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Charles Gittens, 1st black Secret Service agent, dies
Charles Gittens, 1st black Secret Service agent, dies
Blaine posted about Faison & Gittens because ANOTHER black agent, Abe Bolden, is going to tear his book apart this November

Abraham Bolden was the first black agent to ever serve on the White House Detail, over 2 years before Robert Faison. Please read Bolden's great book "The Echo From Dealey Plaza" AND his tremendous review debunking "The Kennedy Detail." This November, Bolden and myself will be a part of legendary best-selling author Mark Lane's new book "The Last Word", coming out from the same publisher that brought us the NY Times best-seller from Jesse Ventura "American Conspiracies".

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Though Gittens told friends he never felt discrimination from other
agents or supervisors, he still faced it on the job. While guarding
President Lyndon B. Johnson on a trip to Dallas, he and other agents
entered a restaurant where he was initially refused service because he
was black, according to the Ebony story.

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