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antique videos; mary moorman tape

...and most of the JFK shows, including the Moorman one, should be in a group of about ten videos. For some reason the first JFK show is not there.

You might have to join the site. I think I did. It's free.

Alternately, Joe Backes has linked to the Moorman show from his blog:


john kelin posted this info for all, thanks john...b
VOLUNTARY STATEMENT. Not Under Arrest Form No. 86
Before me, the undersigned authority, on this the 22nd day of November A.D. 1963 personally appeared Mary Ann Moorman, Address: 2832 Ripplewood, Dallas. Age 31, Phone No. DA 1-9390.
Deposes and says

Mrs. Jean Hill and I were standing on the grass by the park on Elm Street between the underpass and the corner of Elm & Houston. I had a Polaroid Camera with me and was intending to take pictures of President Kennedy and the motorcade. As the motorcade started toward me I took two pictures. As President Kennedy was opposite me I took a picture of him. As I snapped the picture of President Kennedy, I heard a shot ring out. President Kennedy kind of slumped over. Then I heard another shot ring out and Mrs. Kennedy jumped up in the car and said, "My God he had been shot." When I heard these shots ring out, I fell to the ground to keep from being hit myself. I heard three or four shots in all. After the pictures I took were developed, the Picture of President Kennedy showed him slumped over. When the pictures were developed, they came out real light. These pictures have been turned over to Officers investigating this incident.

/s/ Mary Ann Moorman

Subscribed and sworn to before me on this the 22nd day of Nov A. D. 1963
Mary has stated she WAS in the street , when she took her polaroid.....

She was interviewed by KRLD in 1997....The interview was originally, and =
kindly provided by Debra Conway.....

Moorman: " UH, just immediately before the presidential car came into =
view, we were, you know, there was just tremendous excitement. And my =
friend who was with me ( Jean Hill ) we were right ready to take the =
picture. And she's not timid. She, as the car approached us, she did =
hollar for the president . " Mr.President, look this way !=20

AND SNAPPED IT IMMEDIATELY..And that evidently was the first shot . You =
know I could hear the sound.And.

Jones: "Now, when you heard the sound, did you immediately think 'rifle =

Moorman: "Oh no. A firecracker, maybe. There was another one just =
immediately following which I still thought was a firecracker. And then =
I stepped back up on to the grassy area. I guess just, people were =
falling around us, you know.
Knowing something was wrong . I cetainly didn't know what was wrong. "


Jack White, on 16 February 2007 - 06:30 AM, said: Yesterday while reviewing some transcribed old notes taken many years ago
at the National Archives, David Lifton came across a long forgotten
information of the mother lode variety.

He was transcribing by hand, listening with earphones to audio tapes made
on the afternoon of 11-22-63, from KRLD Radio tape reels.

The reel was an interview by Jay Hogan of Mary Moorman and Jean Hill at
3:30 pm...on KRLD RADIO excerpts, Tape 5B and 6A at NARA.

I am excerpting from the lengthy transcript several relevant parts of the
interviews. Decide for yourself the importance of this first day evidence:


Q: Hello, Mrs. Moorman?

A: Yes.

Q You took the picture just after the shooting, or just before?

A: Evidently, just immediately, as the. . . Cause he was, he was looking, you know,
whenever I got the camera focused and then I snapped it in my picture, he slumped over.


Q: About how close were you?


A: 10 or fifteen foot, I, no more . . . Because I fall behind my camera.


Q: Were you up on that grassy bank there?

A: We stepped out in the street. We were right at the car.


Q: How many shots did you hear? You say "shots rang out".

A: Oh, oh, I don't know. I think three or four is what I, I uh, that I heard.

Q: Uh huh.

A: (continuing) that I'm sure of. Now, I don't know, there might have been more.
It just took seconds for me to realize what was happening.

Q: Yeah, uh, what as your first thought?

A: That those ARE shots. I mean, he had been HIT.
And that they're liable to hit me, cause I'm right at the car,
so I decided the place for me is to get on the ground (laughs)

Q: So huh, how did the president respond to this shot. I mean, did he just
slump suddenly?

A: He grabbed his chest, and of course, Mrs. Kennedy jumped up immediately,
and fell over him; and she said: "My God, he's been shot."

Q: Did you notice any other reactions...


A: Uh, they hesitated just for a moment [referring, I believe, to the car itself,
rather than to the behavior of any particular individual--dsl] cause I think they
were like I was, you know--'Was that a shot," or was itj ust a backfire, or
just what? And then, course, he clutched himself and they immediately sped up,
real fast, you know, like--to get OUT of there. And, uh, the police, there were
several motorcycles around him; and, uh, they stopped, and uh--one or two must
of went with him, And one ran up the hill, and a friend that was with me ran up
the hill across the street from where the shots came from.


Q: It (shots) seemed fairly close by?

A: Yes, uh huh.

Q And form what direction did they seem to be?

A: Oh, Lord? North. Just back there (at--laughs)

Q: Just just right at you?

A: Yes, sir.


A: The sound popped, well it just sounded like, well, you know, there might
have been a firecracker right there in that car.

Q: And in your picture, uh, you uh took this picture just BEFORE the shot?


A: Evidently, at the minute (means "instant") that he, that it hit him because,
uh, we was we was looking, at me, or I mean, he was looking, you know, at the
people when my picture came out. They just slumped over, so I must have got it.


A: Yes, uh huh. You could see he's clutched, he's bent over, and she's... and she
hadn't even gotten up in my picture, and she DID get up, STOOD UP, in the car.


Q: Uh huh. And you and your friend Miss Hill, uh, were together there
at the scene. Was anybody else with you?

A No, uh uh.

Q: OK, well we sure thank you.

FROM HERE ON OUT, the interview continues with Jean Hill

Q: (continuing)
And also, here, we do have Miss Hill. Miss Hill, you were an
eyewitness, also?

A: Yes, I was . I suppose we were the people closest to the
President's car at the time.

Q: Uh, that as about 10 or fifteen feet, you'd say?

A: Not anymore than that at all.

Q: Uh huh. You were both looking right at the presidential car, then?

A: Yes, we were looking right at the President. We were looking at his face.
As Mary took the picture, I was looking at him. And he grabbed his hands across
his ch-when two shots rang out. He grabbed his hands across his chest. I have
never seen anyone killed, or in pain before like that but there was this odd
look came across his face, and he pitched forward onto Jackie's lap.

DSL NOTE: I believe this must mean: "to the side onto Jackie's lap" --because Jackie was
to the left of JFK, not in front of JFK. In my interview of the Newman's, circa 1971, in
person, and on tape, they talk of JFK falling to the side, or being thrust towards Jackie.

A: And uh, she immediately, we were close enough to even hear her, and
everything, and she fell across him and says "My God, he's been shot."

Q: ..... Did you notice particularly any of the other people around? At the time (she cuts in)

A: There was NO one around us on our side of the street. We had planned it that way;
we wanted to be down there by ourselves; that's the reason we had gotten almost
to the underpass, so we'd be completely in the clear.

Q: Any other reactions form the other people in the motorcae, that you recall?

A: The motorcade was stunned after the first two shots, and it came to a momentary halt,
and about that time 4 more uh, 3 to 4 more shots again rang out, and I guess it just didn't
register with me. Mary was uh had gotten down on the ground and was pulling at my leg,
saying "Get , get down, they're shooting, get down, they're shooting; and I didn't even
realize it. And I just kept sitting there looking. And uh uh just about that time, well,
of course, some of the motorcycles pulled away. And some of them pulled over to the side
and started running up the bank; there's a hill on the other side (she is interrupted)

Q: Yes, Maam.

A: And the shots came from there. After they were momentarily stopped--after the
first two shots--THEN they sped away REAL quickly.


Q: Well, thank you Miss Hill, and also Miss Moorman, for speaking with us about this.

A. Thankyou.

ANNOUNCER: That's two eyewitnesses to the murdered president, who saw on his face the
anguish of his very last hour alive. Before we go back to CBS, here again are some
announcements of special local importance.



1. HOW CLOSE TO CAR: 10 or fifteen foot, I, no more
2. WHERE WERE YOU: We stepped out in the street
3. HOW MANY SHOTS: three or four ... there might have been more.
4. WHAT DID MRS. KENNEDY DO: Mrs. Kennedy jumped up immediately, and fell over him;
and she said: "My God, he's been shot."
5. WHAT DID THE LIMO DO: they hesitated just for a moment...and they immediately sped up
8. WHAT DID YOUR PHOTO SHOW MRS. K DOING: he's bent over, and she's... and she
hadn't even gotten up in my picture, and she DID get up, STOOD UP, in the car.

1. HOW CLOSE TO CAR: about 10 or fifteen feet...not anymore than that at all.
2. WHAT DID THE PRESIDENT DO: he pitched forward onto Jackie's lap.
3. WHAT DID MRS. K DO: she fell across him and says "My God, he's been shot."
4. WERE THERE OTHER PEOPLE AROUND YOU: There was NO one around us on our side of the street
5. WHAT DID THE LIMO DO:The motorcade was stunned after the first two shots, and it came
to a momentary halt. After they were momentarily stopped--after the first two shots--THEN
they sped away REAL quickly.
6. WHERE DID THE SHOTS COME FROM: there's a hill on the other side...and the shots came
from there.



moorman videos...dvp site...

5-24-11 interview conducted live on (When asked if she'd stepped out into the street to take a photograph of Motorcycle Officer McBride, before Kennedy's arrival) "Yes." (When asked if she'd stepped out into the street to take a picture of a second Motorcycle officer, George Lumpkin) "Yes, I did, because he was in the middle of the street." (When describing the shooting) "I had been in the street to take the picture of Lumpkin. When the limousine turned the corner, it was coming towards me and I focused--I don't know if I focused--but I looked in the camera to watch the car as it approached, and uh looking up the area, waiting for him to get close enough and Jean hollered 'Mr. President look this way, we want to take a picture!' As I thought he was where I wanted it to be, I snapped the picture. And at the same time I snapped the picture I heard a sound. And I just uh, I had my picture taken, I was not holding the camera in front of my face. And I heard two more sounds, which I thought were firecrackers." (When asked if she'd stepped into the street to take the photo of Kennedy) "I'm pretty sure that I had stepped back just onto the very edge of the curb, to get off the street, onto the grass." (When asked again about the first shot) "I heard that while the camera was still up in my face. I heard a noise. I heard a sound." (When asked about this shot in comparison to her taking her picture.) "At the same time... Seconds or...awfully quick." (When asked if she heard a second shot.) "I did. Immediately. It was like Pow...Pow Pow. Y'know it was that quick. And, this second shot, I was looking at this man, and my thought was 'I saw his hair jump.' Well, it was his head, y'know, the hair." (When asked if she thought he'd been hit by the first shot) "Yes." (And the second shot.) "Not sure about the second shot other than that I did see something happen to him." (When asked about a third shot.) "I heard three shots." (When asked to confirm that she didn't hear the two shots prior to the head shot described by most writers) "That's right. I guess not. And if there was a first shot, I don't think I would stand there and then take a picture, knowing that I'd heard something." (When asked if she could have been mistaken about the sounds.) "Well, yes, I thought they were firecrackers. I did not know there was a gunshot, no." (When asked if the motorcycles had been backfiring) "No." (When asked if the limo slowed down.) "It slowed down almost if not to a stop, and I saw Jackie. She hollered 'Oh, my God, he's been shot!' I heard that. And I saw her start to climb out over that car." (When asked when the limo slowed down) "After all the shots. There was no more shots." (When asked if she had a sense where the shots had come from.) "I did not." (When asked if she'd seen any shots hit the windshield.) "No, I did not. (Or the pavement.) "No, I did not." (When asked if she had a sense that some of what she'd heard were echoes.) "No, I didn't. I'm not accustomed to hearing shots." (When asked about Jean Hill's claim in her book that a SS agent stole Mary's photos from her--Jean Hill's--pocket.) "It didn't happen." (When asked whether Jean Hill had ever mentioned to her that she'd seen smoke or a man with a rifle on the grassy knoll--as she was later to claim.) "No, she did not." (When asked if she'd noticed anything on 11-22-63 that she now considers suspicious.) "I have no idea." (When asked why she didn't testify before the Warren Commission) "I just told them that I'd turned my ankle and couldn't go, and I never heard from them ever again." (On whether she thinks the Zapruder film coincides with her recollections) "Not really. I appreciate it...It does show that I was there." (If she has an opinion on whether there was more than one shooter.) "No. But I believe there's a whole lot more to the story than what's been told. I don't know about how many shooters or don't really care other than to know for sure what's happened."
Typed out by Pat Speer...thanks pat..

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