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Fetzer's Onion - Half Baked
Peeling the 9/11 Onion: Layers ofPlots within Plots
Peeling the 9/11 Onion: Layers of Plots withinPlots

by Jim Fetzer (with Preston James)

One of the primary means of immobilizing the American people politically todayis to hold them in a state of confusion in which anything can be believed andnothing can be known… nothing of significance, that is. E. Martin Schotz,HISTORY WILL NOT ABSOLVE US (1996)

9/11 appears to have been a classic "false flag" operation in which an attackis planned by one source but blamed upon another. In this case, the evidencesuggests neo-cons in the Department of Defense and their allies in the Mossadwere actually responsible for the execution of the atrocities of 9/11. Thatstory was buried, however, in a surfeit of alternative explanations for whichthe evidence was far more tenuous but which were of much greater politicalutility. And in each case, qualified experts uncovered evidence that inducedsincere but false beliefs that they were "the real deal".

The situation encountered with regard to 9/11 turns out to be far moresophisticated than the efforts that were made to divert attention from theconspirators in the case of the assassination of JFK, where "Track #1", as wemight call it, implicated Lee Harvey Oswald as "the lone assassin". Track #2suggested that he working for Fidel Castro and that Cubahad done it. Track #3 was redirected domestically to encompass the mob, whileTrack #4 targeted the Soviet Union.But these were superficial distractions for which most of the evidence wasflimsy and inconclusive. 9/11 presents a greater challenge to unpack, becausein this case, planted evidence was more extensive and appeared to be real.

Deep black covert operations, of course, are by their very nature shrouded inlayers of secrecy, protected by the "need to know" and sensitivecompartmentalized information (SCI).Since WWII, however, major covert operations have become increasinglysophisticated and new models have been developed which take full advantage ofthe extensive national security laws and practices guaranteed under theNational Security Acts of 1947 and 1952. The experts who create these plots arespecialists in PSYOPS, which entails accessing, stimulating and manipulatingthe subconscious minds of the target population as a single unit in order tocreate beliefs and instill motivations in the public mind that are necessary tosupport of their actions but would normally be viewed as unacceptable.

This is related to Abraham Maslow's "hierarchy of needs". When basic primalsurvival fears are activated in the "group mind" of the masses, this fearinduces the motivation for a population to willingly give up their rights andliberty even for merely the promise of more protection from the boogeymen. Thisprincipal is the basis for successful PSYOPS. The use of multi-trackintermeshed, deep-black covert operations also creates massive cognitivedissonance among federal investigators, private researchers and the public,which typically eventually results in folks abandoning the issue and going awayin "quiet desperation", which is the actual intended result of those who planand activate them.

Deep Black/False Flag Ops
The "shroud of secrecy" they afford provides perfect cover to plan and carryout these sophisticated multi-track deep black covert operations and keep themsecreteven from those operatives who are involved as well as the government'sown agents who do the investigations. The "national security" cover can bedropped on any matter that is at risk of being disclosed to the public and thencan be invoked again at any time. Thus, alphabets who discover what reallyhappened can be silenced and the media can be gagged with the delivery of a"national security letter".

One of the greatest advances in deep black, false flag/stand-down covertoperations has been the development of a new, more complex design, bestreferred to as "multi-track, enmeshed". This involves using a complicateddesign with independent covert operations, each of which could individually dothe job if they were actually "taken live". These operations, however, aredesigned to be enmeshed at the nexus of the actual target, at which point someare de-activated and one or more taken live.

This can completely confound even the most seasoned investigators, thuscreating so much conflict among researchers that these emergent conflictsbetween them provide the best cover possible for what was actually done and howit was done. Multi-track and interwoven deep black covert operations aretherefore designed from the very start to obfuscate the actual operation thatis selected and taken live, thereby denying most intel and government officialsas well as the public any real knowledge of the actual operational purpose andinformation about the covert operation or why a particular covert operation wastaken live as the predominant op.

As an illustration, when we attempt to peel the 9/11 onion, we discover thereare at least five different alternative theories for which evidence hasemerged, where each of them has sincere supporters who falsely believe thatthey have found critical evidence about that happened on 9/11. Each of these isactually one plot of many plots, which were deliberately contrived to creatingsufficient confusion that everything about 9/11 turns out to be believable andnothing is knowable. Such deep black cover op designs can thereby providesufficient "after the fact" cover to keep the truth buried in confusionforever.

Palestinians Did It
Cover Story #1: Palestinians Did It! Efforts were being made before theTwin Towers were destroyed to imply Palestinian responsibility forcommandeering those planes and committing those crimes, which may have takenthe lives of as many as 3,000 citizens and employees. Those who were watchingclosely saw archival footage of Palestinians rejoicing on a festive occasionbeing broadcast as though it were contemporaneous to convey theimpressionmeant to be indeliblethat the Palestinian people had taken pleasureat inflicting misery on America.
An early report from CNN even asserted that the Democratic Front for theLiberation of Palestine had claimed responsibility for 9/11and that was beforeFlight 175 had hit the SouthTower!So during that brief interval between the first hit on the NorthTower at8:46:40and the second on the SouthTower at9:03:11, apropaganda operation to implicate the Palestinians was well under way. Theimmediate availability of this report and video footage indicates the directionin which responsibility for these attacks was originally intended to be cast
And that might have become the official cover story, were it not for observantresidents near Liberty State Park in New Jersey who watched as five young men,dressed in Arab garb, filmed the destruction of the Twin Towers, cheering andcelebrating, which came across as odd behavior, under the circumstances. Whenthey were apprehended in a white van from Urban Moving Systems, the driverwould inform the arresting officer that they were not the problem: "We areIsraelis. We are not your problem. Your problems are our problems. ThePalestinians are your problem."

They were found to have $4,700 in cash, box cutters, and foreign passports intheir possession. Urban Moving Systems would subsequently be identified as aMossad front. After 71 days of incarceration, the Dancing Israelis would bereleased and return to Israel,where three of them would go on TV there and explain that their purpose hadbeen to document the destruction of the TwinTowers.Once they had been arrested, however, the story was quietly dropped. It wasjust too revealing that Israelhad been profoundly involved in the events of 9/11.

Arab Hijackers Did It
Cover Story #2: 19 Arab Hijackers Did It. If these attacks could not be blamedon the Palestinians without revealing Israeli complicity, the fall back waseffortless. We know "the official account"that nineteen Islamic terroristshijacked four commercial carriers, outfoxed the most sophisticated air defensesystem in the world and perpetrated these atrocities under the control of a guyin a cave in Afghanistan.It would turn out that 15 of the 19 alleged terrorists were from Saudi Arabia and none were from Iraq.

But that would not matter in the grand scheme of things, whereBush/Cheney/Rumsfeld would push 9/11 as a justification for attacking Iraq.Not only was the public being fed false information about weapons of massdestruction and collusion with al Qaeda, but the national press was obliviousto the obvious question that remained unaddressed by government officials orthe main stream media: If 15 of 19 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia, two fromthe UAE, one from Lebanon and Egypt, then why were we attacking Iraq?

Osama bin Laden with al Qaeda
Even our own FBI would eventually acknowledge that it had no "hard evidence"that Osama bin Laden had had anything to do with 9/11. But the range ofevidence that exonerates al Qaeda and implicates the Bush/Cheney administrationin these crimes has become as broad as it is deep. Elias Davidsson, forexample, has shown that the USgovernment had never produced evidence that the alleged "hijackers" were evenaboard those four planes. Muslims. David Ray Griffin, the leading expert on9/11 in the world today, has shown that the alleged phone calls from thoseplanes were faked, where even our own FBI has confirmed that Barbara Olsennever spoke to her husband, Ted.

Leslie Raphael has offered reason after reason for concluding that the JulesNaudet film was staged. The evidence that no planes crashed in Shanksville orhit the Pentagon is beyond reasonable doubt, where others have shown that thevideos of Flight 175 hitting the South Tower are fake, which may have been abrilliant stroke to generate dissension within the 9/11 Truth movement, sincethe truth of video fakery has proven to be politically divisive. The scientificevidence disproving the official account is also abundant and compelling. Givenwhat we know now, anyone who continues to believe the "official account" of9/11 is either unfamiliar with the evidence or cognitively impaired.

Pakistan/Turkey/Saudi Arabia
Cover Story #3. The Pakistanis Did It. This track was based upon thesupposition that well-financed Pakistani intel were able to buy expensive "KStreet" lobbyists and gain influence with high officials in the government andDepartment of Defense, who had much to gain from a "staged terror attack" suchas 9/11. It was the next layer of the onion to be peeled when and if the Arabhijackers story wouldn't work any longer and was initiated by the revelationthat Omar Sheikh, a British-born Islamist militant, had wired $100,000 beforethe 9/11 attacks to Mohammed Atta, allegedly the lead hijacker, at thedirection General Mahmoud Ahmed, the then head of Pakistan's Inter-ServicesIntelligence (ISI). As Michael Meecher has observed, it is extraordinary thatneither Ahmed nor Sheikh have been charged and brought to trial on this count.It certainly raises the prospect that the ISI was deeply involved and possiblyresponsible for the events of 9/11. Even if it were true, however, it cannotbegin to account for the causal nexus that brought about 9/11 or identify thosewho were "pulling the strings".

"Ahmed, the paymaster for the hijackers," Meecher writes, "was actually in Washington on9/11, and had a series of pre-9/11 top-level meetings in the White House, thePentagon, the national security council, and with George Tenet, then head ofthe CIA,and Marc Grossman, the under-secretary of state for political affairs. WhenAhmed was exposed by the Wall Street Journal as having sent the money to thehijackers, he was forced to "retire" by President Pervez Musharraf. Why hasn'tthe USdemanded that he be questioned and tried in court?" Although a number ofreasons have been advanced for not taking this story seriously, Meechermentions a number of sources who have information that might or might notimplicate the ISI and expose those who were behind 9/11, the most important of whomappears to be former FBI translator, Sibel Edmonds, who has recently beenspeaking out.

Sibel Edmonds
Edmonds, a 33-year-old Turkish-American linguist, who is fluent in both Turkishand Azerbaijani, has tried to blow the whistle on the cover-up of intelligencethat names some of the culprits who orchestrated the 9/11 attacks. While Sibelhas been under gag orders forbidding her from testifying in court or mentioningthe names of the people or of the countries involved, she has said. "Mytranslations of the 9/11 intercepts included [terrorist] money laundering,detailed and date-specific information … if they were to do realinvestigations, we would see several significant high-level criminalprosecutions in this country [the US] …and believe me, they will do everything to cover this up".

Revelations claimed to emerge from her case have been described as beingexplosive, including "that foreign operatives who were working in thetranslation department been tried to recruit her for their operations; thatthere exists a nuclear spy ring aided and abetted by high ranking US governmentofficials who have been selling America's nuclear secrets on the black market;that foreign language intelligence directly pertaining to 9/11 was deliberatelywithheld from FBI agents in the field; that Osama bin Laden had an intimaterelationship' with the United Stages government right up until 9/11." Whilemost of this is probably true, the theory of the case that she appears toimplythat Turkey (with assistance from actors from Pakistan, and Afghanistanand Saudi Arabia) had been using Bin Laden and the Taliban as a proxy terroristarmy to promote its own agendamay be true in its own right, but based upon thetotality of what we know now, does not begin to approach an explanation for thestand-down by NORAD, for example, or of how the demolitions were situated orthe post-attack cover-ups.

The US"Let it Happen"
Cover Story #4: It was allowed to happen. The distinction between "LIHOP" (letit happen on purpose) and "MIHOP" (made it happen on purpose) has beenpowerfully reinforced by the "Able Danger" contretemps. As a highly classified,anti-terrorist intelligence operation, Able Danger fell under SpecialOperations (SOCOM) and Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)control. When claims arose that the UShad had advanced knowledge of 9/11 and had allowed it to happen, a 16-monthinvestigation by the Senate Intelligence committee reported in December 2006that there had been no knowledge of the 9/11 attacks by US authorities.
The evidence, however, indicates that was not the caseand, indeed, that theevents of 9/11 were orchestrated and staged by elements within the Departmentof Defense with help from their friends in the Mossad. As the 10th observanceof 9/11 approaches, we know that there were a minimum of two independent deepcover covert operations which were operating on dual track, parallel and alsointerwoven. The first one was the creation and trackingprincipally by theMossadof some "low tech" terrorist cells, which were set up, financed, andtrained by US and other intelligence agencies.

"Able Danger" discovered this low-tech terror cell sub-track, which we can call"Track A". The operation was designed to be discovered to create false cover,so that when 9/11 succeeded, it could be shown by information discovered by abona fide intelligence group that this terror cell was responsible. That wouldbe the role played by Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer, other members of the "AbleDanger" team, and Coleen Rowley of the FBI in Minneapolis.Track A, however, was designed to be discovered and then the investigationstopped, creating the image of high-level USincompetence that had allowed this terror cell to succeed in hijacking aircraftwith box-cutters and then flying those aircraft into the TwinTowersand the Pentagon.

When the folks from "Able Danger" swear that they uncovered "a real terroristcell plot", they are telling the truth. It was set up this way as a falsetrack. When Coleen Rowley expresses frustration because she could not obtain asearch warrant for the hard drive of Zacarias Moussaui because he was involvedin this terror cell, she was telling the truth. But Track A was set up as afalse track to be terminated before the 9/11 attacks to provide a convincingcover story for the highest levels of US intelligence and make the governmentappear to be merely hugely incompetent. After all, how could governmentofficials of this incompetence have staged a successful and effective covertoperation?

The US"Made it Happen"
Actual Story: The US "Made it Happen". Track B, by comparison, was a high-techtrack designed to use readiness exercises on 9/11, including some 17anti-terrorist drills on 9/11 that disrupted communication and coordinationbetween NORAD and the FAA, by taking some of them live and substitutinghigh-tech weapons and in order to target the TwinTowersand the Pentagon by that means. Track B involved the use of numerous differentdemolition means, including incendiaries and multiple modes of destruction, mostof which alone would be insufficient cause for the detonation of the TwinTowers,which was arguably used to induce false leads confusing investigators andresearchers.

A perfect example turns out to be the "hard science" 9/11 Truth group'sinsistence that nanothermite was the principal element used in the demolitionof the TwinTowers.This position, which has assumed a status akin to that of a dogma within the9/11 movement, turns out to be unsustainable in light of research that hasestablished that nanothermite is non-explosiveor, at best, a feebleexplosiveand cannot have been responsible for blowing the towers apart, forejecting massive steel assemblies hundreds of feet, or for the pulverization ofconcrete or the destruction of steel by means of shockwaves. To a bona fideexplosives expert, the claim that nanothermite provided the explosive energy orenough shockwave velocity to perform these tasks had to be an obviousdeception. If it was deliberately planted to divert research on 9/11 along anultimately unproductive line, it may have succeeded beyond the wildest inteldreams as a classic "red herring".

Another example, surprisingly, is the Pentagon attack, where some of thosewithin the 9/11 community have argued strenuously for not going there, becausethe Department of Defense might spring a new video on the public that proves aBoeing 757 actually did hit the building. The evidence contradicting thatcontention is abundant and compelling, however, including the expert assessmentof Major General Albert N. Stubblebine, USA(ret.), perhaps the world's leading expert on image analysis andinterpretation, who has concluded that no plane hit the Pentagon. When you takeall the evidence into account, the case against a plane is staggering, but internaldissension has precluding using it and other powerful proofs of governmentalfakery and has taken this evidence out of the public domain:

"From the photographs I have analyzed very, very carefully," Stubblebine hasexplained, "it was not an airplane." During an interview in Germany,he explained that there should have been wing marks on the façade of thePentagon. "If it had wings, it would have left wing marks. [There are] thosewho claim that the plane tilted and hit the ground first and lost a wing. Butairplanes have two wings, and he could not find indications of any wing in anyof those photographs." Regarding the TwinTowers,he added, "Look at the buildings fallingthey didn"t fall down because of anairplane hit them. They fell down because explosives went off inside.Demolition. Look at Building 7, for God's sake."

Whistleblowing as Deception
The politics of 9/11, however, are far more murky than the science. So whenfolks from Able Danger swear that they uncovered a real terror cell plot, theyare telling the truth. It was set up this way as a false track. When a ColleenRowley expresses frustration because she could not get a search warrant forMoussaui's hard-drive because he was involved in this terror cell, she istelling the truth. When a Sibel Edmonds is gagged by court order and tries totell how certain how administration officials were communicating with thisterror cell, she is telling the truth. Indeed, the effort to mislead our ownexperts even extended to Richard Clarke, who has explained that he himself hadbeen given the false impression that, apart from a few analysts, the CIAhad been unaware of what was going on prior to 9/11, which was intended tosupport the theory of US incompetence.
Clarke, who was the nation's leading anti-terrorism expert, recently observed,"It's not as I originally thought, which was that one lonely CIAanalyst got this information and didn't somehow recognize the significance ofit," Clarke said during an interview. "No, fifty, 5-0, CIApersonnel knew about this. Among the fifty people in CIAwho knew these guys were in the country was the CIAdirector. … We therefore conclude that there was a high-level decision inside CIAordering people not to share that information. … It is also possible, as someFBI investigators suspect, the CIAwas running a joint venture with Saudi intelligence in order to get around thatrestriction … These are only theories about the CIA'sfailures to communicate vital information to the bureau … Perhaps the agencydecided that Saudi intelligence would have a better chance of recruiting thesemen than the Americans. That would leave no CIAfingerprints on the operation as well."

Indeed, as Ian Henshall has observed, if you substitute the Mossad for theSaudis, you have the explanation for the dancing Israelis, who were apprehendedfor filming and celebrating during the destruction of the Twin Towers and werereleased later under orders from Michael Chertoff, then an advisor AttorneyGeneral John Ashcroft and a dual US-Israel citizen, who would become Directorof the new Department of Homeland Securitywhich leads directly to reports likethose from Dr. Steve Pieczenik that 9/11 was indeed "an inside job" and studieslike those from Alan Sabrosky, Ph.D., who has explain that 9/11 involvedcomplicity between neo-con Zionists in the Department of Defense and theMossad, where Israel had very powerful motives for 9/11 and, along with theBush/Cheney administration, has been its primary beneficiary.

But Israelcannot have done this alone. The NORAD "stand down" and the attack on thePentagon required complicity at the highest levels of the Department ofDefense. And the benefits to the Bush/Cheney administration have likewise beenenormous. As Patrick Martin has observed, "Without 9/11, there would be no USoccupation of Iraq,putting an American army squarely at the center of the world's largest pool ofoil. Without 9/11, there would be no USbases across Central Asia,guarding the second largest source of oil and gas. And without 9/11, the Bushadministration would have been unable to sustain itself politically, faced witha deteriorating economy and widespread opposition to its tax cuts formillionaires and social measures to appease the fundamentalist ChristianRight."

The Fourth Reich
Indeed, the extreme motivation of a small number of radical Israelis and theirlobbies like AIPAC to manipulate US foreign policy in the Mideast may havecreated huge future trap for them in their role as "classic cutouts", which canbe later exposed in a limited hangout admission in order to direct blame towardthe Mossad and the small number of radical Jews involved, who do not representmost Jewish folks at all, thus directing blame away from from those who usedthem in their cutout role and who were actually at the top of the commandstructure. This limited hangout disclosure could then later be used to blameall Jews and add them to the large and growing Homeland Security watch-listlist of possible domestic terrorists such as Muslims, fundamentalistChristians, returning veterans, Ron Paul supporters, Constitutionalists and taxprotestors, and member of any current social group that is trying to gainexposure and cessation of rampant government corruption and creeping tyranny ofthe government at all levels, which of course encompasses those dedicated to9/11 Truth.

Richard Clarke, Anti-Terrorism Czar
It does not take a PSYOPS expert to discern the pattern here when RichardClarke resuscitates the incompetence theory, according to which the US "let9/11 happen". Even on the assumption that he is sincere, we have a fall-backposition intended to minimize concern for complicity by the Bush/Cheneyadministration and its friends in the Mossadwho, moreover, do not necessarilyrepresent the highest level of control over the atrocities of 9/11. BecauseClarke was in the crucial position of being the nation's anti-terrorism czar,his affirmations about incompetence between agencies, such as the CIAand the FBI, come across to the public and can be widely promoted as admirableand courageous acts of whistle blowing, when their role in deceiving the publicdrowns amidst the anguish and concern that "if only we had done better" and "wemust not let this happen again", oblivious of the role that his reports areplaying in burying the truth about 9/11.
We have now reached the point in America where any citizen or group wanting toobtain needed social justice, or the cessation of undeclared, unprovoked, andunConstitutional wars, in violation of international law and the UN Charter,are now placed on a secret watch list and considered as "potential domesticterrorists" by Homeland Security, which somewith ample justificationview as"The New American Gestapo." If the US has been hijacked by offshore corporate andbanking interests, which have their own anti-American agenda and are now in theprocess of Nazifying America, as some astute researchers have suggested, thencertainly this could lead to a "Fourth Reich" run by offshore banks and largeinternational corporations and we could see a replay of the unlimitedpersecution of minorities and special scapegoats such as specific groups suchas Muslims, Jews and Christians who dissent from The New Tyranny.

So If you have wondered why covert operations like 9/11 are so difficult tounravel or why it is all but impossible to convince the feds who investigatedit that this was actually a US false flag/stand-down/inside-job, deep-blackcovert operation, the answer to that question appears to be that the plan wasdesigned from conception to obfuscate what happened, not only regarding thepublic but also the government's own experts, who would be assigned toinvestigate themand even to keep most of those who had an actual part in thoseoperations in the dark, so only those at the highest levels of the governmentknew what happened and, even among them, only a few probably knew the fulldimensions of the plan. The objective throughout, accordingly, has always beento keep the public in a state of uncertainly, where everything about theseevents is believable and nothing is knowablewhich is the ultimate objective ofdisinformation.

Jim Fetzer, McKnight Professor Emeritus at the University of Minnesota Duluth,is a former Marine Corps officer and the founder of Scholars for 9/11 Truth.
Preston James is the pseudonym of a Ph.D. in social psychology, who has becomean expert on psy-ops, "false flag" and covert operations by the USgovernment.


In this article posted in a Veterans web site, Professor Fetzer and his sidekick Dr. "Preston James" Phd. take a lot of good ideas and then mix them up so thoroughly that they don't make any sense.

So I'd like to set a few things straight.

John Judge was the first person I know to use the layers of an onion as an example of the layers of cover stories that were applied to the assassination of President Kennedy, and it was Judge who has been quoting E. Martin Schotz's idea of the government allowing us to "believe anything and know nothing," at least since Schotz made his COPA presentation in Dallas many years ago.

And it was Peter Dale Scott who quite clearly and convincingly demonstrated that there was a Phase One cover-story that Castro and Communists were behind the conspiracy and the Phase Two cover story that a deranged Lone Nut was responsible for the Dealey Plaza operation, which was certifiably a covert intelligence operation that included real disinformation, black propaganda and false flags, as I try to outline in my series of articles on Journalists and JFK - the Real Dizinfo Agents at Dealey Plaza - at CTKA: Citizens for Truth about the Kennedy Assassination.

In the first part of that series I quote the father of black propaganda operations - Paul Linebarger, whose theories and principles on psychological warfare were adopted by the US military during WW II and by the CIA in the Cold War, and utilized at Dealey Plaza by whoever was responsible for that operation.

Now Professor Fetzer and Dr. Preston James (Wright?) attempt to apply these concepts to what happened on 9/11, clearly a covert operation that was as successful as the Dealey Plaza operation, but not one that used black propaganda or psychological warfare techniques other than in persuading the hijackers to commit suicide.

It's quite apparent from his analysis of Judyth Baker's story that Dr. Preston James - a social psychologist, is not a psych war expert, though he might be a student, and that these attempts to apply to 9/11 the concepts that Judge, Scott, Schotz and myself have previously used to describe Dealey Plaza, is a half baked attempt that doesn't work.

For one, after naming and describing a number of suspects, he doesn't explain how any of them are actually connected to the so-called false flags and black propaganda operations that he says were laid out before 9/11 and included in the operation, as they were included in the assassination of President Kennedy.

In addition, as Prof. Linebarger explains, real black propaganda operations can be readily identifiable and using his STASAM formula, actually traced back to their perpetrators, as I do in my articles on real dizinfo agents at Dealey Plaza, except that I come up with the names of real people - Hal Hendrix, David Atlee Phillips, Gordon McLendon, et al. - who happened to be trained in the arts and crafts of psychological warfare and most likely the sources of either or both of the Phase One and Phase Two cover stories.

If Prof. Fetzer and Dr. PJ Phd really want to become psych war specialists, they can study the works of Linebarger and utilize his formula for tracing the roots of what they call 911 black propaganda, and if they are correct, it would lead directly to not only those responsible for the propaganda but to those who engineered the 9/11 attacks, just as we have done with the Dealey Plaza operation.

Unfortunately, the al Qaeda terrorists who devised the first bombing of the WTC - a real controlled explosion - the Bojinka plot and the 9/11 attacks and those who carried them out did so covertly, but were not sophisticated enough to understand or utilize psychological warfare techniques like black propaganda and false flag operations.

In addition, in their new book The Eleventh Day Tony and Robbyn Summers address many of the issues that Prof. Fetzer keeps bringing up even after they have been reviewed and dismissed.

And its apparent that the professor and the doctor don't fully understand psychological warfare and black propaganda either, or they would know better than to confuse themselves when the truth of 9/11 is readily apparent.

Bill Kelly
William Kelly Wrote:So I'd like to set a few things straight.

John Judge was the first person I know to use the layers of an onion as an example of the layers of cover stories that were applied to the assassination of President Kennedy, and it was Judge who has been quoting E. Martin Schotz's idea of the government allowing us to "believe anything and know nothing," at least since Schotz made his COPA presentation in Dallas many years ago.

Bill, the "onion" metaphor predates John Judge -- unless John, whose work I admire, was appearing in print during the late '60s. I'll try to determine where and when I first read the comparison, but I'm absolutely certain that it happened when I was in my teens.

As for "Schotz's idea," please know that both George Michael Evica and I independently came to the same conclusion long before we heard of Schotz -- or, for that matter, each other.
I hear you Charles, and I'm sure both you and GME were thinking along the same lines as Judge was back then. I met John in late Sept. 1969 and he gave me the Playboy with the Garrison interview to read. Here's an article I wrote years ago in which I mention Judge's frequent use of the onion as a metaphor for pealing off the layers of cover stories. I'll ask him where he got it.

Here's a link to Martin Schotz's 1998 COPA presentation -

And I'm sure most everyone is familiar with Peter Dale Scott's Phase One and Phase Two cover story analysis.

I just think that Prof. Fetzer is mixing his metaphors.

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN: Once again I have removed a bandwidth-consuming and wholly unnecessary quote from this post -- in essence a resposting of the material directly above it. THERE IS NO NEED TO WASTE THE SPACE! Either briefly reference the post to which you are responding (indicate its number in the thread), or -- if that post is lengthy -- learn how to extract relevant portions and paste within your response. I'm beggin' ya! -- CD
Bill, correct me if I'm wrong [or my memory faulty], but back in the 'old days' before John Simkin was exposed as part of the problem, rather than part of the solution, you were of the mind that there were many fewer discrepancies, mutually exclusive 'facts' and 'evidence' in the 911 matter than you now seem to 'allow'. You are making progress, IMO...and given your great work on Dallas, am sure in the end you will be a champion of the major thrust of the true events and the real coverups. I don't agree 100% with Jim Fetzer [and I could name others in the 911 Truth movement] on all things. But, I think he has distilled down most of the important events and non-events [false cover events or propaganda lies]. It is a much more [IMHO] complex matter than Dallas was and despite the advances in communication, internet and computers it will still take us some time to reach a general consensus. In the meantime, each of us may entertain some ideas/theories that to others seem outlandish. I do feel, however, that there is a growing consensus among the researchers and those following 911 carefully. There are OF COURSE both human and logical mistakes being made - as well as disinformation, false and blind alleys, traps being carefully laid to discredit and discourage in Dallas and so many other such ops. Let us all persevere and approximate, the best we can, what happened and what did not happen [and why / by whom]. I, myself, have entertained certain sub-theories and then rejected them; others I have accepted and hold fast to them. New information is coming in all the time. The sheer amount of information available [as well as the sheer amounts of information being withheld] are staggering. In the end, if it is not too late, we may have a GUT [Grant Unified Theory]....for now we have several, but overlapping and all pointing in the same general directions and away from the same totally false 'official fiction'. Sadly, out Nation is now guided in its foreign and other polices by this fiction. Many in the general population are fooled or too confused to entertain alternatives coherently. I think Jim's analysis is apt and pretty much 'on the mark', if not yet a bullseye. We have not yet even reached that point with Dallas, but we HAVE indeed come a long way on that one. The same will happen with 911, I'm sure. The stakes, IMO, are higher, although the M.O. [generally], motivations [generally] and players [very loosely] were sadly the same or similar. :darthvader:

As for the layered 'onion' analogy, it seems to me that goes back over a hundred years or more...someone look in the OED.
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"Civil disobedience is not our problem. Our problem is civil obedience! People are obedient in the face of poverty, starvation, stupidity, war, and cruelty. Our problem is that grand thieves are running the country. That's our problem!" - Howard Zinn
"If there is no struggle there is no progress. Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and never will" - Frederick Douglass
Charles Drago Wrote:Bill, the "onion" metaphor predates John Judge -- unless John, whose work I admire, was appearing in print during the late '60s. I'll try to determine where and when I first read the comparison, but I'm absolutely certain that it happened when I was in my teens.

I knew if I hit myself in the forehead with a small hammer often enough that eventually I'd remember ...

It was Hannah Arendt in "Authority in the Twentieth Century," published in The Review of Politics, Vol. 18, No. 4 in 1956 by Cambridge University Press, who gave us the earliest use of the onion layers metaphor I can find.

"In contradistinction to both tyrannical and authoritarian regimes, the proper image of totalitarian rule and organization seems to me to be the structure of the onion, in whose center, in a kind of empty space, the leader is located; whatever he does ... he does it from within, and not from without or above."

While Arendt was not writing about political conspiracies as we define the term narrowly on this thread, her language clearly made an impact upon most who study deep politics seriously and, well, deeply. The onion metaphor was in our zeitgeist to stay and to be utilized.
My friend Jim Fetzer wrote, "It does not take a PSYOPS expert to discern the pattern here when Richard Clarke resuscitates the incompetence theory, according to which the US 'let 9/11 happen.'"

I think that Jim unknowingly is talking about two entirely and significantly different situations.

Those who argue that high-ranking individuals in U.S. political, intelligence, and/or military structures allowed the 9/11 attacks to happen (having learned of them in advance, they covered all tracks and kept the info to themselves) are charging same with being accessories to the crimes -- while simultaneously exonerating them from planning and executing them AND buying into the OBL/al Queada conspiracy theory.

This has nothing to do with innocent incompetence.
Someone with a score of works on the science of thinking might find the temptation of applying a structural metaphor to a modern outrage irresistible.

Such a geometric model might invite a sophisticated weapon as fita sensational movie poster but a departure from what's at hand.

John O'Neill, having tracked Ramzi Yousef was alert to Osama bin Ladenbut O'Neill was sabotaged and obstructed, humiliated and sidelinedand ultimately killed in the event he foresaw.

Was Ramzi Yousef involved in OKCBomb. There are tempting indications Terry Nichols may have contacted the former or agents. And in OKCBomb there are pre-event tremors and post-event cover-up.

It was a contrivance sufficient to counter the blowback from the Davidian massacre and effect the re-election of the chosen POTUS.

Colleen Rowley warned of Middle Eastern men in flight schools. Her seven-page letter to Director Mueller brought the retaliation reserved for a whistleblower.

Clearly the principals were on various watch lists before the event, and afterwards the Saudi royals were given exclusive use of the skies to escape.

What is the reaction of the typical citizen to Woods' breathless description of "dustification" and "microwave-like weapon" on George Noory's popular Coast to Coast AM program.

Is it not akin to every Greer-shot-Kennedy-style theory regarding the coup d'etat in 1963.

I have both Assassination Science and Murder in Dealey Plaza, but I don't need Flash Gordon to do what the Security State did in Waco, in Oklahoma City, and in New York.

The finger pointing to the moon needn't wear bling.
Phil Dragoo Wrote:The finger pointing to the moon needn't wear bling.

Aha but Phil lad thats the name of his new.....

'Folk/Rap/Disco/Amish/Hindi/Thrash Metal/Michael Jackson/Kenny G/Yanni/Bee Gees/Jews'

Album 'Saturday Night Fetzer'

(you see they were all in on it)

'No one landed on the moon!'

'Nobodies planes crashed into the Twin Towers'

'The Zap film was faked'

'JFK's body was mutilated to conform to these alterations on an inbound flight'

'Brad Ayers is a reliable and sound source of information'

'You are a fraud for not believing in my hypothesis'

'Moderators I can't believe you let him say such things about me'

'by the way Robert Morrow is one of the great researchers so to Phil Nelson (whose book is as good as Jim Douglas's which in turn confirms his thesis)'.

'Oswald had 6.5 seconds to do the shooting'

'James Bamford did a stunning breakdown of Operation Northwoods'

'JVB is as pure as snow'

'The party at Murchisons happened'

'you are incompetent and a fool'

'Nigel Turner is a great man'

The Hits just keep on a coming.
"In the Kennedy assassination we must be careful of running off into the ether of our own imaginations." Carl Ogelsby circa 1992

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