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Cuba in the Crosshairs: A Near Half-Century of Terror
Cuba in the Crosshairs: A Near Half-Century of Terror
"This is bad news," Fidel Castro said in serious tones. He repeated himself: "This is bad news." The date was November 22, 1963, and Castro had just heard that one of his staunchest enemies had been gunned down in the streets of Dallas, Texas. John F. Kennedy was dead, and the Cuban leader was extremely worried

Castro's sentiments were shared by one of his closest confidants, Che Guevara, who said on November 25 that the death of Kennedy "could presage more difficulties for the revolution." Guevara called Ruby's killing of Oswald "something straight out of a U.S. gangster film" and referred to "many dark and shadowy forces" at play in Dallas. Because Kennedy was gone, "the peace of the world will now be threatened for years to come," Guevara warned.
Castro and the Kennedy Assassination
Decades Before Oliver Stone, Cuba Saw a Conspiracy
by Jon Elliston
Dossier Editor

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castro meeting with jfk jr
JFK and Castro
Peter Kornbluh
Published in: October 1, 1999

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