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Pentagon Sets Stage for U.S. to Respond to Computer Sabotage With Military Force
Pentagon Sets Stage for U.S. to Respond to Computer Sabotage With Military Force --Pentagon: Cyber Combat: Act of War

31 May 2011

The Pentagon has concluded that computer sabotage coming from another country can constitute an act of war, a finding that for the first time opens the door for the U.S. to respond using traditional military force. The Pentagon's document runs about 30 pages in its classified version and 12 pages in the unclassified one. It concludes that the Laws of Armed Conflict... have come to guide the conduct of war and proportionality of response--apply in cyberspace as in traditional warfare, according to three defense officials who have read the document. [Not to mention, USociopaths executing computer sabotage and *blaming others* so the US can launch new wars for Exxon Mobil.]

The above is from Citizens for Legitimate Government.

The comment in brackets is by Lori Price, editor.

She's right.

This has "false flag" written all over it, for who can really tell what cyber-attack happened and from whence it came without being on the inside?
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