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videos JFK and LHO Regan and Watergate
Kennedy's sons discuss 'curse'
~ Army Col. briefed Kennedy on UFOs
~ Kennedy Assassination Jim Garrison was Denied Access to JFK autopsy
~ Ted Kennedy, the Mafia and Marilyn Monroe
~ President Kennedy in Florida on November 18, 1963
~ Kennedy Assassination House Committee on Assassinations
~ Kennedy motorcade on November 22, 1963
~ John Connally - KRLD-TV - June22nd,1964
~ President Kennedy's Arrival in Dallas (11/22/1963)
From The Morning of Friday November 22nd 1963, President Kennedy
arrives by plane to Dallas Texas along with U.S Congressmen Jim Wright
of Texas , U.S Senator Ralph Yarborough of Texas, Texas Governor John
Connally & Mrs. Connally and Vice President Lyndon Johnson & Mrs.
Johnson with Mrs. Kennedy, The Kennedy's arrive at Love field at 11:38
A.M & by 11:50 A.M The motorcade to The Trade mart through downtown is


~ JFK Assassination Lee Harvey Oswald Remembered By High School
~ Couch film shows Baker running toward TSBD
~ JFK - Lee Harvey Oswald's Brother Robert Looks Uncomfortable Before
~ David Atllee Philips - CIA Agent who framed LHO
~ JFK Assassination Inteview with Lee Harvey Oswald's Mother

~ Reagan Assassination Attempt Hinkley Connected to Neal Bush
~ Watergate Howerd Hunt Involvement 05/03/73 NBC
~ Howard Hunt - 638 Ways To Kill Castro

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