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We are allowed to ask questions
So... Why are all those kids rioting in London, Manchester and Liverpool?

Why are global stock markets plummeting again? Didn't the people on TV say everything was OK now? Why has the USA's credit rating been downgraded? How could they have possibly gotten into such a mess? And what about European countries? Why are they suddenly needing IMF bailouts?

What's happening to that former IMF leader who was accused of rape? Did he do it or was he set-up, and if so by whom? Why is his replacement also in trouble? What does the IMF actually do, anyway? Why is there another famine in Africa? Isn't that why we set up the World Bank?

What's happening in the Middle East? Why is Iraq still such a bloody mess, after all these years? How many people have died there? Why are the Taliban still so strong in Afghanistan? When are our soldiers coming home? What exactly are we trying to achieve over there? Why are the local warlords still allowed to profit from heroin crops? Why are we propping up president Karzai, if he doesn't even like us?

Why is Pakistani turning against the USA? Why were they hiding Osama Bin Laden? Weren't they supposed to be helping us? What's happening to their nuclear weapons? Are we going to support India instead now? What about China? Is it true they hold the global purse-strings these days? How does that work, if they are all supposed to be communists?

And what about Saudi Arabia? How can they be opposed to violence in Syria, when they invaded Bahrain to attack protesters? Why didn't the USA say more about that? Is it because Fifth Fleet is stationed in Bahrain? Why don't Western leaders speak up against Saudi mistreatment of women, and their repression of the ethnic Shiah community? Is it because the Saudis have so much money invested in Wall Street, and buy so many arms?

Why is Gaddafi still in power? And why is NATO fighting Gaddafi in Libya, but not standing up to Assad, or North Korea, or Burma? Is Mugabe still running Mozambique? Whatever happened to him? Why don't we care anymore?

Whatever happened to that UK Iraq War enquiry? If Blair lied about Iraq WMDs, why didn't he go to jail? Why do so many people believe Dr David Kelly was murdered? Who would do such a thing? Did Blair really sex up the intelligence? Is that why Cheney set up his Office Of Special Plans? Has he released the minutes of his pre-war energy taskforce meetings with oil executives?

Why did those World Trade Centre buildings collapse like that, especially Building Seven which wasn't even hit by a plane? Why didn't Bush want to have an enquiry? Why wouldn't he talk without Cheney in the room? Why didn't the 9/11 commission disclose those warnings to Condoleeza Rice? Why was her old friend Philip Zelikow in charge of it all? Why were those Mossad agents celebrating on a NYC rooftops as the towers burned? Are they going to have another inquiry? Why not?

Who was behind those US anthrax attacks in October 2001? Why did the FBI chase the wrong guy for so long? Why did they drive that other guy to suicide? How come they still can't prove that he did it? And how come Robert Mueller, the director of the FBI who oversaw so many failures, just got an extraordinary two-year job extension, with a unanimous US Senate approval vote?

Why is former president George W Bush so quiet these days? Why is Karl Rove working for Fox News? Why hasn't Obama closed Guantanamo Bay? Why has warrantless wire tapping increased 400 per cent under Obama, when he said he was against it? And if the USA is in such bad financial trouble, how come the Pentagon still gets budget increases?

Who are these #Anonymous people on the internet? What do they want? Why are they attacking all those websites? Are they connected with WikiLeaks? Why hasn't that Assange guy been charged with anything yet? Did he really rape those Swedish girls or was it all just a set-up? If WikiLeaks has done nothing illegal, why are people calling for his assassination? Why have WikiLeaks funds been cut off by major global financial institutions like PayPal, Mastercard and Visa? Why isn't the government doing anything about that?

Why is the media still talking about idiots who claim climate change is not real? Why does the cost of living keep going up? Why is tertiary education so expensive nowadays? Why is food now being traded as a commodity, driving up food prices in the Third World? Was that Goldman Sachs's idea? Why didn't any of them go to jail after GFC #1?

Is Rupert Murdoch going to jail? Is he still being protected by Scotland Yard? What does he want, money or power? If business donations provide the money behind right-wing political parties, how does that help democracy? Why should corporations have the same rights as individuals? Is justice only for those who can afford it? And if so, why should ordinary people continue to respect the rule of law?

Why does Australia always vote against UN resolutions supporting the Palestinian people? Why did Labor get rid of Rudd, since Gillard is just the same or worse? Why didn't Senator Mark Arbib lose his job, when he was outed as a US intelligence source? Why can't the Liberals put up a better candidate than Tony Abbott? Is John Howard still pulling strings in the back room?

Why is our economy becoming totally reliant on mining exports to China? If we really want to stop climate change, why do we keep selling our coal to China? What happens when our minerals run out, or China's economy stops growing? When is the housing bubble going to burst? Why is renting so expensive? Why doesn't the Government just build more houses? Is that a favour to the banks, to maintain artificially high prices?

We are allowed to ask questions. But only the Very Serious People are allowed to provide answers. And if their answers make no sense, it doesn't matter. We are not allowed to ask follow-up questions.

So we are left to come up with our own answers, based on the evidence we can find. Our explanations, if they are even noticed, are ridiculed as "Conspiracy Theories". And then, when they are proven right, they are dismissed as "Old News". The Very Serious People have already "Moved On" to new agendas.
Gary Lord has a background in teaching, telecommunications and technical writing.
"The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it." Karl Marx

"He would, wouldn't he?" Mandy Rice-Davies. When asked in court whether she knew that Lord Astor had denied having sex with her.

“I think it would be a good idea” Ghandi, when asked about Western Civilisation.

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