Feb. 20, 2002 Dezwaan was given a life sentence for the murder of Cherish Billy Oppenheim.

[/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][B][B][B][B][B][B][Image: feather.gif]

[Image: BakerCrystalPeggy.jpg]
Crystal Baker
CRYSTAL PEGGY BAKER , aged 35,was found floating in the Fraser River, under the Port Mann Bridge on April 2002.
The body was eventually identified on June 19th, 2002, subsequent to a missing person report being filed by her boyfreind and a member of his family.
The Serious Crime investigators have determined that Crystal was last seen by her boyfriend in the vicinity of the Middle Gate Mall in Burnaby on April 22nd, 2002. She was known to be a a sex trade worker who resided in the municipality of Delta.
The investigators have also determined that Crystal was the victim of foul play although they are confident that her untimely death is not related to the sex trade. The cause of death will not be revealed at this time to protect the integrity of the investigation.
Anyone with information on this murder investigation is asked to call Cpl. Garry MOORE, Serious Crime Unit, Coquitlam Detachment at 604-945-1456, or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS.

[/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][B][B][B][B][B][B][Image: feather.gif]

[Image: unknown.jpg]
Lisa Bear aka Lisa Marie Graveline
LISA MARIE GRAVELINE AKA LISA BEAR , aged 20, found in a dumpster in downtown eastside Vancouver .wrapped in a cotton comforter, her hair pulled up in a ponytail, on May 1, 2001. She had been stabbed to death. Lisa was a drug addicted prostitute. In June 1999, her mother was found dead of a suspicious overdose behind a strip joint, the No. 5 Orange at Powell and Main.
Thong Thanh Huynh, 34, charged with Second Degree murder of Lisa. Accused goes to trial in 2004

[/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][B][B][B][B][B][B][Image: feather.gif]

[Image: unknown.jpg]
Unknown Name
UNKNOWN NAME, the mother of Lisa Graveline was found dead of a suspicious overdose behind a strip joint, the No. 5 Orange, at Powell and Main.[B]UNSOLVED

[/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][B][B][B][B][B][B][Image: feather.gif]

[Image: unknown.jpg]
Alberta Williams

ALBERTA WILLIAMS , aged 24, found murdered Sept. 25, 1988. She had been reported missing a month earlier.
Alberta's sister, Karen Williams, continues to ask RCMP how the case is proceeding now that their father is too ill to make the trip down to the detachment.
"The report looks the same as the first day they started," said Lorenda Kasperski, coordinator of the First Nations Women's Council in Terrace. UNSOLVED

[/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][B][B][B][B][B][B][Image: feather.gif]

[Image: unknown.jpg]
Norma Tashoots

NORMA CECILIA TASHOOTS , aged 17, originally from Iskut, BC, but residing in Vancouver..
Norma's body was found on July 10, 1989 in a wooded area near 100 Mile House.
The cause of death was as a result of a gun shot wound to the head. She was last seen alive on 89-06-25 when she was dropped off on Highway 97 in 100 Mile House. Her intention was to hitch-hike to Vancouver.
She had been visiting family in 100 Mile House, BC. Norma was last seen by her family on June 25, 1989, before leaving to return to Vancouver.
For the first few months of the investigation, investigators had no strong suspects. In October of 1989 a resident of 100 Mile House came forward and suggested that Jerry BAKER was responsible. Jerry BAKER lived in the 100 Mile House area at the time.
Investigators determined that BAKER had reported his 44 cal. Ruger handgun stolen to the Detachment in 100 Mile House the day after TASHOOTS was last seen. It was also determined that he had an extensive criminal record which included rape. BAKER became a suspect and was interviewed at which time his explanation of the circumstances surrounding the theft of his gun were very suspicious. Investigators continued to concentrated their efforts on BAKER.
In early 2001, Southeast District Major Crime Unit in Kamloops reopened the investigation. After a complete file review BAKER continued to be investigated as a possible suspect. BAKER eventually confessed murdering Norma TASHOOTS to a Police Officer and where he had disposed of the murder weapon.
On February 1, 2002, Jerry BAKER was arrested and charged with the first degree murder of Norma TASHOOTS.
In May of 2002, police recovered the handgun from a sewage lagoon near Forest Grove. The handgun was in excellent condition and was the registered handgun belonging to BAKER that he had reported stolen in 1989.
On Sept. 19, 1990, it was reported that the accused had eight convictions for various sexual assault and weapons offences.
He also had a rape conviction in 1970 for which he received five years, and two 1990 convictions for assault under s. 266, drawing suspended sentences. Along with the rape conviction, his record notes a re-committal as a parole violator in June 1972.
On 03-02-18, a Jury in Williams Lake found Jerry BAKER guilty of 1st Degree Murder and he was sentence to life with no chance of parole for 25 years. To read some of his trial report, click Here

[/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][B][B][B][B][B][B][Image: feather.gif]

[Image: IrvingSherry.jpg]
Sherry Irving

SHERRY IRVING aged 24. drug addicted and worked in the sex trade. Disappeared in 1997.
UPDATE: OCT 2, 2002
Robert ( Willie ) Pickton has been charged with the first degree murder of Sherry. Her DNA was found on his pig farm in Port Coquitilam, BC.

[/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][B][B][B][B][B][B][Image: feather.gif]

[Image: GeorgeNormaBC.jpg]

Norma (Lorna) George

[/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B]NORMA GEORGE, aka Lorna George, aged 30, of Vancouver, BC. Her nude body was found "curled in a fetal position" on October 5th, 1992 in Aldergrove, BC. The probable cause of death was exposure. The family has many unanswered questions with regards to the police investigation, in particular with regards to the time of her disappearance and her death. Norma was missing for 5 1/2 days before her death. She was always in constant touch with her family but suddenly stopped calling. Where were her clothes and jewelery? How did she get to Aldergrove? Norma had only recently visited her home community and wanted to return permanently after finishing unsettled business in Vancouver.
Known by her family by the nickname, Adama, Norma George never returned to Takla Landing. Her half-sister, Claudine last saw her on September 28th, 1992 leaving the Balmoral Hotel on Hastings Street. She thought her sister was returning to Takla Landing as she had shouted: "I'm going home baby girl. I'm going home."
In July 2004, the Missing Women's Task Force contacted the George family requesting DNA from Norma's children. Norma's case remains open and the police have not been able to exclude a link to Robert Picton and the murders on his farm.

[/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][Image: feather.gif]

[Image: SarahDeVries.jpg]
Sarah Jean DeVries
SARAH JEAN DEVRIES , aged 29. DOB May 12,1969 (29). Sarah is First Nations/Mexican/Black (mixed race) 5'2" 9157 cm, approx 99 lbs (45 kg). Last seen early morning hours of April 14, 1998.
Sarah is a known drug addict and prostitute missing from downtown eastside Vancouver.
UPDATE Robert Pickton has been charged with Sarah's Murder.

[/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][Image: feather.gif]

[Image: YoungLisaBC.jpg]
Lisa Marie Young

LISA MARIE YOUNG , aged 21 of Nanaimo, BC, Missing since June 30 2002.

Lisa had been out at a Nanaimo night club, and was later seen riding in a late 1980s burgundy Jaguar.

Police suspect foul play. [B]UNSOLVED

[/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][Image: feather.gif]

[Image: Chasidy.jpg]
Chasidy Whitford

CHASIDY WHITFORD, aged 2., was killed by her father just weeks before her second birthday.

Her little body was found in a shallow grave during the weekend of September 21, 2002 on the Lakahahmen Reserve, in British Columbia. Prior to her death, the child was in the care of her father.
Just weeks before she died, Chassidy showed up at hospital cut and badly bruised.

On July 8, 2002 the child came to the attention of the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) and Xyolhemeylh, the delegated Sto:lo aboriginal and family services agency, through a child protection report. This resulted in a child protection investigation. The child and her father were subjects of ongoing protective family service from Xyolhemeylh at the time of the child's death.

The government report says that should have been a red flag to front-line social workers.

But Xlolhemeylh, the native-run child protection agency for the Sto:lo Nation, gave the child back to her father just four days later.

The report by the Children's Ministry says there was a failure by Xlolhemeylh to recognize the risk factors, noting there was no risk assessment or risk reduction plan.

"We have to look at specific training for the individuals involved, take a look at the training that's provided in the agency and make sure that procedures that we've established actually do work," says ministry spokesperson Jeremy Berland.

The review makes a total of 14 recommendations, which the Sto:lo Nation has agreed to implement. So far two people have resigned from Xlolhemeylh following the review.

But Chief Susan McKamey of the Lakahahmen First Nation says it's not just the agency's fault, saying members of the community who knew Chassidy was being abused should have spoken up.

"If your friend or your family member is doing something wrong, then it's the child you need to protect and not that adult. So we have to encourage people to understand they cannot cover up," she says.

Following a criminal investigation into the child's death, the child's father, Shawn Mackinaw. was charged with manslaughter, indignity to human remains and assault causing bodily harm. On October 27, 2003 he entered a guilty plea to criminal negligence causing death, assault causing bodily harm and indignity to human remains. He has been referred for psychiatric examination prior to sentencing. The type of sentencing is to be determined January 30, 2004.

[/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][Image: feather.gif]
[Image: GurneyMichelle.jpg]
Michelle Gurney
MICHELLE GURNEY , aged 19. DOB Feb. 11,1969. 5 foot 4 inches (162 cm), 100 pounds (45.4 kg), long black hair, brown eyes. Michelle is a known drug addict and sex trade worker in the downtown east side Vancouver. Last seen December 1998. [B]UNSOLVED

[/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][Image: feather.gif]

[Image: HenryJanet.jpg]
Janet Henry
JANET HENRY , aged 37. Janet is 5 foot 3 inches (160cm),115 pounds (50kg), brown hair, brown eyes, glasses.
Born in 1961, Janet is the youngest. Her sister Donna who worries and weeps for her today, is the oldest of the thirteen children of this Namgis family from Kwaguilth Nation, Alert Bay, BC. They grew up in Kingcome Inlet on northern Vancouver Island but for a variety of reasons, most were attracted to the cities.
For all too many painful years, the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver, British Columbia has been home to dozens of Aboriginal women whose spirits got lost somewhere along the way and whose lives were consumed by drugs and prostitution.
Despite her life on the streets, Janet stayed in touch with her family. What prompted Donna Joseph to believe her "baby sister" had disappeared was her sudden silence.
"She always stayed in contact with my other younger sister Sandra Gagnon . . . and if it wasn't with Sandra, it was with my baby brother Lance who also lived in Vancouver," said Donna Joseph in an interview with Turtle Island Native Network.
In the summer of 1997 there were no more phone calls. Donna said that after three days the family know something was wrong, "She never ever did not call on a daily basis." It was then Donna Joseph started to learn more about her sister's lifestyle, "tylenol shooting and from that she became addicted to heroin and whatever other drugs were out there." When she went missing, Donna's sister Sandra who had been able to previously protect the family from some sordid details, revealed that Jan was 'on the street' to support her drug habit.
But Donna Joseph, a Native courtworker in Victoria, is one of those growing number of Aboriginal women you meet nowadays --- gentle, warm and caring but also strong and solid as a rock. She says "I feel really blessed that I'm receptive to all nations and the tools that come from them for my strength and spiritual maintenance."

[/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][Image: feather.gif]

[Image: PaquetteFaye.jpg]
Fabian Manley Paquette aka "FAYE Paquette

FABIAN MANLEY PAQUETTE, aka FAYE PAQUETTE, aged 42, transgendered woman, beaten to death on Feb. 4, 2002.
She worked as a prostitute in Prince George, BC. Her body was found February 5 stuffed into the back of a cube van in the parking lot of B.C. Alignment on First Avenue.
Dale William Eliason had spent the previous day drinking before picking up Paquette, who he thought was a female prostitute, and taking her back to the shop. The fatal fight began, according to Eliason, when he realized Paquette had breasts and a penis.
Paquette died as a result of a severe blow to the back of the head, likely when it came in contact with the cement floor.
Dale William Eliason was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to seven years imprisonment.
To read the trial report click HERE

[/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][Image: feather.gif]

[Image: DanielleLarue25.jpg]
Danielle Larue

[/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B]DANIELLE LARUE aged 25 is missing from downtown Eastside Vancouver, where she works as a prostitute.
A tipster called police in January, 2003, and alerted them that a woman had been missing since the beginning of December, 2002. The caller did not name the woman.
Investigators later discovered Larue's identity and suspect foul play may be involved. Police spokeswoman Sarah Bloor won't reveal further details about the tip since it's an ongoing investigation.
"We're hopeful someone can come forward with information about Danielle. She hasn't had any contact with family or friends since December and that's why we suspect foul play," Bloor said.
Officers aren't ruling out the possibility that Larue, a native woman from the Interior, has simply moved. Family members did not call police to report Larue missing.
The known drug addict was involved in the sex trade before she went missing, working in the Downtown Eastside since at least November.
Contact between Larue and family members has been "off and on" according to Bloor, and it's been some time since they've been in touch, which is not typical behaviour.
"We were hoping we would have additional contact by the person that originally alerted us but that hasn't happened-that's why we're coming forward," Bloor said. "Perhaps someone has seen Danielle or Danielle herself will call us if she's not in harm's way."
Larue is five-feet-seven-inches tall, weighs 125 pounds, has a light complexion, long black hair, brown eyes and several tattoos, including a black heart and cross on her forearm and a heart on her chest.
A dedicated phone line for the case has been set up at 604-717-3420. Information left on it will remain confidential.

[/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B] [B][B][B][B][B][B][B][Image: feather.gif]

[Image: LaneStephanie.jpg]
Stephanie Lane
STEPHANIE LANE , aged 20. Black/First Nations female, 5 foot 4 inches (162 cm),115 pounds (51 kg), long black wavy hair, brown eyes. Stephanie is a known drug user and sex trade worker in the area of the Patricia Hotel, downtown eastside Vancouver. Reported missing January 1997. [...
"The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it." Karl Marx

"He would, wouldn't he?" Mandy Rice-Davies. When asked in court whether she knew that Lord Astor had denied having sex with her.

“I think it would be a good idea” Ghandi, when asked about Western Civilisation.

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